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Achmad Fajar Putra Nurdiansyah, Syarif Syamsi Ahyandi, Alvian Wahyu Mahesya, Aryunidya Asmaradianti, Avida Marisa Ilmi, Meutia Putri Aristya, Rani Nurvita, Lady Sherly Nuramalia, Kadek Rama Narottama, , et al.
Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health Research, Volume 2, pp 41-45;

Presbycusis is a progressive hearing loss which occurs at the age of 65. Communication difficulties caused by these problems are usually not understood or understood by people with normal hearing functions. Therefore, the understanding of these problems must be improved so that there is no gap between people with normal hearing and people with low hearing. The research method used is a quantitative descriptive research design carried out in a number of elderly care foundations. The data we share is in the form of pre-test and post-test questionnaires to elderly caregivers with hearing loss in order to evaluate the caregiver's understanding of the educational video. There was an increase in the understanding of the caregivers about how to communicate effectively based on the comparison of the scores from the pre-test and post-test final scores carried out before and after the education was given. Providing education to caregivers with educational video media provides effective results in increasing caregiver knowledge in this field. The formal caregiver group has better results than the informal caregiver group at 77.7% on the pre-test by formal caregiver and an assessment of 65% on the pre-test by informal caregiver. In the post-test assessment, the formal caregiver got a score of 87.7% and for the informal caregiver it was 90%. There is an increase in the post-test scores of the two caregiver groups after providing education through video media.
, Nur Avina Ferona, Hana Letitia Anjani Suwardi Putri, Tia Harelina, Jeffri Jeffri, Beny Prastyo, Sekar Afifah Priandhini, Atika Atika
Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health Research, Volume 2, pp 53-59;

Ramadan fasting is a type of time-restricted eating and drinking. Previously, a systematic review drew inconclusive effect of Ramadan fasting on blood pressure in hypertensive individuals. Therefore, this meta-analysis aims to evaluate Ramadan fasting effects on blood pressure in hypertensive individuals. This literature search was conducted in PubMed and Google Scholar. All studies assessing the effect of Ramadan fasting on blood pressure in hypertensive patients were included. Statistical analysis was performed in Review Manager 5.4. A total of 7 studies with 260 patients were analyzed. The male proportion and mean age varied from 41% to 88% and 37.5 years to 60 years, accordingly. Four studies measured blood pressure using the ambulatory method. Ramadan fasting significantly reduces systolic blood pressure (SMD=-0.77, 95%CI [-1.18—-0.36], p=0.0002) and diastolic blood pressure (SMD=-0.79, 95%CI [-1.35—-0.24], p=0.005) in hypertensive patients. Both analyses demonstrated high heterogeneity, yet the results persisted after sensitivity analysis. Publication bias was detected. Ramadan fasting reduces blood pressure among hypertensive patients. However, further and larger studies are required to justify this result.
Raden Roro Litiya Parahita Putri Firnadi, Nugraeni Affianti,
Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health Research, Volume 2, pp 70-75;

Family medicine (FM) is a patient-centered and community-based clinical method. The FM has multiple strengths that are useful for medical students, such as provides continuing care to patients and families. Because of the COVID-19, medical students have been removed entirely from the clinical learning environment. Online teaching has played key roles in medical education by covered key clinical conditions, case studies, and examinations. According to the latest American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) is the term for the most severe form of nausea and vomiting of pregnancy. We used the method to collect data for a case report taken from a web-series review on Netflix, titled “Virgin River”, Season 2, Episode 1 to 3. From the symptoms and physical examination of the patient, Ms. CR was diagnosed with HG complicated by dehydration, cardiac arrhythmia, and hypoglycemia. The treatment that has been given to her includes non-pharmacological and pharmacological therapy. The family medicine approach has an important role because it has a strong mutual trust based on the doctor-patient relationship. Also, the family has a significant role in the treatment of patients since it can provide effective psychological and emotional support.
Tamara Audrey Kadarusman, Sacharissa Zerlina Tsarwah Thirafi, Niki Kusuma Bangsa, Rufina Adelia Widyatama, Lutfi Dewanda Nugroho, Prima Ardiansah Surya, Pudji Lestari
Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health Research, Volume 2, pp 76-79;

Early detection of syphilis, especially during pregnancy, is important to prevent comorbidities for the mother and the baby. This study aims to determine whether VDRL is more sensitive and specific than RPR as a diagnostic screening test for syphilis infection in pregnant women. Literature searches for relevant articles were conducted in PubMed, Cochrane, and Proquest using the keywords "VDRL AND RPR AND pregnancy AND syphilis". From the search results, we found 7 articles in Pubmed, 2.290 articles in Proquest, and no relevant articles were found in Cochrane. Title and abstracts were screened for their conformity with the case and clinical questions that had been made. Selected articles were then critically appraised. The results of the study in selected articles indicated that VDRL and RPR showed a false positives rate of 10.5% and 9.6%, respectively. The sensitivity and specificity of VDRL were 71.6% and 89.5%, and those of RPR were 73.5% and 90.5%. VDRL and RPR have a moderate agreement with the TPHA (kappa = 0.6). From these studies it can be concluded that VDRL is not more sensitive and specific than RPR, implying that RPR is a better diagnostic screening test for syphilis infection in pregnant women than VDRL.
Achmad Ilham Rizwani, Syarif Syamsi Ahyandi, Nanning Naimatuningsih, Endy Novryan Ridwan, Rani Nurvita, Nurun Nujum, Muhammad Hammam Mahrus, Lilik Djuari
Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health Research, Volume 2, pp 46-52;

A person with obesity has a high risk of getting a severe complication of COVID-19. This is related to the increasing of chronic illness cases caused by obesity. Obesity itself has been known to take part in the disruption of the human immune system. A person with obesity will be more susceptible to the infection and is suspected to be one of the risk factors that cause death in COVID-19. This study used observational analysis with a systematic review method and continued with Meta-Analysis. This study has been held at the Public Health Department of Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Airlangga, Surabaya, in July 2020. The data sources of this study come from online literature, such as published journals that match our inclusion criteria. The inclusion criteria for this study were journals that study the relation of obesity and mortality in COVID-19 cases, journals with a cross-sectional design, journals that used samples age >18 y.o., and journals that used BMI as the obesity classification. Five journals matched our criteria and were analyzed in this study. Four of 5 journals show that there is a relationship between obesity and mortality of COVID-19. There are 2133 subjects with COVID-19, and 361 of them have obesity. There are 1861 subjects with COVID-19 who are not dead; 1567 of them don’t have obesity. An analytic study with a random effect model shows that obesity is the risk factor of mortality in COVID-19 cases (OR = 2.041; 95% CI 1.027-4.058). It also shows that there is a significant relationship between obesity and mortality in COVID-19 cases (p=0.042). Most journals analyzed with a systematic review and meta-analysis in this study show that obesity is the risk factor of mortality in COVID-19 cases.
Felicia Klarin, Angelica Diana Vita, Cynthia Elvira Sari Siahaan, Salsabila Nabilah Rifdah, Ayu Rahmanita Putri, Indriasti Putri Kusuma, Subur Prayitno
Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health Research, Volume 2, pp 60-69;

Coronavirus Disease-19 (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered type of coronavirus. Comprehensive management for COVID-19 patients includes infection control, hemodynamic stability maintenance, oxygenation monitoring, ventilation, and pharmacotherapy administration. Convalescent plasma is one of the COVID-19 therapy choices, proven to provide relief for Ebola, SARS, and MERS patients. Therefore, the authors believed in searching data on whether convalescent plasma therapy also improves COVID-19 patients, specifically in terms of mortality. This study aims to compare the comparison in mortality between standard therapy and convalescent plasma therapy with standard therapy only in COVID-19 patients. This study used a systematic review and meta-analysis method according to the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis (PRISMA) guidelines. This study used ten studies that met the inclusion criteria to evaluate the comparison in mortality between the combination therapy with standard therapy only in COVID-19 patients. There was a significant difference in mortality between the combination of standard therapy and convalescent plasma therapy with standard therapy only in COVID-19 patients, and mortality in the combination therapy groups being lower than standard therapy only.
Pandit Bagus Tri Saputra, Nabila Izzati, Primadita Esther Rosita, Desy Trilistyoati, Nur Moya Isyroqiyyah, Iffa Halimah Hasna, Niamita Eka Puspita Putri, Ervina Dyah Italoka, Muhammad Rifqi Arya Putra, Andi Lestari Rahman, et al.
Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health Research, Volume 2, pp 32-40;

Hypertension nowadays still becomes one of the severe problems in Indonesia, with a prevalence of 34% in 2018. The complication of hypertension causes the most deaths and disabilities in Indonesia and cost 75% of The Social Security Organizing Agency (BPJS) budget or IDR 15 trillion in 2019. This problem was probably caused by patients' lack of knowledge and limited personnel at the primary health centre (PHC). Telemedicine is a health care provider without any direct contact, which has various methods. Today, telemedicine in Indonesia is growing rapidly along with technology and legal regulation in its implementation, increasing users by 700% in the first year of 2020. Despite the rise of those numbers, telemedicine in PHC is still limited. Recently, the Ministry of Health and various organizations have issued telemedicine regulations at primary level health facilities in collaboration with The Social Security Organizing Agency. This review aims to discuss the current implementation and the potential future of telemedicine-based hypertension management in collaboration with the Social Security Organizing Agency in PHC.
Sacharissa Zerlina Tsarwah Thirafi, Triadi Putra Paladan, Bonfilio Neltio Ariobimo, Barizatul Husniyah, Monica Tiara Arum Kinanthi, Gusti Agung Ayu Ira Kencana Dewi, Prima Ardiansah Surya, Yolanda Ayu Yashinta, Zaufy Verlieza Oktaviano Subagyo, , et al.
Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health Research, Volume 2, pp 6-10;

The role of the community is an essential part to cut down the COVID-19 chain transmission, a current world pandemic. Knowledge determines a person's healthy behavior that can prevent transmission of COVID-19. This research’s goal is to analyze the effect of health promotion via telemedicine on increasing knowledge about COVID-19 prevention in the productive-age population in Indonesia. This study used one group pretest-posttest design and accidental sampling method involving 146 respondents based on the inclusion criteria. The data collection method was carried out by using a questionnaire containing simple and general questions related to COVID-19 that tested subjects before and after telemedicine health promotion. Based on the assessment of the questionnaire through pretest and posttest, there was an increase in the average knowledge after being given health education with telemedicine with p<0.001 (CI 95%). This study shows that telemedicine could significantly increase average knowledge about COVID-19 prevention in the productive-age population in Indonesia.
Taufan Adityawardhana, Agung Dwi Wahyu Widodo, Nancy Margaritta Rehatta
Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health Research, Volume 2, pp 24-31;

Eosin-Methylene Blue (EMB) in order to isolate gram-negative bacteria (Escherichia coli) as the contamination level indicator. Microbes identified with gram staining and observed under a light microscope. The result reported into 5 categories: microbes were founded or not in the petri dishes, determine whether lactose fermentation/acid production can be observed, grade the microbes concentration founded in the petri dishes (grade 1-6), classify the level of contamination (low-high), describing colonies shape in EMB agar and identifying the microbes with gram staining. The results was at the student center’s canteen 3 of 5 samples under 5 seconds are positive and 5 of 7 samples until 300 seconds are positive. The level of contamination was inconsistent with increasing time. Whereas in the diagnostic center’s canteen 12 of 12 samples were all positives, regardless of time. In conclusion, the five-second rule is a significant oversimplification of what actually happens when bacteria transfer from a surface to food. Risk of transfer of contamination is constantly present regardless of time.
Dina Arini Izzah, Suksmi Yitnamurti, Nancy Margarita Rehatta
Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health Research, Volume 2, pp 18-23;

Depression is a mental disorder with a relatively high prevalence rate in medical students around the world. Medical students are often faced with a variety of pressures ranging from academic to social stress so that the prevalence of depression in medical students tends to be higher than general population. Therefore, this study aimed to find out the prevalence of depression in medical students at Airlangga University. This research was a descriptive cross-sectional study. The sample used was 86 first-year medical students at Airlangga University, Indonesia in the academic year of 2017/2018. The data collection was carried out using Beck Depression Inventory II questionnaires as a measurement instrument. The data was analyzed by descriptive univariate using SPSS 16.0. From 86 samples obtained from first-year students, 37.20% of them experienced mental conditions that were considered abnormal (mean score of 10.14 ± 7.093), starting from mild mood disturbance (23.26%) to the most severe category, severe depression (1.16%). There was no extreme depression category in this study. Furthermore, mean score of male subjects is 8.57 ± 6.120 while mean score of female subjects is 10.64 ± 7.351. This study revealed that the prevalence of depression in first-year medical students at Airlangga University in the second semester of academic year 2017/2018 is quite high, which is more than one third of the total respondents while the prevalence in female subjects is higher than in male subjects.
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