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Naazaan Shaheen, Yogendra Singh
Published: 3 September 2022
In modern era, images enhancement is paying very significant role in image analysis and synthesis. We have used the Retinex theory to remove the dark from the first image help improve the clarity of dim or hazy photos. After that, the picture haze must be eliminated, first inverted the image and applied the optimized de-haze on it. By image fusion of both the obtained images through Principal Component Analysis (PCA), a better-quality image was obtained from what we can see in the simulations, things have definitely gotten better.
Abhimanyu Singh, Akash Gupta
In this research, we presented a method for word extraction from various linguistic imagery. In computer vision research, text in images is crucial. Here, we employ edge-based text extraction with ISEF (infinite symmetrical edge filter). The best edge detector, known as ISEF, provides reliable findings for text in images. Detection, localization, tracking, and improvement are all involved in text extraction. For text extraction, numerous techniques have been proposed. Our goal is to propose a reliable method for text extraction from photos in many languages.
Amruta Kalambe, Smruti Malik
The widespread use of laptop community programs has come a high level of concern for their security. Complex factors influence community protection. A challenging scientific endeavor, network security. The goal of this paper is to raise security awareness among computer network users and help them understand effective community safety technology. It does this by combining practical work experience with the risk of community safety, safety technology, and community a few suggestions and measures for the device design principle.
Shibitha Kp, Thasni Fathima S, Arya V, Karthika Satheesh K T, Fathima Nihala P
The patient is suffering from an injury or illness that makes it hard to breathe. A ventilator may help to breathe during these conditions. It is useful in surgery where you are asleep, but this is usually for no more than a few hours. So simply ventilator is a machine that helps a patient to breathe when they are having a surgery or cannot breathe their own due to a critical illness. That. That is why the device is more important in hospitals .Here the patient is connected to the ventilator with a hollow tube that goes in their mouth and down into their main airway or trachea. In this paper develops a portable ventilator using AMBU (Artificial Manual Breathing Unit) Bag. The pressure and volume of air passed to the patient from the ventilator can be measured using sensors and the readings can be displayed using Android app. The count, pressure and volume of air passed to the patient from the ventilator can be measured using relevant sensors and the readings can be displayed in both LCD display and Android app. The controlling of pressure is also possible with the help of Android app. The main advantages of this ventilator are that it is less expensive, portable and also automatically works. In emergency conditions the doctor can adjust the amount of air using a control mechanism that is built in Android application .Also if the Doctor is not there a will be a notification sent to telegram of the Doctor or the hospital health assistant, and people around are alerted by the buzzer if pressure increases.
M. Jyothirmai, M. Pravallika, P. Maheswari, P. Suhana, S. Nikhitha
The main aim of this project is to develop a home automation system with Android application controlled remote. Switches in modern homes are rapidly being replaced by wirelessly operated ones as part of a centralized control system. Normal wall switches are positioned around the house, making it challenging for the user to approach them and activate them. Smart Remote operation can be done by any Android phone/Tab etc., with the help of Android Operating System, along with a touch screen operation based on GUI (Graphical User Interface). In order to get this output, Android mobile acts as a transmitter, this sends ON/OFF commands. Operating the particular remote switch on the transmitter, the loads can be turned ON/OFF remotely through wireless technology.
M. Naveen Kumar, G. Rakesh Kumar, C. Ranganna, S. Prabhakar, M. Raghu Vardhan Reddy
Without enough sleep, a person, especially a driver, is more likely to nod off and cause a collision. To prevent accidents on the road, the current study seeks to develop a system that can identify drowsy drivers. For that system, it will be necessary to process images from a camera that will be trained on the driver. It will analyze the facial changes that take place in this process, run them through a computer to identify drowsiness, and then alarm the driver if it is detected.  
P. Vishnu Kumar, Kammari Dinesh, Talari Bharath Kumar, P. Jelan Basha, G. Hari Prasad
This paper is regarding planning a PC-based observance parking system supported IoT that may be applied at the park-like at the searching advanced and offices. This paper focuses on the event of front panel victimization National Instrument's LABVIEW package and Node MCU, Personal Computer (PC), and NODE MCU. The traditional parking lot system doesn't have a board and it cannot show the vacancy of automobile parking space. The user must gamble to hunt any vacancy and need to watch for the opposite automobile to exit from the automobile parking space. Up to the traditional parking system, it'll create the automobile parking space become well organized and user friendly. This paper can produce an automobile detection system by developing a PC-based front panel of parking lot operation knowledge. The system can convert the output from the sensing element to the programmable language to the computer-based mostly board. The board aims to indicate the standing and automobile parking space vacancy. The NODE MCU is employed to supply interfacing between hardware and package. By victimization Lab, VIEW, and Node MCU, the simulation of the physical system will be developed to watch the quantities to be measured and the standing of the instrumentation within the plant from remote purposes while not accessing the inaccessible areas of the plant. Through the traditional parking system victimization Lab VIEW and Node MCU, the front panel is with success developed and explained by planning a physical model of automobile parking space with automobile detector operation. These PC-based observance systems will be applied in varied industrial applications like building security systems and mill automation.
Khalafullah A. Husayn
Surge and Choke phenomenon are the two unstable operating modes of a compression system. That surge mode occurs at mass flows below the so-called surge line, and the chock mode occurs at low pressure and high flow rate. These instability operation modes will reduce the compressor performance or even will be made damage to the compressor system [1-3]. There are many studies to prevent instability phenomenon by establishing control system to the ability to do that, but sometimes surge or chock phenomenon occurs although of this big effort. So, for this reason, the paper focus on the protection system, introduced to detect and prevent surge and shock stall occurrence to reduce damages possibility and keep the production at minimum losses. This can be achieved by setting the mass flow rate, pressure ratio, and operating speed in a predefined area. Depending on the data sets including measurements from compression systems of Sirt Oil Company, Libya, and performance characteristics curves and polynomial regression technique to define the operation area. The developed surge protection system was implemented on the Matlab Simulink program and presented in a simple form.
N. P. Zinjad, Aditi More, Aaishwarya Bagul, Akshay Jagtap, Gayatri Nawale
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