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Novana Veronica Julenta Kareth, Reni Shintasari
Musamus Journal of Public Administration, Volume 3, pp 20-31;

This paper aims to determine the policies implemented by the Papua National Narcotics Agency against drug trafficking. This article is a qualitative descriptive study. Data collection methods through interviews and literature study. Data analysis using descriptive analysis model. The results showed that the role of BNN Papua is very central in the eastern region and the Indonesian border. The policies that have been planned by BNN with multi-stakeholder have been implemented, but the new modes adopted by the international network vary. The drug subscription policy cannot be carried out by one institution only, it needs to be supported by other government agencies and the community. The need for a serious role for the regional and central government in both preventive efforts and subscription programs in synergy with the Papua Provincial BNN.
Regi Refian Garis, Aan Anwar Sihab, Windi Ayu Tiarani
Musamus Journal of Public Administration, Volume 3, pp 1-9;

Based on the results of observations, it is known that there are several problems in the effectiveness of the procurement of goods and services by Hegardanadyaksa Village-Owned Enterprises in increasing the Original Income of Hegarmanah Village, Cidolog District, Ciamis Regency. This research uses descriptive qualitative research method, the length of this research is 10 months with the technique of collecting data through library research, field studies, observation, and interviews. The primary data sources in this study were 14 people. Data processing techniques / data analysis through data reduction, data presentation, and drawing conclusions. Based on the results of the study it can be concluded that: 1) The effectiveness of the procurement of goods and services by Hegardanadyaksa Village- Owned Enterprises in increasing the Original Income of Hegarmanah Village, Cidolog District, Ciamis Regency has not been carried out properly because there are still obstacles to be faced, this is due to lack of direction to the management, low compliance and obedience of the board in carrying out their duties. 2) The obstacles faced are low human resources, low compliance and obedience of administrators in carrying out their duties, lack of direction to the management, price competition and business competition and there is still a tug of interest. 3) The efforts made are including the board in educational activities and training seminars and workshops and providing regular guidance to the board, adding venture capital and improving the quality of goods and service quality, inviting all administrators to be willing to be placed in any position and inviting all administrators to more appreciating and respecting the determination of positions, recruiting managers as needed, providing guidance to administrators.
Serano Vincen
Musamus Journal of Public Administration, Volume 3, pp 32-39;

The purpose of this study was to determine the supervision of village funds by the village consultative body (BPD) in Kampung Poo, Jagebob District, Merauke Regency. The research method used is a qualitative method, descriptive qualitative research type. The research was conducted through observation and in-depth interviews. After that the data obtained is collected to be described and analyzed to draw a conclusion. The results showed that the supervision of the Village Funds by the Village Consultative Body (BPD) in Kampung Poo has not been going well, especially at the pre-distribution stage and the distribution and use of Village funds, only the third stage has been carried out well, but the Pre-Distribution Stage of Village Funds is still not carried out well, especially in the Aspect of Appropriateness of the Village Fund Planning Arrangement Procedure because the village head did not make a decision letter regarding the Village Fund Implementing Technical Officer (PTPD) but only made direct appointments to the village secretary and head of financial affairs, and the distribution and use stage, namely in the financial aspect and use, where the People's Consultative Body (BPD), which is the representative of the community at large to oversee the Village Fund Budget, does not get the opportunity to consult to determine priority programs funded by village funds so that supervision of village funds is still not very effective.
Andri Meiriki, Adi Musharianto, Novitri Landong Ns
Musamus Journal of Public Administration, Volume 3, pp 10-19;

The present study was aimed at examining the effectiveness and efficiency of the financial management of South Tangerang City, Banten Province. The present study was categorized as a descriptive study. This study emphasized more on secondary data analysis. The data used in the present study were institutional administrative data (i.e., the data from South Tangerang City Government) comprising the Regional Budget of South Tangerang and the 2014-2018 Report on the Regional Government Administration (LPPD), as well as the regional financial budget stated in the report issued by South Tangerang Statistics. The instruments of analysis used in the study were effectiveness ratio and efficiency ratio. The study found that the financial management of South Tangerang City was categorized as highly effective. Further, the study also found that the financial management of South Tangerang City was categorized as fairly efficient.
Alvian Rachmad Eko Purnomo, Didik G. Suharto, Rutiana D. Wahyunengseh
Musamus Journal of Public Administration, Volume 3, pp 40-54;

Indonesia is now experiencing national disaster called covid-19 or corona outbreak. This case will be a kind of history in the future to become a lesson for central or regional government in making public policy in emergency state. By facing the covid-19 outbreak, public officials must quickly resolve the problem. Discretion gives the opportunity for public officials to do free action to solve the urgent case. Public officials are given alternatives to reach the aim of public service by using discretion even though there is no regulation upon it. Moreover, we know that the implementation of discretion still remains several problems. This research used the literature study method with a qualitative research approach. It was based on several references in order to give the description of the discretion role in handling covid-19 outbreak. Theoretical reference in discussing discretion role was based on the study of journals, books, dan others. Being deeply studied, the discretion implementation of social distancing in big scale belongs to regulatory policy that needs social planning discretion. This type creates more different interests and contains a relatively high complexity. The result of study shows that the implementation of discretion is important because the main function of government is to serve the citizens in emergency state. Therefore, discretion becomes the effective and efficient choice. The integrity of discretion makers becomes one of the variable indicators in creating successful discretion. The government accountability needs to be explained to the society. Moreover, it can be studied more fairly.
Ramos Da Chrismas, Elias Mite, Edoardus E Maturbongs, Imelda C Laode, Dapot Pardamean Saragih, David Laiyan
Musamus Journal of Public Administration, Volume 2, pp 63-67;

The launch of village funds in Papua is always increasing every year given by the government, but on the other hand raises new problems regarding financial management and transparency. This study aims to provide new thinking about financial transparency of village funds suitable for the Papua region. The method used is literature study, and the results of this study are transparency that must be carried out, namely the provision and access of clear information about planning, implementation procedures and accountability (billboards, website, Facebook), the existence of deliberations involving the community and indigenous peoples / Chair Adat, Openness of the management process, Supervision is carried out by the whole community, Transparency of information on Village Financial management documents, Continual socialization and training from the government to the Village for effective management of the Village Fund, and Village Fund Assistance is actually recruited from people who have very high self-integrity.
Elias Mite, Ramos Da Chrismas, Yohanes Endes Teturan, Vinsenco R Serano, Nur Jalal, Alexander P Tjilen
Musamus Journal of Public Administration, Volume 2, pp 76-82;

The management of state borders between Indonesia and PNG holds potential problems in the form of differences in socio-economic conditions between the two countries. While socially and culturally, people in the two countries have close kinship ties. This paper intends to recommend an asymmetric policy for managing national border areas, especially between Merauke and PNG. The conclusion of this study is that the adoption of the ChinaVietnam border management model can be applied in the management of the Indonesia-PNG border. This adoption is accompanied by several strategies in the form of: acceleration of construction of facilities and infrastructure, strengthening the socio-economic conditions of border communities, human resource development and strengthening of good institutional aspects.
Apolus Betaubun
Musamus Journal of Public Administration, Volume 2, pp 68-75;

The purpose of this research is to find out how the Responsibility of Village Fund Allocation in Tambat, Tanah Miring District, Merauke Regency. Theoretical Benefits, as reference material for research in the field of future accountability. In discussing and reviewing the issue of implementation, the accountability of village fund allocation in Tambat Tanah Miring District Merauke Regency the author uses a qualitative research method, namely data collection can be from interviews, observation notes, photo taking, audio and video recording. This type of descriptive research is a research that is sought to observe problems systematically accurate funds regarding the facts and characteristics of certain objects, with the number of informants as many as 13 people.The results of this study indicate that the accountability of village fund allocation in the implementation of village funds in Tambat, Tanah Miring District, Merauke Regency, runs well but there are still a number of problems that occur, planning, realization of the program and not in accordance with the details and calculations in the RAB. Kampung, Implementation of Village Fund Allocation conducted by Kampung Tambat Officials has not gone well and has not been carried out in accordance with the procedure because the village head of Tambat was considered not transparent regarding Village Fund Allocation to the people of Tambat Village, Reporting indicators, Village Fund Allocation has not been implemented properly due to reports what has been made is not maximal with what is done in Tambat and indicators, the accountability of the village head regarding the Village Fund Allocation also does not work with planning, implementation and reporting, this is evidenced by the making of the first report and the answer to ADD ADK, PROSPECTS made by other parties not by village officials have not been implemented with the reality that happened at Tambat.
Poetri Suradinata, Julianto Jj Kalalo, Marlyn Alputila, Hesty Tambajong
Musamus Journal of Public Administration, Volume 2, pp 83-87;

A clean country, like a healthy body. A clean and healthy Indonesia remains hope. The implementation of anti-corruption education at an early age is the foundation of the morality foundation of future generations who dare to say corruption is forbidden. This research aims to provide new ideas to the public or educators to instill anti-corruption values ​​from an early age. The method used is the literature study of relevant texts in the form of journals and literature. The results of this study are to find an Anti-Corruption Education model that is through the method of democracy, joint search, exemplary methods, live in methods that are suitable for children to have high integrity by instilling anti-corruption values, suitable learning resources to support learning activities PAK is a natural and socio-cultural environment, textbooks and text books, audio visuals, and the internet. Suggestions in this study are to urge the government to require Anti-Corruption Education to be given from elementary schools to tertiary institutions.
Budi Yasri
Musamus Journal of Public Administration, Volume 2, pp 53-62;

Trade is an important thing in social life. Therefore, regulations are made to support the safety and comfort aspects of both the seller and the buyer. These regulations include the UUML (Legal Metrology Law), the UUPK (Consumer Protection Act), and PP LIP (Government Regulations for Food Advertising Labels). To find out how successful these regulations can be assessed from the public's knowledge of the regulations that have been enacted. How much knowledge of the rules can be obtained from interviews conducted in the community. With interviews, it can be seen how successful the regulations were made both in quantity and quality. From the interviews, it was obtained that 50% of the public already knew and implemented the regulation.
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