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Ajay Bhatia, Vikrant Sharma
Fiber optic connection is the best option for data transmission at gigabit and above rates. Voice, video, telemetry, and data are all transmitted using this method of communication over great distances and over computer networks or local area networks. By converting electronic signals into light, a fibre optic communication system uses light-wave technology to transfer data via fiber. Large bandwidth, smaller diameter, lightweight, long-distance signal transmission, low attenuation, transmission security, and other outstanding characteristics of this type of communication system make it a key component of any telecommunications infrastructure. The characteristic traits, fundamental components, and other aspects of fibre optic communication systems are highlighted in the information that follows.
Sumedh Rawat
According to the relevance of the existing information's role in various companies, competent management is required to ensure the security of that information. The information security refers to protecting information and minimizing unauthorized access to it. Management system of the information security means the information security of a part of general and overall information security in an organization that is based on business risks’ approach and aims to establish, implement, operate, monitor, verify, maintain and improve information security. In this study, we have tried to introduce information security management system, types of threatening risks of information systems and also introduce and offer proper ways to maintain information security of each organization and then work on necessary requirements in order to design information security system and phases of implementing management system of information security.
Tilak Mukherjee
In the modern scenario, optical fiber communication technology has rapidly progressed with continuous exploration of emerging technologies to support more amount of bandwidth, higher data rate and improved security along with reduction in losses and electromagnetic immunity. Optical fiber communication system has remarkably low loss and is reliably capable of meeting the demand of massively increased information traffic employing a minimum number of repeaters in its performance link. In this paper, we discuss broadly optical fiber technology theory, types, working principle with its various merits and demerits in the application scenario. Single-mode graded index fiber has been analyzed in comparison to multi-mode fibers and it has emerged as the most efficient means of broad band signal transmission offering many distinct advantages. The possible consequences of both linear and nonlinear effects of the optical fiber and other limiting factors that  influence the performance of propagation characteristics have been discussed which are reasonably relevant to the emerging  areas of optical engineering ,photonics and  related fiber optic devices. 
B. T. Krishna Reddy, M. Harish, P. Hemanth Kumar, K. Aashish, N. Ramamurthy
The primary extent of this task is to comprehend how to best use different distributed computing administrations to get great execution for less expense. Amazon surrenders a marvelous arrangement of web helps that enables fashioners to make dynamic and generous applications. Conveying on AWS can save you time, money and work diverged from building and staying aware of additional customary frameworks. Amazon Web Services offers a wide plan of overall cloud-based things including process, limit, informational collections, assessment, coordinating, flexible, engineer gadgets, the board contraptions, IoT, security, and try applications: on- demand, open quite promptly, with pay-all the more just as expenses emerge esteeming. From data warehousing to association instruments, lists to content transport, more than 200 AWS organizations are available. New organizations can be provisioned quickly, without the blunt capital expense. Today, AWS gives a significantly trustworthy, flexible, negligible cost establishment stage in the cloud that controls a colossal number of associations in 190 countries all over the planet. This licenses adventures, new organizations, little and medium-sized associations and clients in the public region to get to the construction blocks they need to answer quickly to changing business essentials. Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud), VPC (Virtual Private Cloud), IAM (Identity And Access Management), Cloud Watch, CDN (Content Delivery Network) and Route 53 are used here since it is very popular in giving extraordinary disseminated figuring organizations. In this report, I'll tell you, step by step, through the procedure of using the AWS Marketplace to game plan and produce another AWS Cloud server. In this task we furthermore used progression gadgets like GIT and Jenkins for robotization.
Gude Ramarao, G. Aravind, S. Aftab, M. Gowtham, G. Charan
When we use a capturing device to capture digital displays, we obtain a vivid rainbow pattern. It's known as "moiré" and it has an impact on image quality and subsequent processing. There are several ways to save money. Modern approaches for eliminating moiré patterns rely on down sampling pooling layers to retrieve multiscale   information, which might result in data loss. To show this issue, this research provides a wavelet-based demoiréing approach. Both Inverse Discrete Wavelet Transform (IDWT) and Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) are used in this. This technology may efficiently enhance the network related field without any data loss in place of standard down sampling and up sampling. Furthermore, this approach employs an effective attention fusion module to reconstruct additional details of moiré patterns (EAFM). Using an aggregate of green channel attention (ECA), spatial attention (SA), and neighborhood residual getting to know, this module can self-adaptively study several weights of function statistics at distinct degrees and encourage the community to cognizance extra on required statistics as moiré statistics to beautify the getting to know and demoiréing paintings performed via way of means of enhancing photograph excellent and offering the specified Accurate output. Extensive trials the usage of publicly to be had datasets have established that this approach can perpetually cast off moiré styles even as additionally being quantitatively and qualitatively sound.
Gulafsha Baig, Dharmendra Singh Yadav, Rupesh Dubey
In this paper, we are investigating the effect of route length in routing and spectrum assignment problem in an elastic optical network. The probability of connection acceptance also depends on the route length of connection requests. Connection request only accepted when requested bandwidth available on the entire route of the request. Here, we have evaluated the effect of route length on three different network parameters: bandwidth blocking probability (BBP), network capacity utilized, and average network capacity utilization (ANCU). Simulation results show that BBP drastically increases as the length of the route increases. And, network capacity utilization for longer connections is less due to spectrum unavailability. On the other hand, ANCU for longer routes is very high.
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