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Ashutosh Shukla, Mk Jai Supreeth, Sreenivasa Bc
A surplus of income over expenditure has created a demand for a variety of investment options, depending on the consumer's appetite for risk, desire for returns, and need for liquidity, among other non-quantifiable characteristics. This gave rise to the concept of a portfolio, which is simply a collection of assets or avenues for investing money, as well as the allocation of funds to each of these assets. Cash, equities, real estate, fixed-income, and commodities are the most prominent of these options. Each avenue has its own set of valuation principles and meets a different set of needs for employers. We are looking at portfolios that include both equities and fixed income for our research. For fixed income, we use an amortized rate that is considered to remain constant over time. The S&P 500 index is made up entirely of stocks. Machine learning is used to choose stocks and distribute capital appropriately. The user's risk profile is taken into account when calculating the fixed income allocation.
Abhishek Srivastava, Arjit Mishra, Amit Kumar Sachan
Personal task reminders are used by modern people to remind them of their duties in a variety of settings. There is still a place for paper reminders, but they are cumbersome to organize. Electronic reminders are generated using the calendar on the cell phone. Text messages still serve as the primary trigger for many of these reminders, despite the widespread use of smartphones. It is vital to keep in mind that in many circumstances, tasks can only be accomplished at a specific location. Task reminders would be more useful if they only came on when the user was within a specific range of a location. An attempt is being made to implement a mobile phone alarm feature based on the position of the device and to determine which nearby locations are most convenient from the device's present location. The location-based alert will ring as soon as you arrive at your chosen spot. It will ring and notify you if it detects that you are inside the user-defined range of the destination. As soon as they are close to their location, an alert will go off, letting them know where they are. This location-based alert is perfect for persons who have a variety of responsibilities spread out over multiple areas, such as those who commute by train.
Digesh Rochwani, Aashish Bisen, Yash Parakh, Deepak Katiyare, Ms. Jinal Patel
Algorithm Visualization is a technique that uses sophisticated pictures, slides and movies to explain the unknown concepts and to uncover some of the hidden features of an algorithm. By reading textbooks of data structure and algorithms one cannot understand the concepts deeply but, if similar information is given using some pictures it becomes easy to understand. This technique can also be helpful in the research and development and education area. As we know that there are two aspects of everything, if there is some advantage of using it then there are also disadvantages of it. The limitations of algorithm visualization is that we cannot easily convert it to pictures because we need to check for every operation done by the algorithm. The chosen picture must satisfy all the operations of an algorithm. For example the picture for stack is vertical bar along with equal divisions is capable to do stack operations like “push”, “pop” and “peek”.
Ms. Pallavi Pinjani, Ms. Nivedita Dorvekar, Ms. Swati Mahajan, Raj Verma
Now a days, with the help of internet technology, we can now stay connected with any one in any corner of the world. The internet network can be utilized to help out people in need of emergency. In this paper, we discuss about an android based safety application named ”personal safety application” proposed here aims at raising alerts and send notifications if anyone is facing any emergency in the form of any threat from someone, health emergency, accidental emergency, etc. The user can add his important contacts in the system whom he wants to inform in case of emergency. The user can send alerts through this application in the form of text, photo, video indicating an emergency along with other location details. GPS system will also help to find the exact location. This android-based safety application can help a group of people stay connected and help each other in case of any emergency in the least time possible.
Suryansh Singh, Radhey Shyam, Ms. Shilpi Khanna
Developers’ platform aims to solve the most crucial and most common problem of almost all software developers in the field of Information Technology. Many researchers have worked on comparable applications and have identified some key issues and solutions. Some of them worked on analyzing the emotions of questions posted on various platforms, such as Stack Overflow. Software developers frequently ask questions on the Stack Overflow site and the uploaded questions sometimes may not always follow the conventional rules. We have used various technologies to build this platform like React Native, NodeJS, Tensorflow and MongoDB. The AI empowered developers’ platform will literally help all the software engineers to definitely achieve accuracy and consistency in work, it will essentially help specifically maintain a healthy developers’ com- munity where even a newbie can definitely start and actually grow by learning various software related work, which generally is quite significant. To encourage software engineers to come to this platform there are various reward points and also if a company wants to hire engineers based on their skill set, they can get the list of top users on this platform (category wise) who are actively contributing to this community and solving complex problems day-to-day, this makes work easy for both the company and the users who are signed up.
Pushpam Devanand Nagdeve, Sharad Jadhav
Published: 28 February 2022
Malware is suspicious software that nobody wants. It poses threats to the security of the networked system and is also designed to harm services or devices. They are designed to damage any data or to extract data so that cybercriminals can leverage over victims, which is advancing rapidly, states a big challenge for researchers. In this literature review, we did the manual research on the publications. The motive is to look at the available literary works on malware detection and determine how the investigation evolved and progressed based on quantity, content, and publication potential. Described the problems and challenges faced in analyzing malware and identifying system requirements. The goal of this study is to review and examine the literature on malware analysis and analyze how the study of malware has evolved from time to time. In terms of quality and publication outlets, malware has progressed as time goes on and so it becomes complex and later time, it can be difficult to understand its every detail and composition. Enlightening people about what the term malware is about and the variety of anti-evaluation techniques that can be used to thwart forensic evaluations and lessons through the post-investigation results on how to avoid malware analysis.
Neha Gupta, Nitin Chauhan, Mohd. Fardeen, Nirbhay Pal, Mayank Bhatnagar
Flutter SDK developed by Google Inc. provides fast and easy way to develop application targeting multiple platforms using single code base, without compromising on features and performance. Application developed using this framework are on par with native apps developed for the platform, resulting in great performance and efficient resource utilization. The application proposed here will be able to assist visually impaired people to manage their email-box without any assistance of other people and they can even compose emails, send replies to emails received and listen to received emails using text to voice and voice to text techniques proposed. For an average person it may seem a simple task to manage their own email-box but to a person who is not able to see, this task seems near impossible without assistance from other people. The proposed application helps visually impaired peoples to easily tackle these challenges and ensures private and secure email-box management.
Gagandeep Chauhan, Vivek Kumar
Timetable scheduling is a problem that concerns every teaching institution. Every semester or year a new timetable must be produced to take account of faculty, student and course changes causing a necessarily large amount of work. All institutions face a considerable number of difficulties especially before the start of academic semesters in colleges due to the increased number of students and courses. Also, visualizing the timetable needs drastic amount of work like to print them on papers and display it then to its respective classes, that too in colleges need to be secured since it got snatched away by the students there. And timetable updation require to follow full steps as followed during its creation in traditional paper-based method but here using timesync, it makes everything so smooth that it need to only update it with its user-friendly UI and no need to follow other steps as in orthodox method. The main objective of this study is to develop a web-based application for timetable scheduling and visualizing for schools and colleges. However, some work and studies still need to be done to make this system further smart and consistent as described in the recommendations section.
Ms. Monika Chauhan, Ms. Neha Sardana, Dheeraj Kumar, Tijender Kumar, Ms. Shweta Agarwal
There has been recorded colossal increment in the crime percentage everywhere on the planet. This issue is turning more serious consistently. To pull off this issue, we choose to take help from innovation and created "Door Lock Automation System". Today, fingerprint projects are linked with every security system as a major task. The main principle of this project is ‘Matching Algorithm’ as the specified templates of fingerprints are stored beforehand. The fingerprint of user is compared with the pre-stored fingerprints and then the authentication is allowed. It verifies authentication process and then task incorporates as a smart and affordable door lock enhanced with a fingerprint interface. The plan and execution of unique mark based lock framework is adaptable. This entryway locking component is nearly financially savvy than the accessible lock frameworks in the customary market. Our interesting imprint-based lock system has high exactness rate and races to see fingerprints which engage steady coordination with the customers and gives all the closer security. For implementing this project, we use Arduino, a fingerprint sensor, distance measuring sensor, camera, screen and some other hardware devices. Security features that are incorporated to the system are - exceptional finger impression sensor, partition assessing sensor and web cam that makes it unique and genuine.
Ms. Priyanka R. Gulhane
Now a day’s fingerprint-based authentication system is becoming very popular because of its applications. The fingerprint of an individual is a unique and persistent feature that can be used for identification and authentication. There are several different methods that has been implemented by different researchers for the fingerprint recognition. In this paper, we examine writing of various systems and angles utilized for unique finger impression acknowledgment.
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