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Jenny Zhang
Asian Social Science, Volume 17; doi:10.5539/ass.v17n5p70

Reviewer Acknowledgements for Asian Social Science, Vol. 17, No. 5 2021.
Haiyan Hao
Asian Social Science, Volume 17; doi:10.5539/ass.v17n5p42

The dispute resolution mechanism of economic and trade cooperation between China, Mongolia and Russia is a kind of dispute resolution mechanism specially used to solve the disputes of economic and trade cooperation between China, Mongolia and Russia. It is not only has the practical necessity, but also has the political and legal feasibility. The main problems of the dispute resolution mechanism are that the dispute resolution methods are too scattered, the dispute resolution basis is too old, and the cohesion and effectiveness of the dispute resolution methods are poor. Under the guidance of the concept of "coordinated development, win-win and mutual benefit, fair procedure, inclusiveness and harmony", it is reasonable to build a dispute resolution mechanism of economic and trade cooperation between China, Mongolia and Russia, which covers the way of political diplomacy and judicial characteristics. Specifically, the dispute resolution mechanism needs to establish special dispute resolution institutions, unified applicable rules, diversified dispute resolution procedures and sound supporting systems.
Dima Ibrahim Abu Maloh, Hazem Nouri AlNahar, Haya Ibrahim Abu Maloh
Asian Social Science, Volume 17; doi:10.5539/ass.v17n5p62

This study aimed to identify the mental health quality of life among patients with multiple sclerosis in Jordan. Thus, a descriptive quantitative design was used on a total of (N=100) Multiple Sclerosis patients that were randomly selected by using convenience sampling from the Health Insurance Center in the capital Amman, Jordan. Outcome measurement tools were the demographic data form and the Multiple Sclerosis Quality of Life-54 (MSQOL-54) Scale. The demographic data form consisted of questions about: age in years, gender, stage of multiple scleroses, and physical activities. The Multiple Sclerosis Quality of Life-54 (MSQOL-54) consisted of two domains the physical health composite and the mental health composite. In this study the mental health composite were used by the participants. The results revealed that the QOL- Mental Health Composite among patients with multiple sclerosis was 33.9 + 33.6. Moreover, there was no significant difference in score for male and females p=.874. In addition, there was no significant difference in QOL mental health scores for the age groups p=.165. Finally, there was a significant difference in scores for participants and non-participants in physical activity p=.000. Accordingly, this research concluded that Multiple sclerosis patients’ have a low quality of life in terms of mental health. In addition, practicing physical activities have a positive effect on the quality of mental health among multiple sclerosis patients.
Yue Huang, Lu Suo
Asian Social Science, Volume 17; doi:10.5539/ass.v17n5p16

From the perspective of consumers, this research studied four factors including price promotion, time pressure, interpersonal interaction and visual appeal influencing the impulse buying decision of live streaming e-commerce consumers in China. This research used a quantitative design by developing questionnaires to collect data through the convenience sampling approach from 477 Chinese users who has live streaming shopping experience in social commerce platform within the past 1 year in Kunming, City. Structural Equation Model (SEM) was used to analyze the data and the hypotheses accordingly. The results confirmed that price promotion, time pressure (promotional time limit, perceived opportunity cost), interpersonal interaction (consumer-streamer interaction, consumer-consumer interaction) and visual appeal these six factors have a significantly positive effect on consumer impulse buying decision. Meanwhile, perceived risk was found negatively related to consumer impulse buying decision. Besides, price promotion and visual appeal played the most important role in influencing consumer impulse buying decision of live streaming than any other factors. Additionally, the results also show that the promotion, the perception of opportunity cost, the interpersonal interaction (the interaction between consumers and streamers, the interaction between consumers), and the visual appeal all have a significant negative impact on consumers' perceived risk. However, for time limit of time pressure, our research hypothesis that promotion time limit has a significant negative effect on consumers' perceived risk has not been verified. Finally, perceived risk was found plays a mediating role in the relationship between price promotion, perceived opportunity cost, interpersonal interaction, visual appeal and impulse buying decision. However, it did not play a mediating role in the effect of promotion time limit on impulse buying decision. The findings suggest that managers and merchants of live streaming e-commerce should make a reasonable price promotion plan and provide good visual experience for consumers, at the meantime, strengthen interpersonal interaction and try to reduce the purchase risk of consumers.
Anas Nawafleh, Haya Hussein Al-Tarawneh, Hussein Al-Tarawneh
Asian Social Science, Volume 17; doi:10.5539/ass.v17n5p51

This study aims to identify school bullying among teen students, its causes, and modification methods from public schools' teachers in the University Directorate of Education, Jordan. The study sample consists of (2128) male and female teachers selected by the stratified random sampling method. Moreover, a descriptive survey approach has been utilized in this study. Results indicated that the means of bullying modification methods and their causes came at the medium level on the tool as a whole. There were statistically significant differences in the bullying modification scale and its causes attributed to the variable of gender and favored female participants. The results also indicated statistically significant differences on the bullying modification scale and its causes that are attributed to the variable of educational qualification in favor of higher studies, in addition to statistically significant differences on the bullying modification scale and its causes that are attributed to the variable of years of experience in favor of those with experience of more than ten (10) years.
Cuong Huu Hoang, Trang Thi Doan Dang
Asian Social Science, Volume 17; doi:10.5539/ass.v17n5p1

In recent years, local scholars have been playing an increasingly significant role in the global knowledge system. However, in the context of Vietnam, interaction and engagement between Vietnamese social sciences researchers (VSSRs) with the global academic world are limited despite efforts from the Vietnamese government and tertiary institutions. This study explores the barriers that prevent Vietnamese scholars engaging with the international academic community. Eighty-two Vietnamese scholars in various fields of social sciences responded to an online self-reporting questionnaire including 13 closed-ended and nine open-ended questions. The results show that various individual factors (e.g., the researchers’ inadequate proficiency in English or limited research capacities), organisational factors (e.g., the lack of a supportive research environment, the lack of funding and resources, and unsupportive policies), and broader factors (e.g., political censors or the tradition of social research) could significantly influence VSSRs’ engagement with global academia. The study underlines the need for in-depth scholar-centred research to understand the process in which local researchers, who are disadvantaged by their contextual factors, participate in the international academic community. More importantly, findings are used to develop a potential framework to study local researchers’ academic engagement with global academia.
Yu Xing, XiaoMing Yang
Asian Social Science, Volume 17; doi:10.5539/ass.v17n5p33

After the reissue of Journal of Silk, the historical papers published can reflect the academic history of Chinese Textile and Apparel History research. The mathematical analysis of these papers is helpful to clarify the territory and important towns of the research on Chinese Textile and Apparel History. Through literature collation and mathematical analysis, the paper believes that: ① The changes in the types of historical papers in Journal of Silk, especially the decline in the amount of papers published by corporate personnel, indicate that the Journal has transformed from a journal that integrates education, academia, and training into an academic publication. ② For a long time, authors from Zhejiang and Jiangsu have published more than half of the papers. This phenomenon is related to the earliest research on historical theory in the two places, especially the Zhejiang Silk Institute of Technology, which was the first organization to engage in professional research on historical theory in China. ③ Authors in Zhejiang Province had the largest number of papers before 2003. But after 2004, authors in Jiangsu had the largest number of papers. And after 2004, authors in Shanghai had more papers published, which is related to the strengthening of relevant majors by Suzhou University, Jiangnan University and Donghua University. At the same time, the experience of Jiangnan University shows that restricting the graduation conditions for master's students is conducive to research in the field of Historical Theory.
Mohd Fatrim Syah Abd Karim, Mohd Syuhaidi Abu Bakar
Asian Social Science, Volume 17; doi:10.5539/ass.v17n4p24

On March 18, 2020, the Malaysian government took a firm position to halt the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic by putting in effect the Movement Control Order (MCO). By that time, Malaysia had recorded deaths and the number of infections was hundreds. During this period, in addition to the use of popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter for rapid information communication, the WhatsApp messaging app was also heavily relied upon during the MCO. In addition to providing information, WhatsApp was also considered to play an important role in daily tasks as well as in education. This article discusses the functions, influences and effects of the use of WhatsApp among Malaysians during the MCO. This research conducted a structured interview with 10 informants from diverse backgrounds and age range. The data was then transcribed verbatim. Analysis of the results revealed that WhatsApp's main functions were to facilitate communication with family members and employers, as well as the means for a rapid exchange of information. On the other hand, the informants revealed that some information shared in WhatsApp was unreliable since there were irresponsible people who were creating and sharing fake news. The informants were also aware that the dissemination of fake news will cause mass panic among the Malaysians. As such, the informants would refer to reliable sources to determine the authenticity of the news they have encountered. This action reflected a mature attitude using WhatsApp during the MCO.
Ruba Hassan Abu Subaih, Suheir Sulieman Sabbah, Ruqiah Naji Esmail Al-Duais
Asian Social Science, Volume 17; doi:10.5539/ass.v17n4p44

The study aims to identify the obstacles facing teachers in Palestine society while adopting e-learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. The results show the most critical obstacle continues to be the infrastructure of the educational system. Other obstacles include technical support, the readiness of all stakeholders, and remote technological education skills and competencies. The study also shows many obstacles, including students’ failure to attend classes in full, assessment of students, and learning online. The study highlights the critical success factors for the adoption of e-learning. E-learning requires skills and competencies for both teachers and students. Teachers must also adopt various teaching methods accounting for individual differences, learning styles, and psychological support. Those teaching methods need advanced training before implementing them in Palestine. Additional recommendations were made including spreading electronic culture, increasing awareness of society partnership, enriching teacher education programs, conducting trainings for teachers, and conducting further researches similar to this study.
Yu Xing, XiaoMing Yang
Asian Social Science, Volume 17; doi:10.5539/ass.v17n4p65

The historical theory column "History and Culture" of Journal of Silk is unique in the textile and costume journal industry. Many famous scholars in history and nowadays have written papers on this column. The phased research on the column will help us clarify the academic history and important figures of textile and costume history. Based on the relevant statistics of Journal of Silk, the research concludes that: ① The name change of historical theory column in Journal of Silk reflects the determination of Journal of Silk whose historical theory column starts from the history of silk and finally extends to the entire history of textile culture and textile technology. ② The research on clothing history in Journal of Silk can be divided into four periods. 1977-1986 is the budding period, 1987-2003 is the hovering period, 2004-2014 is the stable period, and 2015 is the accelerated development period. ③ The factors of this stage are closely related to the amount of papers published. The changes in the amount of papers published in the previous period are closely related to politics. With the deepening of economic reforms, it is closely related to the reform and development of the textile industry and the development of universities.
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