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Mohammad Akramin Sakirun,
International Journal of Human Resource Studies, Volume 12, pp 1-14;

Malaysia's Fire and Rescue Department is the country's primary rescue organisation. However, in recent years, severe issues of stress affecting firefighters' job performance have been exposed in the media. The study aims to delve deeper into this topic by conceptualizing the impact of stress on job satisfaction and performance. The issue is conceptualized employing Karasek et al. (1988)'s Job Demand Control Support theory, which anticipated that the consequences of work stress or psychiatric illness are caused by the combination of job demand and job control. In terms of theoretical contributions, the study has enriched knowledge of JDCS theory in the context of firefighters in Malaysia. Meanwhile, in terms of human resource management contributions, this conceptualization will assist the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department in better understanding the effects of stress on job performance and satisfaction, contributing to the emergence of efficient human resource policies to improve employee retention.
Lyndon Garvin Augustine
International Journal of Human Resource Studies, Volume 12, pp 15-31;

Patient safety has progressed over the past decade from being a relatively insignificant issue to a position of high importance for healthcare executives and policy makers. However, most of the opportunities for healthcare professionals to identify and act upon patient safety concerns are likely to occur much further upstream, such as, within the day-to-day mundane activities. Because of this, policy makers have ramped up the focus on the role of “whistleblowers” towards raising concerns around patient safety in healthcare settings. The notion of whistleblowing in healthcare has been known to bring healthcare scandals to light, which in essence has contributed to preventing future harm to patients. Although this may be true, when compared to other industries, there remains relatively little research on whistleblowing in healthcare. For this reason, the purpose of this study was to examine the role of organizational culture and change in healthcare, the link between ethics and whistleblowing, and the processes and levels of whistleblowing within healthcare. By focusing on these, the researcher was successful in highlighting a series of organizational factors that has been known to both inhibit and foster whistleblowing within healthcare. Thereafter, the researcher then suggested steps that can be used to help organizations build and sustain an ethical culture where whistleblowing is viewed as a morale right.
Zaharah Abd Aziz, Rahimah Jamaluddin, Suhaida Abdul Kadir
International Journal of Human Resource Studies, Volume 11, pp 259-273;

Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) highlights the mastery of skills as a key element before entering a career field. This study was conducted to identify the relationship between learning motivation and competency-based learning (CBL) and fashion designing skills for students in the Fashion Design Programme at Vocational colleges. This quantitative study with correlational research design involved 200 Diploma in Fashion Design Programme students. Simple random sampling technique was used, and data was collected through questionnaires. Findings of inferential analysis showed that fashion designing skills and learning motivation were at a moderate level with mean = 2.88 (SD = .43) and mean = 4.05 (SD = .30). Meanwhile, Competency-Based Learning recorded a mean of 3.08 with a standard deviation of .35. It was found that learning motivation had a weak relationship (r = .249, p <0.05) while CBL had a strong relationship (r = .542, p <0.05) with fashion designing skills. These findings indicate that motivation and competency-based instruction implemented during Teaching and Learning are related with mastery skill. Following that, lecturers need to ensure that the knowledge and skills imparted can be mastered by the students. It can be concluded that the management of Vocational colleges needs to provide continuous motivation to the students as well as support the lecturer to increase their knowledge on CBL in order to produce students who are highly skilled in Fashion Design.
Hairul Fazzlinyana Mohd Harris, Asmah Ismail
International Journal of Human Resource Studies, Volume 11, pp 34-55;

The concept of career decision self-efficacy has been a topic of discussion for a long time and remains an important concept up to this day. Career counselling is effective in helping students in their career development. The current study examined the relationship between career decision self-efficacy and vocational identity. We followed the expectations of the Social Cognitive Career Theory (SCCT) and hypothesized that there is a significant relationship between career decision self-efficacy and vocational identity. We also studied the differences between genders on the two variables and the effect of career decision self-efficacy on vocational identity. The sample of the study comprised of 243 Generation Z participants from UiTM Shah Alam. The finding shows that there are no differences between genders on the career decision self-efficacy and female and vocational identity and female, which finding is in contrast to previous findings. The result of the study also shows that there is a significant relationship between career decision self-efficacy and vocational identity. The last finding shows a statistically significant result where career decision self-efficacy contributes significantly to vocational identity and career decision-making self-efficacy explains 13 % of the variance in Vocational Identity. Therefore, this research provides information that can help to enhance students in the context of career counselling.
Tan Tong Hock, Ahmad Fauzi Mohd Ayub, Aida Suraya Md Yunus, Nur Raidah Mohd Salim
International Journal of Human Resource Studies, Volume 11, pp 274-286;

The purpose of this study is to identify the effect of using dynamic software Google SketchUp (GSU), without software on van Hiele’s theory and conventional teaching strategy of students’ conceptual and procedural knowledge in learning geometry among primary school students. The study was conducted using pre and post-test true experimental methods. This true experimental research involved 96 students from Year Five primary schools in Malaysia. The selection of site or school take into account as convenience and voluntary participation. The study's findings showed significant differences in student's conceptual knowledge and procedural knowledge based on the different types of the strategy group. The post hoc test indicated that using software showed better conceptual and procedural knowledge when compared to without using software on van Hiele’s theory and conventional teaching strategy.
Shamsudin Othman, Rosmaria Omar, Azhar Md Sabil
International Journal of Human Resource Studies, Volume 11, pp 205-224;

During the COVID-19 pandemic, social education moved from face to face to online learning to discourage large gatherings and crowds from catching the spread of the virus. This state of urgency involved all the students including university students. This paper aims to study the impacts of Pandemic Covid19 and identified the relationships between online learning, learning at home and self-management towards Malay Language learning among the students in public universities during MCO and 2) to develop a predictive model in the relationships between online learning, learning at home and self-management towards Malay Language learning among the students in public universities during MCO. Four variables which are online learning, learning at home, self-management, and Malay Language learning were analyzed using SPSS and AMOS. About 279 students from public universities were involved as respondents. Descriptive analysis, Correlation Pearson analysis and structural equation modeling (SEM) were used to answer the research objectives. An analysis of correlation Pearson showed that there are significant values derived from the relationship between online learning and Malay language learning (r=.578, p=.000). There is also a significant relationship between self-management and Malay language learning (r=.368, p=.000). However, there is no relationship between learning at home and Malay Language learning (r=.026, p=.294). The predictive model achieved good fit values of RMSEA=.061, IFI=.937, CFI=.936, TLI=.925 and Chisq/df=2.001. The implementation of online learning as a new norm and platform in teaching and learning Malay Language among the students gave a positive impact in terms of technology usage. However, there are needs for improvement to be considered in providing a more useful platform to change from face to face in conventional ways similarly to advanced technology. Meanwhile, the predictive model can serve as a source of reference in evaluating Malay language learning by using technology and other indicators for the future, for the sake of student’s achievement.
Nurul Syahida Mohd Ayob, Siti Aishah Hassan, Mohd Hamdan Mohamed Nordin
International Journal of Human Resource Studies, Volume 11, pp 287-306;

Malaysia is a multicultural and multi-religious country. The importance of multicultural counseling has been widely recognized and discussed. Counselors need to be multiculturally-knowledgeable when dealing with multicultural clients. The effectiveness of counseling may likely be improved by integrating Malaysian approaches that are tailored to this country’s traditions and insights, into the current conventional counseling practices. Most of these counseling and psychotherapy theories are based on, and biased towards, the Euro-American culture. Novice counselors in particular frequently reported a lack of skills in dealing with culturally-diverse clients. Multicultural counseling competency is an evolutionary progress that is meant to achieve an effective treatment, and greater inclusion of minorities in mainstream society. Therefore, this paper highlights multicultural counseling competencies and the evolution of counseling in Malaysia. Using narrative method literature review, this paper presents local approaches toward counseling in Malaysia, based on various religions, which are specifically focused on an Islamic approach. This paper then compares and contrasts the local approaches with those of the conventional Western based counseling methods. Some recommendations that merit further investigation are highlighted for future studies.
Azrani Mohd Zain, Soaib Asimiran, Abu Bakar Razali, Nor Aniza Ahmad
International Journal of Human Resource Studies, Volume 11, pp 243-258;

This study explores the implementation of teaching supervision in Excellence Cluster National Secondary Schools and Daily Secondary Schools. This study adopts the qualitative exploratory approach and involves eight study samples selected by purposive sampling. Methods of interview, observation and document analysis were used as the main tools in collecting the study data. The data collected were analysed using in-depth reading, open coding and axial coding. The results of the study as a whole show that the two categories of schools do not show differences in the characteristics studied in the implementation of teaching supervision in secondary schools. The study’s findings show that teaching supervision in Excellence Cluster Secondary Schools and Daily Secondary Schools is implemented through the devolution of power to middle leaders. Teaching supervision is guided by the teaching supervision form found in SKPMG2 standard 4. Teaching supervision in both school categories is done three times a year involving three phases. Moreover, teaching evaluation is done through direct observation in the classroom with full guidance on the teaching supervision form. The similarity in the implementation of teaching supervision is due to the same challenges faced by principals in both school categories, namely time constraints and administrative workload. The findings also show that supervisors use no specific approach for teaching supervision. The implication of this study is that it provides an insight into the implementation of teaching supervision by school administrators and that strengthening the skills and knowledge of middle leaders could improve teaching supervision effectiveness and positively impact the students, teachers and the school.
Aduni Binti Johari, Nor Wahiza Binti Abdul Wahat, Khairuddin Bin Idris
International Journal of Human Resource Studies, Volume 11, pp 17-33;

According to the Malaysian Ministry of Education's (MOE) national education model, the education system is meant to produce people who are knowledgeable, competent, and able to contribute to the nation's improvement. Educators must demonstrate unique actions to nurture their students seamlessly and systematically, according to the idea. The purpose of this paper is to present an empirical study that looks at the impact of humor and teamwork on teachers' innovative behaviors in Malaysian secondary schools. The goal of this study was to find out how engaged teachers are in innovative behavior (IB) in terms of idea generation (IGEN), idea promotion (IPROM), and idea implementation (IIMPL), as well as to look at the relationship between humor (HUM) and teamwork (TW) and IB (IB). This quantitative study was conducted using a survey of 354 selected respondents. The respondents were selected from 4,319 teachers in two different zones in the state of Selangor by using the stratified random sampling technique. The findings suggest that there is a good level of teachers’ engagement in idea generation, and a moderate level of idea promotion and idea implementation behavior. The findings also reveal that humor and teamwork are positively and significantly correlated to innovative behavior. Overall, this study provides a better insight into how humor and teamwork contribute to teachers’ innovative behavior.
Diong Zhi Ling, Chee Chen Soon, Mohd Rozilee Wazir Norjali Wazir, Kok Lian Yee
International Journal of Human Resource Studies, Volume 11, pp 196-204;

This study aims to examine the effects of resistance versus complex exercise with the retention of post-activation potentiation (PAP) on vertical jump among volleyball players. A total of 30 volleyball players (mean age = 16.5 ± 1.106 years old) were recruited as participants of this study. The participants were requested to attend two different testing sessions, with two days between each session. Each session had a different exercise routine, namely, resistance and complex. A one-way repeated measure was used to analyse the performance of the vertical jump, while a pairwise comparison was applied to compare the retention of PAP between the resistance and complex exercises. The findings show that there is a significant interaction for both warm-up exercises; [(F(1,29)=1275.57, p=0.000] for resistance exercise and [(F(1,29) = 1456.83, p= 0.000] for complex exercise. The retention analysis for PAP effect also indicates that there is a significant difference between the two warm-up activities in vertical jump performance. In conclusion, this study reveals that both exercises managed to increase PAP among volleyball players. However, complex exercise is suggested to be combined with the warm-up method as it can maintain a longer retention than resistance exercise.
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