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Alvin Chong, Ibiwani Alisa Hussain, Noraini Ahmad, Jugindar Singh Kartar Singh
International Journal of Human Resource Studies, Volume 11, pp 58-70; doi:10.5296/ijhrs.v11i2.18459

Turnover of employees has gained the attention of organisations due to the impact of human resources on organisation performance and competitive advantage. This dilemma leads the management to struggle to find ways and retain employees. To attract, organisations use the "pull factors" to entice employees to perform better in the organisation. This study was conducted to investigate the relationship between the three dimensions of organisational justice: distributive, procedural and interactional justice towards voluntary turnover. This was an explanatory study that used a quantitative research design. Through a survey method, data was collected from a total of 115 respondents. The findings revealed that there was a significant relationship between employee turnover, distributive justice, procedural justice, and interactional justice. However, interactional justice had the strongest impact. This study also unearthed that attractive compensation is not the only method for the management to retain talent in organisations. Organisational justice plays an essential role in the retention of employees. These results will provide a better understanding of supervisors and human resource professionals with additional insights into the impact of organisational justice on employees' turnover. This study indicates that organisations' interactional justice practised is considered a central factor for employee retention. Although prior research has investigated a number of these issues, this study was the first to focus on employees in Small and Medium Enterprises in Malaysia.
Lyndon Garvin Augustine
International Journal of Human Resource Studies, Volume 11, pp 71-83; doi:10.5296/ijhrs.v11i2.18501

The ethical dilemma for the healthcare industry is that although they strive to keep patients safe, the culture reflects an underreporting of medical errors. Because of this, healthcare leaders have strived relentlessly to create a positive patient safety culture. A positive patient safety culture alludes to traits within a company that permit patient safety to be a goal, including open reporting, a no blame environment to incident reporting, dedicated leadership, continuous companywide learning, and a take charge recognition of safety warnings.Despite the efforts to create this type of safety culture, based on findings within this study, the conclusion is that leaders within the healthcare community have failed to foster this form of culture. Because of this, the objective of this study was to explore the importance of changing the culture within healthcare towards the underreporting of medical errors. In terms of methodology used to explore a culture change, the researcher performed a literature review. As for the results towards addressing a culture change, the researcher identified three barriers. Thereafter, the researcher provided resolutions to overcome these barriers.
Thang Dac Pham
International Journal of Human Resource Studies, Volume 11, pp 151-167; doi:10.5296/ijhrs.v11i2.18365

In the process of deeper and broader integration into the world and regional economy, Vietnamese businesses in general and veterinary drug manufacturers in particular have had advantages as well as disadvantages. Veterinary medicine manufacturers’ advantages are, such as: market expansion, access to science and technology, access to capital, improving management skills, etc. Nevertheless, it also faces many challenges and risks. During the development phase, Vietnamese veterinary medicine manufacturers have to face robust competition from regional and international competitors. Besides, meeting industry standards (such as GMP) is also a prerequisite for veterinary drug manufacturers in Vietnam to focus on implementation. This study analyzes the competitiveness of Vietnamese veterinary drug manufacturers, on that basis gives discussions, thereby proposing some recommendations in order to enhance the competitiveness of Vietnamese veterinary medicine manufacturers in the context of international economic integration.
Hasani De Ravindranath, Jugindar Singh Kartar Singh, Thilageswary Arumugam, Janitha Kularajasingam
International Journal of Human Resource Studies, Volume 11, pp 17-37; doi:10.5296/ijhrs.v11i2.18457

The purpose of this exploratory study was to explore the challenges faced by working mothers in the education sector and the perceived policies and strategies to retain them in their current jobs. This basic qualitative study used in-depth semi-structured interviews to collect information from five working mothers with at least one child. Thematic analysis was done to analyse the data manually. The key challenges highlighted include work-life conflict, stereotyping, exhaustion, changing work schedule and career growth opportunities. The working mothers also stated that the key perceived policies and strategies to retain them include child-care support, working from home and flexible work arrangements. Generally, they stated that motherhood was their key priority, and they prioritised family overwork. The study provided an understanding to organisations on the challenges faced by working mothers and what policies organisations should focus on to retain them. This study was the first of its kind, and it provided in-depth experience and views of working mothers in the education sector. This paper makes contributions to work-life integration and career theory.
Candace Blayney, Karen Blotnicky, Alumni Sarita Singh
International Journal of Human Resource Studies, Volume 11, pp 216-237; doi:10.5296/ijhrs.v11i2.18565

This exploratory paper focuses on identifying the working conditions that may impact an employee’s decision to apply for a promotion in the pursuit of a management position in the hotel industry in Canada and possibly moving up to that of executive position of hotel general manager. A survey sent to a sample of hotel employees in a mid-sized Atlantic Canada city addressed 21 working conditions that may impact employees when considering applying for a promotion. Findings include the working condition with the greatest impact was “having the empowerment to make changes”. The one with the least impact was “having to work overtime”. These findings would assist management to understand the factors that may motivate employees to pursue job promotions and fill the current talent gap. Significant differences were noted for the impact of some of the working conditions on the promotion decision based on age, gender, education, marital status, and level of position within the firm.
, Stamatis Kontsas
International Journal of Human Resource Studies, Volume 11, pp 137-150; doi:10.5296/ijhrs.v11i2.18358

The aim of this research was to assess the impact of business communication on business profitability using Citibank Greece as the case study. Communication has been for a long time a great tool of improved performance in organizations because it contributes in bridging the gap between the organstaion and its different stakeholders. However, little focus is normally given on how communication influences profitability of different businesses. Therefore, the aim of this study was to determine the link between business communication and business profitability by employing literature and contextual based research instrument. The research was conducted as a descriptive survey from where data were collected using an online survey questionnaire. The analysis of data was conducted using various expository statistical methods of analysis. Finally, the obtained results strongly suggest that effective communication in business has an obvious and indisputable influence on business profitability and performance.
Hatem Ali Helal Atef, Valliappan Raju, Rao Tahir Anees, Luigi Pio Leonardo Cavaliere, Nordiana Ahmad Nordin
International Journal of Human Resource Studies, Volume 11, pp 185-203; doi:10.5296/ijhrs.v11i2.18661

Companies around the world are grappling about how to improve employee engagement in an organization. For businesses to achieve long-term sustainability and well-being, employees must be engaged. Employees accept the job that could help them go through the ladder of their needs starting from the basic needs like security up to self-enhancement, for instance, self-ego or self-worth. Social exchange theory has been selected for this study, because this theory provide knowledge and understanding which is related to the study of employee engagement. This study used quantitative approach. The samples of this research were 132 employees of private banks in Sana’a, Yemen. Data retrieval used a questionnaire and the responses are accumulated through the structured questionnaires.
Douglas Rolls, Kwesi Atta Sakyi, Geoffrey K. Mweshi
International Journal of Human Resource Studies, Volume 11, pp 84-136; doi:10.5296/ijhrs.v11i2.18502

Even though students with eidetic or photographic memories are naturally found in universities, it is not necessary that all the students be of the same super endowment. However, in the university setting, we need students who have stability in all faculties so that the learning process is maximised through constructive and interactive instruction. Issues in education can neither be divorced from the fact-value dichotomy nor from the nature-nurture imperatives that affect and determine educational outcomes. In this regard, neither can some issues escape some element of subjectivity nor others be strictly measured and assessed by scientific strictures. The objective of this paper is to examine some of the learning disabilities among our law students at ZCAS University, and how these affect their academic performance. We settled on this topic after noting that some of our students do not perform well because of many learning disabilities which could be hidden from our view and which should have been diagnosed during the pre-admission period; and also diagnosed through pre-admission tests. Our objective was to establish some of the underlying causes of their poor performance during tests and final year examinations. In this paper, we theoretically explore learning disabilities related to mental, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the well-being of our students. The research took the form of administering questionnaires to the relevant students through purposive sampling. With regard to the methodological approach, we adopted an exploratory approach by using descriptive, quantitative and analytical qualitative methods such as content and thematic analysis. We found out that some students came to the university not because they had academic strength and aptitude in the field of law but because they could afford to pay for the programme. We also found out that some of the students admitted to the university had poor learning styles and habits such as spending too much time online with friends. Furthermore, it came to light that some lecturers did not deliver lectures to suit the learning styles and preferences of students. Our findings were not conclusive enough as similar tests have to be carried out in future in different places to validate and corroborate our findings.
Li Sun, Ning Cheng
International Journal of Human Resource Studies, Volume 11, pp 168-184; doi:10.5296/ijhrs.v11i2.18564

Improving the credit system is a new requirement of the Ministry of Education of China. The academic advisor system is an essential part of the credit system management and plays an important role in the planning and guidance of students’ academic career. Therefore, this paper studies the influence of students’ perception of academic advisor support on academic motivation. It surveyed 455 undergraduates from universities and colleges in Henan Province that implemented the academic advisor system, and found that students have a high degree of academic motivation. The main results of the research are as follows: 1) Freshmen’s perception of academic advisor support is higher than that of senior students; 2) Perceived autonomy support and engagement support have a significantly positive impact on intrinsic academic motivation; 3) Perceived opportunity support has a significantly positive impact on extrinsic academic motivation; 4) Perceived relationships support has a significant negative impact on amotivation. This research can help higher education workers to value student autonomy in learning, actively communicate with students, and provide resource support for the realization of student goals.
Tariq T. Jarrar, Hazril Izwar Ibrahim
International Journal of Human Resource Studies, Volume 11, pp 1-16; doi:10.5296/ijhrs.v11i2.18268

The purpose of this paper is to employ Social Exchange Theory to examine the relationship between organizational trust and work engagement and the role of perceived stress as a moderator in Palestinian ministries. For this purpose, the study utilizes a sample of 178 respondents of executive-level employees in which primary data collection is conducted using survey instrument and PLS-SEM for data analysis. The study proposes that perceived stress moderates the impact of organizational trust on vigor, dedication and absorption, and that perceived stress plays an important role in moderating the relationship between organizational trust and employees' work engagement. The study concludes that implementation of organizational trust is important in Palestinian ministries to support employees’ engagement and to create positive outcome in the workplace.
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