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Maya Puspitasari Izaak, Yohanes Edi Gunanto, Henni Sitompul, Wisnu Ari Adi
Jurnal Fisika dan Aplikasinya, Volume 17; https://doi.org/10.12962/j24604682.v17i2.8978

The synthesis of carbon/manganite/ferrite composite materials for microwave absorber applications has been successfully carried out with variations in the composition of 15:55:30 and 15:45:40 (wt%). This composition was successfully confirmed based on the analysis of the X-ray diffraction pattern using the GSAS program. The refinement results show that each phase of each composite has a good structure. Based on surface morphological observations, it is known that the composite samples have varying particle sizes of around 150-500 nm which are evenly distributed over the entire surface of the sample. The result of the microwave absorption analysis implies that the difference in composition results in a slight increase of the reflection loss and the presence of a new absorption peak at a frequency of 4.36 GHz. Our result underlines that the characteristic of microwave absorption in composites is insignificantly influenced by the composition of the material as the absorption properties are mainly affected by the respective phases that form it, not by the entire phase of the composite.
Permono Adi Putro, Nurfina Yudasari, Yulia Irdawati, Ahmad S. Sulaeman, Akhiruddin Maddu
Jurnal Fisika dan Aplikasinya, Volume 17; https://doi.org/10.12962/j24604682.v17i2.8135

Solid polymer electrolytes (SPEs) are vital components of fast appearing technology for energy storage-conversion devices. Here, SPEs based on silver (Ag) and zinc oxide (ZnO) nanoparticles are prepared by laser ablation in polylactic acid (PLA) at room temperature. The comparison study of PLA, PLA-ZnO, PLA-ZnO/Ag, and PLA-Ag -based SPEs is conducted in pursuance of the electrical conductivity obtained from electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) characterization. EIS provides comprehensive analyses, including DCand AC conductivities, dielectric constant, and electrical modulus of the samples. Our results show that PLA-ZnO exhibits an appreciable value of DC conductivity, which insignificantly decreases by Ag existence into PLA-ZnO/Ag. This study suggests that PLA-ZnO remains stable by Ag incorporation; hence, PLA-ZnO/Ag has a great potential as SPEs
Ferdinandus Edwin Wiranata
Jurnal Fisika dan Aplikasinya, Volume 17; https://doi.org/10.12962/j24604682.v17i1.6199

Tritis is a hamlet in Kulon Progo Regency, located in an area with steep slope topography making it vulnerable to landslides. Ground movement vulnerability due to earthquakes is controlled by several factors, one of which is the seismic vulnerability index whose value can be obtained through microtremor measurements by H/V analysis. In addition, the dynamic trigger factor for landslides is the slope. The slope of the surface is not always the same as the slope of the slip surface because it is observed from the surface, while the slip surface is under the soil layer and requires measurements using the geophysical method to determine the surfacemodel. For this reason, an analysis is needed to compare the landslide vulnerability between these two factors, the slope of the surface and the slope of the slip surface. From the measurement results, there is a significant difference between the slope and the slope of the slip surface at the same site in the north of the slope by 15.17 with a seismic vulnerability index (kg) of 2.5. The distribution of seismic vulnerability index in all slopes ranges from 0.075 to 7.33, dominated by areas with slopes > 18. High landslide vulnerability is in the southern and northern areas.
Putri Suci Ramdani, Muhammad Sehah
Jurnal Fisika dan Aplikasinya, Volume 17; https://doi.org/10.12962/j24604682.v17i1.6897

Research to model coal deposits in the Bentarsari Basin area of Salem District in Brebes Regency has been done using the geoelectric-resistivity method with Wenner configuration. Resistivity data acquisition is carried out on five tracks, with each track has a length of 200 m. The least squares inversion method is applied to obtain a 2D-resistivity section model. Furthermore, the 2D-resistivity section model data for each line is combined into a 3D model to determine the coal deposit model in the area. The results of the interpretation indicate that the subsurface structure of the area consists of clay, sandy clay, coal, and sandstone; where the type of coal is lignite. This coal deposit has resistivity values with interval of 86.1 – 219.0 Ωm, which is distributed evenly with depth of 0.0 – 26.5 m, where the southern part of the all track has a higher potential. This research can be followed up with log drill testing to determine the actual subsurface layer, so that it can be utilized as a very economical alternative energy.
Abdi Jihad, Vrieslend Haris Banyunegoro
Jurnal Fisika dan Aplikasinya, Volume 17; https://doi.org/10.12962/j24604682.v17i1.7830

The tectonic setting of Aceh is very interesting to be studied. Despite many researches of Aceh’s tectonic setting, still there are many hidden faults waiting to be studied. One of them is Lokop-Kutacane fault which becomes active in 2020. There is an increase in frequency of earthquakes in Lokop-Kutacane fault. Magnitude-fault length analysis indicates that maximum magnitude of Lokop-Kutacane fault is M7,6 but historically it only had M6.8 in the past. CDF and PDF analysis show that the highest probability of earthquake magnitude is between 3 to 4 at 28.9%. Focal mechanism also gives two nodal planes with the direction of strike of 62 and 153. The distribution of earthquakes trend fits the 153 strike nodal plane with the direction of Northwest-Southeast. The calculation of b-value gives 0.78 that indicate that the fault is not able to hold a large amount of stress or the stress will be released in form of small to moderate earthquakes.
Henni Sitompul, Yohanes Edi Gunanto, Maya Puspitasari Izaak
Jurnal Fisika dan Aplikasinya, Volume 17; https://doi.org/10.12962/j24604682.v17i1.7411

Research on Mg as biodegradable materials in orthopedics has been carry out intensively in the 17 years. Various studies conducted to produce material that is superior in mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. One of the developments carry out is to make Mg-based composite. This study aims to see the effect of HAp on Mg6ZnHAp composites. The biocomposites were synthesized by mixing the HAp powder on the Mg6Zn powder mixture with the composition of 5%, 7% and 9% using ball milling for 30 minutes. The material is sintered at 350 oC and held for one hour. Biocomposites were characterized by SEM/EDS, X-ray diffraction (XRD) and Potentiostat. The SEM/EDS results showed that the larger the HAp composition resulted in the smaller grain size. The crystallite size of the material decreases with increasing HAp composition in the material. The presence of HAp in the material also affects the corrosion rate. The greater HAp composition in the material will result in better corrosion resistance.
M Mashuri, Luthfiati Ningsih, M. Zainul Asrori, T Triwikantoro, D Darminto
Jurnal Fisika dan Aplikasinya, Volume 16; https://doi.org/10.12962/j24604682.v16i3.6973

Telah dilakukan sintesis serbuk grafena alam berfasa reduced graphene oxide (rGO) dari arang bambu Kuning (Bambusa Vulgaris), Ori (Bambusa Bambos Miq) dan Petung (Dendrocalamus Asper) sebagai bahan penyerap gelombang mikro dengan metode karbonisasi. Serbuk grafena alam berfasa rGO dikarakterisasi dengan x-ray diffraction (XRD), berupa lembaran tipis berskala mikro dengan tebal ~0,17 µm yang dikarakterisasi dengan scanning electron microscopy (SEM) dan memiliki konduktivitas listrik ~5,5.10-6 S/cm. Grafena alam berfasa rGO memiliki densitas rendah, dielectric loss yang kuat dan specific surface area yang tinggi memiliki potensi menyerap gelombang mikro dengan baik. Penyerapan gelombang mikro pada frekuensi 8 – 12 GHz diukur menggunakan alat vector network analyzer (VNA). Hasil pengukuran menunjukkan nilai maximum reflection loss (RLm) dan matching frequency (fm) serbuk grafena alam berfasa rGO dari arang bambu Kuning, Ori dan Petung secara berturut-turut RLm = -34,15 dB, -45,46 dB dan -52,88 dB dengan fm = 8,40 GHz, 8,40 GHz dan 8,56 GHz pada ketebalan 0,6 mm. Secara literatur penyerapan gelombang mikro dari grafena alam berfasa rGO dari arang bambu Petung lebih baik dibanding dari bahan komersial dan sangat potensial untuk dikembangkan menjadi bahan penyerap gelombang mikro hybrid yang ramah lingkungan.
Ivana Helga Iriani, Andreas Setiawan, Nur Aji Wibowo
Jurnal Fisika dan Aplikasinya, Volume 16; https://doi.org/10.12962/j24604682.v16i3.5460

Penelitian ini menyajikan perbandingan pengaruh redaman Gilbert dan ketebalan nanodot terhadap dinamika magnetisasi dari Pt/MnSb dan CoFeAl dengan menyelesaikan persamaan Landau-Lifshift Gilbert menggunakan Simulator Mikromagnetik. Parameter magnetik yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini mewakili karakteristik Pt/MnSb dan CoFeAl dengan variasi redaman Gilbert 0,4 – 0,9. Kedua bahan dimodelkan dalam bentuk balok dengan ukuran permukaan 50×50 nm2 dan dengan variasi ketebalan 5 – 100 nm. Skema simulasi yang digunakan adalah Reduced Barrier Writing dimana sampel berada pada suhu ruang 298 K sembari diinduksi dengan medan magnetik eksternal yang besarnya meningkat dari 0 hingga 2 Tesla selama 2,5 ns. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa Pt/MnSb dan CoFeAl memiliki kestabilan termal yang baik untuk berbagai nilai redaman Gilbert dan variasi ketebalan yang dipakai (>60 kBT). Peningkatan redaman Gilbert memperbesar nilai medan nukleasi kedua bahan. Medan nukleasi meningkat pada ketebalan 5 – 35 nm namun menurun pada ketebalan 40 – 100 nm. Penguatan redaman Gilbert menyebabkan perbesaran nilai medan koersif bahan CoFeAl dan penurunan untuk bahan Pt/MnSb. Sementara itu, mempertebal bahan menyebabkan peningkatan medan koersif pada ketebalan 5 – 35 nm dan penurunan pada ketebalan 40 – 100 nm. Laju magnetisasi kedua jenis bahan semakin cepat seiring menguatnya nilai redaman Gilbert dan melambat seiring meningkatnya ketebalan.
Suyatno Suyatno, Maslahah Maslahah, Susilo Indrawati
Jurnal Fisika dan Aplikasinya, Volume 16; https://doi.org/10.12962/j24604682.v16i3.6223

Pencahayaan merupakan salah satu faktor penting dalam pemanfaatan ruang perpustakaan. Nilai kuat pencahayaan minimal yang dianjurkan pada ruang perpustakaan adalah 300 lux [5]. Penelitian ini dilakukan untuk mengetahui besar dan kemerataan nilai kuat pencahayaan di ruang baca perpustakaan lantai 5 ITS Surabaya dengan melakukan pengukuran dan simulasi menggunakan software DIALux 4.13 untuk kondisi existing. Pengukuran kuat pencahayaan dilakukan pada 31 titik dengan ketinggian 1 meter di atas bidang kerja. Pada kondisi eksisting, jumlah lampu yang dipakai adalah 112 lampu Philips tipe 1xTL-D36W/54-765 dengan daya sebesar 43 Watt dan menghasilkan fluks luminus sebesar 2500 lumen, 19 lampu 2xTL-D36W/54-765 dengan flux luminus 5000 lumen berdaya 85 Watt, dan 6 buah lampu philips RS061B 1xLED tipe 5-36-/830 berdaya 6 Watt dengan fluks luminus 480 lumen. Berdasarkan hasil yang diperoleh diketahui bahwa nilai kuat pencahayaan rata-rata 90,27 lux. Nilai ini menunjukkan bahwa kuat pencayahaan di perpustakaan belum memenuhi standart untuk ruang baca. Sedangkan untuk keseragamannya sebesar 0,48 di bawah standart yang seharusnya yaitu 0,6 [4]. Sementara untuk daya total yang dibutuhkan 6467 Watt. Pada simulasi perbaikan dengan mengganti semua lampu TL di area baca dan rak buku dengan lampu philips LL 121X 1xLED45S/840 O 4200 lm sebanyak 129 lampu berdaya 32 Watt didapatkan hasil kuat pencahayaan rata-rata sebesar 344 lux dan kemerataannya 0,62. Penggunaan jenis lampu ini juga mampu menurunkan penggunaan daya sebesar 4164 watt dari kondisi awal 6467 watt, atau lebih efisien 36% dibandingkan dengan kondisi awal.
Rohma Yuliani, I Wayan Sudiarta
Jurnal Fisika dan Aplikasinya, Volume 16; https://doi.org/10.12962/j24604682.v16i3.6187

Pada paper ini, spasi grid yang tidak seragam (non-uniform grid) digunakan untuk meningkatkan akurasi pada metode finite difference time domain (FDTD). Pada umumnya, metode FDTD menggunakan grid seragam (uniform) sehingga pada kasus dengan perubahan potensial yang besar membutuhkan spasi grid yang cukup kecil dan jumlah grid yang banyak untuk mendapatkan akurasi yang diinginkan. Dengan spasi grid tidak seragam, posisi titik grid disesuaikan dengan perubahan potensial sehingga akurasi tinggi dapat diperoleh tanpa menambah jumlah grid. Pada paper ini, komparasi hasil metode FDTD dengan grid seragam dan tidak seragam untuk berberapa sistem kuantum diberikan. Hasil numerik menunjukkan bahwa peningkatan akurasi diperoleh dengan menggunakan grid tidak seragam.
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