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Rong Li, The First Affiliated Hospital Of Guangzhou University Of Chinese Medicine
Alternative, Complementary & Integrative Medicine, Volume 7, pp 1-2;

Sick Sinus Syndrome (SSS) refers to a group of heart rhythm disorders caused by problems relating to the sinus node. Currently, there is no effective treatment for SSS, and an electronic pacemaker is required to support heart function in SSS patients. However, electronic pacemakers are associated with several defects. For example, external magnetic noise commonly interferes, leading to complications. In addition, some patients, especially children with congenitals inoatrial node dysfunction, are not suitable subjects for pacemaker insertion. Therefore, the search for new therapeutic strategies for treating cardiovascular diseases has become imperative. Shenfu injection (SFI), a Chinese herbal medicine, is effective in improving bradyarrhythmia. However, the underlying mechanism of SFI's therapeutic effect remains elusive.
Fei Teng, The Beijing Genomics Institute, Zhong Wang, China Academy Of Chinese Medical Sciences
Alternative, Complementary & Integrative Medicine, Volume 7, pp 1-6;

O investigate the characteristics and find more effective biomarkers at gene expression level of Stable Angina (SA) pectoris.
, University Of The Region Of Joinville
Alternative, Complementary & Integrative Medicine, Volume 7, pp 1-5;

Obesity is a chronic disease described by the large amount of body fat that leads to an increase in Body Mass Index (BMI). It is subdivided into three levels, being grade I with a BMI between 30 and 34.9 kg/m2, grade II between 35 and 39.9 kg/m2 and grade III or morbid obesity with a BMI above 40 kg/m2. Aiming at reversing the morbid condition caused by the disease, the bariatric surgical technique presents itself as the most effective option to contain grade III obesity, as well as the associated co morbidities. The objective of surgical techniques is to improve the quality of life of the obese, reducing both physical and psychosocial problems. As endocrine disease is related to several co morbidities, such as high blood pressure, sleep apnea and even some types of cancer, it is necessary to carry out an investigation into the surgical technique to be applied as well as its effectiveness during and after the surgical procedure.
, Hunan University Of Chinese Medicine
Alternative, Complementary & Integrative Medicine, Volume 7, pp 1-7;

Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by SARS-CoV-2 has become a global pandemic. COVID-19 can result in acute respiratory distress syndrome and multiple organ failure due to its strong infectivity and extensive spread, so it is urgent to prevent and control the epidemic. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has played a pivotal role in the early prophylaxis, clinical treatment and recovery of COVID-19. At present, the epidemic situation of COVID-19 in China has been controlled in stages, and most of the confirmed cases have obtained favourable results due to the interventional diagnosis and therapy of TCM. Given different individual conditions, different TCM treatment strategies have been provided, such as moistening dryness and storing fluid, dispelling heat and detoxification, aroma penetrating filth and releasing lung and reducing turbidity.. To provide some references to the treatment of COVID-19 and related diseases and to lay a certain foundation for subsequent new drug research, this paper generalized the application and potential mechanisms of TCM in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19.
, Nutrition Institute Of America
Alternative, Complementary & Integrative Medicine, Volume 7, pp 1-4;

A 60-day observational study was conducted to evaluate how lifestyle modification principles relying upon a customized regimen of aerobic and muscle strength exercise, a plant-based diet and meditative stress reduction techniques may improve physical endurance and strength, mental health, and reverse normal aging associated with the average American lifestyle. All enrolled participants were generally in good health respective to their age. Several subjects had overlapping mild medical conditions. The results demonstrate that the intervention of a customized lifestyle modification regimen of regular daily exercise, a plant-based diet, and daily stress reduction practices, such as meditation and yoga, may provide a viable and beneficial preventative strategy as an anti-aging and wellness model to increase the physical and mental health of elderly men and women.
Kaicheng Wang, People’S Hospital Of Huishan, Tingwang Jiang, The Affiliated Changshu Hospital Of Xuzhou Medical University
Alternative, Complementary & Integrative Medicine, Volume 7, pp 1-9;

To explore the mechanism of hypertension caused by sorafenib in liver cancer-bearing rats based on Vascular Endothelial-Growth Factor (VEGF) signal pathway. After the three groups (blank, liver cancer and Spontaneously Hypertensive Rat (SHR) groups, n = 30) were administered orally with sorafenib (2 mg/kg), the non-invasive tail arterial pressure measurement was employed to determine the changes in blood pressure (BP). Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay measured the changes of VEGF and Nitric Oxide (NO) in serum. The expressions of Kinase insert Domain Receptor tyrosine kinase (KDR-CD), endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase (eNOS), Bax and Bcl-2 were detected by Western blot. TUNEL assay detected the Apoptosis Index (AI) of cardiomyocyte. CD31 immunohistochemical staining was observed the changes of Myocardial Capillary Density (MCD). The BP and VEGF levels of the blank and SHR groups were not significantly (P > 0.05) different from those in the before treatment cohort, while the BP of the liver cancer group was significantly (P < 0.05) higher. VEGF level was significantly (P < 0.05) lower than before. Compared with the blank group, the levels of NO, KDR-CD, eNOS, Bcl-2/Bax and MCD in the liver cancer group were significantly (P < 0.05) lower than those in the after administration, while the myocardial cell AI increased significantly (P < 0.05). After antagonist intervention, the BPs and myocardial AI of the liver cancer and SHR groups were significantly lower than before the intervention. Besides, levels of KDR-CD, eNOS, Bcl-2/Bax protein, MCD, serum VEGF and NO were significantly higher than before the intervention (P<0.05). Induction mechanism of hypertension induced by sorafenib may be owing to the inhibition of the VEGF signaling pathway, and reduction of endothelial cells proliferation leading to blockade of NO synthesis. This causes vasoconstriction, while promoting myocardial cell apoptosis and decreasing capillary density, thereby inducing the occurrence of hypertension.
, Florida Gulf Coast University, , Northwest A & F University
Journal of Alternative, Complementary & Integrative Medicine, Volume 7, pp 1-5;

As a complementary and alternative medicine in the western countries for decades, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been used for more than 2000 years in China. Because of the characteristics of the philosophical style and the unknown mechanism of action, TCM sometimes has been biasedly described as "fraught with pseudoscience". From the scientific basis of the systems biology, here we promoted a novel medical model called the entropic systems medicine which could be applied to scientize TCM in future. In entropic systems medicine, TCM and Western modern biomedicine target the different variables of the entropic system. For instance, while Western modern biomedicine directly targets the phenotypes and its SOCs of macrostates, TCM differently targets the microstates, entropy and entropic force to generate SOTFs gradually causing the differentiated syndromes to be slowly rearranged. The prerequisites to modernize TCM are the entropic systems biology having been well established so that the variables could be precisely monitored and mathematically calculated.
, Veterinary Scientist Working For Animal Welfare
Journal of Alternative, Complementary & Integrative Medicine, Volume 7, pp 1-4;

There might be difference in dose, administration or combinations based on the species, body weight, digestion pattern or habitat but the family of medicines are mostly the same.
, The Chinese University Of Hong Kong
Journal of Alternative, Complementary & Integrative Medicine, Volume 7, pp 1-11;

The body acting as a whole could function positively. In the body comprehensive functional-anatomical framework, adaptations start with core-to-match to the environment, and being fit and snug in living is important. For an individual to actuate and assert in confronting the surrounding environment, the body is prepared by a nervous and vascular co-directed development whence information and perfusion go together. This coupled nervous-perfusional adaptivity is for the first time expressed in this paper. Correspondingly, Chinese medicine describes the concept with Qi (Energy process) and Xue (Blood); and also related Yin Yang dynamics. Positivity in living in an individual can be ensured by the fit and snug processes with these body assets working together for advantages in living. The whole functional-anatomical body is involved from the heart, brain and other systems and managed in this perspective.
, Florida Gulf Coast University
Journal of Alternative, Complementary & Integrative Medicine, Volume 7, pp 1-7;

Respondents reported an overall positive attitude toward and interest in CAM. Ninety percent had heard of and three-quarters reported previous experience with CAM practices. Respondents alluded to personal experience but also to knowledge gained about CAM in classes and clinical assignments. Acupuncture, yoga, massage therapy, meditation, cupping, aromatherapy, and chiropractic care were the CAM practices most respondents had heard about; yoga, meditation, massage therapy, aromatherapy, and chiropractic care were the CAM practices most respondents reported personal experience with. The top five practices students planned on making part of their career were yoga, meditation, massage therapy, diet-based therapy, and music therapy. Graduating health professions students had a more positive attitude toward CAM than pre-health professions students. They also had a higher average score for their interest in learning about CAM practices. Three-quarters of respondents planned on making CAM part of their career.
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