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, Dong Sun, Peng Tian, Dinyong Huang, Wentao Niu, Feng Zhang
Published: 8 April 2021
Biodiversity Data Journal, Volume 9; doi:10.3897/bdj.9.e62343

Endeis straughani Clark, 1970 was originally described from Queensland, Australia. Its range was extended to Ghana, West Africa when E. picta Bamber, 1979 was synonymised with E. straughani by Staples (1982). The current paper extends this range further, to include Port Louis, Mauritius. Five immature individuals gathered amongst hydroids during the 5th leg of the DY125-34 expedition were tentatively identified as E. straughani juveniles. Since these were collected from the fouling community on the ship’s hull, they probably originated in Port Louis (Mauritius) when the ship was docked there.
Anotai Suklom, Patchara Danaisawadi,
Published: 8 April 2021
Biodiversity Data Journal, Volume 9; doi:10.3897/bdj.9.e63197

The genus Floresorchestia Bousfield, 1984 is widely distributed in terrestrial and marine coastal habitats. It has been found from coastal South Africa through to the Indo-Pacific region and the Caribbean Sea in Central America. Two species of Floresorchestia have been reported in Thailand, Floresorchestia boonyanusithii Wongkamhaeng et al. 2016 and Floresorchestia buraphana Wongkamhaeng et al. 2016. This work reports on a new species of Floresorchestia found at Kasetsart University in a man-made pond and neighbouring areas. Classification of the new species was achieved by considering the left mandible 5-dentate; gnathopod 2 posterior margin merus carpus and propodus of gnathopod 2 covered in palmate setae, palm reaching about 33% along posterior margin; uropod 3 peduncle with three robust setae; telson dorsal mid-line half the length of its breadth and four robust setae per lobe.
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