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Jianglong Pu, Hui Wang, Masayuki Suzuki,
RSC Advances, Volume 11, pp 20570-20579; doi:10.1039/d1ra02864b

The performance of the bimetallic 2Ru15Ni/La2O3–MgO–Al2O3 catalyst in the steam reforming of xylene greatly depends on the metal loading sequence and support calcination temperature.
Cheng Yang, Ning Chen, Xingang Liu, Qi Wang,
RSC Advances, Volume 11, pp 20662-20669; doi:10.1039/d1ra03341g

In this study, a facile strategy coupling selective laser sintering (SLS) and supercritical carbon dioxide (ScCO2) foaming technology is proposed to prepare a three-dimensional porous polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) with an improved piezoelectric output.
Zhen Shi, , Shaobo Dong, Tianyu Lan
RSC Advances, Volume 11, pp 20670-20678; doi:10.1039/d1ra04256d

Roadmap for the synthesis of Fe3O4[email protected] using the step-by-step method and one-pot method.
Xingping Su, Zhihao Liu, Lin Yue, Xiuli Wu, Wei Wei, Hanyun Que, , Yi Luo,
RSC Advances, Volume 11, pp 20651-20661; doi:10.1039/d1ra02660g

Discovery of a new class of 1H- pyrrorole [2,3-b]pyridine FGFR inhibitors with high ligand efficiency.
Ayelén F. Crespi, Verónica M. Sánchez, Daniel Vega, Ana L. Pérez, , Yamila Garro Linck, , ,
RSC Advances, Volume 11, pp 20216-20231; doi:10.1039/d1ra02512k

The complex chemical functionalization of the aldehyde group was elucidated in copper and cobalt complexes for 4- and 3-pyridinecarboxaldehyde ligands.
Yan Zhang, Yongsheng Yang,
RSC Advances, Volume 11, pp 20622-20634; doi:10.1039/d1ra01632f

The mechanism and origins of selectivities of multiply catalyzed cyclization reactions catalyzed by Rh2(esp)2 and InCl3 are investigated by DFT calculations as well as distortion/interaction and noncovalent interaction (NCI) analyses.
RSC Advances, Volume 11, pp 20641-20650; doi:10.1039/d0ra09197a

Electrophoretic deposition (EPD) is a highly convenient and demonstrated industrial operation for coatings manufacture. It is now suitable for the production of practical energy storage electrodes for batteries, capacitors & solid-state devices.
Jasmin Simons, Jan Hempelmann, Kai S. Fries, Peter C. Müller, ,
RSC Advances, Volume 11, pp 20679-20686; doi:10.1039/d1ra02999a

Future technologies are in need of solid-state materials showing the desired chemical and physical properties, and designing such materials requires a proper understanding of their electronic structures.
Phuong Q. H. Nguyen, Dongzhou Zhang, Robert Rapp, John P. Bradley,
RSC Advances, Volume 11, pp 20687-20690; doi:10.1039/d1ra02760c

Impact pressure induces synthesis of nanocrystalline olivine Co2SiO4.
RSC Advances, Volume 11, pp 20708-20719; doi:10.1039/d1ra02977k

Rapid hot-injection can be used for precise control of magnetic particle shape.
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