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Ronie Adhiraaj Ghosh
Published: 16 September 2022
In the world of today Security has become an element of prime importance. From banks to shopping centers, from dockyards to scientific laboratories, from schools to religious places, it is very important to maintain security. Real world threats of all kind are constantly in look out to gain access to places of prime importance to carry out their nefarious purpose. Different threats with different agenda viz. saboteurs, rioters, thieves, terrorists, mob etc. are becoming news events all over the world. But we do have a shield called security. Radiation and Nuclear facilities are of prime importance for 24x7 protections. Let it be guards, patrol parties, quick reaction forces or sentries, they do need a machine supported system to stand by with them in case of need. One of the most required systems is the Secure Distress Alarm System that has to be a rugged, foolproof, always available and fail proof. One such system has been developed and discussed in this paper.
Tripti R Kulkarni, Vinayak Bhat
Published: 3 September 2022
Electromyography (EMG) is a biomedical signal which is recorded from muscle. It can detect muscle movements. By using HMI (human machine interfacing), EMG can be used to control prosthetic arms by an amputee individual.A 3D printable design for a myoelectric prosthetic arm is presented. The arm is actuated and controlled by a user flexing his/her muscles. The bionic arm presented has the potential to be used by an amputee or person born without a limb. This type of technology does exist although it is expensive and generally not available to people in developing countries. Rapid growth and advancement of the 3D printing industry allows individuals to become small scale producers. Advancements in 3D printed prosthetic arm are attached to victims during war throughout North Africa. These devices are purely mechanical and less complex compare to myoelectric devices. We can see that 3D printed devices have the potential to positively impact people’s lives. 3D printing does have its limitations but growth and development will lead to upgradation during time.
Kalyani M Gautam, Supriya Mahato, Hitakshi Sharma, Deepak Soni
A system is developed for agricultural field monitoring in IoT-based smart farming with the aid of sensors like light, humidity, temperature, soil moisture, etc. Farmers can keep an eye on the state of their fields from anywhere. Smart farming that is IoT-based is significantly more efficient than traditional farming. Agriculture has been practiced for centuries and is regarded as both a science and an art of plant cultivation. In today's world, agriculture must also maintain with the advancement of technology. IoT is crucial to smart agriculture. The necessary data regarding farm areas is provided by Internet of Things (IoT) sensors. The key benefit of IoT is the ability to monitor agriculture through the use of wireless sensor networks, which collect data from numerous sensors put at various locations and transmit it via wireless protocol. NodeMCU is the IoT system that powers smart agriculture. It has a DC motor, moisture sensor, temperature sensor, and humidity sensor. This system begins to measure the level of moisture and humidity. The sensors are used to detect the water level, and the system automatically begins watering if the level is below the range. The sensor works according to the change in temperature level. IoT also displays humidity and moisture level information along with date and time. You can also modify the temperature based on the crops that are grown.
S Chandra Lingamaiah, N G Dheeraj, Muggu Malleswaraiah, Talari Gurunath, Mekala Jaipal, Tammakonda Chaitanya
Observing your cherished ones turns into a troublesome undertaking in your current life. Monitoring the patient's well-being status at home is a troublesome errand. Particularly old, matured patients ought to be occasionally observed, and their friends and family should be educated about their well-being status now and again while at work. Along these lines, we propose an inventive framework that robotized this assignment easily. Our framework advances a savvy patient well-being global positioning framework that utilizes Sensors to follow patient wellbeing and uses the web to illuminate their friends and family on the off chance regarding any issues. Our framework involves temperature as well as heartbeat detecting to monitor patient wellbeing. The sensors are associated with a microcontroller to follow the status which is thusly interacted to an LCD show as well as a Wi- Fi association with send data on wellbeing. Assuming the framework distinguishes any unexpected changes in the patient's pulse or internal heat level, patient development of the framework naturally sends data to the client about the patient's status over IoT and shows subtleties of the heartbeat and temperature of the patient live over the web. Accordingly, IoT based patient wellbeing global positioning framework really utilizes the web to screen patient wellbeing details and save lives on time.
Shilpa P. Kodgire, Soni Gaikwad, Kiran Khandagle
The system used to administer and monitors the entreaty and forwarding of the blood is nominated as a blood bank. The central idea of the blood bank is to give the blood to the cases with minimum error in blood transfusion.  Blood is veritably vital medical inventory, so it must be accomplished well. As the blood bank operation corresponds to the number of homemade ways, it becomes delicate. Blood banks give a high position of delicacy, trustability, and Robotization in the blood storehouse also in the transfusion process. The survey done will ameliorate the operation and internet of the blood bank by associating all the blood banks with that the pall storehouse.
Shilpa P. Kodgire, Ms. K. Khandagle, Priyanka Nainav, Shivprasad Gadekar
In rapidly growing smart world, all the vending machines must be smart and intelligent. Modern lifestyle which requires fast processing speed with high quality. The intelligent vending machines used worldwide have many latest technologies to make it smarter and more useful. The current trends of Internet of Things gave rise to eruption of sensor computing platform. The intricacy and uses of Interne of things devices make simple vending machine to interactive artificial intelligent and smart. Vending machines are also used to serves the beverage like cold drink, snacks and for ticketing purposes.Most of the Vending Machines are coin, RFID or manual switch operated. Here in the paper, we present vending machine not operated on currency or RFID, but it works with Voice command. This vending Machine can have access only through Voice which is given through the google assistant and mic.
Ankita Gupta, K. B. Ramesh
This paper deals with Hyper-Threading Technology architecture and also architecture design and working of Intel's processor. Hyper- Threading Technology transforms a single physical processor into two logical processors by sharing physical execution resources and duplicating the architecture state for the two logical processors. This means that operating systems and user programs can schedule processes or threads to logical processors in the same way that they would on multiple physical processors. In terms of microarchitecture, this means that instructions from both logical processors will persist and run on shared execution resources at the same time, this technology is bound to get more popular in the future as it introduces a replacement strategy for achieving extra performance while reducing transistor and power costs.
M. Jyothi, M. Jyoshna, G. Kavitha, C. Yukthadeepthi, K. Bhavani
This inventive firefighting robotic system detects fire and turn off them. Thereby fire accidents take place from time to time; there are many backstops to it. Apart from many things a technology called Robotics is invented to replace humans against robots to a ceasefire. In this technology, the robot is power-driven by an Arduino Uno development board which resides an HC-SR04 sensor that is mounted on a servo motor and helps in the detection of obstacles and finds the direction of fire. It also includes w an Optical Flame sensor to get aware of fire and arranged with a water tank that sprays water to end fire. The water is sprayed in motion to cover the all-out area.
K. Venkata Siva Reddy, G. Navya, D. Sravani, C. Vasavi, K. Sravan Preethi
In the current plan significant mine fiasco happens through blast and fire. The proposed framework comprises of a Methane Gas sensor, a Buzzer and a Blower associated with the Arduino. The convergence of methane gas present in underground coal mineshaft can be observed, controlled and the sign is created by Arduino. To weaken the methane gas, the Blower siphons the environmental air into the underground coal mineshaft field, when the methane gas focus comes to (5-15%). The fundamental subject of this paper is to shield the excavators present in the underground coal mineshafts.
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