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Phung Van Hien
Public Administration Research, Volume 10; doi:10.5539/par.v10n2p7

The State uses legal tools to manage the environment, because the environment plays a particularly important role in the survival and development of the ecosystem and humanity.
Gabriel Tai
Public Administration Research, Volume 10; doi:10.5539/par.v10n1p64

Reviewer acknowledgements for Public Administration Research, Vol. 10, No. 1, 2021.
Li-Wei Xing, Ying Duan
Public Administration Research, Volume 10; doi:10.5539/par.v10n2p1

Chinese anti-corruption struggle has achieved phased victory, the national corruption governance center has gradually moved down, and the issue of "micro-corruption" of village cadres has attracted widespread attention from the political, practical and academic circles. The standardized management system of village-level affairs is promoted and implemented nationwide as an institutional arrangement for regulating the power of village cadres and combating corruption. However, in the actual implementation process, there are problems such as passive implementation and even resistance to implementation by village cadres. The study took the L District of Y City, Shandong Province as an example, and found that the village cadres did not implement the corresponding standardized management system. The factors affecting the implementation of the standardized management system of the village cadres were investigated from the three-dimensional perspective of motivation, ability, and pressure, and then reasonable policy recommendations were put forward. Aims to give better play to the effectiveness of standardized systems.
Ying Duan, Ying Zhang, Yi-Luo Wang
Public Administration Research, Volume 10; doi:10.5539/par.v10n1p58

Since 2003, the term "consultative democracy" has received more and more attention from Chinese scholars, and more research results have been formed. In general, these documents lack the analysis of the research stage and research hotspots in this field. Therefore, this article uses the Chinese Academic Journals Network Publishing Library (CNKI) as the data source, and uses the common word analysis and cluster analysis methods in the CiteSpace software to analyze 500 Chinese core journals in the field of grassroots deliberative democracy in my country from 2004 to June 2020. The literature conducts a text quantitative analysis. The study found that the research hotspots of grassroots deliberative democracy in our country focused on Chinese characteristics, party leadership, national governance and political consultation. Compared with capitalist democracy, socialist democracy with Chinese characteristics is a comprehensive, extensive and true democracy, and the realization of democratization at the grassroots level is the unity of electoral democracy and deliberative democracy. Based on the above research results, the following suggestions are proposed: focus on improving the ability of grassroots masses to consult democracy; in the context of the new era, broaden the development path of grassroots consultative democracy.
Ying Zhang, Yi-Luo Wang, Ying Duan
Public Administration Research, Volume 10; doi:10.5539/par.v10n1p47

From the perspective of policy tools, this paper using content analysis to analyze 43 central-level policy texts related to forest protection from 1990 to 2016, and divides forest protection policy tools into 16 items and 4 major types. Research conclusion: Among the four policy tools, command-and-control policy tools are used the most, followed by economic incentives, and the use of information disclosure and voluntary participation policy tools is relatively inadequate. Based on the above conclusions, this paper makes the following suggestions: To increase the use of economic incentives, information disclosure and voluntary participation policy tools, it is also possible to strengthen the use of information disclosure and voluntary participation policy tools through reasonable system design. In the newly implemented forestry ecological poverty alleviation field, explore and introduce new forestry ecological poverty alleviation policies and new mechanisms based on public participation, and comprehensively enhance the policy demonstration role of forestry in building a long-term poverty alleviation mechanism.
Yi-Luo Wang, Ying Duan, Ying Zhang
Public Administration Research, Volume 10; doi:10.5539/par.v10n1p41

With the increase of the aging of the population in china, the demand of the elderly continues to increase, which has brought great challenges to the elderly care service industry. As a new type of elderly care service, home-based care services directly affect the quality of the elderly’s health and daily life in their later years. Therefore, improving the product and quality of elderly care services has become the goal and purpose of the development of home-based care service for aged. This article uses Cite Space software to perform visual analysis of keyword clustering on existing literature, and concludes that scholars focus on the integration of medical care, social elderly care service system, service quality, and influencing factors, but the impact of service quality models and indicator systems is low. Then through the integration and induction of scholars’ research progress on home care services, existing problems in service quality, and service quality evaluation index systems, in order to continue to innovate on the basis of existing knowledge, improve the service quality index system, and focus on combing process indicators with outcome indicators effectively, thereby improving the quality of community home care services.
Leonard Bright
Public Administration Research, Volume 10; doi:10.5539/par.v10n1p26

Government organizations in the United States routinely face harmful scrutiny from the mainstream media, politicians, and citizens. The messages from these sources communicate that many Americans are not happy with their government nor its public agencies. These sentiments are likely to lower the prestige of public organizations in the eyes of current employees and hamper retention efforts. However, there is a limited amount of empirical research that has explored the consequences of employees’ perceived organizational prestige (POP) perceptions in public organizations. This study seeks to fill this gap by exploring the direct association that POP perceptions have on a range of work outcomes for the purpose of stimulating future research on the topic. Based on a sample of federal employees working for the Department of Homeland Security in the United States, this study found that POP was significantly related to job and organizational satisfaction, commitment, self-reported performance, work related stress, and turnover intentions. The implications of findings for future research are discussed.
Ping Lan
Public Administration Research, Volume 10; doi:10.5539/par.v10n1p13

Networks and networking tend to be regarded as beneficial for individuals and organizations. However, embeddedness in networking efforts can be counterproductive and bring unexpected negative consequences - networking failures. Many studies have been concentrated on technical breakdowns in addressing networking failures. They paid little attention to other factors or mechanisms. This technical-oriented approach hinders system managers from foreseeing the formation and changes of a system, particularly a public system, in due course. This article employs a deductive approach to study the facade of networking and its failures. By proposing a network typology, it scrutinizes the fundamental building blocks of any networks and standard functionalities, explores the laws governing any networks' operations, and traces the possible dysfunctions of networks in static and dynamic environments. Based on the explorations, this research introduces a new tool. It argues that by borrowing the principles embedded in the Doctrine of the Mean, it could help prevent disaster seeds from growing in a functional network.
Brian Liu
Public Administration Research, Volume 10; doi:10.5539/par.v10n1p1

The purpose of this article is to find if a doping-free equilibrium is possible in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. A thorough literature review was conducted as well as a 3 player model (Athletes, Management, Customers) similar to the basic inspection game. It was found that with the new payoffs introduced after the McLaren report, where high level corruption was uncovered and exposed, a doping-free N.E. (Nash Equilibrium) can be achieved. The principal factor was that customers must demand test results from the management of all athletes, and be supportive when dopers are caught. A complete contrast to the current system where the organizations completely control the information flow and decide when and if a negative was found. If this change wasn’t implemented, management would prefer to keep all the tests hidden to ensure that profits would continue to rise. However, this conclusion is the most pareto efficient result as athletes won’t have to use drugs that would harm their body for years to come. And customers can enjoy the continuous advancement of technique and training in Olympic Weightlifting.
Gabriel Tai
Public Administration Research, Volume 9; doi:10.5539/par.v9n2p67

Reviewer acknowledgements for Public Administration Research, Vol. 9, No. 2, 2020.
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