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Filip Rak, Jozef Wiora
Computer Science and Information Technologies, Volume 2, pp 77-86;

The growing popularity of ESP boards has led to the development of several programming platforms. They allow users to develop applications for ESP modules in different programming languages, such as C++, C, Lua, MicroPython, or using AT Commands. Each of them is very specific and has different advantages. The programming style, efficiency, speed of execution, level of advancement, or memory usage will differ from one language to another. Users mostly base their choice depending on their programming skills and goals of the planned projects. The aim of this work is to determine, which language is the best suitable for a particular user for a particular type of project. We have described and compared the mentioned languages. We have prepared test tasks to indicate quantified values. There is no common rule because each of the languages is intended for a different kind of user. While one of the languages is slower but simpler in usage for a beginner, the other one requires broad knowledge but offers availability to develop very complex applications.
Rahman Atiqur
Computer Science and Information Technologies, Volume 2, pp 95-102;

This article is on the smart car parking system. In which we going to utilize the ultrasonic sensor to distinguish the vehicle and it will assist the proprietor with finding an advantageous parking spot. Parking spots are significant in city urban areas. In view of the expansion in a huge number of vehicles, the requirement for parking spots is a need, and henceforth an earnest needs to build up a system that can deal with these parking spots. To determine these necessities we build up a system to show the empty path in the parking spots. This includes a system that incorporates an ultrasonic sensor, raspberry pi 4, wifi-module, and a led show outside the vehicle parking entryway. Parking spots are observed by the staff of the concerned power. The paper incorporates the subtleties of parts that are utilized and about the working of this system. The paper likewise shows that our system's looking through an ideal opportunity to locate a free spot is more productive than some other existing system.
Abdelaaziz Benahmida, Noureddine Maouhoub, Hassan Sahsah
Computer Science and Information Technologies, Volume 2, pp 58-66;

In this work, a numerical approach has been proposed to estimate the five single-diode circuit model physical parameters of photovoltaic generators from their experimental current-voltage characteristics. Linear least square method has been used to solve the system of three linear equations to express the shunt resistance, the saturation current and the photocurrent as a function of the series resistance and the ideality factor. Two key points have been used to solve the system of two nonlinear equations to extract values of series resistance and ideality factor. The advantage of the proposed method with respect of existing numerical techniques is that use only two key points of the experimental characteristic and need only two initial guesses and does not use any approximation. To evaluate the proposed method, three PV generators data have been used to compare the experimental and the theoretical curves. The application of the proposed method provides a good agreement with the experimental.
Computer Science and Information Technologies, Volume 2, pp 49-57;

This article describes the process of design and simulation of a high-swing fully differential telescopic Operational Amplifier (Op-Amp). Due to the Common Gate-Common Source (CG and CS) cascode structure, the gain is very high. To maximize this gain, the load must also be selected such as two current sources. This circuit has the higher voltage in output than current Op-Amps in accordance with desirable characteristics. The loss of power of this operating amplifier are very low and in milliwatts. With use of a power supply of 1.8 V, it achieves a high-swing 1.2 V, a differential gain of 76.333 dB, ω_uGB of 412 MHz, and > 50 dB CMRR. This new design through the simulations and analytically shows that the high-swing fully differential telescopic Op-Amp retains its high CMRR even at high frequencies.
Avinash Krishnan Raghunath, Dimple Bharadwaj, M Prabhuram, Aju D
Computer Science and Information Technologies, Volume 2, pp 87-94;

Ryptography is a technique to secure data transmissions and ensure confiden-tiality, authenticity and integrity of data exchanged over the digital networks by utilizing mathematical algorithms to transform the plain text (original message) to cipher text (encrypted message) using a key or seed value. The general con-sensus regarding the use of non-deterministic true random numbers (TRN) which are generated from the physical environment such as entropy keys, at-mospheric noise, etc., as a public or private key has received limited encour-agement due to the demanding hardware requirements needed to extract the necessary data from the environment. Therefore, this research aims at design-ing and developing a lightweight program to generate a True Random Number (TRNG) key using live audio recordings which is further randomized using system date and time. These TRNs can be used to replace the deterministic pseudo random number cryptographic keys that are presently used by indus-tries for a symmetric key encryption algorithm which devolves the algorithm to being conditionally secured. Using the audio based TRNG key would render the same encryption algorithm as unconditionally secured.
Rony Teguh, Hepryandi Usup
Computer Science and Information Technologies, Volume 2, pp 67-76;

The groundwater level and weather patterns and climate conditions are several of the very significant factors which influence the quality of livelihood and the other activity of the tropical peatland environment. The current method of groundwater level and meteorological information aggregate build the use of certain expensive weather station devices, prominent to a lack of vast monitoring suitable to cost barriers and disturbance in some countries. In this research, we have developed and implemented a hardware module based on an Arduino microcontroller and mobile communication, which measures the groundwater level and meteorological data, including air temperature, air humidity, and soil temperature, and humidity, rainfall in peatland area. The data groundwater level is received by a specially developed application interface running on an Internet of Things (IoT) connected through a Global Mobile System (GSM) communication. In this work, our proposed system is a model system that can able to generate alerts based on the real-time groundwater level and data weather as potential peat fire in Indonesia. It provides online and data real-time monitoring. In this works, we have resulted in a system to monitor the groundwater level and data weather alert, condition mapping, and warn the people from its disastrous effects.
Merlin Florrence
Computer Science and Information Technologies, Volume 2, pp 43-48;

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is rapidly increasing in all domains of knowledge acquisition to facilitate different language user. It is required to develop knowledge based NLP systems to provide better results. Knowledge based systems can be implemented using ontologies where ontology is a collection of terms and concepts arranged taxonomically. The concepts that are visualized graphically are more understandable than in the text form. In this research paper, new multilingual ontology visualization plug-in MLGrafViz is developed to visualize ontologies in different natural languages. This plug-in is developed for protégé ontology editor. This plug-in allows the user to translate and visualize the core ontology into 135 languages.
Moe Moe Htay
Computer Science and Information Technologies, Volume 2, pp 26-32;

Facial Expression is a significant role in affective computing and one of the non-verbal communication for human computer interaction. Automatic recognition of human affects has become more challenging and interesting problem in recent years. Facial Expression is the significant features to recognize the human emotion in human daily life. Facial Expression Recognition System (FERS) can be developed for the application of human affect analysis, health care assessment, distance learning, driver fatigue detection and human computer interaction. Basically, there are three main components to recognize the human facial expression. They are face or face’s components detection, feature extraction of face image, classification of expression. The study proposed the methods of feature extraction and classification for FER.
Rekha C, Krishnamurthy G. N.
Computer Science and Information Technologies, Volume 2, pp 16-25;

In the field of cryptography, there has been a massive amount of enhancement in manipulating the plaintext which is unreadable, less prone to crackers and hackers, again manipulating this unreadable form to get back plaintext in some way. The Blowfish algorithm is a block cipher, has complex in structure in generating P-box and S-box entries using encryption algorithm. By simplifying the structure of encryption algorithm as well as F function with dynamic substitution, this can improve the performance by generating P-box and S-box entries of blowfish algorithm. In this paper, the proposed method simplifies the structure to produce P-box and S-box entries in order to reduce computational cost and demonstrates the performance of blowfish. The approach considers different security aspects namely EQ analysis, KS analysis, AV analysis, Entropy, Floating Frequency analysis and correlation of horizontally adjacent pixels in an encrypted image.
Umashankar Ghugar, Jayaram Pradhan
Computer Science and Information Technologies, Volume 2, pp 33-42;

From the last decade, a wireless sensor network (WSN) has a very important role over the networks. The primary features of WSN include satellite communication, broadcast channel, hostile environment, medical system and data gathering. There are a lot of attacks available in WSN.In wormhole attack scenario is brutal from other attacks, which is smoothly resolved in networks but tough to observe. This survey paper is an experiment to observing threats and also focuses on some different method to identify the wormhole attacks.
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