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Firman Panjaitan, Dwi Ratna Kusumaningdyah
PASCA: Jurnal Teologi dan Pendidikan Agama Kristen, Volume 17, pp 134-148;

The primary condition of a blessed family is to live in moral holiness and mutual respect for one another. When concern for family members is neglected, what happens is a tragedy that divides the family. Likewise with Noah's family, unable to maintain the integrity of the family due to the dishonor of Ham's behavior. Blessings and curses follow this attitude. This study explores the meaning of Genesis 9:18-29 using the Narrative Method, which is then relevant to the present. This study proves that respect for each family member will bring blessings to the next generation, and vice versa, that disrespect brings division to the family and its descendants.
PASCA: Jurnal Teologi dan Pendidikan Agama Kristen, Volume 17, pp 209-213;

The background of the research conducted by Richard Siwu stems from the events of the Western colonial period to countries in Asia and Africa. Previously, Siwu wanted to divide this era into two periods: the colonial era and the post-colonial era. The colonial era meant the expansion of western civilization into Africa and Asia. While the post-colonial era where the end of Western domination and the birth of new nations in Africa and Asia. In colonial times, most of the countries in Asia and Africa were colonies of European nations and were politically under the control of the West. Awareness of nationalism only grew when the influence of modernization brought by Western colonialism to Africa and Asia created a form of resistance to the West which eventually gave birth to new countries. At that time there was an assumption that Christianity was a Western religion because it came along with the expansion of the West into Asia and Africa. However, the awareness of nationalism at that time encouraged the churches in Asia in particular to break away from the domination of the Western churches and also indigenize the churches in Asia with a local style. Does the end of colonialism end the mission of the church? The answer is no because from the beginning Christianity was a missionary religion read Matthew 28:19. So, this research will analyze Protestant views in Asia regarding mission from 1910 to 1991. This research shows that after the colonial era they were polarized in two main streams: ecumenical and evangelical.
Sri Wahyuni Kusradi, Marlon Butarbutar, Jeane Paath
PASCA: Jurnal Teologi dan Pendidikan Agama Kristen, Volume 17, pp 121-133;

This article wants to examine how God “embracing pain” as the Father continues to lead meekly even when God's people rebel and hurt His heart. For this reason, this study uses a descriptive qualitative method to describe the topic through words about the main ideas reported and bibliologically it will be examined regarding the "embrace of God's pain" which shows God's fatherhood leadership as written in the books of the prophets. So from these findings, it can finally become one of the leadership models of God's servants today.
, Barnabas Ludji
PASCA: Jurnal Teologi dan Pendidikan Agama Kristen, Volume 17, pp 203-208;

This book explains the source of Y by focusing on social, economic, and even political aspects. The description contained in it is not only limited to explaining the source of Y, but has been accompanied by the interpretation of the two authors. In this book, it is explained that the Y source is written with the background of the strong Egypt as one of the superpowers and the Israel kingdom under David's monarchy, here Egypt is the biggest threat. The question is, why Egypt? Aren't there other superpowers in addition to Egypt, such as the Mycenaeans, Hittites, and Assyrians? And is it true that source Y was written at the time David was king of Israel kingdom? This is explained at length in this book. In addition, source Y also has another agenda, namely how to unite the twelve tribes into one nation in a new kingdom under the Davidic dynasty. Why did David have to do this? The initial answer given is because it relates to their existence in the midst of other kingdoms and nations. The way that David tried to convince his people was by bringing up the story of Abraham's calling, especially the affirmation “Israel is a great nation, chosen and blessed. These two agendas are a big framework for understanding this book.
PASCA: Jurnal Teologi dan Pendidikan Agama Kristen, Volume 17, pp 159-170;

The Bible records many texts dealing with the subject of healing the body. This study uses a literature approach by digging sources from journal articles and books and then analyzing them using the Bible to produce in-depth and comprehensive theological conclusions. The conclusion of this study shows that healing of the body can occur through natural healing, medical healing, and divine healing miracles or miracles. The implication is theological; Christians may believe that miracle healing still exists and can pray to God so that healing that comes from Him can be experienced now. And the practical implication is that Christians must still be responsible for taking care of their bodies' health proportionally because their bodies are the temple of God.
Eny Suprihatin, Ruthias Yusuarsi
PASCA: Jurnal Teologi dan Pendidikan Agama Kristen, Volume 17, pp 181-190;

Learning from home is a policy taken by the government to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect the public. This study uses a qualitative phenomenological method. To reveal the phenomena in connection with the implementation of learning from home to changes in the emotional attachment of mothers and children during the learning period from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. The respondents were six mothers and their children. The study results show that there is indeed an estrangement between mother and child in terms of emotional attachment, namely two mothers with each child. However, the mother is a strong effort as the primary attachment figure to repair the relationship and warmth so that the estrangement for two children can be attached.
Yosua Sibarani
PASCA: Jurnal Teologi dan Pendidikan Agama Kristen, Volume 17, pp 149-158;

This article aims to explain the allegorization of Hagar and Mount Sinai in Paul's theology as written in Galatians 4:24-25 as a result of exegesis studies. To achieve this goal, the author uses a historical-grammatical approach. In addition, the author presents the interpretation debate by New Testament theologians about the text as consideration for deciding the interpretation following Paul's intent. In conclusion, Paul uses an allegorical interpretation of Galatians 4:24-25 by explaining that Hagar as Mount Sinai and Jerusalem is an allusion to the Old Testament and legalistic Judaism, not grace.
, Kiki Pawestri Ayuningtyas
PASCA: Jurnal Teologi dan Pendidikan Agama Kristen, Volume 17, pp 191-202;

During the pandemic, Sunday School activities have challenges: Sunday school teachers are not familiar with technology, children are not used to technology and online meetings. This research was conducted by simple random sampling in several churches in East Java in the Middle class. The total population is 60 children, and the sample taken is 52 children. Data analysis measures the relationship between variables using a correlation test and the magnitude of the influence between variables. This study shows that a teacher can start the Sunday school activities with asynchronous learning during the pandemic using YouTube and WhatsApp media combined with engaged learning strategies that can make children feel involved.
Esti R. Boiliu
PASCA: Jurnal Teologi dan Pendidikan Agama Kristen, Volume 17, pp 171-180;

James W. Fowler's theory of faith development plays a role in seeing the growth of human faith in God. In this case, Fowler formulated several stages in developing one's faith, including the steps of the faith development of several people who have different beliefs. This study raises the thoughts of James Fowler and its relevance to Christian Religious Education today so that this research results in an understanding that in the context of Christian Religious Education, the development of faith needs to be instilled in students from an early age by educators. The method used in this paper is the literature study method.
PASCA: Jurnal Teologi dan Pendidikan Agama Kristen, Volume 17, pp 107-120;

This article aimed to study the prospect of tithe as an instrument of the church in realizing economic justice. The industrial revolution 4.0 era has resulted in economic inequality, where there are parties who can reap huge benefits from the changing working way, on the other hand there are those who must be eliminated from job competition. In this case the church is called to realize one of the Kingdom of God visions, namely justice. This study was conducted by pastoral circle or practical theological circle method. Through this study, it could be concluded that like zakat among Muslims, tithe is an instrument of the church, of which it is properly managed in accordance with the true spirit of tithing, that has the power to realize economic justice.
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