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Paul Gregory F, Velavan R, Kannan K
International Research Journal of Multidisciplinary Technovation, Volume 2, pp 9-20; doi:10.34256/irjmt2062

Phase Change Materials (PCM) exhibit a thermal storage property by their latent heat of fusion. These PCMs absorb heat energy from the source and they undergo a change of phase and release the stored heat energy to the application when required. This research work focuses on utilizing this property of PCMs to store heat energy from a steam source from a Parabolic Trough Collector, and the output from such a Thermal Energy Storage Unit could be used for steam cooking. This research work selects the optimum Phase Change Material to suit the heating application and virtually simulates the performance of various configurations of Thermal Storage heat exchangers and finds the optimum number of passes for steam flow using the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) approach.
Anand D, Suresh Vellingiri
International Research Journal of Multidisciplinary Technovation, Volume 2, pp 1-8; doi:10.34256/irjmt2061

The exhaust manifold system is mountedon the cylinder head of theengine. It is associated with the catalyst converter at the other end. The emitted gases transmitted from the chamber come out at temperatures of about 800 °C and with pressures extending from 100 to 500 kPa. The exhaust manifold system is exposed to high temperatures and weights which will lead to thermo mechanical failure. Redesigning an exhaust manifold by determining Thermal stresses and deflections exhibited under various operating conditions with different materials and temperatures. The objective is to ensure the suitability of the design for a particular material from the view point of reliability and serviceability. Defects in existing manifold are cracks usually occur due to prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures, defects in casting and Heat cycling. High end cad cam software such as Unigraphics and Ansys is used for modeling and analysis. The 3d Model of exhaust manifold is subjected to thermal and structural loads and results are tabulated according to the procedure for the Exhaust manifold.
Santhosh Kumar S, Vishnu Vardhan S, Wasim Jaffar M, Sultan Saleem A, Sharmasth Vali Y
International Research Journal of Multidisciplinary Technovation, Volume 2, pp 4-10; doi:10.34256/irjmt2042

The distinguishing proof of online networking networks has as of late been of significant worry, since clients taking an interest in such networks can add to viral showcasing efforts. Right now center around clients' correspondence considering character as a key trademark for recognizing informative systems for example systems with high data streams. We portray the Twitter Personality based Communicative Communities Extraction (T-PCCE) framework that recognizes the most informative networks in a Twitter organize chart thinking about clients' character. We at that point grow existing methodologies as a part of client’s character extraction by collecting information that speak to a few parts of client conduct utilizing AI strategies. We utilize a current measured quality based network discovery calculation and we expand it by embeddings a post-preparing step that dispenses with diagram edges dependent on clients' character. The adequacy of our methodology is exhibited by testing the Twitter diagram and looking at the correspondence quality of the removed networks with and without considering the character factor. We characterize a few measurements to tally the quality of correspondence inside every network. Our algorithmic system and the resulting usage utilize the cloud foundation and utilize the MapReduce Programming Environment. Our outcomes show that the T-PCCE framework makes the most informative networks.
Nirmal Kumar S, Prathinan K, Suresh G, Prema P
International Research Journal of Multidisciplinary Technovation, Volume 2, pp 31-37; doi:10.34256/irjmt2045

Library plays an important role in student’s life. It is also helpful for the research scholars. Today libraries are established in all places. Finding a book in the library is a herculean task. Some people even loose interest while searching the required book. Searching for books in computer also takes much time. In our project we use voice recognition to find books which will make the herculean task easier. Even the people without system knowledge can access this and find books in an easier way. It reduces the time in searching books and makes the library user friendly.
Ragavi M, Subha Sri Lakshmi M.K.
International Research Journal of Multidisciplinary Technovation, Volume 2, pp 1-3; doi:10.34256/irjmt2041

Brain Computer Interface (BCI) is one of the communication channels used to make an interaction between human brain and digital computer to control/operate the external devices without having any touch of muscular body part. This provides the easiness in operations and also helpful to elder and decibel people. This is useful for people who cannot operate the peripheral devices using our normal muscular body parts. The proposed system aims to control home appliances (like bulb, fanatic.) with the help of Human Attention Level which come sunder on – invasive method of brains signal measurement. This attention is being measured by Neuro Sky Headset. Attention level values are ranges from 1 to 100. Attentionmeansuser’ level of mental focus which occurs during intense concentration and directed (but stable) mental activity. So, to get attention values user should observe the object (or focus on to the object). For demonstration purpose here are used one bulb and one fan.
Nalini R, Sountharya K, Vishnu Priya R, Punitha R.V.
International Research Journal of Multidisciplinary Technovation, Volume 2, pp 11-20; doi:10.34256/irjmt2043

India being a horticulture nation, its economy prevalently relies upon horticulture yield development and agroindustry items. Information Mining is a developing examination field in onion yield investigation. Yield forecast is a significant issue in horticultural. Any rancher is keen on knowing how a lot yield he is going to anticipate. Break down the different related properties like area, pH esteem from which alkalinity of the dirt is decided. Alongside it, level of supplements like Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P), and Potassium (K) Location is utilized along with the utilization of outsider applications like APIs for climate and temperature, sort of soil, supplement estimation of the dirt in that locale, measure of precipitation in the district, soil organization can be decided. Every one of these traits of information will be examined, train the information with different appropriate AI calculations for making a model. The framework accompanies a model to be exact what's more, exact in foreseeing onion yield and convey the end client with appropriate proposals about required manure proportion in light of barometrical and soil parameters of the land which improve to build the harvest yield and increment rancher income.
Dharani P, Ganesh T, Gopinath V, Sharmasth Vali Y
International Research Journal of Multidisciplinary Technovation, Volume 2, pp 21-30; doi:10.34256/irjmt2044

According to the law of the Indian government as per section 129 of the motor vehicle act of 1988 briefly explains the motorcycle or two-wheeler rider is mandatory to wear the helmet while driving and the recent survey conducted on road accidents by the world health organization (WHO). This WHO organization has briefly mentioned the cause and the prevention of road accidents that are happened around the world. They also mentioned the highest death rate that took place in India and the survey also reported as per the rate 1.5 lakh of road death has been accounted for by each year approximately. The above article motivates us to develop a system that is capable of providing safety and precaution to the bike rider. We designed a system that is capable of detecting the rider is whether wearing the helmet or not. Then detecting if the rider has consumed alcohol or not, whether if these two conditions are yet satisfied then only the motor will ignite or else it will not ignite. In case an accident occurred, our system is capable of detecting the accident and its location approximately. We implanted the led strip indication in the helmet unit to reduce the percentage of an accident during night times.
Jeevareha R, Tharini M
International Research Journal of Multidisciplinary Technovation, Volume 2, pp 27-33; doi:10.34256/irjmt2035

In our society there are many people suffer by paralytic diseases which holds them with several disabilities like unable to talk and unable to move physically and unable to express their everyday basic needs, but can still use their eyes and sometimes move their heads. This Project is under the principle of Brain Computer Interface (BCI). Our model helps them to do all their basic needs just from their wheelchair. All applications are integrated in the wheelchair, such as they can drive their wheelchair on their own using either meditation/attention or eye blink, Keypad for communication, Emergency commands for requesting their basic need such as food, water, restroom etc., Home automation for operating appliances, all those applications are done by having eye blinks using EEG device- Neurosky mindwave mobile.
Devaganesh M, Dilipan B, Abirami R
International Research Journal of Multidisciplinary Technovation, Volume 2, pp 14-21; doi:10.34256/irjmt2033

A general store is a destination for customers to buy everything they require in a single spot. The Manager is responsible for administering and making decisions for developing and running the store. But it is a heavy task for a single person to make valuable decisions that do not affect the business. So, in this project, data mining techniques are applied to the store’s transactional data to help the manager make decisions. We use RFM, Recency Frequency and Monetary segmentation method and classification algorithms to classify the customers into loyal and not-so-loyal customers to make predictions based on the data of the valuable customers. The customers who are loyal to the store are selected and their data is used for further analytics. Association mining technique to obtain the products which are most likely to be bought together and other data mining and visualization techniques to display the valuable knowledge mined from the dataset. Then we cluster the products based on the product’s important keywords and then the customers are further classified by finding the number of products bought from the previously found clusters.
Priyadharshini M, Sam Chelladurai S
International Research Journal of Multidisciplinary Technovation, Volume 2, pp 22-26; doi:10.34256/irjmt2034

A method is proposed for assessing best mix ratio for concrete printing. The obtained mix which is indented to flow via a nozzle for building a layer upon layer construction structures. The printing method consists of a gantry system which can be controlled with the help of a digital computer. This method is nowadays used for building structural and architectural components. Thus the traditional form work is avoided. Buildability and Extrudability are some of the important flow concrete properties That have to be considered and the relationship with Workability is evaluated. This property depends on the mix ratio and the quantity of admixtures like superplasticizer, polypropylene fibers and silica fume. Hydrated sodium silicate is also added for quick settlement which is essential for the layer by layer process.
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