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Poornesh Velineni, Jayasuriya Suresh, Naveen Kumar C, Suresh M
International Research Journal of Multidisciplinary Technovation, Volume 2, pp 1-8; doi:10.34256/irjmt2021

Grippers are attached at the end of an industrial arm robot for material handling purpose. Grippers plays a major role in all pick and place application industries. Those are connected as end effectors to realize and develop a task in an industrial work floor. Pneumatic gripper works with the principle of compressed air. The gripper is connected to a compressed air supply. When air pressure is applied on the piston, the gripper gets opened while the air gets exist from the piston it gets closed. It is possible to control the force acting on the gripper by controlling the air pressure with the help of the valve. The objective is to design an effective, simple, and economic gripper for pick and place application.
Suresh Kumar M, Vanmathi V, Poornima S
International Research Journal of Multidisciplinary Technovation, Volume 2, pp 31-36; doi:10.34256/irjmt2025

The main objective of our project “Blood leakage detection during self-dialysis” is, the patient can do their treatment by themselves whenever he/she feels comfortable and free. The IOT device is also designed as a warning tool for detection of blood leakage/loss. It can indicate the risk level in both end-sensing units and remote monitor devices via a wireless network and cloud.
Sumathi M, Niranjana B, Akshaya C, Ajitha M, Bhavadharanee M
International Research Journal of Multidisciplinary Technovation, Volume 2, pp 16-22; doi:10.34256/irjmt2023

In an organization, resource allocation to a request is a complex task. Traditionally, resource allocation is done through manually with high time consumption. Similarly, collision is occurring for allocating a single resource to multiple requests. Thus, leads to complex problems and slow-down the working process. The existing resource allocation technique, allocate resources continuously to a specific request and omit another request. This kind of allocation technique also leads to lots of critical issues. That is the non-allocated process never gets a resource. To overcome these issues, the Round Robin based Resource allocation and Utilization technique is proposed in this work. The Round Robin technique allocates resources to the request in an efficient with equal priority. Similarly, the proposed technique reduces collision and takes less time for mapping a resource with a request. The experimental results shows improved accuracy than the traditional resource allocation technique.
Srinivasan K, Navaneetha T, Nivetha R, Mithun Sugadev K
International Research Journal of Multidisciplinary Technovation, Volume 2, pp 23-30; doi:10.34256/irjmt2024

Now a days, women and children are facing various issues like sexual assaults. Such violence will definitely have huge impact on the lives of victim. It also affects their health and their psychological balance. These kinds of violence keep on increasing day by day. Even school children are kidnapped and sexually abused. We are living in a society where a nine months old girl child doesn’t have security, the child was kidnapped, raped and then murdered. On witnessing those violations against women, its impulses us to do something for women and children safety. So, in this project we have planned to propose a device which will act as a tool to provide security and ensures the safety of the women and the children. Microcontroller, GSM and GPS module are used to send notifications and current location of women to various mobile numbers in their contact. In addition, this project will also act as a safety measure which will stun the opposition for few seconds. This project will help us to rescue many women and children from those fiendish in the society.
Paul Gregory F, Balamurugan C.M., Gokul R
International Research Journal of Multidisciplinary Technovation, Volume 2, pp 9-15; doi:10.34256/irjmt2022

The fluid power industry is engrossed with numerous applications befitting to pumps. Concocting experimental plans for investigations on innovative pumps require meticulous drafting and candor infused veracity. But if we stay to ground reality, contemporary technological advancement must also be taken into for the design of experiments. It is through fending contemporary literature and writings, that any scholar will be able to design an innovative experimental plan. In this article, the experimental findings from an innovative centrifugal pump have been discussed. The camaraderie between the experimental plan and the experimental results has been eviscerated, introducing the concept of accentuated parameters. The camaraderie is ascribed to the accentuated parameter. It is through the selection and utilization of certain accentuated parameters; any experimental finding can be scoured. This article illustrates the use of accentuated parameters and their effect on the findings.
Aashika Prasad, Gowtham M, Mohanraman S, Suresh M
International Research Journal of Multidisciplinary Technovation, Volume 2, pp 7-12; doi:10.34256/irjmt2102

Businesses around the world automate their outbound profiling and sortation process for an increased productivity. Sorting plays a key role in any industrial automation, particularly in the field of packaging industries. This paper aims at providing significant low-cost automation in packaging industries that calls for sorting and how the implication of pneumatics can yield a desirable solution. The prototype of the automatic sorting machine allows a systematic sorting of the carton boxes corresponding to their sizes using a pneumatic system, which is achieved by using pneumatic cylinders and direction control valves. The sorted carton boxes are shoved from the main line conveyor to the sub-line conveyor using the pneumatic cylinder, which is then collected and dispatched to the next division for the packaging purposes. Using this approach, the packaging industries can attain the maximum benefits thereby enabling a surge in their production.
Paul Gregory F
International Research Journal of Multidisciplinary Technovation, Volume 2, pp 1-6; doi:10.34256/irjmt2101

‘Technology Journalism’ is a rarely uttered term, but lives in day to day use, disguised in other forms of journalism. In an era where Sitcom series like ‘Silicon Valley’ (A HBO series which portrays events in the lives of five young men who try to start a tech company) getting quite positive responses from viewers all over the world, it is the necessity of journalists to focus more on technology journalism, rather than making fundamental reviews. Technology journalism must focus not just in reviews about new gadgets in the industry, must also play a key infotainment role. Despite several cherishing moments in this genre, the realm of technology journalism is not a bed of roses. It requires several prerequisites to efficiently carry out technology journalism. In the case of the automobile industry in India, technology journalism needs to be leveraged in a different way. With the market for automobile varying, magazines like Autocar India, WhatCar?, BiKe India and many more play a major role in taking the evolving technology to the common man. With the interests of common man revolving around lifestyle management, such magazines definitely improve the choice of customers. Hence technology journalism in the automobile industry is crucial. This article drives through fundamental technology journalism for automobile industries highlighting key aspects of the genre. This article has also thrown light into unnecessary paradigms being in practice in technology journalism and also emphasizes on pedagogy and paradigm-free journalism. This article might be ambiguous, but it is necessary to be specific and to achieve a non-agathokakological compose.
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