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Lea Octavia Dewi, Halimah Halimah, Nia Kurniawati
Acitya: Journal of Teaching and Education, Volume 3, pp 294-309;

This study aims 1) to find out the effectiveness of Guessing Game implementation on teaching vocabulary, and 2) to find out the students’ perceptions of Guessing Game on teaching vocabulary. This study applied pre-experimental research method with one-shot case study design, where in this study the researcher only have one group without any control groups to make a comparison. The participants of this study are the entire students of the second grade in SMK PGRI 1 Pariwisata Cianjur consist of 58 students. Meanwhile in this study the researcher took the sample from the second grade of Banking Class in SMK PGRI 1 Pariwisata Cianjur that consists of 12 students. In collecting the data, the researcher used two instruments; test and close-ended questionnaire. The study conducted two times and ended by giving a test. Then, the result of the test showed that students’ average score is 81. It indicates that Guessing Game is effective on teaching vocabulary because the score is upper than the minimum completeness criteria (KKM). In addition, from the result of questionnaire the researcher categories the questions into three categories related to the implementation of Guessing Game; 1) Guessing Game is a joyful teaching technique, 2) Guessing Game is able to increase students’ confidence, and 3) Guessing Game is able to assist students memorize the vocabulary in longer time. Then, the result showed 100% students agree about that. Therefore, those data indicates that Ha of this study is accepted that Guessing Game is effective to increase students’ vocabulary mastery.
Yulmezi Yulmezi, Arifmiboy Arifmiboy
Acitya: Journal of Teaching and Education, Volume 3, pp 157-175;

This research was motivated by the disruption of the student learning process during the Covid-19 pandemic at MTI PASIA. This research was conducted to know how the level of student satisfaction in class X, XI, and XII at MTI PASIA on learning from home using E-learning during the Covid-19 pandemic.The design of this research was survey and the instrument used is a questionnaire. The subjects of this research were students of class X, XI and XII with a total of 167 students and students who will be used as research samples as many as 118 students. The instrument validity test was carried out by distributing instruments to 3 experts as instrument validators and to analyze the data using quantitative descriptive techniques with percentages.Based on the results of research conducted by researchers, the title of this research is the level of satisfaction of students learning English from home at MTI PASIA during the COVID-19 pandemic. Researchers conducted research to know how the level of student satisfaction in learning English towards the objectives and learning components. The results obtained that the level of satisfaction of student towards learning objectives and learning component are 45.92%, teacher 48.30%, student 48.68%, material 50.78%, method 49.83%, strategy 48.89%, media 49.65% and evaluation 49, 48%. Theaverage answer was 48.94% or ≥40% -≤70% and that means they are quite satisfied, according to data interpretation that has been determined.
Yusna Hannum, Absharini Kardena
Acitya: Journal of Teaching and Education, Volume 3, pp 146-156;

This study aimed to find out the effect of using indirect corrective feedback to eliminate grammatical errors in students' writing. This research was conducted at SMKN 1 Padang Panjang because most of students still encounter problems in mastering writing text especially grammatical aspect. Most of the students' writing was founded many of grammatical error. Then, the students still did not get the appropriate feedback of the teacher toward their errors. And, the teacher also did not give the spesific feedback or treatment to help the students in reducing the error. This research used pre-experiment research. The researcher used one-group pretest posttest design. To determine sample, the researcher used purposive sampling technique. The data got from the pre-test and post-test in experiment class. To analyze the data, the resercher used the normality test and homogeneity test by using SPSS Statistics20 and to test the hypothesis the researcher used t-test formula and consulted the result into t-table with level of significant a=0.05. From the result and accounting the post-test of experiment class,it was founded that using indirect corrective feedback in eliminate grammatical error had better result than without indirect coreective feedback. It can be seen by comparing the t-obtained (2) that higher than the t-table (1.706).
Louie Galvez Giray
Acitya: Journal of Teaching and Education, Volume 3, pp 257-266;

This research was conducted to explore the perception of physical education students in a Philippine school about sportsmanship. It particularly dealt with respect (1) for the opponent, (2) for rules and officials, and (3) for social conventions. This research used a qualitative descriptive method of research, with survey-questionnaire as the main data gathering tool. It was adapted from a valid and reliable instrument known as multidimensional sportspersonship orientations scale. In regard to respect for social conventions, participants perceived themselves as people who rarely congratulate the opponent, and infrequently shake hands with the opponent’s coach when they lose. Respect for the rules and the officials got good scores. Respect and concern for the opponent got low scores. They professed that they rarely do necessary actions when an opponent is unjustly penalized, hurt, or forgets his or her equipment. To achieve victory does not solely undermine character. It can be a good avenue to harness physical improvement and love for the sports. However, when the virtue of sportsmanship is discounted and forgotten, the result can be disadvantageous or even disastrous. Conclusions and recommendations were presented.
Hesti Miranda
Acitya: Journal of Teaching and Education, Volume 3, pp 310-323;

This Earth of Mankind by Pramoedya Ananta Toer is a historical novel about Dutch colonialism in Indonesia. This paper was aimed to find and describe the social stratification in the past that is written in the This Earth Mankind novel. This paper carried out with only one research question: How is social stratification of This Earth Mankind by Pramoedya Ananta Toer’s Novel?. This paper was qualitative research, specifically in document analysis. The main source of this paper was This Earth of Mankind, the 9th edition publishes by Hasta Mitra in 2002. The total page of this novel was 405. In addition, secondary sources are also needed such as online information about the writer and previous researcher who has been conducted similar research. This paper found that there were three social classes of society in the Dutch era, the Dutch group with privilege, enjoyed the lavish life, and live comfortably. The Native group with privilege, who was born from regent or governor, they can attend education where Dutch and Indo attended to such as E.L.S and H.B.S and the last, native group without privilege, they had low status in the society.
Nyayu Yayu Suryani
Acitya: Journal of Teaching and Education, Volume 3, pp 198-209;

Communication technology has grown dramatically in Indonesia. Virtual classroom is an integration of information technology through the use of the internet to connect teachers and students. The aim of this research is to find out the effectiveness the using virtual classroom in TOEFL preparation and to improve students’ score in TOEFL preparation. The population in this research was all of students Nursing Science Study Program Institute of Health Science and Technology of Muhammadiyah Palembang. In order to select the sample, the purposive sampling technique will be implemented, the sample of this research was the seventh semester students of Institute of Health Science and Technology Muhammadiyah Palembang. Nursing science Study program in Academic Year 2020/2021.The data collection of this research is carry out online through Zoom meeting. To verify the hypotheses, the data used paired sample t-test and independent sample t-test was 0.008 which was lower than 0.05.The findings show the positive effects using virtual classroom in TOEFL preparation. Keywords: TOEFL preparation;technology;virtual classroom
Joko Prayudha .S
Acitya: Journal of Teaching and Education, Volume 3, pp 188-197;

The existence of the corona virus requires face-to-face teaching to be replaced with online teaching. As a new alternative in learning, it will certainly bring up several obstacles that will be faced by students while studying. This study aims to determine the difficulties faced by students during online learning by using various applications that support online learning such as WhatsApp, Google Classroom and Zoom Meeting. In this study, qualitative methods have been used and a descriptive approach was used to explain the data. In data collection, questionnaires and interviews were used to obtain in-depth information about the difficulties faced by students during online learning. The results in this study indicate that students experience various kinds of obstacles in the implementation of online learning, such as (1) operating learning applications, (2) limited internet quota, (3), incomplete learning resources / materials, (4) poor communication, and (5) decreased learning motivation during online learning, however, even though there were obstacles faced by the students, it did not stop them from continuing to study in difficult times such as the Covid 19 pandemic.
I Wayan Sastra Oka Paramartha, I Putu Ngurah Wage Myartawan, Ni Putu Astiti Pratiwi
Acitya: Journal of Teaching and Education, Volume 3, pp 245-256;

The new learning system that is published by the Indonesian government as a prevention due to Covid-19 brings a new challenge for the teachers particularly in implementing 21st century learning. Teachers are suggested to do a reflection toward the online learning that has been conducted to find out the teaching and learning process quality. This study is aimed at investigating the level of teachers’ reflective thinking in which it was conducted in SMAN 2 Singaraja. There were two teachers involved in this study and the data were collected through the spreading of questionnaire and interview. The data were analyzed by using interactive data analysis to check the validity and reliability. The results showed that the awareness of the teacher in carrying out a process of reflection on learning during the online learning period. The efforts made by the English teacher at SMA N 2 Singaraja in improving the quality of learning both by discussing and innovating need to be used as an example for other teachers. In the future, of course, it is hoped that a better online learning process and learning objectives can be maximally achieved
Ahmad Junaedi
Acitya: Journal of Teaching and Education, Volume 3, pp 234-244;

The objective of the research was to find out the correlation between the students intelligence and their achievement in learning English at SMPN 27 Makassar. The design of this research was descriptive and employed correlational method. The population of this research was the second year students of SMPN 27 Makassar. The technique of sampling applied cluster random sampling which the total of sample was 20 students. The instruments of this research were IQ test and English test. To find out students achievement in learning English, the researcher tested the students using multiple choice test that consisted of materials from their handbook. To find out the level of students intelligence, the Psychological Department Team of State University of Makassar was given IQ test. To find out the correlation from both variables, the researcher used Pearson r formula. The result of the test shows that most of the students’ intelligence was categorized as dull average and the students’ achievement was 6.35 which is categorized as fair achievement. The result data found that there was no significant correlation between the students’ intelligence level and their achievement in learning English at the second year of SMPN 27 Makassar.
Dedi Irwan
Acitya: Journal of Teaching and Education, Volume 3, pp 280-293;

This research aimed to find out how online learning implementation affected learning practices in a senior high school in an undeveloped regency in West Kalimantan Province. Descriptive quantitative method was applied in this research. To collect the data, students’ and teachers’ questionnaire were used. The questionnaires adopted Likert scale with five options. The populations of this research were 150 students and 40 teachers, while the sample involved were 90 students and 40 teachers all together. The student sample were selected using simple random sampling. Overall, this research found that both teachers and students had similar views regarding the application of the online learning policy during covid 19 pandemic. In this regard they agreed to claim that the online learning implementation tended to show more negative influence than positive to almost all classroom learning processes. The average percentage of teachers and student who found the negative impacts of the online learning policy implementation were, respectively, 50.8% and 73.86%. Nonetheless, the percentage proportion of students who did not claim the implementation of the online learning policy brought more negative effect than positive was also big. These numbers brought down strikingly interesting findings, as discussed in this study. Keywords: Covid-19, Online Learning, high school students, English, learning impact
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