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Paula Dewanti, Ni Putu Linda Santiari, Kadek Vishnu Vedamurthi
Acitya: Journal of Teaching and Education, Volume 4, pp 229-243;

The aim of this study was to explore the use of distance learning in Indonesian universities during the pandemic. This was a continuation of previous research on the implementation of Digital Learning in several countries as an Emergency Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Given the uncertainty surrounding the end of the pandemic, as well as government regulations expanding the use of distance learning, researchers believe it is crucial to examine student attitudes toward implementation. In this study, the comparative study method was used to compare the similarities and differences between two or more properties and facts of the object under study based on a particular frame of mind. The findings indicate that there are similarities in the implementation of distance learning, which involves transforming face-to-face sessions in a classroom setting into live face-to-face sessions in virtual classrooms. The initiatives of each university are in line with government recommendations. The implementation, however, varies slightly due to differences in characteristics such as facility and infrastructure readiness that exist on each of these campuses. Further research focusing on Student Engagement and Student Experience, using larger data sets, would be expected to provide much more value and best practices for E-Learning implementation during the current COVID-19 pandemic.
Tri Pujiani, Windy Harsiwi, Neilia Almustaflikhah
Acitya: Journal of Teaching and Education, Volume 4, pp 244-251;

During the pandemic of COVID-19, all teaching and learning activities had to be transformed into distance-learning or it was called Learning from Home. This immediate shift required all parties including teachers, parents, and students to be able to cooperate well. However, the implementation of this new learning method did not just run smoothly. Many factors influenced the effectiveness of Learning from Home, one of them was students' motivation to learn. Students, especially young learners, would be motivated to learn if the media used and the teaching method are interesting. Thus, in this research, animation video was developed as the online learning media for young learners. This research aimed to find out the effectiveness of animation video for teaching English to young learners viewed from the teachers and parents’ perspective. This was qualitative research with a descriptive approach. The data was obtained through observation, questionnaire distribution, and interviews. Then, the data was analyzed by data organization, data reduction, data description, data interpretation, and data validation. The result of this research revealed that the role of animation video as online learning media for young learners is effective to motivate the students to learn. It is expected that the result of this research may add scientific knowledge especially in the field of teaching English for young learners.
Neni Triana, Yusrida Yusrida
Acitya: Journal of Teaching and Education, Volume 4, pp 1-15;

The main purpose of this research is to find out of the improving students writing ability using peer evaluation at SMP Negeri 1 Rambah Hilir. The design of this research is classroom action research the data were collected by distributing the test to the students of participants. There were two techniques in collecting the data. They were pre-test and post-test. Pre-test has been conducted to find the ability of students’ writing ability before teaching by using Peer Evaluation. After giving pre-test, the treatment has been done by using Peer Evaluation. The participants of this research were the eighth grade students of SMP Negeri 1 Rambah Hilir. The total population is 40 students of the tenth grade. This research used a cluster sampling technique to get samples. The total . In this research, the data were collected by distributing the test to the students of participants. There were two techniques in collecting the data. They were pre-test and post-test. The result showed that there are increasing average scores of students from 55.96 (Pre-Test), to 61.00 (Post-Test 1), and 70.58 (Post-Test 2).It means that using Peer Evaluation in teaching writing is effective to improve students’ ability in writing a recount text
Ika Fathin Resti Martanti
Acitya: Journal of Teaching and Education, Volume 4, pp 252-265;

This research explored the pronunciation errors produced by the students in their vlog projects and the linguistics factors that contributed to their errors. This study employed a descriptive qualitative method. The data were collected from the vlogs made by the students which were uploaded on Youtube channels. The participants were 30 students of the Air Transport Management study program in STTKD Yogyakarta. The data collection technique was done by observation and documentation. The data were analyzed by applying qualitative data analysis. The data were classified using the theory from Bonaventura, Herron, and Menzel (2000). The results showed that there were 67 pronunciation errors existed in the vlog projects. The mispronunciations could be categorized into three types of errors, namely: the problems of non-native sounds as many as 34%, the carry-over of pronunciation regularities from the mother tongue as many as 45%, and the over-generalization of target language (L2) regularities as many as 21%. It is expected that the findings can help students diagnose their errors and mistakes in English pronunciation and later can motivate them to improve their English proficiencies. Besides, it can help the teachers develop strategies to minimize students’ errors in pronunciation.
I Made Yudik Wirawan, Putu Enik Kristiani
Acitya: Journal of Teaching and Education, Volume 4, pp 40-48;

The advancement of technology, communication, and data, particularly the internet, has attracted the attention of Indonesian educators who want to use it as a source of positive learning media to support the teaching and learning process. This study aims to know the advantages of the use of Blended learning in English teaching reading skills. This literature study reviews some papers in studying the use of Blended learning and its advantages. The findings of this study showed blended learning provides many sources for the teacher and students to get the reading materials. Due to the multi-sources in blended learning, it helps the students to develop their daily reading activity. Blended Learning can make students become active learners because the students can get other additional information from the internet during online learning it is effective to make the students enjoy the learning process and do not feel bored with the monotonous learning situation. And also, the virtual class has easy access anywhere and anytime in different places at the same time and also makes it easier for teachers to create archives in digital form. The findings of this study are expected to provide teachers with information about using Blended Learning as an approach in teaching-learning activities that will benefit both students and teachers in facilitating the teaching-learning process of reading.
Waladdin Panggabean, Khusnul Khatimah
Acitya: Journal of Teaching and Education, Volume 4, pp 80-87;

This research aims to identify the types of deixis used in the utterances in the novel The Kite Runner. The method used in this research is qualitative descriptive method because the data were analysed in the form of words and utterances. The data were taken from the utterances which is uttered by the characters in the novel. The theory used in this research is Deixis theory by Stephen C. Levinson’s, the result of this research shows that there are five types of deixis found in the novel The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, those are: person deixis, place deixis, time deixis, discourse deixis, and social deixis. Based on the data deixis that have been found and analysed by the researcher in this research, person deixis is more dominant used in the novel.
Era Wahyu Ningsih, Suzanna Widjajanti
Acitya: Journal of Teaching and Education, Volume 4, pp 139-149;

This research was conducted to find out the problems encountered in online Listening comprehension lectures during the student pandemic at the Balikpapan Foreign Language Academy semester I and III and to find out the methods used by students in overcoming the problems they faced, this field research was conducted at the Balikpapan Foreign Language Academy, with the research subjects being all first and third semester students who have attended Listening Comprehension lectures for approximately one semester. This study used descriptive qualitative methods with data collection using observation, literature review and interviews involving first and third semester students consisting of 25 students, 6 male students and 19 female students. The collecting data using observation, literature review and interviews as a complement to the required data, from all data collection activities it was concluded that students who took part in lecture activities at the Balikpapan Foreign Language Academy in the listening comprehension course had all studied English with 3 months to With 15 years, ABA Balikpapan students have experience problems in the online learning process, especially listening comprehension courses, including unsupported internet networks, audio that cannot be heard clearly, noise from the environment around the lecturer or the students themselves, interference from devices that sometimes error and often forget the existing tasks. This study lasted approximately 4 (four) months, starting from data collection to writing research reports and from the results of this study. The implication of the study for teacher of Listening Comprehension, all the problems mentioned in this study should be identified and should be minimized prior to conducting the class to gain maximum output, for the students, they need to have a free audio disturbance environment when attending the listening comprehension class online.
Zahratul Idami, Shafrida Wati, Riqqah Balqis
Acitya: Journal of Teaching and Education, Volume 4, pp 175-188;

This study analyzed students’ difficulties in translating idiomatic expression sentences at the sixth semester of English department of IAIN Langsa. It further discussed factors that trigger the problems. The research applied qualitative content analysis approach and the subject was 10 students of the sixth-semester of English education department, IAIN Langsa. Data collecting techniques were tests and interviews. The findings showed that the learners experienced several difficulties in translating idiomatic expressions included lexical knowledge, cultural differences, and stylistic barrier. These were due to the difficulty in finding the closest equivalent source language and the difficulty in finding meaning that matches the meaning of the idiomatic expressions. The factors that generated those difficulties included students' lack of knowledge of idiomatic expressions, cultural differences between English and Indonesian, students rarely used them in speaking or writing in everyday life, and the difficulty in interpreting idiomatic expressions. However, this study contributed to encourage both lecturers and students to emphasize vocabulary enhancement and language expressions, especially idioms, and to practice them in writing and speaking both in and outside of the classroom.
Prasetyawan Aji Sugiharto, Yan Imam Santoso, Maila Huda Shofyana
Acitya: Journal of Teaching and Education, Volume 4, pp 189-197;

This study was aim to know how tongue twister can enhance students’ pronunciation ability at the first semester English Education Study Program STKIP Muhammadiyah Batang in academic year 2021/2022. This study conducted at the first semester of English Education study program that consist of 35 students as sample. This is a quantitative research. The researcher uses pre-experimental design using “one-group pretest-posttest design. The researcher uses pre-test and post-test to collect the data. Based on the calculation, the result of t-value is 3.965. In addition, the result on the mean score of post-test is higher than the mean score of pre-test (70.71>64.28). Then, the researcher consults the critical value to the t-table using the 5% (0.05) alpha level significance and the degree of freedom is 1.67. It shows that the t-value is higher than t-table (3.965>1.67). It means that Tongue Twister is effective to enhance students’ pronunciation ability for the first semester students of English Education Study Program STKIP Muhammadiyah Batang. The use of tongue twister make student more active and their pronunciation ability was improved.
Nisa Novia Avien Christy, Suryaneta Suryaneta
Acitya: Journal of Teaching and Education, Volume 4, pp 124-138;

The higher rate of Indonesian unemployment than western countries has become an urgent issue that must be addressed immediately. One of the primary reasons is the entrepreneurial shortcomings of Indonesians. This study is conducted to synthetically analyze the empirical experiences of enhancing entrepreneurship in the United States as one of successful western countries. This further understanding will be transformed and applied to Indonesian universities and societies. This study uses literature analysis approaches to find references to relevant theory with the hope that researchers can in-depth understand the experiences and the significant factors facilitating entrepreneurship in the United States. At the end of the study, the authors conclude that entrepreneurship's success in the United States is due to central government support for entrepreneurship. Therefore, the success of entrepreneurship in the United States that can be applied in Indonesia, such as: (1) the Indonesian government must endeavor to oblige all universities in Indonesia to provide entrepreneurship classes, (2) promote entrepreneurship education and make entrepreneurship a priority, (3) implementing entrepreneurship in educational curricula at all levels, starting with preschool; (4) providing educational scholarship facilities for economic and business actors to become entrepreneurs, and (5) providing (people's business credit) with low interest for business.
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