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Zainuddin, Surya Haryandi, Misbah, Mastuang, Mohd Ali Ibrahim, Emy Nur Juliana, Munawarah, Ma’Rifah Hidayati
IJORER : International Journal of Recent Educational Research, Volume 2, pp 501-514; https://doi.org/10.46245/ijorer.v2i5.140

Astrophysics education is one of the subjects in the physics education study program which is also part of astronomy. Astrology is the structure and epistemology of Islamic law that studies the sun, moon, stars, and celestial bodies related to aspects of Islamic law. Indonesian Muslims cannot be separated from local wisdom which is the wealth of the Indonesian nation. This article intends to provide a comprehensive explanation through bibliometric analysis of literature on astrophysics education, religion, and local wisdom. Article searches are performed by Publish or Perish (PoP) software on the Google Scholar database. The search and sorting results found 23 of the 200 articles found in the 2016-2021* range. The results of data processing by PoP software are then edited through the Mendeley Desktop software. The editing results are then processed using VOSviewer software to obtain a visualization of the distribution pattern and data mapping. Broadly speaking, this research shows the projected direction of astrophysics education research if it is studied with religious content based on the Qur'an and local wisdom and its further development. The implications of this research can inspire researchers to study astrophysics education in universities with the content of the Qur'an and local wisdom so that studying science can help increase faith in God.
Tamam Syaifuddin, Luthfiyah Nurlaela, Sukma Perdana P
IJORER : International Journal of Recent Educational Research, Volume 2, pp 528-535; https://doi.org/10.46245/ijorer.v2i5.143

The purpose of the study was to analyze the improvement of student learning outcomes with the Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL) learning model at Senior High School of Model Terpadu Bojonegoro in Civics subjects. The experimental study used a factorial design using pre-test and post-test. Collecting data using observation, documentation, and test methods. The research sample was carried out in class XI of Bojonegoro Model Terpadu Senior High School, a total of 120 students were in 4 (four) classes, each class consisted of 30 students. The technique used to check the validity in this study is triangulation and review of informants. Based on the results of research and discussion, it can be concluded that the application of the Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL) learning model can improve Civics learning outcomes for XI grade students at Senior High School of Model Terpadu Bojonegoro. Increase in student learning outcomes by 7.08% in the second cycle.
Ainul Badriyah, Sri Poedjiastoeti, Yuliani
IJORER : International Journal of Recent Educational Research, Volume 2, pp 165-579; https://doi.org/10.46245/ijorer.v2i5.154

Life skills-based education is an important tool to face today's global demands, one of which is creative thinking skills. This study aims to determine the feasibility of learning tools based on mind mapping worksheet to practice creative thinking skills for class XI MIPA on cell material, which are viewed in terms of (1) validity, (2) practicality and (3) effectiveness. The learning tools developed are syllabus, lesson plans, LKDP and tests of creative thinking skills. The mind mapping worksheet that was trained included indicators of creative thinking skills, fluency, flexibility, originality and elaboration, which were tested on 23 students of Class XI MIPA SMA Al-Islam Krian. This study used a 4D design with one group pretest-posttest design, the data obtained were analyzed descriptively. The results of the validity of the device get mode 4 with a very valid category. The results of the practicality of the device were carried out with mode 4 in the very good category. The effectiveness of the device is based on the average N-gain score ranging from 0.5 to 0.92. The result of students' mastery of the concept of the material is 86.3 in the complete category. Students' responses to the four LKPD mind mapping developed were 81% in the positive category.
Kamran Akhtar Siddiqui, Bahawal Soomro, Rashid Hussain Abbasi, Usama Abdul Rehman, Aizaz Soomro
IJORER : International Journal of Recent Educational Research, Volume 2, pp 610-613; https://doi.org/10.46245/ijorer.v2i5.110

This review makes a point in favor of the assertion made for the book that it is a practical introduction to the qualitative research in applied linguistics. The book consists of four parts: an overview of qualitative research, qualitative research methods, qualitative data collection methods, ethical practice issues and the writing of research reports. After proving a rich introduction to the qualitative research, the book discusses qualitative research approaches using a reader-friendly and interactive structure: pre-reading and post-reading questions along with the list of further readings. Then the data collection tools have been thoroughly discussed. What makes this book more useful is the use of illustrative examples for each qualitative research approach and data collection tool. The last part discusses core issues of ethics and drafting a research report. From the perspective of a novice researcher, it has achieved the goal of educating readers about qualitative research methods and data collection tools, as it gradually tracks the reader and provides them with a linking concept for a better understanding. However, reference to one study for both ethnography and case study remains a confusing point. Besides, the review suggests addition of some images to make reading of the book more interesting, especially for visual learners. Besides, a diagram should be given at the end of research methods chapters to outline the steps taken by researchers to do their studies.
Sylvani Kumala Ulinnuha, Muslimin Ibrahim, Utiyah Azizah
IJORER : International Journal of Recent Educational Research, Volume 2, pp 536-556; https://doi.org/10.46245/ijorer.v2i5.139

Science literacy is an ability to understand, communicate science through oral or written, apply and analyze the current scientific issues in society. This study aims to produce a valid, practical, and effective learning tool, and has been carried out using the 4D (Define, Design, Development, and Disseminate) method; however, the Disseminate one wasn’t carried out. The examination was limited in using one group pretest-post test design. The study was conducted within two meetings with 16 who were doing online learning. The data retrieval used a validated instrument. RPP tools with very decent results, LKPD tools (Student Worksheets) with very decent results, and test kits (Pre-test and post-test) with very decent results. As the result, the learning method shows to be very decent, effective, and practical, while the items of the method used are included in the sensitive category ≥0.30.
Tersoo Timothy Tsegba, Ibrahim Ologele, Kafayah Adeola Jidda, Joseph Abiodun Stephen
IJORER : International Journal of Recent Educational Research, Volume 2, pp 600-609; https://doi.org/10.46245/ijorer.v2i5.108

Several factors contributing to the low standard of education in Nigeria where child abuse identified to be an important factor. The study, therefore, investigates the effect of child abuse on the academic performance of primary school pupils in the Kwande Local Government Area of Benue State, Nigeria. The population of the study comprised all primary school pupils and their teachers in the study area. The descriptive research design of survey type employed for the study. A multi-stage sampling technique was used to select ten public primary schools out of fifty seven public primary schools in the study area. Nine hundred and forty–six (946) respondents selected for the study. Researchers developed a questionnaire validated by three experts from the related field was used as an instrument for the study. The findings revealed that child abuse has a significant effect on pupils participation in the class and also had a significant effect on pupils assessment in the Kwande Local Government Area of Benue State, Nigeria. The researchers' recommends among others that the government should carry out an enlightenment campaign through mass media for parents and guardians on the consequences of child abuse on the educational achievement of primary school pupils to improve their participation in classes as well as improve their assessment grades in test and examination.
Budi Harijanto, Meyti Eka Apriyani, Elok Nur Hamdana
IJORER : International Journal of Recent Educational Research, Volume 2, pp 590-599; https://doi.org/10.46245/ijorer.v2i5.156

Innovations in learning media for "Kampus Merdeka" currently require students active roles in online lectures and interact with lecturers and college friends to be able to use social networking media. Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) is web-based learning that can be accessed anywhere and anytime by integrating technology into the learning process that can help improve understanding of the material. In this reasearch an online learning design using MOOC as a solution in the implementation of "Kampus Merdeka" using Web Programming Design course. The reason for choosing these subjects is because practical learning activities require an understanding of a strong theoretical basis. Learning Outcomes in this course are students can understand the basics and concepts in website before finally carrying out the practicum. In the study sample population in the MOOC Web Programming course which was attended by 30 students from various backgrounds, it was seen that on average 78.2% interesting join the MOOC online class. The results of this percentage show that students are interested in joining MOOC online classes because they can provide a self-development model, namely institutional (materials that are in accordance with the syllabus), pedagogical in the form of learning videos) and technical (in the form of practicums)
Desy Suryani, Eko Hariyono, Tjipto Prastowo
IJORER : International Journal of Recent Educational Research, Volume 2, pp 557-564; https://doi.org/10.46245/ijorer.v2i5.153

This research aims to determine the online learning constraints of Junior High School students in Nganjuk on science subjects. The change in learning methods that were originally carried out face-to-face to online learning experienced several obstacles such as internet connection, lack of enthusiasm for learning, difficult materials, unclear teaching materials, and teacher’s teaching methods. The type of this research is descriptive survey research, the data of this research was obtained from 70 junior high school students in Nganjuk. The data collection technique in this research was a questionnaire (questionnaire) while the instrument used in this research was an online Google Form questionnaire, which is distributed through the WhatsApp application. The data analysis technique used in this research is descriptive analysis. The results showed that the most common obstacle felt by junior high school students in Nganjuk was the lack attractiveness of teaching materials.
Dimas Indianto S, Sunhaji, Intan Nur Azizah, Ahmad Roja Badrus Zaman
IJORER : International Journal of Recent Educational Research, Volume 2, pp 515-527; https://doi.org/10.46245/ijorer.v2i5.135

Whether it is recognized or not, religion is the most influencing factor in many social conflict phenomena. An unbalanced understanding of religion is suspected of being one of the triggers. Thus, efforts are needed to educate the public about good religious behaviour so that people understand that religion's existence is to create harmony in life, not contrary to incite hostility. Pesantren is one of the alternatives which is expected to be a way out to untangle the tangled threads of religious issues that have become a classic problem in Indonesia today. Pesantren have an essential role in realizing peace in heterogeneous life, namely through prophetic education. One of the pesantren that applies a predictive education pattern is Pesantren An Najah Purwokerto. This research is qualitative, to analyze prophetic teaching at Pesantren An Najah Purwokerto to prevent religious radicalism and describe the supporting and inhibiting factors of prophetic education at Pesantren An Najah Purwokerto. The results showed that the application of prophetic teaching at Pesantren An Najah Purwokerto through several activities, including (1) Introducing the concept of "liyan" or the other in the context of social or community life; (2) Grounding the rationales of the "hubbul wathan" nationalism; (3) Implementing "Peace Education". (4) Religious education based on local culture.
Tatang Mulyana, Surti Kurniasih, Didit Ardianto
IJORER : International Journal of Recent Educational Research, Volume 2, pp 580-589; https://doi.org/10.46245/ijorer.v2i5.146

The purpose of this research is to describe the state of assessment for learning (AfL) in science learning. The research was conducted in February 2021. This research was conducted with a descriptive method using data collection techniques, namely a survey via google form. Before the instrument is used, calibration and testing are carried out and the test results of all items are declared valid and reliable. The results showed that the teacher agreed to the use of Assessment for Learning (AfL) in science learning, which could activate the learning process and accelerate the achievement of goals. In addition to the use of Assessment for Learning (AfL) in science learning, teachers also answered effectively in developing students' literacy skills according to subject coverage. Assesment for Learning (AfL) provides an overview of how students learn and achieve learning goals effectively that can be reported to students' parents. The obstacle in implementing assessment for learning (AfL) is that teachers still find it difficult to compile and develop assessment-based learning designs that are in accordance with process standards, so that most of these teachers adopt learning designs that are already available from various sources, so that the role of assessment is not yet a an integral part of the teaching and learning process.
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