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Syed Irfanul Hoque, Nayeb Sajjadah Nasheen, Muhammad Ali Asgor, Ariful Islam
American Economic & Social Review, Volume 7, pp 1-9; doi:10.46281/aesr.v7i1.1030

Due to the pandemic situation, the whole world is in turmoil. The educational activities are being conducted via an e-Platform in Bangladesh. Social awareness and creativity enhancement Programs have also been limited from the wide range of conventional mode to virtual mode. In the meantime, many Social organizations and educational institutions have failed to manage their regular activities due to lack of technological support. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to examine the success of social awareness and creativity enhancement programs through the e-Learning platform. In order to measure the success of the program a quasi-experimental research design has been applied. In order to collect data, a well-structured creativity, and awareness scale has been adapted. A questionnaire has been administered twice with the same sample. Once before the program offered and again after their participation in the program. The test-retest reliability of the scale would also check with a minimum of α=.80. Therefore, the findings of the research will show how much the effectiveness of those activities increased. This study will assist the social workers, teachers, students and concerned authority in operating creativity enhancement related co-curricular and non-credited program through self-regulated distance learning in a developing country.
American Economic & Social Review, Volume 6, pp 1-12; doi:10.46281/aesr.v6i2.844

Since the outburst of Covid-19 in China, the world economy is passing in a turmoil situation. Undeniably the economy of Bangladesh is also grappled by the severe public health crisis of the Covid-19. As the public health emergency is heavily interconnected with economic affairs, it has impacted each of the pillars of the economy of Bangladesh. The main purpose of this paper is to make evaluations of the potential impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economy of Bangladesh. This study is based on an empirical review of the recent study works, reports, working papers of home, and abroad regarding economic crisis. The review findings of the paper revealed that the COVID-19 pandemic have significant impacts on the different indicators of the economy of Bangladesh especially, Readymade Garments Sector, Foreign Remittance, Bank and Financial Institutions, Food and Agricultures, Local Trade, Foreign Trade (Export and Import), GDP (Gross Domestic Product), SDGs (Sustainable Development Goal), Government Revenue and Employment etc. This study suggested that as Covid-19 still surfacing all over the world so some steps should be ensured by the government agencies of Bangladesh to mitigate possible threats for the economy.
American Economic & Social Review, Volume 6, pp 31-38; doi:10.46281/aesr.v6i2.865

This paper employs an extended production function to examine the relationship between central government debt and economic growth in Italy. The results show that the threshold of the central government debt ratio for Italy is estimated to be 105.00%, which is greater than the 90% debt threshold proposed by Reinhart and Rogoff. Besides, a higher growth rate of labor employment or investment/GDP ratio would raise the growth rate. Hence, the debt threshold proposed by Reinhart-Rogoff underestimates the debt threshold for Italy. The finding suggests that the debt ratio of 131.09% in 2019 is well above the debt threshold and is likely to be unsustainable.
, , K. M. Anwarul Islam,
American Economic & Social Review, Volume 6, pp 13-30; doi:10.46281/aesr.v6i2.851

Self-control is by all explanations a basic worth affecting how others see us and how we see ourselves. The basic aim of the study is to elaborate the vice versa relationship among the factor to test whether certain psychological variable which increases the satisfaction with life. Component of happiness with the influence of locus of control is correlated with each other which is we find in this research. The participants in the study were 307 students of the different institutes who fill questionnaires through snowball sampling. This had a significant huge relationship with the locus of control. In this study, we use a different technique to find the relationship with data. Firstly we test the reliability of the questionnaire which is used by the different researcher in their research article after this we find the correlation which shows the positive result among the variable. Subsequently, MANOVA and other test were applied in this research to emphasize how self-control plays a major role to enhance the level of happiness which discovered the true meaning of satisfaction. This study recommended that if students and people are good at self-control elements in different situations then they will be happier and satisfied with their life. Moreover, the investigation uncovered that self-control has emphatically corresponded with Happiness, regularity feeling, and satisfaction with life. Research on happiness has caused it conceivable to better comprehend human behaviour in different parts of life.
Ashamu Sikiru O.,
American Economic & Social Review, Volume 6, pp 1-7; doi:10.46281/aesr.v6i1.495

Stock markets have been the main catalyst of economic growth in most economies. However, there are mix results on the exact nature of the influence of key stock market variables on economic growth in developing economies. Thus, this study examined the effect of stock market measures on economic growth in Nigeria. This paper employed an ex-post facto research design using annualized data obtained from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Statistical Bulletin and Stock Exchange Fact books for the period 1985 to 2017 and they were analysed using the error correction estimate regression technique at 5% level of significance. The result ecm (-1) is statistically sign and significant, stock market activities such as market capitalization ( = 0.0386, p > 0.05), number of deals ( = 0.0487, p < 0.05) and All share Index ( = 0.0921, p < 0.05) have positive influence on economic growth, while volume of trading ( = -0.6110, p < 0.05) has a negative effect on economic growth. These results suggested that all the specified variables except market capitalization have significant effect on economic growth in Nigeria. The study concluded that stock market activities influence the economic growth in Nigeria. Therefore, it is recommended that investors should take the advantage of the numerous opportunities offered by the stock market while market makers and regulators should continue to operate according to best market practices in order to ensure confidence and continuous patronage by various economic agents.
, Abdur Rakib Nayeem, ,
American Economic & Social Review, Volume 6, pp 30-38; doi:10.46281/aesr.v6i1.554

Organizations nowadays are increasingly impacting in using strategic management to improve their performance; this study has mainly focused on the impact of strategic management on the performance of Choppies Enterprises. Choppies Enterprise Botswana-based Choppies is an investment holding company operating in the retail sector across sub-Saharan Africa. Its operations are food and general merchandise retailing as well as financial services transactions supported by centralized distribution channels, through distribution centers and logistical support assets in Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, and Zambia. This study focused on the strategic management of Choppies Enterprises. The main research problem was to make an in-depth analysis of its competitive strategy and how to implement it. The main research method was qualitative research by analyzing their company data, annual reports, and making interviews with the manager, staff, and customers in Botswana shops. The result shows a clear image of the process of strategic management by Choppies' case. Some recommendations made for Choppies help to improve their sustainable developments and support a vivid example for many companies. In the theoretical part, it described the definition, process, benefit, and challenge of strategic management. In the practical part, an exhaustive analysis of the company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats was made by using the detailed figures.
Mohammad Gias Uddin, Mohin Uddin
American Economic & Social Review, Volume 6, pp 39-54; doi:10.46281/aesr.v6i1.580

The main objective of this examine is to explore the elements that influencing the digital economic system and E-government courting. Commonly, the examiner is to analyze the impact of demographic variables are gender and schooling stage; as well as digital infrastructure, virtual readiness, virtual content material, and offerings on the digital economy in Malaysia. A minimum overall of 384 questionnaires could be disbursed to the goal respondents to collect the sample information. Four hypotheses helping to the developed to survey the particular targets of the examiner. Demographic variables expected to have a high-quality enormous relationship with the virtual financial system. Last however now not least, the findings of the look at shall offer statistics to E-government to understand what factors will affect the virtual economic system. Except, it shall additionally provide useful information for E-government to higher fit their people’s needs. The elements decided to boom high-quality dating among E-government and virtual financial system in Malaysia.
Gopal Chandra Saha
American Economic & Social Review, Volume 6, pp 8-23; doi:10.46281/aesr.v6i1.507

This study endeavors to test the effect of promoting of rural tourism in Bangladesh. Rural tourism can offer assistance in forming our society. It can have both positive and negative impacts on rural as well as urban communities. There's a scope of rural tourism in Bangladesh. The government ought to empower private enterprises to advance tourism in rural areas. For creating the rural tourism we ought to get it the rural environment, demography, socio-culture, financial and political foundation of that put. How we will include the country individuals to improve their socio-economic condition. To create a key promoting arranges for rural tourism we ought to get it the target customer, their needs and how to coordinate it with our rural framework. Rural tourism can create a win-win circumstance for both the rural and urban communities.
Agun Tolulope Francisca,
American Economic & Social Review, Volume 6, pp 24-29; doi:10.46281/aesr.v6i1.536

The study investigated the level of job search skills among undergraduates of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife Osun state and determined the predictive ability social media on job search skills. It examined the influence of the social media on job search skills of undergraduates of the university, Further, it investigated the influence of demographic variables (sex, age and level) and area of specialisation on job search skills of the undergraduate students. These were with a view to providing information on the factor that could improve the job search skills of O.A.U undergraduate students.The study adopted a descriptive survey research design. The population for the study comprised 26,000 undergraduates of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State as at 2016/2017 academic session. The study sample comprised 496 students were selected using a multi-stage sampling procedure. Out of the thirteen faculties, four faculties were selected using simple random sampling technique. Four departments were selected from each of the selected faculties using simple random sampling technique. Purposive sampling technique was used to select graduating students (Parts 4 or 5) from each of the faculties selected. One hundred and twenty-five undergraduates were selected from each faculty, using convenience sampling technique. An instrument titled “social media of Job Search Skills” was adapted from existing standardised instruments and used to collect data. Data collected were analysed using percentage, frequency counts, mean, standard deviation, linear regression, and ordinal logistic regression.The result showed that 21.4%, 55.6% and 23.0% of undergraduates of Obafemi Awolowo University students demonstrated low, moderate and high levels of job search skills respectively. Also, the predictive ability of social media showed that social media (0.323, p< 0.000) had a significant influence on students’ job search skills. The study concluded that social media could improve the job search skills among undergraduates of OAU.
, Okhakhume Aide Sylvester
American Economic & Social Review, Volume 5, pp 38-44; doi:10.46281/aesr.v5i2.362

The care of mentally retarded children is often stressful experiences for family members, as the child grows up and disability becomes quite noticeable by others, parents face a very distressing predicament of social embarrassment and stigma, they require more attention and time while at the same time the need for special equipment, and medical care increases; implicating financial income and capability of the care providers. The aftermath effect on the care provider(s) most often is restrictive and disruptive to economic, social or emotional deficiency. The study examines the influence of socio-demographic variables on care burden of care providers of non-mentally and mentally retarded students in Ibadan metropolis. The study adopted cross sectional research design across types of job, social support, religion, ethnicity and age. A total number of 100 care providers participated in the study (50 care providers of non-mentally retarded students & 50 care providers of the mentally retarded students). The instruments that were used was Care Givers Burden Scale developed by Zarit et al (1980). The result of the study revealed that demographic variables (age, sex, marital status, education level, job type, religion and ethnicity) do not jointly predict burden of care among care providers of mentally retarded students in Ibadan metropolis. [F(7,43)=1.722;p>.05], but revealed that demographic variables jointly predict burden of care among care providers of non-mentally retarded students in Ibadan metropolis. [F(7,43)=2.39;p<.05], and finally revealed that social support had significant influence on burden of care among care providers of mentally retarded students in Ibadan metropolis [t(98)= 11.13; P<.05]. The study therefore concludes that demographic variables jointly predict burden of care among care providers of non-mentally retarded students not mentally retarded students. While social support was found to significantly influence burden of care among care providers of mentally retarded students in Ibadan metropolis.
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