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Syed Abdul Waheed, Nadia Gilani, Saira Zafar
Research Journal of Social Sciences and Economics Review (RJSSER), Volume 2, pp 365-374;

Pursuing doctoral studies after the commencement of the dissertation is exceptionally challenging. Doctoral students meet several times to seek feedback from their research supervisors, and they observe supervisory attitudes very closely. Responding to supervisory feedback is one of the challenges that must be addressed for qualifying the dissertation successfully. The present study aims at how doctoral students respond to the supervisory feedback and how the feedback can be improved because of participants’ perspectives on the feedback and supervisory behavior. Narrative research was employed for grasping a better understanding of participants’ understanding of supervisory feedback and attitudes. Thirteen doctoral students were approached through maximum variation purposive sampling who was pursuing a doctoral degree in various physical and social science disciplines in different semesters at public and private universities of the Punjab province in Pakistan. The data were collected through conversational interviews to examine the in-depth understanding of doctoral student’s storied experiences. The main themes emerged from the thematic analysis were; responding to the feedback, supervisory attitudes, and relationship and improving supervisory feedback. The emergent themes were described and interpreted through significant words, phrases, and statements of the participants. The study has implications for the improvement of supervisory feedback and bringing reforms in doctoral studies.
Zaigham Ali, Ammar Hussain, Zubair Ahmed
Research Journal of Social Sciences and Economics Review (RJSSER), Volume 2, pp 414-427;

The purpose of this research is to break down the monitoring process to explore the problems which impede cost efficiency in contract monitoring in a developing country, such as Pakistan. This research investigated the issues and challenges to the cost-efficient and effective implementation of project monitoring systems in public sector construction projects in Pakistan. This study uses the transaction cost economics (TCE) lens, to explore the project monitoring process of construction projects, 25 interviews with Engineers and Associate engineers were conducted from public sector construction projects. Qualitative research was performed, and thick qualitative data has been coded, categorized, analyzed, and concluded. The study concluded that in principle, project monitoring contributes to reduced transaction costs, depending on how efficiently governance arrangements are made. Hurdles related to weak governance in the organization significantly increase the post-contract transaction cost (TC). As a result of the analysis, multiple issues have been identified from the study such as Political realities, capacity building, resource constraints, administrative issues, mutual dependency, and department coordination has a direct influence on the TCs in construction projects. The result of this study provides a deeper understanding and clear roadmap of the ongoing monitoring practices and processes in the public sector construction projects. It identifies the problems and issues of the monitoring process in the construction industry of developing countries which potentially causes to increase in the total project cost.
Shaukat Ali, Saddam Hussain, Iftikhar Ali
Research Journal of Social Sciences and Economics Review (RJSSER), Volume 2, pp 382-389;

This study exploits John Milton's poems "On His Blindness, and "Methought I Saw My Late Espoused Saint" for teaching speaking skills to ESL learners. The study utilized a quasi-experimental design consisting of a treatment group (TG) and a comparison group (CG). CG was taught through conventional language text whereas TG was treated with the aforementioned poems. The main focus of the study was to observe the language learning behavior of the students of both TG and CG during language learning activities. The study therefore employed observation field notes beside the speaking type pretest and posttest as tools of data collection. The thematic analysis of the observation field notes indicated that the students of TG were confident, motivated, involved in, and excited about the language learning activities. On the contrary, the students of the CG were found to be hesitant, passive, and demotivated during the language learning venture. Consequently, the students of TG performed significantly better than that of CG on the posttest. The study recommends that poetry should be utilized for teaching the English language in general and speaking skills in particular.
Sajjad Ahmad, Sana Aziz, Umar Sajjad
Research Journal of Social Sciences and Economics Review (RJSSER), Volume 2, pp 16-21;

In translation and cultural studies, the issue of (in) visibility of translator has taken its firm grounds especially after the publication of Venuti’s (1995) The Invisibility of Translator and its subsequent row of arguments and counter-arguments for and against the theoretical perspective as given in the book. The current research paper is an attempt to have an overview of Venuti’s and his critics’ arguments and add to the existing discussion of (in) visibility of translator, foreignization, and domestication of translation and projection and preservation of source culture during the act of translation by resisting the linguistic and cultural hegemony of English. This paper has, broadly, three main divisions of ideas: a firstly brief overview of Venuti’s arguments; secondly, a brief overview of Venuti’s most recent critics’ arguments like Pym, Tymoczko, Baker, Cronin, and Shamma; and thirdly the researchers own arguments about the issue based on the detailed analysis of previous literature. Conducting a close reading, as a popular method of analysis in qualitative research methodology, of the literature related to the issue of visibility of translator, the researcher has tried to suggest that the act of translation, during the voluntary act of foreignization, adds a concocted essence to the real spirit of the literary piece of work which neither remains beneficial for the assertion of the individuality of the source culture nor it helps very much in the resistance of the dominating language and culture. At the cost of aesthetic pleasure, the foreignization method also entails the sacrifice of literary meanings and effects.
Naila Iram, Shamsa Aziz, Fouzia Ajmal
Research Journal of Social Sciences and Economics Review (RJSSER), Volume 2, pp 114-119;

Sleep is a physiological process essential to humans for their normal functioning. Sleep habits and problems are also influenced by physical, mental, and environmental factors such as age, gender, job, lifestyle, emotional tension, and noise. The purpose of this study was to explore the effects of sleep disorders on students' academic achievement at International Islamic University Islamabad. The objectives of the study were to: find out the causes of sleep disorders among university students and explore the effect of sleep disorders on the academic achievement of students. This study was quantitative in nature and a survey was done for data collection. The sample of the study consisted of 80 students of the Faculty of Social Sciences suffering from sleep disorder and residing in hostels. Researchers used a self-developed three-point scale for data collection. The validity of the instrument was checked through experts' opinions while the reliability of the instruments was checked through Cronbach's Alpha. The collected data were scored, tabulated, and analyzed making use of descriptive and inferential statistics i.e. mean scores and t-test through Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS 21). Results showed that late-night socializing and stress related to exams, assignments, and tests were the two top major causes of students' sleep disorders and there is a great effect of sleep disorders on the academic achievement of students.
Nosheen Sarwat, Raza Ali, Tariq Iqbal Khan
Research Journal of Social Sciences and Economics Review (RJSSER), Volume 2, pp 135-143;

When individuals are under stress, they cannot fully expend all their energies at work because they are distracted due to stress. This concept is termed stress-related presenteeism. The primary purpose of this research was to analyze the relationship of challenging job demands (i.e., workload) and hindering job demands (i.e., cognitive job demands) with stress-related presenteeism, and the subsequent relationship of stress-related presenteeism with psychological well-being, by using the job-demands resource model and conservation of resource theory. Data (n=211) were collected in two-time waves from bank employees of three major cities of Pakistan. The collected data were analyzed by using bootstrapping mediation analysis. Findings revealed that workload was negatively associated with stress-related presenteeism, whereas cognitive job demands were positively related to stress-related presenteeism. Stress-related presenteeism also mediated the relationships of challenging job demands and hindering job demands with psychological well-being. Implications for managers and recommendations are discussed towards the end of this study...
Khalid Hussain Abbasi, Ashfaque Ali Banbhan, Najia Shaikh
Research Journal of Social Sciences and Economics Review (RJSSER), Volume 2, pp 83-96;

This study aimed to explore the composition of BODs committees in PIACL. Secondary data from Annual Reports, Act, Rules and Regulations of the corporation in general and SECP recommendations i.e., the codes of CG in particular were collected. Data were analyzed in MS-Office 2016 version using MS-Excel and MS-Word. Obtained results are, the BODs can exercise their powers to form the board’s various committees, but at the same time BODs must execute their responsibilities focusing on objectives of the corporation and larger interest of stockholders in good faith and judgment, especially executing authority for the establishment of AC. BODs must confirm that none of the member's interests conflicts with the objectives of the committee. The Principal Finance Officer (CFO), inside audit officials, and officers like the chief cooperating officer (CEO) do not represent AC. However, one member of the committee must hold ample knowledge related to finance, but this does not mean that a member of the board who is linked either with financial matters or audit operations is appointed on the committee. Results further indicated that in PIACL different committees of BODs have been formed where a director in the finance committee is also appointed as member or chairman in AC in contrast to SECP codes. Similarly, various BODs have been made part of the AC, HR, IT, Procurement, Marketing (Brand and advertisement) committee. Whereas, practically it is very uncommon that an individual possesses expertise in IT, HR, Marketing, and Finance fields simultaneously as these are diverse fields, how come a person can be an expert of all disciplines at the same time? Hence, the appointment of directors in multiple committees at the same time raises a lot of questions about the independent working or decision-making of such committees.
Hashmat Begum, Hafiz Muhammad Ibrar Ullah, Samina Begum
Research Journal of Social Sciences and Economics Review (RJSSER), Volume 2, pp 79-82;

Abu al Hasan al-Ashari is measured to be a great as well as famous scholar of theology. He competed with philosophers with the power of his knowledge. He was a famous religious scholar of the Abbasi period. During the heyday of Islam, two schools of thought became famous. One school of thought became famous as the Motazilies and the other discipline of thought became known as the Ash'arites. Abu al-Hasan al-Ash'ari remained a supporter of the Mu'tazilites for forty years. Then there was a disagreement with Mu'tazilah about the issue of value. Imam al-Ghazali is one of the leading preachers of his Ash'arite school of thought. Abu al-Hasan al-Ash'ari inherited a passion for collecting books. As a child, he used to collect books from his hobby. Sometimes there are very difficult places in the path of knowledge, only a real student can pass through these places safely. He has been remembered by the Islamic world in very high words. There was a student who drank the ocean of knowledge but his thirst was not quenched. And the thirst of a real student is never quenched. Attempts have been made to review his life, education, and services in the Islamic sciences.
Zia Ur Rehman, Abdul Khaliq Alvi, Zaeem Ahmad
Research Journal of Social Sciences and Economics Review (RJSSER), Volume 2, pp 303-316;

This research aims to check the mediating role of resilience between the relationships of hope with life satisfaction. Hope and mindfulness are independent variables and life satisfaction is the dependent variable. This is cross-sectional research and data was collected from 350 employees of an engineering company randomly. Simple linear and multiple regression analyses are performed for testing the hypotheses of the study. Results indicate that hope has a direct positive impact on life satisfaction and resilience respectively. Moreover, resilience is partially mediating the relationship of hope with life satisfaction. The current study considers only the employees of Mott MacDonald Group. Current research is a case study on Mott MacDonald Group, so cannot generalize the results on other types of industry and describes only a few predictors of life satisfaction. Future researches will also conduct on the same kind of engineering firm for generalization. In future researches, some other variables as predictors and outcomes may also include for explaining the phenomenon of life satisfaction. It is also beneficial to conduct this kind of research on sectors like the textile sector, banking sector, and telecom sector. Life satisfaction is very supportive for the organizations to maintain balance in work and lives of employees which may result in dedicated employees. The proposed research model of life satisfaction is satisfactorily supported by empirical tests.
Saima Aftab, Ajmal Waheed
Research Journal of Social Sciences and Economics Review (RJSSER), Volume 2, pp 232-243;

Organizational development is the key to success depending highly on the behaviors of individuals working within. This study has tested the impact of two types of proactive behaviors i.e., proactive problem solving (PPS) and proactive idea implementation (PII) on organizational development. The self-efficacy of employees is taken as a moderator on the direct relationship of PPS and PII with organizational development (OD). Data is collected from managerial employees of manufacturing organizations in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, and KPK region in Pakistan, through self-administered survey questionnaires. Results show that PPS and PII have a positive significant relationship with organizational development. Self-efficacy strongly moderates the direct relationships of PPS and PII with OD in such a way that the higher the levels of self-efficacy, the stronger will be the relationship of PII and PPS with OD. This research provides useful insights into the organizational development literature highlighting the importance of proactivity and self-efficacy resources of employees.
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