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Rooh Ul Amin, Ghulam Muhammad Awan, Faryal Raheem
Research Journal of Social Sciences and Economics Review (RJSSER), Volume 1, pp 418-426; doi:10.36902/rjsser-vol1-iss4-2020(418-426)

Asia’s Cockpit, Afghanistan, is not only a strategic neigbour but also share intellectual, geographical, cultural, and diplomatic relations with Pakistan. Pakistan and Afghanistan’s long but porous border has been a source of trade, people interaction, and economic integration. The landlocked Afghanistan seeks an opportunity for trade through Pakistan under the provision of GATT Article V, UN law of Seas 1981 and New York Convention-1965. This study is conducted to examine Pak-Afghan Transit Trade relations over the years. Study is descriptive in nature based on data extracted from published government sources and research papers. Study found that Pak-Afghan signed two transit trade agreements i.e. Afghan Transit Trade Agreement on March 02, 1965 at Kabul and Afghan-Pak Transit Trade Agreement on October 28, 2010 at Islamabad. Under this agreement Pakistan permitted using of territory for trade transit enter from Karachi Port and Port Qasim and exist through Chaman and Torkham. Study found these agreements are bilaterally beneficial, however the research revealed that volume of Afghan transit trade decreased due to the sporadic events of border closures over the years and resultantly Afghanistan seeks transit trade opportunities through Turkmenistan, Iran, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan as per mutually agreed transit trade agreements with them. Afghan’s transit trade shift through other routes has serious implications for Pakistan socio-political and socio-economic interests. Since, peace and prosperity passes through international trade and economic integration therefore, both countries should adopt realistic approach towards each other’s sensitivities and concerns. Afghanistan must take a serious measures in controlling flow of smuggling and terrorism across Afghan land to Pakistan. The research recommends revisiting of the agreement and realign with the obvious opportunities emerging from the CPEC. Afghan should permit and facilitate Pakistan to trade with Central Asia and beyond using Afghan territory. The research further recommends that both countries to ensure that their bilateral relation are not affected by ties with any other country.
Shazia Kanwal, Hafiz Inam, Farooq Nawaz Khan
Research Journal of Social Sciences and Economics Review (RJSSER), Volume 1, pp 289-300; doi:10.36902/rjsser-vol1-iss4-2020(289-300)

There are some stereotypical roles, characteristics, and traits associated with different genders. All genders are being linked with certain emotional states. In the context of the Pakistani scenario which is considered as a patriarchal society, the male gender is regarded as a dominant being and has certain traits like strength, confidence, decision making, and power connected with this gender. Conventionally, the female gender is considered to be very emotional, sensitive, lack confidence and decision making skills. The present study focuses on to find out the existing ground realities, if these gender connected traits have any kind of effect on their performance and effectiveness at workplaces. The proposed research purpose is to investigate the effect of gender on teacher's emotional intelligence at higher educational institutions of district Peshawar. The researcher selected three public universities of Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa using cluster sampling technique and using stratified sampling technique SRMEI was administered proportionally to the selected university teachers (female= 59, male= 106) to assess their emotional intelligence. SRMEI comprises three subscales: emotional self-awareness, emotional self-regulation, and interpersonal relationship. Data was analyzed on SPSS version 20 software. The researcher applied a T-Test to investigate the effect of gender on the EI skills of teachers. The study discovered a fact that teachers' (female gender) mean score (M= 3.71, SD= .212) was significantly higher than that of male (M= 2.38, SD=.455) on a factor only i.e. interpersonal skills. While both gender groups display similar results on the remaining two facets of Emotional Intelligence (EI) was concerned.
Gouhar Pirzada, Yaar Muhammad, Faisal Anis
Research Journal of Social Sciences and Economics Review (RJSSER), Volume 1, pp 122-132; doi:10.36902/rjsser-vol1-iss4-2020(122-132)

Despite several interventions from the public, private and NGO sectors, the sustainability of education for working children has always been a challenge in Pakistan. Setting life goals is the first step towards achieving them, and setting life goals itself is a life skill, not possessed by everyone. Children who possess this valuable skill tend to perform better in managing their careers, time, and life. A framework proposed by Cassandra Massey quite explicitly explains the various factors that working children need to consider and focus on while pursuing their life goals. It comprises eight attributes, including Self-care, Relationships, Money, Personal development, Home-life, Community, Passions, and Work-life. It is essential to know-how and to what extent these attributes affect the education and life goals of working children to understand their perspectives. The multiple case study research design was used in this study to illustrate the issue and getting similar and contrasting patterns from responses of the five cases. Findings from all five case studies that there exists a high determination and commitment towards education, and 4 out of 5 cases expressed there are high chances for them to be able to achieve their life goals. Based on findings various implications are discussed.
Shabeer Ahmad, Muhammad Ilyas Mahmood, Sajid Abbas
Research Journal of Social Sciences and Economics Review (RJSSER), Volume 1, pp 322-328; doi:10.36902/rjsser-vol1-iss4-2020(322-328)

This paper discusses the theme of alienation and female friendship in black women in Toni Morrison’s fiction. The female bonding is a possible way to deal with alienation which is caused by various factors as racial and social discriminations. This female bonding provides back women necessary support for mutual growth and assists them in combating various social pressures. However, it is argued here that this female friendship of black women in Morrison suffers from alienation in the long run. While foregrounding the healing power of female bonding which may allow women to survive under exploitation of various kinds, this paper brings for an argument that this female companionship nevertheless is corrupted by the power of explicit or implicit patriarchal forces working under the umbrella of social institutions of class and marriage. Hence the black women need to be on guard against all those forces which endanger the consistency of their mutual companionship.
Sumaira Noreen
Research Journal of Social Sciences and Economics Review (RJSSER), Volume 1, pp 301-306; doi:10.36902/rjsser-vol1-iss4-2020(301-306)

This article presents the case of the British colonial rule and Second World War affecting secondary school curriculum developments in colonial Punjab. The focus rests on the description of those curricular and co-curricular activities that were directed towards war-centric demands for the Grow More Food Drive of Second World War. While aligning secondary education with the emerging needs of the War, the colonial rulers also maintained the confidence of the local educational administration. With the War approaching towards the end, the Indian leaders made their demands upon the British Government to adopt a broader policy emphasizing agricultural knowledge with more of a scientific orientation.
Riaz Hussain, Muhamad Asif, Muhammad Din
Research Journal of Social Sciences and Economics Review (RJSSER), Volume 1, pp 225-232; doi:10.36902/rjsser-vol1-iss4-2020(225-232)

A new lingua franca, Urdubic, is emerging in the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf. Its linguistic composition is defined by the reduced and simplified forms of Arabic and Urdu. The paper examines linguistic, social, and historical aspects of its sociolinguistic make-up. Recurrent patterns of mutual migration between Arabs and Indians have played a pivotal role in the development of this lingua franca. Today, it appears to permeate the very homes of the Arabs. The examples of linguistic features (combinations of Urdu and Arabic) of the pidgin mentioned in the current study show that Urban Arabic is accepting foreign influences. This influx of foreign languages has alarmed those Arabs who want to preserve the purity of Arabic. How long Urdubic is going to survive amid Arabs’ efforts to save Arabic from such foreign influences? The paper concludes with speculations about the future of Urdubic.
Muhammad Tariq, Amjad Ali Khan, Ejaz Khan
Research Journal of Social Sciences and Economics Review (RJSSER), Volume 1, pp 355-360; doi:10.36902/rjsser-vol1-iss4-2020(355-360)

The US has played a significant role in the world particularly during the post-world War–II period. The changing role has been ascribed by some to the Trump administration while by others it has been attributed to the Obama administration. Democratic Peace Theory provides the basic theoretical framework for the study while four key factors of the US role have been elucidated. The focus of this paper is to investigate the role played by the US in the post-World War-II era to date coupled with the changing behavior of the US from time to time during different regimes. The main objectives of the paper include global leadership, defense, and promotion of liberal international order, freedom, democracy, and prevention of the emergence of hegemonic power. It is an important fact that the US has played the role of world hegemony, particularly in the post-World War-II era.
Sarmad Rahat, Talaat Munir, Amir Abbas Kazi
Research Journal of Social Sciences and Economics Review (RJSSER), Volume 1, pp 194-200; doi:10.36902/rjsser-vol1-iss4-2020(194-200)

High-return social information accumulation can encourage improved review, progressively comprehensive detailing, and improved inconstancy catch over a period. In spite of the fact that there are instances of little investigations that catch explicit high recurrence factors in the sociology writing, there is so far no noteworthy exertion to gather a wide scope of high recurrence factors. We tried our first such endeavors with a deliberately fluctuating cell phone-based information accumulation approach the return of the investigation task and the update time frame, which enables one to dissect the general advantage of high recurrence information gathering for different key factors in family unit overviews. This overview of 482 ranchers from northwesterly Bangladesh for roughly 1 year of persistent information on key examination for family unit and network prosperity can be especially valuable in planning and assessing improvement intercessions and strategies. While the information talked about here give a concise review of what is conceivable, we likewise stress their capacity to give interdisciplinary research in family unit agribusiness, rehearses, regular yearning, and so forth., in a low-salary rural society.
Mehreen Zafar, Muhammad Ahsan, Muhammad Naeem
Research Journal of Social Sciences and Economics Review (RJSSER), Volume 1, pp 1-10; doi:10.36902/rjsser-vol1-iss4-2020(1-10)

Whatsapp statuses are an example of computer-mediated communication. The current qualitative and quantitative study aims to explore the ideology of Whatsapp users and highlight the differences among the generations through the semiotic landscape of Whatsapp statuses. The analytical tools of “David Machin and Andrea Mayr” (2012) and theoretical principles of “Kress and Leeuwen” (1996) helped to analyze the multimodal discourse of WhatsApp statuses. A survey was also conducted to know the stance of Whatsapp users. Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis (MCDA) of 630 Whatsapp statuses of 90 participants in social semiotics represented Post-Millennials, Millennials, and Generation X with clear differences in their ideologies. The differences are louder for gaze, distance, iconography, colors, vector, angle, and frames. The results of the survey show that Post-Millennial give much value to Whatsapp statuses as 92% of them display statuses daily. All three generations have quite separate reasons to use Whatsapp statuses; only informing others is the common reason between Millennials and Generation X. Basically, the users of Whatsapp statuses are the social actors who represent their cognitive meanings socially.
Ghulam Mujtaba Yasir, Dr. Mamuna Ghani
Research Journal of Social Sciences and Economics Review (RJSSER), Volume 1, pp 411-417; doi:10.36902/rjsser-vol1-iss4-2020(411-417)

Pakistan is among those very few multicultural and multilingual countries which are celebrated for their ethnic as well as linguistic diversity. From the coastal areas of Karachi to the mountainous terrain of Gilgit Baltistan six major and more than 70 minor languages are spoken in various parts of Pakistan. Urdu relishes the position of National Language whereas the official language of the country is English and is mostly used by the power-wielding strata of the country namely the government functionaries, corporate sector, and education sector. The purpose of the study was to find out the interplay between socioeconomic factors and the phenomenon of language shift. The present research is descriptive in which 300 Urdu speaking children of Saraiki families of D.G. Khan District were selected for data collection. A multiple-choice questionnaire was devised and administered to collect the required data. The results insinuated a strong interplay between socio-economic factors and the language shift.
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