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Jumail Wastam, Endang Rudiatin
Journal of Intelligent Computing and Health Informatics, Volume 2, pp 35-42;

The main problem of community empowerment in Small and Medium Enterprenership is the lack of an entrepreneurial ecosystem that helps SMEs adopt technology from larger businesses (R&D transfer), further there is high level enough of opportunity to do business in Indonesia, however the business sustainability is still low. Meanwhile, forming a business community will be one of the best alternatives to support in maintain business sustainability, where this can be achieved by collaboration in order to involve similar business units into a productive SMEs community. Developing SMEs community product share is an innovative method in this study so that product stock could remain available and it is mean business can continously productive. Developing business community of SMEs give an essential advantages to the target customers, where they are may face more stock of similar product from various store in one etalase. An e-commerce platform may facilitates this SMEs community for product share method. In this study has explore as a case which product share method are implemented and tested. Observational analysis, and questionnaire are conducted to have public and SMEs respond on the importance of product stock availability. The result of 98.4% participants has showing their positive responses on the case, 85.3% has shows how impact of the product stock availability, which is mean that the e-commerce platform have to give seriously consideration on community based product share stock as an important method.
Gustia Ochtavia, Muhammad Sarjan, Akhmad Qashlim
Journal of Intelligent Computing and Health Informatics, Volume 2, pp 43-48;

Seeing from today's technological developments, it is growing rapidly, but there are still many people, especially the younger generation today, whose understanding is still very lacking, in recognizing any motifs or patterns in Lipa Saqbe Mandar. From these problems, an image processing application is needed to recognize the Lipa Saqbe pattern that can be used to help facilitate the community or the younger generation, where the camera application will be directed to Lipa Saqbe and will then provide information or identify the name of the Lipa Saqbe pattern or motif. This system uses the template matching method, which functions to match each part of an image with the image that becomes the template (reference). One of the applied methods of the convolution technique. This method is often used to identify character images of letters, numbers, fingerprints, and other image matching applications. This application is built using the Java programming language, and database. The image management process uses the template matching method through a scanning process so that it can identify the name of the motif or pattern in Lipa Saqbe
Regina Gita Pratiwi, Max Teja Ajie Cipta Widiyanto
Journal of Intelligent Computing and Health Informatics, Volume 2, pp 57-60;

The development of the e-ticketing application starts from planning is identifying problems, the system running, user needs to designing the uml, database and GUI. Up to the coding stage and the application named Electronic Ticketing Application (E-Tilang) Against Traffic Offenders in Merangin Regency is web-based. The application focuses on recording tickets and the results of recording tickets that can be seen on the web. The system created by the author can simplify the process of counting and processing of numbers, both for the Kasatlanas party and the public in seeing the results of the selection trial because all activities are carried out online and the data is recorded in real time in the database
Mawar Mawar, Muhammad Assiddiq, Akhmad Qashlim
Journal of Intelligent Computing and Health Informatics, Volume 2, pp 49-55;

Inspectorate as an institution that supervises violations in government agencies or organizations. However, when individuals report a deviation, they often get into trouble because the identity of the reporter is not kept secret. So that in this research a complaint system is designed that uses the concept of whistleblowing with the cryptographic method. Where this method uses the Message Digest 5 (MD5) algorithm to lock or encrypt data so that the confidentiality of the reporting data can be maintained. In collecting data, it is done qualitatively, where data is collected through observation, interviews, and literature studies. This study resulted in a complaint system using the whistleblowing concept with the message digest 5 cryptographic method which was used at the Polewali Mandar Regency Inspectorate Office as a medium for reporting violations. With this complaint system, the reporter need not be afraid, because his identity will be encrypted using the Message Digest 5 algorithm.
Rendi Fajrianto,
Journal of Intelligent Computing and Health Informatics, Volume 2, pp 29-34;

Employee attendance using finger print attendance device, is not efficient enough for PT. Modern Gravure Indonesia, because it will result in long queues. In addition, attendance using a finger print attendance device can increase the risk of contracting COVID-19 disease, because there is physical contact. So a mobile-based application is needed in order to anticipate long attendance queues and avoid the risk of being exposed to COVID-19. This application provides an attendance feature with location validation using LBS technology. If the employee is already in the office area or less than 500 meters from the office coordinates, then he or she can take attendance, so the employee cannot commit fraud. This application can also display monthly reports that are used for integration with the PT. Modern Gravure Indonesia. The method used to build this application is Waterfall and UML diagram modeling. This application will be built using the Flutter framework. And for the server side it will be built using the Laravel framework. With this application, it is expected to be able to overcome long attendance queues and reduce the risk of being exposed to Covid-19 at PT. Modern Gravure Indonesia.
Rahmat Robi Waliyansyah, Mega Novita
Journal of Intelligent Computing and Health Informatics, Volume 2, pp 23-28;

The Mawar Garbage Bank needs a waste bank data management information system with a Web-based Telegram Bot notification feature on the Garbage Bank. The goal is to provide convenience to the officers of the Mawar Garbage Bank to speed up the process of managing data and delivering information in an effective and efficient manner to customers. This research uses the waterfall method. By using a MySQL database, PHP programming language and Laravel Framework. As well as diagrams used for system modeling using the Unified Modeling Language (UML). With this system, it is hoped that it can make it easier to manage data and provide information about the waste bank which is useful for the Mawar Garbage Bank. This research will be tested using Black Box, White Box and User Acceptance Test (UAT). As for the notification using a telegram bot. The notification from the telegram bot aims to make it easier for customers to find information such as balances, savings flows, and cash withdrawals. From the black box test, you get 100% results, which means that the system has met the design objectives, so this system is suitable for use. White box test results get 100% results with the resulting complexity is 2 which shows that it can meet the criteria for software engineering. The results of the user acceptance test (UAT) test get a 98% result, which means that the software is acceptable and has met the requested needs.
Akhmad Qashlim, Riswandi Andi, Ul Khairat
Journal of Intelligent Computing and Health Informatics, Volume 2, pp 17-22;

Efforts to improve analytical skills provide recommendations and improve partner’s cooperation in order to strengthen the surveillance system in each Health Center unit that can be utilized by the field of epidemiology for managers / structural and functional. So we need an automated system that is able to process and integrate disease data into surveillance data. This automated system can be created using web-based information technology. This study aims to design a web-based information system that processes disease data taken from patient medical records and disease reports at three health centers, namely Massenga Health Center, Matakali Health Center, and Pekkabata Health Center then presented as disease surveillance data at the Health Office. The focus of surveillance is on the disease, not the individual. Qualitative methods in this study were used to analyze each system at each health center. This system is built using the PHP and MySQL programming languages using the concept of database integration. This system will collect data from three samples of Health Center, then the incoming data will automatically be processed and analyzed so as to produce objective, measurable information that can be compared over time between health center as decision making material. The results of this study are surveillance data regarding the information of diseases and trends in diseases such as DBD, TBC, ISPA, Hipertensi at certain timeframes in each Health.
Dewi Darma Pertiwi
Journal of Intelligent Computing and Health Informatics, Volume 1, pp 45-47;

Weather conditions in the city of Mataram tend to be erratic and difficult to predict, such as the condition of rainfall data in 2018 which changes over a certain period of time so that the weather is difficult to predict accurately. In this study, we propose the Exponential Smoothing Holt-Winter method to forecast rainfall in the city of Mataram, so that it can be a decision support for various interested sectors. This method has been tested using secondary data from the Mataram City Central Bureau of Statistics for the period January 2014 to 2018 and evaluated using Mean Absolute Deviation (MAD), Mean Squared Error (MSE) and Mean Absolute Percentage Error (MAPE). The results of this study indicate that using the Exponential Smoothing Holt-Winter method yields better results, each of which is MAPE 142.3, MAD 95.6 and MSD value 24988.7 and the data smoothing value is obtained for the smallest combination value of α 0.2, β 0.1, and γ 0.1. It can be concluded that the proposed method can provide better information and can be used to predict rainfall in Mataram City for the next 12 periods.
, Erfan Rusdi, Muhammad Akbar Setiawan
Journal of Intelligent Computing and Health Informatics, Volume 1, pp 26-38;

Since being confirmed by WHO, the status of COVID-19 outbreak has become a global pandemic, the number of cases has been confirmed positive, cured, and even death worldwide. Artificial intelligence in the medical has given rise to expert systems that can replace the role of experts (doctors). Tools to detect someone affected by COVID-19 have not been widely applied in all regions. Banyumas Regency, Indonesia is included confirmed region of COVID-19 cases, and it’s difficult for someone to know the symptoms that are felt whether these symptoms include indications of someone ODP, PDP, positive, or negative COVID-19, and still at least a referral hospital handling COVID-19. Expert system with certainty factor can help someone make a self-diagnose whether including ODP, PDP, positive, or negative COVID-19. This expert system provides ODP diagnostic results with a confidence level of 99.96%, PDP 99.99790%, positive 99.9999997%, negative 99.760384%, and the application runs well on Android OS
Aprilia Dwi Anggara Wati, Laelatul Khikmah
Journal of Intelligent Computing and Health Informatics, Volume 1, pp 48-52;

The Human Development Index (HDI) is a human development index that is used to achieve the development outcomes of a region. HDI is formed by 3 basic dimensions, namely the health dimension as seen from the indicator of life expectancy at birth, the dimension of knowledge seen from a combination of indicators of average length of schooling and expectation of school years and dimensions of decent living standards as seen from the indicator of average per capita expenditure has been adjusted. The development of HDI in Central Java shows an increase every year. In 2018 the HDI figure for Central Java Province reached 71.12% and increased by 0.6% from the previous year. This is because the large HDI figures in an area are influenced by the large HDI numbers in adjacent areas. The location / area factor is thought to have a spatial dependence effect on the HDI figure. This problem can be overcome by using spatial regression by including the relationship between regions into the model. The spatial regression approach used in this study is the Spatial Error Model (SEM). The weighting matrix used in this study is Queen Contiguity (intersection between sides and corners). This study provides results that the variables that significantly influence HDI are poverty and school enrollment rates.
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