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Ogunode Niyi Jacob
International Journal of Advances in Data and Information Systems, Volume 1, pp 69-79; doi:10.25008/ijadis.v1i2.188

The main purpose of this research work is to investigate the challenges preventing students of educational administration and planning from using ICT for learning in Nigeria higher institutions: a case study of university of Abuja, Nigeria. The sample for this study was all the students in university of Abuja. 50 students from each level of the department of educational administration and planning totaling 200 were randomly selected from the department using simple random sampling technique. One hypothesis and three research questions were postulated as a guide to this study and a seven sub-items questionnaire divided into two sections was used to get the required information. A simple percentage and chi-square were used to test the hypotheses at 0.95% level of significance. It was found out that there are challenges preventing students of educational administration and planning from using ICT for learning. The challenges preventing students of educational administration and planning from using ICT for learning includes; unstable power supply, lack of personal laptop or computer system, unstable ICT Network services, lack of computer literacy by the students, High cost of ICT services, poor infrastructural facilities of ICT in higher institutions and poor computer literacy of the lecturers. Base on the findings, the researchers recommends that the government should increase the funding of education in Nigeria to enable schools administrators provide necessary ICT facilities in their various schools.
Muhammad Arslan, Wajid Shakeel Ahmed, Mansoor Akhter
International Journal of Advances in Data and Information Systems, Volume 1, pp 103-115; doi:10.25008/ijadis.v1i2.183

This study postulates that propose global proxy index is a significant conduit to evaluate the shocks in volatile stock markets i.e. PSX and SSE, alike. The two separate models i.e. Log-GARCH (1, 1) and ARMA-GARCH (1, 1) have been used along with the value at risk (V-a-R) @ 5% criteria for choosing best-fitted model. The study results showed Log-GARCH (1, 1) model proves to the best. This study results are not driven by political-level risks and thus independent study can be conducted to evaluate the detrimental consequences on investment opportunities under volatile environments.
Lila Setiyani, Abin Syamsudin, Abdorrakhman Gintings, Daeng Arifin
International Journal of Advances in Data and Information Systems, Volume 1; doi:10.25008/ijadis.v1i2.184

Undergraduate thesis is a scientific paper that students must complete to get a bachelor’s degree. During the completion of the thesis, many students face difficulties in determining research topics, supervision, and administration processes so that they cannot graduate on time. This study aims to analyze the functional needs of the undergraduate thesis information system management that is needed by both students and administrators. This system serves to accelerate the thesis preparation process that is useful for students, supervisors, and thesis administration managers. The procedure of the study was conducted by compiling matrix planning and data collection. As the data source, this study involved 20 students who were writing their undergraduate thesis and 10 alumni who have completed their theses. This sample was selected with the criteria of students or alumni who have been involved in the undergarduate thesis business process. In the process of taking samples reseachers used a purposive sampling method. In addition, difficulties in managing the thesis were also explored by supervisors and study program management. Furthermore, the data were analyzed through PIECES (Performance, Information, Economy, Control, Efficiency, Service). This study produces a list of functional needs on the thesis management system that can encourage students to graduate on time, in which universities can implement this system and socialize it to users.
Rintho Rante Rerung, Muhammad Fauzan, Hari Hermawan
International Journal of Advances in Data and Information Systems, Volume 1, pp 89-102; doi:10.25008/ijadis.v1i2.185

The purpose of this study is to measure and describe the Higher Education Services Institution Region IV website quality using the Webqual 4.0 method. The questionnaire filling, depth interviews, and observation are the methods used in this research. The measurement results showed that the overall of the Higher Education Services Institution Region IV website quality was included in Good criteria. In detail from the measurement results, the dimension criteria that gained the highest score was the usability dimension which is 741,63 with a percentage of 81.05 (good criteria). The information quality dimension obtained an average score of 730,57 with a percentage 79.84 (good criteria). While the dimension that obtained the lowest score was the service interaction dimension which was 710,50 with the percentage of 77.10 (good criteria). In addition, in order to accommodate the needs of visitors, this study found the fact that visitors expected website developers to build the website navigate easily, information updated more, implement a comprehensive recommendation system, and more interactive.
Matheus Rumetna, Elisabeth Esmeralda Renny, Tirsa Ninia Lina
International Journal of Advances in Data and Information Systems, Volume 1; doi:10.25008/ijadis.v1i2.187

Samsung Partner Plaza is a company that sells smartphones and serves large-scale sales by adopting the membership and computerized systems. The company’s inventory management activities consist of the normal inventory flow direction and management, ranging from the inventory procurement, storage to sales. The company would often face a problem where it would be running out of finished goods inventory to be sold in coming months. The remaining inventory would be inadequate to meet the customer demands. Such situation, and the fact that the company has competitors both inside and outside Sorong city, might cause customers to find other companies that could meet their demands, thus reducing the company’s capacity to generate profit. Given the situation, this research was conducted to create an information system which could be used by Samsung Partner Plaza for inventory forecasting. The system would provide information regarding the correct amount of inventory which could meet the customer demands. The waterfall method was employed to develop the system whereas the exponential smoothing method was employed by the system to perform forecasting. The research produced a forecasting information system which was helpful for the company in predicting the adequate amount of inventory to be ordered to meet the customer demands. The system was tested using the Black Box testing and the results showed that all functions of the system worked well (valid).
Bambang Ade Sulakono, Sumitro Sarkum, Musthafa Haris Munandar, Masrizal Masrizal, Deci Irmayani
International Journal of Advances in Data and Information Systems, Volume 1; doi:10.25008/ijadis.v1i2.182

Android is an application system which has been developed by many people so that people can use the Android system in a work which can help them solve problems in their work. Android systems in smartphones can support complete facilities with Android. Labuhan Batu area is divided into three regions, because of this, knowledge is needed to explains about the culture of the people of Labuhanbatu main district separately of the people in the other districts. In this research, the author describes the research methods used in system design into two parts of method namely the research results obtained by methods using descriptive methods and the research conducted based on actual data by comparing theories and then drawing conclusions. The benefit of the authors working on this research is to make an Android-based application which eases the public to find out the information about the culture that exists in each district in Labuhanbatu Regency. Labuhanbatu Regency Cultural Information Application based on Android can be used by students and even the public, using an Android-based smartphone.
Septian Sony Hermawan, Rd Rohmat Saedudin
International Journal of Advances in Data and Information Systems, Volume 1, pp 34-39; doi:10.25008/ijadis.v1i1.179

CV Media Smart is a company that involved in the procurement of IT tools in schools and offices. With wide range coverage of schools and companies, CV Media Smart want to add more business process, therefore data center is needed to support existing and added later business process. The focus of this research is on cooling system and air flow. To support this research, NDLC (Network Development Life Cycle) is used as research method. NDLC is a method that depend on development process, like design of business process and infrastructure design. The reason why this research is using NDLC method is because NDLC is method that depend on development process. The standard that used in this research is TIA-942. Result of this research is a design of data center that already meet TIA-942 standard tier 1.
Adib Fakhri Muhtadi, Ahmad Almaarif
International Journal of Advances in Data and Information Systems, Volume 1, pp 17-25; doi:10.25008/ijadis.v1i1.14

Malware is a software or computer program that is used to carry out malicious activity. Malware is made with the aim of harming user’s device because it can change user’s data, use up bandwidth and other resources without user's permission. Some research has been done before to identify the type of malware and its effects. But previous research only focused on grouping the types of malware that attack via network traffic. This research analyzes the impact of malware on network traffic using behavior-based detection techniques. This technique analyzes malware by running malware samples into an environment and monitoring the activities caused by malware samples. To obtain accurate results, the analysis is carried out by retrieving API call network information and network traffic activities. From the analysis of the malware API call network, information is generated about the order of the API call network used by malware. Using the network traffic, obtained malware activities by analyzing the behavior of network traffic malware, payload, and throughput of infected traffic. Furthermore, the results of the API call network sequence used by malware and the results of network traffic analysis, are analyzed so that the impact of malware on network traffic can be determined.
Nabila Amalia Khairani, Edi Sutoyo
International Journal of Advances in Data and Information Systems, Volume 1, pp 9-16; doi:10.25008/ijadis.v1i1.13

Forest and land fires are disasters that often occur in Indonesia. In 2007, 2012 and 2015 forest fires that occurred in Sumatra and Kalimantan attracted global attention because they brought smog pollution to neighboring countries. One of the regions that has the highest fire hotspots is West Kalimantan Province. Forest and land fires have an impact on health, especially on the communities around the scene, as well as on the economic and social aspects. This must be overcome, one of them is by knowing the location of the area of ??fire and can analyze the causes of forest and land fires. With the impact caused by forest and land fires, the purpose of this study is to apply the clustering method using the k-means algorithm to be able to determine the hotspot prone areas in West Kalimantan Province. And evaluate the results of the cluster that has been obtained from the clustering method using the k-means algorithm. Data mining is a suitable method to be able to find out information on hotspot areas. The data mining method used is clustering because this method can process hotspot data into information that can inform areas prone to hotspots. This clustering uses k-means algorithm which is grouping data based on similar characteristics. The hotspots data obtained are grouped into 3 clusters with the results obtained for cluster 0 as many as 284 hotspots including hazardous areas, 215 hotspots including non-prone areas and 129 points that belong to very vulnerable areas. Then the clustering results were evaluated using the Davies-Bouldin Index (DBI) method with a value of 3.112 which indicates that the clustering results of 3 clusters were not optimal.
One Tika Suryati, Avon Budiono
International Journal of Advances in Data and Information Systems, Volume 1, pp 1-8; doi:10.25008/ijadis.v1i1.176

Malware is a program that has a negative influence on computer systems that don't have user permissions. The purpose of making malware by hackers is to get profits in an illegal way. Therefore, we need a malware analysis. Malware analysis aims to determine the specifics of malware so that security can be built to protect computer devices. One method for analyzing malware is heuristic detection. Heuristic detection is an analytical method that allows finding new types of malware in a file or application. Many malwares are made to attack through the internet because of technological advancements. Based on these conditions, the malware analysis is carried out using the API call network with the heuristic detection method. This aims to identify the behavior of malware that attacks the network. The results of the analysis carried out are that most malware is spyware, which is lurking user activity and retrieving user data without the user's knowledge. In addition, there is also malware that is adware, which displays advertisements through pop-up windows on computer devices that interfaces with user activity. So that with these results, it can also be identified actions that can be taken by the user to protect his computer device, such as by installing antivirus or antimalware, not downloading unauthorized applications and not accessing unsafe websites.
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