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, Taronisokhi Zebua, Rivalri Kristianto Hondro
JURIKOM (Jurnal Riset Komputer), Volume 7; doi:10.30865/jurikom.v7i3.2261

Fuji apples (Malus Domestika) are fruits that contain a lot of antioxidants. Besides the fruit flesh, the apple also contains pectin. Fuji apples are red and have a yellow line. The size of apples can affect the selling price of apples, the determination of the size of apples can be seen from the size of the diameter, measuring the diameter of apples is usually done visually by comparing apples. Based on these problems, a research is needed to develop a system to determine the diameter of fuji apples by using image processing techniques to find the diameter. This measurement process uses the matlab application and tests with the sobel edge detection method and image processing to see the more visible edges of the lines. The results showed that the developed system was able to obtain images and identify the diameter of fuji apples
, Muhammad Syahrizal
JURIKOM (Jurnal Riset Komputer), Volume 7; doi:10.30865/jurikom.v7i3.2175

SMS (Short Message Service) is a popular communication technology revolution. The development of computerized technology has been very advanced. SMS is very vulnerable to data theft or theft by irresponsible parties. For the sake of maintaining the security of SMS can be done by using cryptographic techniques. Cryptographic techniques can encode text messages by encrypting them into passwords that are not understood. Mars algorithm is an algorithm that uses a 128-bit key and the encryption process consists of 32 rounds. This symmetry algorithm will produce a higher level of security for the ultrasound image because it can encode it into a form of cipher with a process that is complex enough so that it will be difficult for cryptanalysts to access the image. This research will use the Mars algorithm for the encryption and decryption process, so the process needs to go through several long stages in order to produce the final cipher. This study describes the process of securing SMS by encoding it based on the Mars algorithm, in the form of a password that is difficult for others to understand and understand. This is done as an effort to minimize acts of misuse of SMS
, Efori Buulolo
JURIKOM (Jurnal Riset Komputer), Volume 7; doi:10.30865/jurikom.v7i3.2133

Divorce is one act that is hated by Allah. But it is permissible if a husband and wife cannot live together again, when both parties have fulfilled a deadlock in reconciling it will end with a decision that is divorced. Data mining is an automatic analysis of large or complex amounts of data with the aim of determining important patterns or trends. Data mining processing to classify the causes of marriage divorce using C4.5 algorithm by collecting data and classifying data using tree structure representation where each node represents the value of the attribute, the branch represents the value of the attribute and the leaf represents nodes that can search history data for classifying the causes of divorce based on previous traits, so that rules are found that are interconnected with each other. The tools used are Weka (The Waikato Environment for Knowledge Analysis) which is an open source application, Weka has 4 menu tools that can be used, including explorer, experimenter, Knowledgeflow and simple CLI. It has the advantage of many data mining and machine learning algorithms, the results of which are used to predict a set of data
Tirsa Ninia Lina, Belinda Sicilia Marlissa, , Joseph Eliza Lopulalan
JURIKOM (Jurnal Riset Komputer), Volume 7; doi:10.30865/jurikom.v7i3.2204

Oma Corry's business is a small-scale bread business in Sorong City, West Papua Province. One of the problems faced by Oma Corry Enterprises is the problem of calculating or determining the maximum profit gained every day from production activities. To calculate the benefits of Bread and Flour Bread and Babengka still use a calculator and write in books so it is less efficient. Whereas now the calculation of maximum profits must be completed quickly and precisely, so we need a system that can provide convenience in calculating profits. To achieve this goal, the simplex method is chosen for the manual calculation process and the POM-QM for Windows tool is used to speed up the calculation process. The result is a maximum profit of IDR 494,000 per day and a more efficient calculation process
Nur Hasanah Daulay, Surya Darma Nasution,
JURIKOM (Jurnal Riset Komputer), Volume 7; doi:10.30865/jurikom.v7i3.2172

During this time the health department selected the facilitators by being selected directly by the Head of Human Resources, namely giving questions to the selected facilitators about health. The problem faced by the health department in conducting selection is that it is difficult to consider the facilitator's criteria due to different criteria. This is less effective because the evaluation of these criteria influences the expected selection results. In dealing with the problem of facilitator selection conducted by the Head of Human Resources, a decision support system can be built in dealing with the problem of selection of facilitators by using the ELECTRE method. Criteria that will be used as a facilitator's assessment such as ability, experience, education, creative, and discipline. For this reason, the author expects that the application of the facilitator selection decision support system to apply the ELECTRE method can facilitate health officials in the selection of facilitators
, Berto Nadeak
JURIKOM (Jurnal Riset Komputer), Volume 7; doi:10.30865/jurikom.v7i3.2207

A brand can reflect a product, but also has another dimension that is able to distinguish it from other products and is designed to meet the same needs. Digital cameras are devices for making images of objects for refraction through lenses on CCD sensors and more recently on BSI-CMOS (Back Side Illuminated) sensors that are more power efficient for more sophisticated cameras whose results are then recorded in digital format to in digital save media. The development of an era when someone more often captures his life's journey by expressing every activity into a photo using a digital camera because with that process can be done easily and good results for a photo that can capture the journey of one's life. With the increasing time of digital camera users more and more and digital camera brands are also increasingly sold in markets such as malls or shops, but to go to malls or shops will require transportation costs and not everyone has a free time to see new digital camera brands to the mall or shop because of its many work activities and other things. To overcome these problems the author builds an application that is the Implementation of the Zhu-Takaoka Algorithm in the Digital Camera Olshop Application. The zhu-takaoka algorithm is a string matching algorithm that can search words by shifting characters using 2 (two) dimensional arrays. The core process of searching for the zhu-takaoka algorithm is to search for words using the Right-to-left scan rule technique. Each shift in the word search process is determined by the shift values in the Good Suffix Shift Rule and Bad-Charcter Shift Rule tables. The expected results of this research are that it can help someone who wants to have a digital camera see or search for a digital camera brand using an Android application so that it can be done anywhere without having to go to the mall or shop.
Eri Riana
JURIKOM (Jurnal Riset Komputer), Volume 7; doi:10.30865/jurikom.v7i3.2192

Cloud Computing technology is a new paradigm in the delivery of computing services, Cloud Computing has many advantages compared to conventional systems usually. The development of business at this time began to compete globally to be able to satisfy customers, so companies need access to information that is fast and accurate. In order to access information quickly, companies need to build Information and Communication Technology infrastructure that requires large capital, on the other hand cloud computing is present as an alternative solution. Services provided by cloud computing include hardware, infrastructure, platforms and applications. Cloud computing is very useful, because it can reduce computing costs, increase reliability and provide considerable opportunities for the industrial world. One company that provides cloud computing services is Google. The features of cloud computing are believed to be far more efficient and satisfying. The problem that arises is how companies implement Cloud Computing using Google Cloud and how to carry out the process of deployment and provisioning of Google Cloud SQL Database. The purpose of this research is to provide a study of the benefits of implementing Google Cloud for companies to improve business competitiveness so tightly. This research uses Agile method and literature study, which begins with planning, implementation, testing, documentation, deployment, maintenance, problem identification and analysis and discussion related to Google Cloud, where the results of this research are that Google Cloud can create a model business is more flexible, and faster. The purpose of writing this journal is to provide an overview of the understanding of cloud computing and its development as well as the advantages and disadvantages of companies that use Cloud Computing technology. Based on these searches it is known that Cloud Computing as a technology that utilizes internet services uses a virtual central server for the purpose of maintaining data and applications. The existence of Cloud Computing itself has caused changes in the workings of information technology systems in a company. Security and data storage systems are important for companies. Cloud Computing technology has provided huge benefits for most companies. To carry out the process, the device needs to be prepared include hardware such as HPE DL 20 Gen 10 E-2136-4 SFF Server Computer, 2x1 TB SATA 7.2K 3.5 "Hard Drive, 256GB RAM, minimum bandwidth of 5 Mbps and software requirements including Windows Server 2012 R2 Enterprise, VMM, Google Cloud Platform Enterprise, SQL Server 2012
JURIKOM (Jurnal Riset Komputer), Volume 7; doi:10.30865/jurikom.v7i3.2180

Data security is one of the most important aspects in information technology. With a high level of security, hopefully the information presented can be maintained its authenticity. In this final project a system that secures data and information stored on the computer from cryptanalysts is formed. The steps that the author did to make the process of forming the system include the stages of problem analysis, algorithm and flowchart along with modeling the structure of the program and design of the application interface, so that the application formed becomes easy to use and has optimal functions. By using TEA and pontifex algorithms which are secret key cryptographic algorithms, these problems can be overcome. The strength of this algorithm lies in the feistel network (including substitution operations, permutations and modular arithmetic) and delta numbers derived from the golden number.
, Surya Darma Nasution
JURIKOM (Jurnal Riset Komputer), Volume 7; doi:10.30865/jurikom.v7i3.2171

The decision making process for the selection of the best non-civil servant government employees is still done manually, where in the election there are still often some non-civil servant government employees (ppnpn) that are not appropriate as desired by the agency, so that in the election there are still nonconformities with existing procedures, therefore the need for a decision support system that will later assist in the decision making process. Decision support system is a system that can be used to support decision makers with the best alternative in making decisions in the process of selecting non-civil servant government employees (PPNPN) at the Polonia Class I Immigration Office. The Multifactor Evaluation Process (MFEP) method is a fairly simple method that can be used in decision making to analyze multiple criteria. This method will make decisions with several criteria that conflict with each other and will produce the greatest value that will be selected as the best alternative. The results of the calculation of this method will be as expected if the chosen alternative meets the specified criteria. Thus a decision support system is needed so that it can help make the right decision in the selection of the best non civil servant government employees (PPNPN) at the Polonia Class I Immigration Office. In a decision support system there are several methods that can be used to solve a problem in making a decision
Nicodias Palasara, Diah Ayu Anggraeni, M Qomaruddin
JURIKOM (Jurnal Riset Komputer), Volume 7; doi:10.30865/jurikom.v7i3.2168

Performance appraisal that still uses manual calculations and paper media, will use a lot of paper and archiving stacked files and often there are errors or unclear writing so that they do not get the right assessment results on target. As one of the means of public health service providers are required to improve the quality and professionalism in terms of health services, one of which is in the scope of health workers such as paramedics. Overcoming this, a significant increase in the number of paramedics in hospitals must be in line with good management by human resources officers, in order to improve the quality of health services. Then the implementation of the paramedic performance appraisal website at the hospital is one good solution to make it easier to overcome the problem. In this study created a website to support the paramedic performance evaluation. In making a website using the waterfall method, whose function can accelerate the results and quality of the website. Computerized performance appraisal systems run better and more efficiently than manual systems and can minimize paper usage and data accuracy
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