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, Sinar Sinurat, Suginam Suginam
JURIKOM (Jurnal Riset Komputer), Volume 7; doi:10.30865/jurikom.v7i3.2179

Health is one of the important factors for carrying out daily activities. However, some people do not care about the health of their bodies so that in the end many diseases that are diagnosed late cause the condition at a serious stage. One of the diseases in question is mononucleosis. In general, if the community is exposed to symptoms of mononucleosis, they will go to the nearest hospital or health center to do the examination. But on the other hand they have to sacrifice enough time for that. For this reason, it is necessary to make an application for a disease diagnosis expert system for the community as a means of overcoming these problems. With this design, an expert system of mononucleosis is produced, where this system uses the naive bayes method and the doctor's knowledge into the system. This expert system will produce output / output in the form of the diagnosis of mononucleosis
, Pristiwanto Pristiwanto
JURIKOM (Jurnal Riset Komputer), Volume 7; doi:10.30865/jurikom.v7i3.2169

Current technological developments have been so rapid, monitoring computer networks has become a very necessary thing. Computer network connection is a fundamental thing in a computer network that cannot be used. Likewise for the Metro Ethenet network work, If a parameter is problematic then the quality of the network will be reduced and Frequently occurs the duration of Metro ethernet monitoring and access to the report report ME becomes disrupted. This Final Project I will discuss how the Metro Ethernet Link Monitoring Simulation System in PT Indosat Ooredoo with the doppler method to determine the status of the Link on Metro Ethernet uses tree topology because it only simulates 3 Metro Ethernet and also discusses Metro Ethernet performance, which analyzes simulation applications, and Metro Ethernet Link status. Metro Ethernet is one of the technological solutions for High End Market (HEM) in providing integrated solutions for voice, data and video services. Metro Ethernet network has characteristics. Based on the above problems, a system for Metro Ethernet Link monitoring simulation is needed at Indosat Ooredoo to get better results than the previous system.
, Imam Saputra
JURIKOM (Jurnal Riset Komputer), Volume 7; doi:10.30865/jurikom.v7i3.2125

The security of a file is a matter of concern in maintaining the confidentiality of information, especially those containing information that only the authorized parties may know about. Sending files or information without security will risk tapping and the information contained therein, can be easily known by unauthorized parties. One important thing in maintaining the confidentiality and security of files is the encryption process. Then based on techniques in cryptography, one of the methods that will be used in securing text files with the Spritz algorithm. Modern cryptography is more trusted by scientists than classical cryptography because it has a good level of security. Classical cryptography only does randomization from A-Z while modern cryptography operates in bit mode. The modern algorithm used is the Spritz algorithm. The Spritz algorithm is a variant of the RC4 algorithm, the security level of the Spritz algorithm is better than RC4
Efidoren L Nainggolan, Muhammad Syahrizal, Saidi Ramadan Siregar
JURIKOM (Jurnal Riset Komputer), Volume 7; doi:10.30865/jurikom.v7i3.2262

Canonical law is an internal church law governing the Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church, Eastern Orthodox Church, Anglican Communion. How the laws of the church are governed, interpreted and sometimes examined differ fundamentally between the three church bodies. in all three traditions, a canon was originally a rule accepted by an assembly, these canons formed the basis for canon law. Raita algorithm is part of the exact string matching algorithm, which is matching the string exactly with the arrangement of characters in the matched string that has the same number or sequence of characters in the string. Matching strings on the raita algorithm is done through a shift from the right of the character then to the left of the character and to the middle of the character. The problem in this research is the content of canon law in general consists of a very large number of pages of books, this makes it difficult for canonical law users to find the contents needed, then in the search it takes time to find the contents of canonical law that are searched for too many search problems. that is, too much time must be needed to find the contents of the canonical law sought
Raden Bagus Dimas Putra, , Abdul Rahman Kadafi
JURIKOM (Jurnal Riset Komputer), Volume 7; doi:10.30865/jurikom.v7i3.2161

Android is one of the largest mobile operating system platforms today. Amid the ever-increasing needs of users, Android programmers are still lacking to meet the current market needs. One of the problems that causes this is the difficulty of creating an internal database, so many people give up to learn to make Android applications. Android's internal database is hard to create because the entire data structure on that database should be built with the query executed in the created program code. Some of the common internal databases currently used are SQLiTe and Room. Both databases are quite difficult to learn where SQLite should build everything from scratch while Room should study the structure and systematics of of the library. Therefore, in this article, the author proposes library and template named "Relational Database Library and Template" which will be referred to as RBDLiTe which can create an internal database for Android applications easily which will also be compared with SQLiTe and Room in its use.
Windi Astuti
JURIKOM (Jurnal Riset Komputer), Volume 7; doi:10.30865/jurikom.v7i3.2129

Various types of image processing that can be done by computers, such as improving image quality is one of the fields that is quite popular until now. Improving the quality of an image is necessary so that someone can observe the image clearly and in detail without any disturbance. An image can experience major disturbances or errors in an image such as the image of the screenshot is used as a sample. The results of the image from the screenshot have the smallest sharpness and smoothness of the image, so to get a better image is usually done enlargement of the image. After the screenshot results are obtained then, the next process is cropping the image and the image looks like there are disturbances such as visible blur and cracked. To get an enlarged image (Zooming image) by adding new pixels or points. This is done by the super resolution method, super resolution has three stages of completion, first Registration, Interpolation, and Reconstruction. For magnification done by linear interpolation and reconstruction using a median filter for image refinement. This method is expected to be able to solve the problem of improving image quality in image enlargement applications. This study discusses that the process carried out to implement image enlargement based on the super resolution method is then built by using R2013a matlab as an editor to edit programs
, Taronisokhi Zebua, Rivalri Kristianto Hondro
JURIKOM (Jurnal Riset Komputer), Volume 7; doi:10.30865/jurikom.v7i3.2261

Fuji apples (Malus Domestika) are fruits that contain a lot of antioxidants. Besides the fruit flesh, the apple also contains pectin. Fuji apples are red and have a yellow line. The size of apples can affect the selling price of apples, the determination of the size of apples can be seen from the size of the diameter, measuring the diameter of apples is usually done visually by comparing apples. Based on these problems, a research is needed to develop a system to determine the diameter of fuji apples by using image processing techniques to find the diameter. This measurement process uses the matlab application and tests with the sobel edge detection method and image processing to see the more visible edges of the lines. The results showed that the developed system was able to obtain images and identify the diameter of fuji apples
, Muhammad Syahrizal
JURIKOM (Jurnal Riset Komputer), Volume 7; doi:10.30865/jurikom.v7i3.2175

SMS (Short Message Service) is a popular communication technology revolution. The development of computerized technology has been very advanced. SMS is very vulnerable to data theft or theft by irresponsible parties. For the sake of maintaining the security of SMS can be done by using cryptographic techniques. Cryptographic techniques can encode text messages by encrypting them into passwords that are not understood. Mars algorithm is an algorithm that uses a 128-bit key and the encryption process consists of 32 rounds. This symmetry algorithm will produce a higher level of security for the ultrasound image because it can encode it into a form of cipher with a process that is complex enough so that it will be difficult for cryptanalysts to access the image. This research will use the Mars algorithm for the encryption and decryption process, so the process needs to go through several long stages in order to produce the final cipher. This study describes the process of securing SMS by encoding it based on the Mars algorithm, in the form of a password that is difficult for others to understand and understand. This is done as an effort to minimize acts of misuse of SMS
, Efori Buulolo
JURIKOM (Jurnal Riset Komputer), Volume 7; doi:10.30865/jurikom.v7i3.2133

Divorce is one act that is hated by Allah. But it is permissible if a husband and wife cannot live together again, when both parties have fulfilled a deadlock in reconciling it will end with a decision that is divorced. Data mining is an automatic analysis of large or complex amounts of data with the aim of determining important patterns or trends. Data mining processing to classify the causes of marriage divorce using C4.5 algorithm by collecting data and classifying data using tree structure representation where each node represents the value of the attribute, the branch represents the value of the attribute and the leaf represents nodes that can search history data for classifying the causes of divorce based on previous traits, so that rules are found that are interconnected with each other. The tools used are Weka (The Waikato Environment for Knowledge Analysis) which is an open source application, Weka has 4 menu tools that can be used, including explorer, experimenter, Knowledgeflow and simple CLI. It has the advantage of many data mining and machine learning algorithms, the results of which are used to predict a set of data
Tirsa Ninia Lina, Belinda Sicilia Marlissa, , Joseph Eliza Lopulalan
JURIKOM (Jurnal Riset Komputer), Volume 7; doi:10.30865/jurikom.v7i3.2204

Oma Corry's business is a small-scale bread business in Sorong City, West Papua Province. One of the problems faced by Oma Corry Enterprises is the problem of calculating or determining the maximum profit gained every day from production activities. To calculate the benefits of Bread and Flour Bread and Babengka still use a calculator and write in books so it is less efficient. Whereas now the calculation of maximum profits must be completed quickly and precisely, so we need a system that can provide convenience in calculating profits. To achieve this goal, the simplex method is chosen for the manual calculation process and the POM-QM for Windows tool is used to speed up the calculation process. The result is a maximum profit of IDR 494,000 per day and a more efficient calculation process
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