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Wa Ode Rayyani, Hannani Hannani
Jurnal Al-Dustur : Journal of politic and islamic law, Volume 3; doi:10.30863/jad.v3i1.732

The study aims to reveal the values of performance accountability in private Islamic universities. Type of qualitative research was used in this study by reviewing literature in the context of private Islamic universities. The three objects in this study were Universitas Islam Indonesia, Universitas Muslim Indonesia, and Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. The result of this study revealed that the private Islamic universities are promoting Islamic values in their performance accountability. The accountability value of a private Islamic university includes trust in work, which consists of professionalism, honest, worship and charity deeds as well as exploring the religion and professions for understanding the value of religious ordinances and diligently working.
Andi Marlina
Jurnal Al-Dustur : Journal of politic and islamic law, Volume 3; doi:10.30863/jad.v3i1.735

The purpose of this study is to analyze the penal mediation that does not aim to achieve formal justice and the practice of penal mediation at the Parepare Police Department. The research method is normative legal research, using a statute and conceptual approach. The collected legal materials are then analyzed qualitatively, then presented descriptively. The results showed that the dimension of mediation of the penalties achieved was not formal justice through the Criminal Justice sub-system regulated in formal legal regulations. From a juridical perspective, mediation of penalties in the dimensions of state law (ius constitutum) is actually not well known and still leaves controversy among those who agree and disagree to be applied. The essential issue leads to the choice of a pattern of criminal dispute resolution, related to the domain of state superiority with the superiority of the local wisdom community. The practice of mediating penalties at the Parepare Police Department in the last 3 years (2017, 2018 and 2019) the number of criminal cases every year has always increased in number, as well as the mediation of cases conducted by the Manokwari Police Department each year experiencing an increase in the number of criminal cases being mediated.
Asniana Nur
Jurnal Al-Dustur : Journal of politic and islamic law, Volume 3; doi:10.30863/jad.v3i1.734

The title of this study is "The Role of the Police to Curbing Illegal Mining in Lea Village, Tellu Siattinge, Bone Regency." The purposes of this research are (1) To find out the authority of the police on preventing illegal mining in Lea Village based on the regulation concerning mineral and coal mining (UU No. 4 Tahun 2009) (2) To find out what are the obstacles of the police on preventing Illegal mining in Lea Village, Tellu Siattinge, Bone Regency. The type of this research is a qualitative study using sociological and juridical empirical approaches. The primary sources of this research data consist of observations and interviews. The secondary data are derived from documentation and literature reviews such as documents, books, an official statement from the result of researches, whereas the data analysis technique was carried out through three stages, namely: field data collection, data reduction, data presentation, and verification. The results of this study indicate that: (1) The authority of the police in terms of preventing illegal mining as stated in Regulation Number 2 of 2002 concerning the Indonesian National Police (Undang-Undang Nomor 2 Tahun 2002 tentang Kepolisian Negara Republik Indonesia), that the police have the authority doing investigations and arrests. The duties and authority of the Police are regulated in detail at 13th till 19th Clause. (2) The obstacles of Law Officers (police) in preventing Illegal Mining is still lack of socialization from related parties so that it causes a lack of public awareness of the impacts caused by illegal sand mining in the area of Lea Village, Tellu Siattinge-Bone Regency; distance traveled between the bone resort police station (polres) and the village of Lea takes quite a lot of time and the difficulty of registration procedures/procedures for issuing mining permits.
Ida Ilmiah Mursidin
Jurnal Al-Dustur : Journal of politic and islamic law, Volume 3; doi:10.30863/jad.v3i1.718

This study has two purposes, both are: 1) To describe Al-Kindi's thoughts about the harmony between philosophy and religion, and the theory of divine philosophy. 2) To describe Al-Farabi's thoughts about the theory of emanation, and the theory of divinity. This research is using a qualitative method which its study focused on library research. Data sources used in this research are the works related to the two figures as well as other philosophical thought books. The results obtained from this study are; First, according to Al-Kindi, philosophy and religion make no difference because both are equally knowledgeable about truth. The function of philosophy is not to sue the truth of revelation, to demand superiority or to demand equality with revelation. Philosophy does not make a claim as the highest way to reach the truth and want to humble itself as a support for revelation. God theory according to him God is a form that actually does not come from nothing into existence, not preceded by other forms, could not be divided and there are no other substances that equal Him. Secondly, Al-Farabi about the emanations theory explained that God exists for the sake of His self. Through this research, it is expected to provide an understanding of the community about Muslim philosophy and its thoughts.
Zaid Al-Amin
Jurnal Al-Dustur : Journal of politic and islamic law, Volume 3; doi:10.30863/jad.v3i1.731

Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) is an independent institution comprises many Indonesian Muslim groups. The objectives of the Indonesian Ulema Council’s establishment are to strengthen religion in the way of Pancasila and maintain the harmony between the different religions in Indonesia. In order to achieve these goals, the seriousness of the Indonesian Ulema Council in performing their duties really required. And one of the most important tasks is to lead the community to practice Islamic law in their lives by producing fatwa on all issues related to the life of Indonesian society. It is hoped that these fatwa will solve the existing problems. Fatwa has a strong relationship with the carefulness and good observation. If this character is not owned by Mufti, then the result of his work must be questioned because they are important when producing fatwa.
Tarmizi Tahir
Jurnal Al-Dustur : Journal of politic and islamic law, Volume 3, pp 22-29; doi:10.30863/jad.v3i1.642

Maslahah is the study of the aims and the objectives of Islamic Law. Maslahah is often used by Ulema as a method in resting the law to answer the legal problems that arise. Al-Ghazali mentioned various types of Maslahah viewed from whether it is acknowledged or not by the Shari’ah, which is divided into three types: Maslahah that is acknowledged by the Shari’ah, Maslahah that is rejected by the Shari’ah, and Maslahah that is neither acknowledged nor rejected by the Shari’ah. Studying the term Maslahah that is associated with the development of modern society is of utmost importance. Maslahah can act as the necessary foundation for the realization of all human interests, both general and specific. So the spirit of Islam, shalih li kullizamaninwamakanin can be realized.
Iswandi Iswandi
Jurnal Al-Dustur : Journal of politic and islamic law, Volume 1; doi:10.30863/jad.v1i1.523

The election of a president and vice president is a fundamental way to fill thevacuum of power . However, in the 2019 presidential election , a striking phenomenon with the involvement of religion in the political contest, so that there are many pros and cons if it does not suitable withthe desire of each religious elite in the 2019 presidential election. T he involvement of religion in the presidential election raises questions such as , first, how religion was involved in the presidential election process; Second, how religious discourse takes place in legitimating a particular process in the presidential election; and Third, how does religious involvement in the presidential election bring consequences to the life of society as a whole . The method used in this paper is a qualitative method. T he qualitative method is often referred as the generic qualitative method which is to find out several indications of the 2019 presidential election with the involvement of religion as a marker of identity. While the primary data source obtained from various online media in the form of writing, or in the form of direct coverage, and analysis of the author's using descriptive analysis. During presidential election, the religious elite consider emotion al feeling as a priority so that they come out of the core problem. So that religion in the presidential election is only an instrument of political interests and can not be avoided again through movements that ultimately lead to pros and cons among fellow religious elites. Thus the professionali sm of religion will be difficult to create because it is caused by religious elites who legitimize religion into the practical politic s.
Husnaeni Husnaeni
Jurnal Al-Dustur : Journal of politic and islamic law, Volume 2, pp 161-186; doi:10.30863/jad.v2i2.505

Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui konsep dan pengaruh yang ditimbulkan dari adanya pemimpin non muslim di Negara kesatuan Republik Indonesia. Untuk memperoleh data dari masalah tersebut, penulis menggunakan jenis penelitian kepustakaan (library research) dengan pendekatan yuridis normatif. Data yang diperoleh kemudian diolah dengan menggunakan metode deskriptif analisis untuk menganalisis dan menjelaskan terkait hukum islam dan pemimpin non muslim Hasil penelitian menunjukan bahwa pemimpin adalah individu yang memiliki pengaruh terhadap individu lain dalam sebuah sistem untuk mencapai tujuan bersama. Kepemimpinan tidak hanya dipertanggungjawabkan dihadapan Allah swt. Rasulullah sebagai pemimpin teladan yang menjadi model ideal pemimpin, Rasulullah dikaruniai empat sifat utama yaitu, sidiq, amanah, tabligh dan fatanah. Dalam perspektif hukum islam dan kepemimpinan gubernur non muslim di Negara kesatuan Republik Indonesia. Hukum islam adalah seperangkat peraturan berdasarkan wahyu Allah dan sunnah rasul tentang tingkah laku manusia mukallaf yang diakui dan diyakini mengikat untuk semua yang beragama islam, yang dimaksudkan segala sesuatu yang terdapat di dalam al-qur’an dan sunnah. Adapun Kepemimpinan dalam pandangan Islam tidak memisahkan secara dikotomis Negara dan agama, umara dan ulama. Agama dan ulama memberi warna negara karena pemimpin merupakan sebuah amanat yang diberikan kepada orang yang benar-benar ahli, berkualitas dan memiliki tanggungjawab yang jelas dan benar serta adil, jujur dan bermoral baik, menerima kritik membangun dan ditambah berkolaborasi dengan ulama. Pemimpin yang adil itu syarat utamanya harus beriman dan taat menjalankan ajaran agama. Di luar itu, tidak bisa disebut pemimpin yang adil (‘adalah ). Tanggung jawab tidak hanya kepada rakyat tetapi juga kepada Allah di akhirat.
Heryanti Heryanti
Jurnal Al-Dustur : Journal of politic and islamic law, Volume 2, pp 46-72; doi:10.30863/jad.v2i2.501

Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah (1) Untuk mengetahui peran Dinas Sosial Kabupaten Bone dalam menanggulangi kemiskinan Perspektif Undang-Undang Nomor 11 Tahun 2009 tentang Kesejahteraan Sosial; (2) Untuk mengetahui kendala yang dihadapi oleh Dinas Sosial Kabupaten Bone dalam menanggulangi kemiskinan.Metode yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah penelitian lapangan dengan pendekatan yuridis empiris yang menggunakan sumber data primer dan sumber data skunder yang terdiri dari bahan hukum primer, bahan hukum skunder dan bahan hukum tersier. Adapun teknik pengumpulan data yakni dengan cara melakukan wawancara dan melakukan studi dokumen kepustakaan yang erat kaitannya dengan objek yang diteliti, kemudian dianalisis dengan cara kualitatif dengan menggunakan metode deduktif. Hasil penelitian ini menunjukkan bahwa Dinas Sosial Kabupaten Bone telah melaksanakan perannya dalam penanggulangan kemiskinan di Kabupaten Bone berdasarkan Undang-Undang Nomor 11 Tahun 2009 tentang Kesejahteraan Sosial namun belum optimal, hal ini dapat dilihat dari meningkatnya angka kemiskinan di Kabupaten Bone setiap tahunnya.Adapun kendala yang dihadapi oleh Dinas Sosial Kabupaten Bone dalam menanggulangi kemiskinan yakni kurangnya anggaran daru pemerintah, kurangnya sumber daya manusia dan tingginya angka kemiskinan.
A. Yulia Yunara
Jurnal Al-Dustur : Journal of politic and islamic law, Volume 2, pp 1-21; doi:10.30863/jad.v2i2.499

Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui efektivitas penerapan Undang- Undang Nomor 26 Tahun 2000 tentang Pengadilan Hak Asasi Manusia dalam penuntasan pelanggaran hak asasi manusia di Indonesia dan faktor yang menjadi kendala dalam penerapan Undang-Undang Nomor 26 Tahun 2000 tentang Pengadilan Hak Asasi Manusia dalam penegakan kasus hak asasi manusia di Indonesia. Jenis Penelitian yang digunakan adalah penelitian lapangan dengan menggunakan metode kualitatif. Adapun teknik pengumpulan data yang digunakan adalah wawancara dan dokumentasi. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa (1) Pelaksanaan Undang-Undang Nomor 26 Tahun 2000 tentang Pengadilan Hak Asasi Manusia (UU Pengadilan HAM) dalam penyelesaian pelanggaran hak asasi manusia di Indonesia khususnya di Pengadilan HAM Makassar belum bisa dikatakan efektif. Hukum acaranya pada tahap penyelidikan, tahap penyidikan, penuntutan dan persidangan dalam kasus pelanggaran HAM sebagian besar aturannya masih menginduk pada KUHAP.
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