Life Skills among Students with Hearing Impairment

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Ramakrishna P
Life Skills among Students with Hearing Impairment; doi:10.34256/iorip194

This book "Life Skills among Students with Hearing Impairment” is designed with the intention to address one of the basic issue, psycho social issues confronting by the children and students with hearing impairment. This will benefits the of prospective teachers of special education, and which can also be used as reference book for special educators, parents and rehabilitation professionals. It is prepared to have an insight on Life skills in connection with hearing impairment. This book outlines the essentiality of life skills training in relation to the psycho-social development of the hearing impaired in every sphere of their life. This book has five Chapters and the prospective teachers in special education and general education, special educators and parents will be able to understand the psychosocial issues of children/persons with hearing impairment as one of the basic needs. Chapter I of this book introduces the basic of Hearing Impairment, effect of hearing impairment on the developmental issues, life skills in general and nature of life skills and the need of Life skills training for students with hearing impairment. Chapter II focuses on the Review of related literature about the studies related to typically developed children, students with other hearing impairment and other disabilities. Chapter III discusses about the Methodology of the study. Sampling procedure, Research design, tools used in the study, development and implementation procedures of life skills training module, interpretation of the scores etc., Chapter IV concentrates on Analysis and Interpretation of the collected data. Different Statistical Test based on the sample size and probability have been explained in this chapter. Chapter V has explained about the Summary, conclusion and Discussion. This book will be very much helpful to the children/students with hearing impairment, parents of the children/students with hearing impairment, rehabilitation professionals involved in the school and clinic, Special Educators, Inclusive Education Teachers, General Teachers and psychologists. It gives a brief and compact need of life skills training to children/students with hearing impairment.
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