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Muhammad Rizki, Afdal Ghifari, Wang Ling Hui, Ekie Gilang Permata, Mhd. Dany Siregar, Muhammad Isnaini Hadiyul Umam, Harpito Harpito
Journal of Applied Engineering and Technological Science (jaets), Volume 3, pp 10-18;

The purpose of this study was to use the SWOT approach to assess LPP TVRI Riau's marketing strategy. The focus of this research is to figure out internal and external factors in the SWOT analysis. This study used descriptive quantitative method. Sampling was performed by using probability sampling method with a total of 400 respondents from 6,394,087 populations from Riau Province. The questionnaire was designed by determining the level of importance and assessing the current conditions. Based on the results of the SWOT compilation, there are 5 strengths, 5 weaknesses, 4 opportunities, and 5 threats. Furthermore, weighting, rating, and scores are carried out at the IFAS and EFAS stages, for the weighting assessment carried out on the company side. The company's position is in quadrant II, which means that the company has more dominant strengths and threats, so that the company should support the diversification strategy policy. So that the SWOT matrix mapping can be done to produce four strategic policy alternatives, namely SO, ST, WO, WT.
Prince Yaw Andoh Andoh, Charles Kofi Kafui Sekyere, L. D. Mensah, D. E.K. Dzebre
Journal of Applied Engineering and Technological Science (jaets), Volume 3, pp 1-9;

Demand forecasting is a challenging subject of interest to many organizations whose main focus is to improve their steady growing customer request/demand, and help in increasing their revenue generation. The story is no different in the power industry. It is quite difficult for power or electrical producers to store high quantum of the energy produced, hence this poses a challenge in estimating precisely the quantum of electrical energy in order to equate demand and supply of powers as well as reducing or eliminating the rising transmission losses. This study explores potential time series models in electricity demand prediction or forecasting for the Western Regions of Ghana. Secondary data was sourced formally from the regional headquarters of ECG to aid in research design to be able to estimate the quantum of electricity needed by consumers in the region. This was done using time series data analysis toolpak software. Results show that the models formulated are viable for future consumption forecasts and other investment in alternative power source projects in meeting these future demands. Since there are up-surging energy demand patterns in the region, the flexibility of the formulated models can be very useful and supplementary to framing effective and efficient energy policies.
Oluwaseun Ojo, Kehinde Adeleke, Abiola Ajayeoba, Kamaldeen Bello
Journal of Applied Engineering and Technological Science (jaets), Volume 3, pp 26-39;

Development of a prototype inverter powered baking oven was carried out and performance was evaluated to determine its efficiency. The oven was designed and fabricated with an outer dimension (506 mm length x 506 mm width x 506 mm height) made up of mild steel and inner dimension (436 mm length x 436 mm width x 436 mm height) made up of stainless steel and used fiber glass as an insulator. The materials for fabrications were locally sourced and served as alternative for baking, roasting or boiling using electrical recharged power in case of power failure. The prototype inverter baking oven operates on the principle of electrical resistance and 0.147?/W was obtained as the resistance of the heating element. The performance evaluation revealed the baking efficiency of the oven to be 94.29 %, 75 % and 66.7 % for bread, plantain and fish respectively, the maximum temperature of 160?C, 180?C and 200?C were recorded. Capacity of the baking oven was determined to be 6 loaves of bread per tray/batch. With practical determination and comparison made with other work, a prototype inverter powered baking oven can be adopted for domestic and industrial purpose depending on the production plans and the layout.
Yuvi Darmayunata, Latifa Siswati, Anto Aryanto
Journal of Applied Engineering and Technological Science (jaets), Volume 3, pp 40-52;

This research was conducted to provide solutions to cattle breeders in Pekanbaru City, especially in Rumbai District. Cattle breeders always have difficulty selling cows due to middlemen and coupled with the pandemic period due to the Covid 19 virus, thus making cattle sales decline every year. In increasing the sale of cattle during this pandemic is to use technology as a marketing solution. The technology used in the research is android based. With an Android base, consumers and producers will be integrated with each other so that the buying and selling process becomes easier. The purpose of this study is to help cattle sellers in marketing cattle so that the buying and selling process becomes easy. The method used is Unified Modeling Language (UML) in designing this system. The results show the success of designing applications for cattle sellers, applications can help farmers market their cattle, information about cattle prices to be compared in livestock groups can be seen so as to minimize fraud because buyers can directly see the price of the cattle.
Yuda Irawan, Yulisman Yulisman, Naima Belarbi, Mbunwe Muncho Josephine
Journal of Applied Engineering and Technological Science (jaets), Volume 3, pp 19-25;

The development of advanced Information Technology by greatly improving human thought patterns. This home security problem can be overcome with a security system that can be delivered to homeowners via SMS notification (Short Message Service) compilation of plow sensors accepting people who enter the compilation house when it is installed and the system is in standby and the alarm will sound and the sound module has been designed to provide information about the movement in the house. To minimize this crime, the need for tools that can help improve home security. Based on the overall system test results in accordance with the desired that the security system can be used in a supported system, where when the PIR sensor supports movement the buzzer will sound, the red LED lights up, the sound module issues the expected voice message and the GSM module will send a message to the homeowner's mobile number. PIR sensor will work optimally if the object is detected by humans with a maximum distance of 6 meters. While for animals (cats), the success is only 40%, and plants cannot be detected at all by the PIR sensor and the GSM module will send a verification message to the cellphone owner in less than 1 minute. This tool is more effectively used in a room that provides valuable items, for example in a room or other room
Muh Anhar, Betti Ses Eka Polonia
Journal of Applied Engineering and Technological Science (jaets), Volume 2, pp 94-102;

Metal connection due to heat with or without the influence of pressure or metallurgical bonds caused by attractive forces between atoms. DIN (Deutsche Industrie Normen) state that metallurgical bonding of metal or guide metal joints in a melted or liquid state. This study aims to determine the effect of limestone powder and gypsum as an insulating medium in SMAW (Shielded metal arc welding) welding. This study using experimental methods with SMAW welding. Welding metal cooled with limestone media has a harder hardness than gypsum and air media, which is limestone has a thermal conductivity value of 3.897 W / mºC. In comparison, gypsum has a thermal conductivity value of 1.39 W/mºC, and air has a thermal conductivity value of 0.023 J/msºC, so limestone is a better insulator than gypsum and air. The greater the conductivity value of the object, the better the thermal conductivity of the metal and the more complicated the weld metal and the lower the thermal conductivity value, the softer the metal hardness, limestone has a thermal conductivity value of 3.897 W / mºC while gypsum has a thermal conductivity value of 1, 39 W / mºC and air have a thermal conductivity value of 0.023 J / msºC, proving that the lower the conductivity value, the hardness of the weld metal is getting softer, but in the HAZ section it proves that the lower the conductivity value, the more complex the hardness in the HAZ section.
Astri Ayu Purwati, Zainol Mustafa, Mazzlida Mat Deli
Journal of Applied Engineering and Technological Science (jaets), Volume 2, pp 70-77;

The investment in information system brings significant impacts on the banking industry because it plays a pivotal role in providing better services and competitive edges. This study evaluated satisfaction level and benefit of the usage of the banking system which is m-Banking using the IS Success Model approach developed by DeLone and McLane in 2003. The population in this study was customers of one of the largest banks in Indonesia, namely Bank Central Asia (BCA) with a sample size of 200 customers. The data were analyzed using Structural Equation Model (SEM) with AMOS. The results showed that the IS Success Model consisting of system quality, information quality and service quality has a significant impact on customer satisfaction in using BCA m-Banking. This study also validates the research conducted by DeLone and McLean (2003) in developing the IS Success Model as a measure of the quality and key to the success of an information system.
Nanang Qosim, Andre Kurniawan, Moh. Nasir Hariyanto, Zakki F. Emzain, Moh. Hartono, Am Mufarrih
Journal of Applied Engineering and Technological Science (jaets), Volume 2, pp 78-84;

Shaping and marketing a product in tablet form is an easy and economical alternative to product shaping. Products in tablet form now cover almost all fields, so that the demand for tablet tooling of various sizes and variations continues to increase. As an effort to support the effectiveness and proper industrial planning, it is necessary to carry out an analysis of the machine and material requirements to produce tablet tooling which is the aim of this study. To achieve these objectives, the methods used in this study include product design, operation plan analysis, and calculation of material requirements and number of machines. The result shows that the number of machine requirements to manufacture the die and punch of tablet tooling with the demand of 200 unit/day are two units of power hacksaw, five units of lathe machine, and a unit of milling machine. On the other hand, the material requirements needed in one day are 22.24 m (Ø45 mm x 5 bars) and 12.79 m (Ø18 mm x 3 bars).
Ali Basrah Pulungan, Zhafranul Nafis, Muhammad Anwar, Hastuti, Hamdani
Journal of Applied Engineering and Technological Science (jaets), Volume 2, pp 103-111;

Technology developed rapidly along the times, various ways are done to make works easier. One of them is by utilizing artificial intelligence, likes the use of a webcam as a sensor in detecting an object through several stages of image processing. There was research on object recognition previously using three measurement parameters based on color, shape, and size of objects. It is used a webcam as the sensing sensor, and image processing is processed with python programming. In this article, writer described about image processing for the detection of objects used in the research. The results of this device have been tested and are able to detect objects properly based on predetermined color, shape and size. Object detection using a webcam can work properly according to what the author wants.
Yuda Irawan, Andre Wahyu Novrianto, Hafizh Sallam
Journal of Applied Engineering and Technological Science (jaets), Volume 2, pp 85-93;

The detector and neutralize cigarette smoke in the STMIK Hang Tuah Pekanbaru there is no. To simplify detector and neutralize cigarette smoke in the campus area made a system detector and neutralize cigarette smoke Arduino Uno microcontroller based using an notification iot. The whole tool is divided into several parts, consisting of sensor mq-2, module ESP8266-01S, module LCD, mikrokontroller arduino uno, buzzer, and DC FAN. This tool works when module ESP8266-01S looking for the nearest internet network and sensor mq-2 detect cigarette smoke, from module ESP8266-01S and sensor mq-2 then to Arduino Uno microcontroller to process, from Arduino Uno microcontroller then Turn on buzzer as a warning alarm and Turn on DC FAN as a fan to neutralize cigarette smoke which then transfers data through module ESP8266-01S to the website and give notification the room detected cigarette smoke to the smartphone head of equipment and officers. The results showed that the smoke content was more than 300 detected as cigarette smoke, because it has been to test the system to several prototypes and 2hen there is no cigarette smoke was value is less than 300.
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