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Eddis Syahputra Pane
Journal of Applied Engineering and Technological Science (JAETS), Volume 2, pp 14-20; doi:10.37385/jaets.v2i1.166

Pancuran Hidup Credit Union is a cooperative engaged in a savings and loan business that provides loans for its members. In its development often encountered an error due to lack of accuracy of employees in processing data processing transactions and savings and loans that still use the manual system that is using Microsoft office (Microsoft word and Microsoft Excel). This manual system is less effective because the savings and loan transactions that occur are higher so that the calculation is even more numerous, and therefore requires an information system. The purpose of this research is to create a web-based savings and loan information system that helps make it easier for employees to manage member data and savings and loan transactions at the Pancuran Hidup Credit Union. In this study the authors used the Waterfall Model analysis method. The SDLC waterfall model is often also called the linear sequential model or classic life path. Based on the problems that have been discussed and resolved through this report, the conclusion can be drawn about the Savings and Loan Information System for the Union of Living Credit Pekanbaru based on Web, namely: Information Systems can facilitate the cooperative in making reports more quickly and produce accurate data
Nanang Qosim, Am Mufarrih, Ali Sai’In, A. Hanif Firdaus, Fina Andika F. A., Ratna Monasari, Zakki F. Emzain
Journal of Applied Engineering and Technological Science (JAETS), Volume 2, pp 1-6; doi:10.37385/jaets.v2i1.77

In this study, three percentages of moisture content on the green sand were benchmarked to be observed their effects on the casting defects. The metal used is scrap Al-Si with wt% of Al 59.7. The metal was melted in a furnace at 550 ºC then poured into sand molds and cooled for 24 hours before it can be removed, cleaned, and finished. There were prepared three specimens for each benchmark. Qualitative observation of defects was done by physical observations on the surface of the specimens. The observations show that on the moisture content of 2.5%, there is a defect in the form of porosity. Defects in the form of drops, misruns, blowholes, and shrinkage cavity are found on the benchmark 3.5%. The most severe defects are found on the benchmark 4.5% in the form of buckles and severe shrinkage cavities that are found in almost all specimens.
Yuda Irawan
Journal of Applied Engineering and Technological Science (JAETS), Volume 2, pp 7-13; doi:10.37385/jaets.v2i1.162

Decision Support System is a computerized system designed to increase effectiveness in decision making to solve semi-structured and unstructured problems so that the decision-making process can be of higher quality. One method of solving MADM problems is by using the Simple Additive Weighting method. The SAW method is to find the weighted sum of the performance ratings for each alternative of all attributes. This study aims to design and create a system to determine which employees are entitled to receive bonuses, for that we need a decision support for giving employee bonuses decisions. In this study using the Simple Additive Weighting method. The system development model used is a waterfall. Waterfall has several stages, namely needs analysis, system design, writing program code, program testing, program implementation and maintenance. The results showed the benefits of the SAW method as a decision support system for determining employee bonuses based on the employee performance of PT. Mayatama Solusindo can assist administrators in determining employee bonuses quickly and effectively. So the bonus that employees get using the SAW method is the basic salary times the percentage of the ranking value.
Febrizal Alfarasy Syam, Yuvi Darmayunata, Afriansyah Afriansyah
Journal of Applied Engineering and Technological Science (JAETS), Volume 2, pp 27-33; doi:10.37385/jaets.v2i1.177

Content Management System (CMS) is a system or software in developing content. What is meant by content is all forms of digital information, in the form of image files, audio, video, text and other computer files. CMS makes it easy to create attractive website pages without having to understand how to create a website from scratch. Likewise, Lancang Kuning University has created an Integrated CMS website or integrated with faculty websites at Lancang Kuning University, by creating one database but the frontend and backend templates can be customized as desired. With this integrated website, it will make it easier for the main admin and faculty admin to maintain the website, including in its development. This website was built using the concept of Object Oriented and using a codeigniter framework.C
Rizki Novendra
Journal of Applied Engineering and Technological Science (JAETS), Volume 2, pp 34-41; doi:10.37385/jaets.v2i1.173

This study discusses the acceptance of PT Didimax's metatrader technology. To carry out the analysis in this study using the UTAUT method. The UTAUT method has four independent variables and two dependent variables. It is through these variables that the level of technology acceptance is explained. The results of this study from 121 respondents showed that the Performance Expectancy variable had a positive and significant impact on behavior intention, the condition t counted 3.184> t table 2015 Sig 0.002 t table 2015 Sig 0.000
Yuvi Darmayunata, Febrizal Alfarasy Syam, Afriansyah Afriansyah
Journal of Applied Engineering and Technological Science (JAETS), Volume 1, pp 150-161; doi:10.37385/jaets.v1i2.105

Intra-School Student Organization is an organization that is at the school level in Indonesia, starting with junior high schools and senior high schools. The student council is managed and managed by students who are chosen to be student council. Usually this organization has a mentor from the teacher chosen by the school. Student council members are all students who are in one school where the student council is located. In an effort to elect the student council president, the researchers created a web-based information system in selecting the student council president. E-voting is an electoral system where data is recorded, stored and processed in the form of digital information. In the election of the chairman is always a problem in carrying out his election, such as having to prepare space, paper, and others. And after that it takes time in completing the vote count, it also requires a lot of people or committees in carrying out the chairman's election, lack of transparency in vote counting, there are still errors in vote counting.
Hafizah Hanim, Jefril Rahmadoni
Journal of Applied Engineering and Technological Science (JAETS), Volume 1, pp 136-141; doi:10.37385/jaets.v1i2.100

During this time, the selection of non permanent lecturers, parts staffing difficulties in selecting lecturers. The obstacle faced is the large number of applicants who register to become prospective lecturers. So that the staffing or the campus must give extra time to choose prospective lecturers so that lecturers can be obtained that fit the desired criteria. The AHP (Analytical Hierarchy Process) method is a method in the decision-making process, this method performs a hierarchical structure calculation where the top level in the hierarchy is the goal to be achieved then the hierarchy below in the form of criteria in achieving goals and the lowest level is the alternatives in achieving goals.
Annisak Izzaty Jamhur, Novi Trisna, Yesri Elva
Journal of Applied Engineering and Technological Science (JAETS), Volume 1, pp 142-149; doi:10.37385/jaets.v1i2.88

In the era of globalization now developments in the field of information technology are increasingly rapid. No wonder now more and more shops are starting to develop their administrative systems using information technology and one of them is a shop in the field of daily goods. Some stores use various ways to attract as many customers as possible. So that the data processing is slow and shop owners often have difficulty in finding data that has been processed. To provide satisfactory services for customers, it is necessary to reform several systems, including information systems for sales, purchasing, making daily, monthly, annual sales reports, and inventory data reports using the ROP (Reorder Point) method and designing using the ASI model (System Analysis Information), while the process of making a desktop program or application uses the VISUAL BASIC.NET 2010 programming language that is supported by the MySQL database.
Khairul Muttaqin, Jefril Rahmadoni
Journal of Applied Engineering and Technological Science (JAETS), Volume 1, pp 113-123; doi:10.37385/jaets.v1i2.78

The times has made human needs are increasing, including information needs. Therefore, sending and storing data through electronic media requires a process that is able to guarantee the security and integrity of the data that requires an encoding process. Encryption is the process of changing an original data into confidential data that cannot be read. Meanwhile, the decryption process is a process where the confidential data received will be converted back into the original data. In this case the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm is used as the latest cryptographic algorithm standard. The previous algorithm was considered unable to answer the challenges of the development of communication technology very quickly. AES is a cryptographic algorithm using the Rijndael algorithm that can encrypt and decrypt blocks of data over 128 bits with a key length of 128 bits. In this study the application of AES as a file security system is carried out, where the encryption and decryption process is carried out on the file. In testing the system a trial is performed on all files with different file sizes and for the results of the encryption process (ciphertext) in the form of files with the file format with the *.encrypted extension.
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