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International Journal of Material and Mathematical Sciences pp 45-60;

The study aims to examine the contribution of curriculum development programs on home-based learning practice theory support among educational institutions in the area of modular set-up, task accomplishment, learning process, and attitude toward home-based learning. Mixed methods are employed in the study as the application of qualitative and quantitative research design which also includes the Focus Group Discussion (FGD). Purposive sampling is utilized in gathering the samples and data. Thirty (30) respondents are utilized in the study. Results show that modular set-up in the home-based learning modular structure provides an opportunity to practice, apply, analyze, or synthesize new information exercises among students, accomplishment of tasks show that students are provided to work, solve the real challenges, and issues on the task provided such as information, ideas, and thoughts for better outcome, learning process shows to provide specific and clear instructions in the learning process which engage a complete activity outline in the modular lesson on home-based learning and analyzes the implementation and needs of an active learning strategy to provide evidence in a particular active learning techniques for home-based learning teaching of student improvement, and attitude of students toward their home-based learning shows that students explore their home based-learning modular lesson activities and the ability to control the technology expectation and experiences in managing the learning spaces on students' role and engagement. This includes students who have a negative attitude toward their home based-learning especially when there is an inadequacy of personal interaction among them. Findings show that there is a significant correlation between the curriculum development program on home-based learning practice theory and support among the educational institutions in modular set-up, an accomplishment of the task, learning process, and attitude toward home-based learning as observed by the respondents.
International Journal of Material and Mathematical Sciences pp 35-44;

In the 21th-century, large exhibitions halls covered by domes were constructed. Development of domes promoted by using metal structures, which has opened a new era for civil engineers in connection with the decision of maintenance problems of high strength and weight reduction of structures. Grid domes are a preferred structural form of roofs coverage. The paper aims to study the structural performance of double-layered grid domes using SAP2000 (v.14) and ETABS18. Four different types of double-layered grid domes considered in this work were the Schwedler dome (Type 1), three-way grid dome (Type 2), grid dome with different layers (Type 3), and grid dome with hexagonal patterns (Type 4). The configurations of grid domes were generated by Formian program software. The static linear analysis and design of mentioned grid domes were done and different load cases and their combinations were applied according to ASCE 7-10. It was observed that a double-layered grid dome with different layers (Type 3) was the most efficient in structural performance because the density of members per joint gave a very good distribution of axial forces distribution of the whole dome and then minimized the axial force in members and vertical deflections. The present study indicates that further detailed studies of the subject may lead to a more precise understanding of the performance of grid domes subjected to different load cases and this may bring about increased structural safety and serviceability and the economy in cost constructions.
International Journal of Material and Mathematical Sciences pp 15-34;

Linear programming (LP) is an important part of applied mathematics. This method has found its applications to important areas of product mix, blending, and diet problems. Steel, chemical, food processing industries and Oil refineries industry are also using LP with considerable success. But in practical LP can be very large. In this paper, our intent is to formulate an LP model of some large-scale real-life-oriented problems and to apply computer techniques for solving these problems. Starting with the graphical procedure which provides an ample amount of understanding into some fundamental concepts, the simple procedure of solving LP problems is developed. Finally, a special class of LP problem, namely Transportation is taken up and solved. We also solved the simplex system by using FORTRAN programming.
International Journal of Material and Mathematical Sciences pp 1-14;

Many problems in various branches of science, such as physics, chemistry, and engineering have been recently modeled as fractional ODEs and fractional PDEs. Thus, methods to solve such equations, especially in the nonlinear state, have drawn the attention of many researchers. The most important goal of researchers in solving such equations has been set to provide a solution with the possible minimum error. The fractional PDEs can be generally classified into two main types, spatial-fractional, and time-fractional differential equations. This study was designed to provide a numerical solution for the fractional-time diffusion equation using the finite-difference method with Neumann and Robin boundary conditions. The time fraction derivatives in the concept of Caputo were considered, also the stability and convergence of the proposed numerical scheme have been completely proven and a numerical test was also designed and conducted to assess the efficiency and precision of the proposed method. Eventually, it can be said that based on findings, the present technique can provide accurate results.
International Journal of Material and Mathematical Sciences pp 133-138;

For the development and growth of economy and social condition of any country, constant supply of good quality electrical power is essential. The main barrier to achieving this goal is the variation of voltage in the network. The load connected in a system varies with time, which causes the variation in the bus voltages. By properly designing and installing the substation, these voltage regulations can be reduced. Load flow analysis provides the steady-state characteristic data and generates reports for voltage magnitude, phase angle, the flow of active and reactive power, losses in the system, etc. Accurate and highly reliable results of Load Flow Analysis (LFA) can be obtained by using ETAP (Electrical Transient Analyzer Program) software. In this research, ETAP software, which utilizes the Adaptive Newton-Raphson method, has been used for performing the load flow analysis of 2500 KVA 11 /.4 KV substation. Actual manufacturer data is utilized for transformers, VCBs, circuit breakers, cables, and other components, whereas computed data is used for loads on the system. The main focus of this study is to improve the voltage regulation and the overall power factor (PF) of the network by inserting capacitor bank also known as the PFI plant in the system. This technique also minimizes the input current and power losses.
International Journal of Material and Mathematical Sciences pp 122-132;

Graphene, an interesting 2D system has a rare electronic structure of two inverted Dirac cones touching at a single point, with great electron mobility and promising microelectronics applications. In the present article, a theoretical investigation has been performed on the structural, electronic, and magnetic properties of pristine graphene nanosheet and also the effect of 3d transition metal (TM) co-doped in graphene nanosheet within the density functional theory framework. 3d TM is categorized into two groups: Cr- group (Cr-Cr, Cr-Mn, and Cr-Fe) and Ni-group (Ni-Cr, Ni-Ti, Ni-Mn). After co-doping TM atoms on graphene, it still holds its planar shape which refers to the stability of these co-doped graphene nanosheets. This is also confirmed by the increasing bond length of carbon and TM atoms on graphene nanosheets. Highest zero-point energies have been found of -12049.24eV and -10936.87eV respectively for Cr-Cr and Ni-Cr co-doped graphene nanosheet. According to Mulliken's charge and electron density differences, all the TM atoms can act as electron donors while the graphene nanosheet is electron acceptor. All the TMs co-doped graphene nanosheet show metallic behavior in terms of band structures and DOS plots except Ti-Ni which has shown a little band gap. In terms of electronic properties, Cr-Cr and Ni-Cr co-doped graphene nanosheets are found most stable among the other studied systems and they can exhibit magnetic behavior as there is a variation in their up and down spin as shown in spin polarized DOS. That’s why they are beneficial to the application of various magnetic devices as well as sectors. Besides Cr-group co-doped graphene nanosheet can exhibit better magnetic properties than Ni-group.
International Journal of Material and Mathematical Sciences pp 113-121;

Different methods have been used to determine the pile bearing capacity such as static equations, dynamic equations, empirical methods (EMs), numerical methods, computer software programs, and the pile static load test, these methods were giving different values for pile bearing capacity. In this paper, three empirical methods (Ems) have been selected (Brinch-Hansen, Chin-Kondner, and Decourt) and (AllPile 6) software (AP) has been applied to determine the capacity load of piles for six cases study of drilled concrete piles with a diameter ranging from 800 mm to 1500mm and embedded length ranged 10.5m to 26m. Four of those six piles are located at Portsudan city near the red seacoast and two piles are located in Khartoum city. The results of the pile bearing capacity (PC) calculations obtained using the above-mentioned different methods were compared with results produced by the pile load test. In all six cases study, the settlement of piles was limited, settlement failure was not reached. The results show that the AllPile 6 (AP) and the three mentioned empirical methods (Ems) gave reasonable piles bearing capacity, the (AP) and (BHM) gave the better result than the CKM and DM. While (DM) gave results similar to results determined using the (CKM). However, it was not preferred to use the (CKM) and (DM), unless the failure settlement has occurred in the pile load test.
International Journal of Material and Mathematical Sciences pp 101-112;

The article represents the elementary and general introduction of some characterizations of the extended gamma and beta Functions and their important properties with various representations. This paper provides reviews of some of the new proposals to extend the form of basic functions and some closed-form representation of more integral functions is described. Some of the relative behaviors of the extended function, the special cases resulting from them when fixing the parameters, the decomposition equation, the integrative representation of the proposed general formula, the correlations related to the proposed formula, the frequency relationships, and the differentiation equation for these basic functions were investigated. We also investigated the asymptotic behavior of some special cases, known formulas, the basic decomposition equation, integral representations, convolutions, recurrence relations, and differentiation formula for these target functions by studying. Applications of these functions have been presented in the evaluation of some reversible Laplace transforms to the complex of definite integrals and the infinite series of related basic functions.
International Journal of Material and Mathematical Sciences pp 85-100;

This study examined the job preference among students of different subjects of different faculties in the campus of Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University, Trishal, Mymensingh. Qualitative variables and variables which are quantitative in nature have been used for this study. We have chosen the topic job preference of students of the different faculties because now-a-days every sector for a job is strict about their rules and regulations. At present time students are frustrated about the lengthy process of jobs and dissimilarities between academic studies and job conditions. The main aims and objectives of this study were to find out information about the job preference of University students in Bangladesh. The research ensured the following objectives; such as Known about the present condition of job preference of Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University. Found out and identified factors affecting their Job Preference. So the aims and objectives of this research contained various issues. Such as knowing how many students are expected, how many students want to be an entrepreneur, and how many students are going to be in a foreign country for a job. Study of the plan decorated sequentially.
International Journal of Material and Mathematical Sciences pp 74-84;

Due to its suitable power to anticipate using Non-Linear forecasting methodologies, LSTM (Long Short-Term Memory) has changed the approach to time series prediction several folds. Process compatibilities of technical identifiers and various financial benchmarks that are defining financial decision-making in international markets are affecting Bangladesh Market as well. Issues like MACD and RSI as a technical investigator and financial ratio aspects of EPS and PE Ratio play an important role in the selection of assets in DSE. Given adequate training in line with intended functionality models, RNN has the potential to think through in a similar manner and the probable results are exhibited in this paper. Because of the Gated Structure, which refers to retaining important information and discarding irrelevant information through diminishing gradient and exploding gradient, LSTM has achieved significant advances in nonlinear forecasting that is based on human behavior. In this study, we compared two alternative portfolios that will be dependent on LSTM's future forecasting capabilities in terms of projecting the greatest potential output, which is demonstrated using Portfolio Optimization principles.
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