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, Yuliana Melita Pranoto, Gunawan Gunawan
Published: 15 October 2020
Academia Open, Volume 3; doi:10.21070/acopen.3.2020.787

Quote is a sentence made with the hope that someone becomes a strong personality, an individual who always improves himself to advance and achieve success. Social media is a place for people to express their hearts to the world which is sometimes a heart expression in the form of quotes. The purpose of this study is to classify Indonesian quotes on Twitter using Naïve Bayes and Multinomial Naïve Bayes. This experiment uses text classification from Twitter data written by Twitter users whether the quotes are then classified again into 6 categories (Love, Life, Motivation, Education, Religion, Others). The language used is Indonesian. The methods used are Naive Bayes and Multinomial Naïve Bayes. Results of this experiment is a classified Indonesian quote collection web application. This classification makes it easy for users to search for quotes based on class or keyword. For example, when a user wants to search for 'motivational' quotes, this classification can be very useful.
, Nur Efendi
Published: 30 September 2020
Academia Open, Volume 3; doi:10.21070/acopen.3.2020.497

This study aims to analyze the relationship between students 'attitudes in science and cognitive learning outcomes based on 2 indicators that is enjoyment of science lessons and leisure interest in science. This type of quantitative research with a survey method. The instrument used was a questionnaire which was tested through the google form application. The results showed that enjoyment of science lessons was categorized as good with a percentage of 54%. Leisure interest in science is categorized quite good with a percentage of 42%. Based on the correlation analysis of enjoyment of science lessons and learning outcomes, it shows a positive correlation with a correlation level of 0.607 which is classified as a strong correlation. The correlation of leisure interest in science and learning outcomes shows a positive correlation with a correlation level of 0.499 which is classified as moderate correlation. Meanwhile, the correlation between the two indicators shows a positive correlation with the level of correlation of 0.776 which is classified as a strong correlation. It can be concluded that the students' attitudes towards science at MTs Muhammadiyah 1 Taman based on these indicators are classified as having positive attitudes and are categorized as good.
Ihsan Anwari,
Published: 30 September 2020
Academia Open, Volume 3; doi:10.21070/acopen.3.2020.503

The purpose of this study was to describe students` perceptions of the science learning environment in class VII SMP Sepuluh Nopember, to describe student learning outcomes in class VII SMP Sepuluh Nopember, and whether there was a relationship between students` perceptions of the science learning environment and student learning outcomes in class VII SMP Sepuluh Nopember Sidoarjo. This type of research includes quantitative research with comparative causal types with correlation analysis techniques. Data collection was obtained through questionnaires and documentation of students cognitive learning outcomes,the sample used was 29 students. The object of the research was the seventh grade students at SMP Sepuluh Nopember Sidoarjo. The results showed that the students` perceptions of the science learning environment in the high category were 6 students, 18 students in the medium category and 5 students in the low category. And the cognitive learning outcomes of students with complete categories of 15 students and incomplete categories of 14 students. Then the calculation was carried out through the correlation hypothesis test, the results of this calculation obtained significant results, namely 0,237< 0,05 and significant 0,216< 0,05, so this indicated that there was a positive relationship between students` perceptions of the science learning environment and student cognitive learning outcomes.
Nia Dwi Asivah Asivah,
Published: 30 September 2020
Academia Open, Volume 3; doi:10.21070/acopen.3.2020.504

The research aimed to reveal creative thinking skills of students on environmental pollution theory at SMP Muhammadiyah 5 Ngoro. The research method used is a quantitative description. The population used was 35 class VIII students. The samples taken randomly in this study were 32 students who came from using counting the Slovin formula. The research instrument used was a creativity test. The test is a data collection techniques used in this research. The results of the creativity test were analyzed using the calculation of creative thinking criteria and described into 4 criteria: very creative, creative, supportive, and less creative. Based on the results of the analysis, it can be concluded that students at SMP Muhammadiyah 5 Ngoro have creative thinking skills at a enough creative level.
Norazlinda Saad, Surendran Sankaran
Published: 9 September 2020
Academia Open, Volume 3; doi:10.21070/acopen.3.2020.496

This study aims to identify the effect of Relevance and Conformity on Acceptance of the T3P Module (Technology, Pedagogy, Psychology, Assessment). This study is in a descriptive form using the review method. The population of this study is the National Middle School (SMK) teachers in the North Zone. As many as 60 teachers were selected as the study sample using the purposive sampling. The T3P module and search questions are used as study instruments. The research question is adapted from independent studies and literature reviews. The results of the pilot study showed a high Cronbach Alpha value (0.90). The collected data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and regression. The study results show that the Relevance and Conformity variables have a significant effect on the Acceptance of the T3P Module. The result of the study implies that the modules for Teacher Professionalism Development based on Lifelong Learning need to be reproduced to increase the potential and self-competence of teachers and strengthen the quality of state education.
Orifjonova Nigora Rahimjon Kizi, Maftunakhon Nematova Alisher Kizi
Published: 4 September 2020
Academia Open, Volume 3; doi:10.21070/acopen.3.2020.494

Paper investigates major points and status quo of the teachers in Uzbekistan. In this article attention for the teachers of Uzbekistan and works had been done in this sphere were examined. On this way, The country where teachers are honorable Syrdarya region of the republic of Uzbekistan
Yuanis Yuanis, Wasito Wasito, Fitriya Rahayu Ningsih
Published: 21 August 2020
Academia Open, Volume 2; doi:10.21070/acopen.2.2020.493

Hotel services are one of the supporting facilities for promoting Indonesian tourism. Hotel activities are renting rooms, selling food, drinks and providing commercial visitor services. These supporting facilities are intended to increase the attractiveness of guests, so that guests are expected to feel at home and have a long stay at the hotel. The purpose of this study is to determine the income, operating costs of the room to the profit of the departmental room at Hotel Mustika Tuban. This research uses descriptive qualitative research method to get a picture of the situation in the field through observation, interviews, documentation, and literature review. Based on the results of the calculation of the allocation of operating expenses (operating expenses) in the room department, a departmental income statement can be prepared for each type of room, so that the proportion of operating expenses and departmental income of each room type can also be calculated in each period. Based on the above, the researcher concluded that the revenue of the room department is strongly influenced by the rate of occupation, considering that the proportion of operating expenses is very low. Apart from these costs, there are still many undistributes expenses that leave the owner's profit. Most of these costs are fixed. Therefore, the importance of a more intensive and creative marketing program to attract guests, given the large number of accommodation capacities and an increase in the volume of occupancy rates.
Winda Septiani, Elly Satriani Harahap, Hetty Ismainar, M Kamali Zaman, Agus Alamsyah, Riri Maharani
Academia Open, Volume 2; doi:10.21070/acopen.2.2020.488

Stunting is a health problem by multiple factors (Mother factor, socio-economic factor). The growth retardation (stunting ) was measure by height for age scale which primarily indicates chronic undernutrition. In 2018, the prevalence of stunting in Riau province was 35%, which was higher than the national prevalence of 30.8%. This was an quanitative with cross sectional analytic deign. The study was conducted in Puskesmas Harapan Raya Pekanbaru, Riau, Indonesia. The population was all children (4000), sampel was 187 children by systematic random sampling. Research was to analyze independents variable (risk of stunting) to the dependent’s variable (mother’s age, Prity, Mother Parity, Mother’s Height, (Lila) / MUAC (Mid Upper Arm Circumference), Maternal Characteristics (hemoglobin), Tension Mother’s, ANC Visit, Dietary habit, Mother’s child care, Completed immunization, Weight child and Drink for child.) Research results is maternal hemoglobin ​​in pregnancy with a risk category of having a stunting 53.4%, exlusive breastfeeding with a risk category of having a stunting 54.1%, dietary habit with a risk category of having a stunting 51.3%. Independents variable (Maternal Characteristics (hemoglobin), Exclusive Breastfeeding, Dietary Habis), is a significant association to stunting. The findings from this study will be helpful for programmatic intervention to reduce the stunting.
Joko Trihono,
Academia Open, Volume 2; doi:10.21070/acopen.2.2020.714

This research aims to describe and analyze the school's vision, mission, and values process transformed into multicultural education planning ,Multicultural education implementation process, multicultural education evaluation form. To avoid poisoning in understanding the meaning of the title of this study, it is necessary to explain the intent and meaning of the words composed in the title namely: Education is various efforts made by a person (educator) towards a person (protégé) in order to achieve positive maximum development. Planning is an intellectual process for determining goals and ways of achieving them. Implementation is the process of rationing or making it real in another sense is the process of implementation. Transformations are two main definitions. The first transformation is the fundamental change of organizational elements in adjustment to environmental change. The second is the dialogue process that takes place between teachers and students, students and students as part of the educational process with the aim of developing the skills of students. Management is the science or art of managing a set of tasks through the intermediary of others in achieving goals effectively and efficiently. Multiculturalism is an idea born of the fact of differences between citizens. Different life experiences foster different awareness and values that sometimes appear contradictory. Human encounters of different ethnic backgrounds are increasingly extending across the territorial boundaries of nations and countries to continental boundaries. In this study will discuss how multicultural is interpreted in the lives of citizens. This research will look at the diversity that exists in schools. Multicultural education in this study multicultural education is interpreted as an educational process based on multiculturalism which means acceptance of diversity in life. In relation to how this education will be packaged into multicultural education programs. These programs begin with planning, implementation, and evaluation conducted together.
Usmonov Murod Sodiqovich, Abdullayev Xolxuja Burxonovich, Suvonqulov Baxtiyor Mamarasulovich
Academia Open, Volume 2; doi:10.21070/acopen.2.2020.485

This article discusses the use of interactive training courses, their features, differences from ordinary training courses. The article also develops a model of a multimedia interactive e-learning course and discusses its advantages.
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