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Joko Purwanto, Karya Suhada, Rukmanta Jayawiguna, Aprilia Hananto, Aviv Yuniar Rahman
SYSTEMATICS, Volume 2, pp 58-64; doi:10.35706/sys.v2i2.3771

The spray is one of the important processes in the metal smelting industry that uses die casting machines to make aluminium products. This spraying process serves to prevent the problem of stamps (products attached to the dies/mold) due to overheating (overheating) on ​​the surface of the dies. The main device in this spraying process is the nozzle that is driven by a coil from the solenoid valve. To maintain the quality of the output spray to remain standard, routine maintenance is carried out manually by two operators. Operator one is outside the machine area to see the digital flow sensor display and the second operator is inside the machine area to operate the solenoid valve nozzle spray. Communication between operators plays an important role when carrying out the process of flow spray measurement. This treatment takes 7 hours. The problems found are the lack of security for operators inside the engine area due to the potential for accidents, inaccurate measurements because there is always a pause when communicating between operators inside and outside the engine area and inefficient maintenance time. The purpose of this study is to make a flow nozzle spray measurement system that is safe, accurate, and efficient. This research method uses literature and descriptive methods. The design of this system is done by creating a new display that contains a measurement menu and a record of flow spray measurement data through a Human Machine Interface (HMI) device in the form of an NS-8 Series Omron touch screen that is integrated with a Q-Series Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) type device. Mitsubishi as a controller. From the results of this study, it can be concluded that the flow nozzle spray measurement system display is safer and displays accurate and efficient measurement results because the measurement process is carried out automatically and is operated by one operator outside the machine area.
Bagja Nugraha
SYSTEMATICS, Volume 2, pp 86-97; doi:10.35706/sys.v2i2.3874

The Indonesian National Sports Committee or KONI is an organization that functions as a coordinating all athletes whose duty is to foster and develop the athletes become achievers in sports activities both at the regional and national levels. Koni Karawang is one of the authorized organization in coordinating every sporting activity in Karawang district and also functions as a forum for athletes in Karawang district so that it can accommodate all talented athletes so that they can be fostered further. Quite a lot of athletes in the Karawang district requires the management of data collection of athletes to be better coordinated. So, we need a system that can facilitate the management of KONI athletes in Karawang district. In this case, an Information System was created which functions to process the data of athletes in Karawang district, so that it would be assisting in the data collection of the athletes. The information system created is in the form of a website-based application with implementation using a PHP programming language and MySQL database
Iman Permana, Mardi Hardjianto, Kiki Ahmad Baihaqi
SYSTEMATICS, Volume 2, pp 65-71; doi:10.35706/sys.v2i2.3756

Security to enter a system has a very important role because as the main entrance to access data sources. But often lack the attention of the owners and managers of information systems. To reduce these weaknesses, one method that is widely used today is to use One-Time password, which is where the password we have becomes dynamic, meaning that at a certain time the password is always changing, the positive side is that it makes it difficult for others to steal our passwords because besides representative passwords that are difficult to understand and passwords are always changing. This study discusses One-Time Password installed on a mobile device where the password is randomized using a combination of two algorithms, namely SHA256 and Time-based One Time Password. The development of this login method can reduce the level of theft of passwords owned by users who are entitled to access information sources.
Bayu Priyatna, Aprilia Hananto
SYSTEMATICS, Volume 2, pp 47-57; doi:10.35706/sys.v2i2.3481

The development of multimedia technology has become a phenomenon that cannot be contained. All technology platforms now use multimedia elements as GUI Interface because it makes it much easier for users to control it. The introduction of cultural customs such as Indonesian traditional dances and songs is critical so that it remains sustainable and is not undermined by foreign influences. A new and appropriate media is needed to socialize it, amicable and fun media for young children. Application of Application Programming Interface (API) in Indonesian death dance and song applications makes it easier to change data so that data flow mobility can be faster to change. The results of the research show that the implementation of API in the application has better effectiveness. and the white box test results show that the coding system can run according to function.
Aditya Setiawan, Reza Avrizal, Risma Nurul Auliya
SYSTEMATICS, Volume 2, pp 72-78; doi:10.35706/sys.v2i2.3847

The growth in science and technology is accelerating, resulting in a competition that is becoming more intense. Advanced science and technology are obviously also in contact with computers. Computer use can minimize potential errors in data processing compared with manual data processing. The development of these sciences and technologies also encourages companies to improve corporate performance, and one of their uses is the creation of the information systems that companies need. The purpose of this study is to design and build a desktop java-based motorbike rental information system for Koperasi Trans Jaya Tangerang. The methodology used by researchers was grounded research. The methods of data collection used in this study are interviews, observations, and library studies.
Didik Wiguna
SYSTEMATICS, Volume 2, pp 79-85; doi:10.35706/sys.v2i2.3831

The number of research methods in the field of information technology provides choices for decision-makers to apply these methods to their business processes so that the application of these research methods can be developed into applications for researchers themselves or application program developers. In practice the process of implementing these research methods is developed and adapted to existing business processes so that in many implementations these methods can be combined with other methods, one of which is the method of collecting data combined with the method of sorting the decision process to provide an overview of the best results so can make decisions quickly and accurately. The method to be researched here is the AHP method as a data collection method and the Simple Additive Weighting (SAW) method, which is the method that provides the best sequence of results so that this research is expected to be helpful for a decision-maker in conducting future business actions. The research is a form of research from previous studies that discuss the same theme because in this study the researcher wants to get the results between the previous research and this research.
Alma Apriliani, Muhammad Budhiluhoer, Asep Jamaludin, Kamal Prihandani
SYSTEMATICS, Volume 2, pp 12-20; doi:10.35706/sys.v2i1.3530

Kemajuan di bidang teknologi informasi dimanfaatkan oleh para pelaku bisnis penyedia jasa transportasi untuk mengembangkan bisnisnya yang disebut dengan transportasi online. Agar dapat bersaing dengan para penyedia jasa transportasi online lainnya, para pelaku bisnis terus meningkatkan kepuasan para pelanggannya. Saat ini banyak penelitian yang meneliti faktor yang mempengaruhi kepuasan pelanggan. Sehingga diperlukan review terhadap paper jurnal yang membahas tentang kepuasan pelanggan transportasi online. Metode yang digunakan penelitian ini adalah Systematic Literature Review (SLR) terhadap paper jurnal yang publish dari tahun 2016-2019. Terdapat tiga Research Question (RQ) yang ditetapkan pada penelitian ini. Hasil akhir yang diperoleh dari penelitian ini adalah aplikasi yang banyak diteliti yaitu Go-Jek dan Grab, teknik pengumpulan data yang digunakan adalah kuesioner dengan responden yang paling banyak digunakan sebanyak 100 orang dan faktor yang paling banyak berpengaruh terhadap kepuasan pelanggan yaitu kualitas pelayanan. Hasil yang didapatkan pada penelitian ini diharapkan dapat memberikan informasi agar para pelaku bisnis penyedia jasa transportasi online terus meningkatkan kualitas pelayanannya sehingga meningkatkan kepuasan pelanggan yang berakibat pada penggunaan ulang jasa tersebut.
Arip Solehudin, Rini Mayasari, Garno Garno, Agung Susilo Yuda Irawan
SYSTEMATICS, Volume 2, pp 21-27; doi:10.35706/sys.v2i1.3634

Sekolah Menengah Atas (SMA), Sekolah Menengah Kejuruan (SMK) atau yang sederajat menyelenggarakan ujian kenaikan kelas menggunakan Computer Based Test (CBT). Akan tetapi, dalam pelaksanaanya mengalami permasalahan, salah satunya beban server. Hal tersebut diakibatkan oleh permintaan pengguna yang melebihi kemampuan server. Untuk mengatasi permasalah tersebut digunakanya load balancing web server menggunakan haproxy. Namun penggunaan load balancing web server, sering mengalami inkonsistensi data tiap server. Oleh karena itu digunakan replikasi database yang dapat menjamin konsistensi data dalam load balancing web server. Penelitian ini menggunakan pendekatan deksriptif dengan metode perancangan sitem jaringan PPDIOO. Ada dua algoritma load balancing yang dibandingkan, yaitu algoritma round robin dan algoritma least connection. Berdasarkan hasil pengujian httperf, parameter throughput kedua algoritma memperoleh nilai rata-rata yang sama yaitu 99,5 Kb / second. Pada pengujian parameter response time algoritma least connection lebih unggul yaitu 6,9 ms dibandingkan dengan round robin yang memiliki nilai rata-rata sebesar 7,2 ms, namun pada pengujian parameter CPU Utilization algoritma round robin bernilai 23,7 % lebih unggul dibandingkan algoritma least connection yaitu 24,3 %.
Agung Susilo Yuda Irawan, Ahmad Farhan El Ramdhani, Muhammad Jordi, Rizal Saepul Mahdi, Tohirin Al Mudzakir
SYSTEMATICS, Volume 2, pp 28-32; doi:10.35706/sys.v2i1.3635

Kriptografi merupakan suatu metode yang dapat digunakan untuk mengamankan data. Data yang biasanya diamankan menggunakan kriptografi adalah data teks. Data teks biasa digunakan dalam pesan untuk berkomnikasi. Isi pesan tersebutlah yang diamankan dengan kriptografi. Prosedur utama dalam kriptografi ada dua, yaitu enkripsi dan dekripsi. Enkripsi merupakan prosedur yang dilakukan untuk menyandikan suatu data atau pesan asli menjadi data atau pesan bersandi. Sebaliknya, dekripsi merupakan prosedur yang dilakukan untuk mengembalikan pesan atau data yang disandikan menjadi pesan atau data asli seperti semula. Kriptografi memiliki beragam algoritme, salah satunya yaitu algoritme Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). AES merupakan salah satu algoritme kriptografi yang memiliki tingkat keamanan yang tinggi. Pada penelitian ini dilakukan implementasi algoritma AES untuk mengamankan data berupa video dengan format mp4. Pengujian dilakukan dengan menggunakan aplikasi kriptografi yaitu CrypTool. Untuk dapat dienkripsi dan didekripsi, data video diubah dalam bentuk HexDump. Dari penelitian ini dihasilkan bahwa algoritme AES efektif untuk mengamankan data video. Data video yang terenkripsi tidak dapat diputar dengan media player dan tidak memilik detail informasi seperti data aslinya. Akan tetapi ketika didekripsi data tersebut berhasil diputar secara normal dengan media player dan memiliki detail informasi seperti data aslinya.
Rini Mayasari, Azhari Ali Ridha, Didi Juardi, Kiki Ahmad Baihaqi
SYSTEMATICS, Volume 2, pp 33-38; doi:10.35706/sys.v2i1.3450

Isu keamanan website merupakan hal yang sangat krusial pada masa sekarang, sehingga masalah keamanan dan kerentanan website menjadi sangat penting dalam mengembangkan aplikasi website. Dalam mendeteksi kerentanan dalam penelitian ini digunakan metode kualitatif dengan memanfaatkan perangkat lunak Acunetix Vulnerability Scanner, yang dimulai dari tahap inisiasi, investigasi, pengujian dan verifikasi. Hasil dari penelitian ini, tingkt kerentanan website Universitas Singaperbangsa Karawang berada pada level 2 yaitu Medium, sehingga kemungkinan untuk mengakses dan mengumpulkan informasi sensitif, karena dengan infromasi tersebut penyusup bisa dengan mudah mengeksploitasi kelemahan yang ada.
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