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Mark Rix
Corporate & Business Strategy Review, Volume 1, pp 4-6; doi:10.22495/cbsrv1i1_editorial

The four articles and a book review comprising this, the first issue of Corporate and Business Strategy Review each considers an aspect of a pre-virus, business-as-usual business, and investment that will have to re-emerge largely intact if the world is to return to anything like business as usual once the virus has been debilitated or finally defeated. Looking respectively at the engagement duties of institutional investors in Italy, how the ‘corporate veil’ is able to be pierced using the South African Companies Act, magical banking and non-endogenous money, and e-commerce and portfolio allocations by Indian life insurance customers, the four articles together are a sort of rear vision mirror enabling us to look back at what the business world was like not long before the pandemic struck. They also ask us to consider what needs to be maintained, what should be altered holistically or piecemeal, and what has to be jettisoned altogether as we look forward and start imagining what the post-virus business world and a new-normal business, as usual, will look like.
Siphethile Phiri
Corporate & Business Strategy Review, Volume 1, pp 17-26; doi:10.22495/cbsrv1i1art2

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