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, Digvijay Pandey, , , , Eachanari Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) Karpagam Academy Of Higher Education
International Journal of Basic Sciences and Applied Computing, Volume 8, pp 1-11;

Extra to water, tea is the broadly consumable hot beverage in the biosphere. People drink more tea than coffee, cold drinks, dairy products, and alcohol combined. Availability does not effectively order the dried plant pieces, which are utilized to make tea. Numerous cases of food adulteration have been recorded in many countries, including India. This has taken to the creation of a new discipline of science, known as ‘green criminology’, to compensate violations of food law. Over the years, new techniques for identifying food adulteration have been developed Here we reviewed different standard DNA based molecular techniques to analyze their performance in identifying tea constituents. Originally, these were sensory techniques, which proved unreliable. Later, physical analysis of the product was done based on data on the label and microscopic evaluation. Later methods, based on the identification of lipids and proteins, were also not accurate due to biochemical changes during processing. These problems provoked scientists to get an interest in the potential of DNA testing. Due to the stability of DNA and the universal applicability of DNA-based methods for all cells, they are ideal for use in practice. Currently, the most reliable test for detecting food adulteration is Bar-HRM, as it is a highly sensitive and specific technique. Broad scale endorsement of the plant’s DNA barcoding may require systems that spot the journey brings about point of view of common plant species names and character for separate firmly close gatherings.
International Journal of Basic Sciences and Applied Computing, Volume 8, pp 12-17;

The sum of shortest distance between a vertex 𝒖 from all other vertices of a graph 𝑮 is called the index of the vertex 𝒖 and is denoted by 𝝈(𝒖). In this article, we have obtained, the(𝒂,𝒃)− status index [3] of central graphs of some standard graphs namely star graph, complete graph, cycle graph, wheel graph and friendship graph. Using this new index, we have computed 9 standard status indices of all these central graphs of standard graphs.
Semenov Anatolii, , Hmelnitska Yevgenia, Semenova Nataliia
International Journal of Basic Sciences and Applied Computing, Volume 8, pp 1-4;

One of the reasons for non-compliance with the requirements of regulatory documentation of powdered materials, including drugs is microbiological contamination. The search for alternative technical approaches of bactericidal disinfection using modern physical methods is relevant for research. Checking the compliance of activated carbon «Silcarbon», which is used in medicine as a sorbent, showed that the number of fungi (TYMS) exceeds the permissible norms in several times. A number of experimental studies where ultraviolet light, a combination of UV radiation and ozonation were used have been performed to disinfect «Silcarbon» from microbiological contaminants. It is shown that optimal results can be achieved in terms of the content of molds and yeasts: the total amount does not exceed 70 CFU/g using a combination of UV radiation and ozonation. When using pulsed UV lamps with a flux density of 10000-10500 W/m2, the amount was 30 CFU/g, and for molds fungi 20 CFU/g, which meets the requirements of regulatory documents. In dependance on the method of disinfection use the total amount of microbiological contamination of «Silcarbon» ranges from 50 to 70 CFU/g.
International Journal of Basic Sciences and Applied Computing, Volume 3, pp 1-8;

It is suggested that this study contributes by establishing a robust methodology for analyzing the longitudinal outcomes of higher education. The current research uses multinomial logistic regression. To the knowledge of the authors, this is the first logistic regression analysis performed at Saudi higher education institutions. The study can help decision-makers take action to improve the academic performance of at-risk students. The analyses are based on enrollment and completion data of 5,203 undergraduate students in the colleges of engineering and medicine. The observation period was extended for ten academic years from 2010 to 2020. Four outcomes were identified for students: (i) degree completion on time, (ii) degree completion with delay, (iii) dropout, and (iv) still enrolled in programs. The objectives are twofold: (i) to study the present situation by measuring graduation and retention rates with benchmarking, and (ii) to determine the effect of twelve continuous and dummy predictors (covariates) on outcomes. The present results show that the pre-admission covariates slightly affect performance in higher education programs. The results indicate that the most important indicator of graduation is the student's achievement in the first year of the program. Finally, it is highly suggested that initiatives be taken to increase graduation and retention rates and to review the admissions policy currently in place.
International Journal of Basic Sciences and Applied Computing, Volume 3, pp 1-4;

As occurred in many Universities worldwide, the response to the COVID-19 pandemic required us, professors at Western University (London, Canada), to quickly convert a first-year biology course with over 1200 enrolled students from an in-classroom format to an on-line format. This transition included the course exams. While the first multiple-choice exam in February 2020 was in-person and proctored, we changed the second multiple-choice exam in March 2020 so that it was completed by students online at home without a proctor. We had concerns about this online conversion, including whether the grades would represent student understanding of the course material when access to peers and other resources during the exam was not monitored. In this report we show student scores on the online exam were highly correlated with their prior in-person exam. A similar correlation was observed with prior first-year students who took similar exams in February and March 2019 which were both in-person and proctored. These results provide some reassurance that it is possible to rapidly transition the delivery of an exam from an in-person format to an online format without compromising the exam process.
Vipawadee Moonchaisook
International Journal of Basic Sciences and Applied Computing, Volume 3, pp 1-3;

The Diophantine equation has been studied by many researchers in number theory because it helps in solving variety of complicated puzzle problems. From several studies, many interesting proofs have been found. In this paper, the researcher has examined the solutions of Diophantine equation (𝑴𝒑 − 𝟐) 𝒙 + (𝑴𝒑 + 𝟐) 𝒚 = 𝒛 𝟐 where 𝑴𝒑 is a Mersenne Prime and p is an odd prime whereas x, y and z are nonnegative integers. It was found that this Diophantine equation has no solution.
Mamta Dassani, Mukesh Kushwaha
International Journal of Basic Sciences and Applied Computing, Volume 3, pp 1-5;

Present work of this paper deals with the unification of classical polynomials in which we have defined a generalized polynomial set analogous to that of associated Legendre polynomial P (x) m n by taking 5the use of Operator. Also we have derived explicit form, Operational Formulae generating functions for this function.
Krasimira Prodanova, Mariya Negreva
International Journal of Basic Sciences and Applied Computing, Volume 3, pp 1-6;

Our previous studies showed activation of coagulation in the early hours of the clinical manifestation of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (PAF). Plasma coagulation activity of factor II, factor V, factor VII, factor VIII, factor IX, factor X, factor XI, factor XII, vWF, tissue factor levels, FVIII, vWF, prothrombin fragment 1+2(F1 + 2) and fibrinopeptide A (FPA) were significantly increased as early as the first twenty-four hours of the disease. The results suggest that there is a correlation between the studied parameters and development of the disease. Aim: To search for a statistical model that predicts coagulation activity in PAF patients. Materials and methods: Coagulation parameters were examined in 51 PAF patients (26 males, 25 females; mean age 59.84 ±1.60 years, onset of PAF episode < 24h prior to hospitalization). Controls included 52 individuals (26 males, 26 females; mean age 59.50 ± 1.46 years) with no prior anamnestic or ECG AF data, corresponding to patients in sex, age, BMI and comorbidities. A linear regression model was used to predict coagulation activity in PAF. Regression models showed good correlation between the duration of arrhythmia and six of the fourteen coagulation parameters studied: F1+2 (r = 0.83, p <0.001), FPA (r = 0.84, p <0.001), FVIII levels (r = 0.85, p <0.001) as well as activity of FII (r = 0.83, p <0.001), FVIII (r = 0.83, p <0.001) and FXII (r = 0.78, p <0.001). Changes in F1+2 plasma levels were most sensitive to PAF duration, where the contribution of duration to the values of the indicator is the greatest (b = 15.31). Conclusion: Linear regression analysis allowed us to create models with a high correlation coefficient for predicting the values of F1+2, FPA, FVIII levels, as well as activity of FII, FVIII and FXII in PAF patients. These models could allow for quantification of the procoagulatory process and thrombotic potential of the disease.
Nidhi Srivastava
International Journal of Basic Sciences and Applied Computing, Volume 3, pp 7-8;

The larval development clearly showed that Drumstick (Sahjan) powder is quite toxic. The data recorded was noted at every five days interval i.e. on the 5th day, the 10th day, the 15th day, the 20th day, the 25th day, the 30th day and the 35th day. Three doses were taken for each treatment i.e. 2gms and 3.5 gms. The data was noticed on the mortality rates and emergence of the larvae. The lowest dose 1 gm brought 9% on the 5th day, 28% on the 10th day and 38% on the 15th day.
International Journal of Basic Sciences and Applied Computing, Volume 3, pp 1-6;

The global burden posed by nosocomial diarrhea lead to the strong given attention by health practitioners science its morbidity and mortality rate hit about 500,000 rates annually in the United states. Diagnostic measures have been put in place to detect the presence of CD using different methods. Reliable prediction of the health status of patients is of paramount importance. This study aimed at investigating the status of stool samples collected to test the presence of clostridium difficile as either positive or negative from both inpatient and outpatient from the record units of Near East University Hospital using hybrid adaptive neuro fuzzy (known as ANFIS) model consisting of various combinations of membership functions and training Fis. In this context, the age of the patients, gender, results of the analysis conducted, the department in which the patient was admitted, the age category and the hospitalization were employed as the input variables. The performance accuracy of these membership functions and training FIS combinations were checked using two performance indices determination coefficient (R2) and mean square error (MSE). The obtained computation data driven models proves the reliability of the combination of subtractive clustering membership function and hybrid training FIS over the other three ANFIS combinations. Overall, the results indicated the reliability and satisfaction of hybrid adaptive neuro fuzzy in checking the status of stool samples collected to test the presence of clostridium difficile as either positive or negative from both inpatient and outpatient.
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