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Mira Krisma Yudina,
Jurnal Ilmiah Kesehatan, Volume 2, pp 147-158; doi:10.36590/jika.v2i3.56

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Jurnal Ilmiah Kesehatan, Volume 2, pp 135-146; doi:10.36590/jika.v2i3.112

The incidence of hypertension in Southeast Sulawesi tends to increase each year. Many people with hypertension are tired of taking blood pressure-lowering drugs because they are addictive and have side effects. The objective of the study was to understand the effect of watermelon juice supplementation to decrease blood pressure on early adult hypertension sufferers in the working area of the Public Health Center of Poasia Kendari city. This study was a true experiment through pretest-posttest with a control group design. The sample size was 30 people who were determined by purposive sampling technique and was allocated by matching within 15 people for both treatment and control groups. The statistical test result showed that there were different blood pressure both systolic and diastolic blood pressures before and after receiving watermelon juice supplementation for 7 days with the dose was twice 350/gr/glass/day on treatment group with significance value ρ = 0,000 (α = 0,05). Meanwhile, for the control group, there was no different blood pressure before and after receiving supplementation with significance value ρ = 1,000 (α = 0,05) for systolic pressure and ρ = 0,499 for diastolic one. There was different blood pressure after receiving watermelon juice supplementation between treatment and control groups with significance value ρ =0,031 (α = 0,05) for systolic pressure and p = 0,012 for diastolic one. Hence, it’s concluded that there was a significant effect of watermelon juice supplementation to decrease the blood pressure on early adult hypertension sufferers.
Jurnal Ilmiah Kesehatan, Volume 2, pp 159-165; doi:10.36590/jika.v2i3.113

Women play an important role as determinants of the quality of future generations, therefore it is important to ensure that women's nutritional status does not have problems as early as possible. The risk of chronic lack of energy (KEK) in pregnant women because the mother has experienced KEK in adolescence, one of which is caused by the intake of nutrients that are not adequate. The purpose of this study was to find out the effect of nutritional counseling interventions balanced with video media on changes in the nutritional intake of Adolescence Girls of SMPN 1 Turikale Kab. Maros This research used experimental pre-design with one group of pre-post test design. Variable research on nutritional intake was measured before and after being given balanced nutrition counseling with video media. Data collection used online questionnaires and research subjects numbered 40 people, female gender. Statistical analysis used Kolmogorov and Paired t-test. The results showed that there was no difference in energy intake (p= 0.412), carbohydrate intake (p=0.052), and protein intake (p=0.559) before and after balanced nutrition counseling, but there were differences in fat intake (p=0.008) and iron intake (p=0.007) before and after balanced nutrition counseling. It can be concluded that there was a significant change between fat intake and iron intake after receiving counseling.
, I Gusti Made Reza Gunadi Ranuh, Budiono Budiono, Alpha Fardah Athiyyah
Jurnal Ilmiah Kesehatan, Volume 2, pp 128-134; doi:10.36590/jika.v2i3.76

Diarrhea is an endemic disease in Indonesia and has the potential to cause outbreaks that are often accompanied by death, even the mortality rate during outbreaks in 2017, amounting to 1.97%, had not yet reached the expected target by the government, which is less than 1%. This study aims to determine the distribution of sex, age, nutritional status based on weight/age, and how to leave the hospital for chronic diarrhea patients and to know the correlation between nutritional status based on weight/age and death cases of chronic diarrhea in children under five years old treated at RSUD Dr. Soetomo in the period 2015-2019. This research was a retrospective analytical and descriptive study using secondary data from a patient's electronic medical record. Results showed that out of 45 chronic diarrhea patients, 28 (62,2%) were male, 16 (35,6%) children were in the 0 - 5 months age group, 18 (40,0%) children had good nutritional status, 39 (86,7%) children were discharged from the hospital, and there was a significant correlation between nutritional status based on weight/age and death cases of chronic diarrhea in children (p = 0,017). It could be concluded that the majority of children with chronic diarrhea were male, were in the 0 - 5 months age group, had good nutritional status, and were discharged from the hospital which meant that their condition had improved or cured and there was a significant correlation between nutritional status based on weight/age with death cases of chronic diarrhea in children.
Septiyanti Septiyanti, Seniwati Seniwati
Jurnal Ilmiah Kesehatan, Volume 2, pp 118-127; doi:10.36590/jika.v2i3.74

Obesity is a problem in various parts of the world where its prevalence is increasing rapidly, both in developed and developing countries Obesity can occur because of an imbalance between the energy from the food that comes in, which is greater than the energy used by the body. This study aimed to see the characteristics of obesity and central obesity in adult society in urban areas of Indonesia. This study used a cross-sectional study, by analyzing advanced data on Basic Health Research (Riskesdas) in the biomedical field. The results of this study indicated that in general obesity and central obesity increase with age, with the highest prevalence being at the age of 40-59 years. Both obesity and central obesity were more prevalent in female subjects. Obesity and central obesity were also more common among subjects who graduated from high school and who work as housewives. Subjects of obesity and central obesity experienced more abnormalities in biomedical examination than those with normal BMI and abdominal circumference. For this reason, it is advisable to maintain a normal BMI and abdominal circumference, especially for adults. This study proves that there are significant differences in biomedical examination in those who are obese and not obese.
, Riza Pahlawi
Jurnal Ilmiah Kesehatan, Volume 2, pp 99-107; doi:10.36590/jika.v2i3.69

The activities of children more involve the foot. One of the common problems in the foot is flexible flatfoot. A disturbance in the process of the formation of the arch foot could result in a deformation of the foot and increases the risk of an injury due to postural balance change. Normally, the arch of the foot formed the first five years for the age range of 2-6 years. The right choices of the intrinsic muscle exercises of the foot can prevent deformation and improve postural balance. This study aimed to discuss the effectiveness of foot strengthening exercise to improving postural balance and functional ability of foot on a flexible flatfoot 6-10 years old. This study was pre-experimental research with two groups of pre-post test design. The subjects of this research were 30 students that had been divided into two groups, case, and control. Each group consists of 15 students selected used purposive sampling method based on the criteria of inclusion that had been set. There was a significant difference after foot strengthening exercise between the case and control group, p-value = 0,000. The foot strengthening exercise could improve the postural balance and functional ability of the foot on a flexible flatfoot 6-10 years old.
Firdausi Ramadhani,
Jurnal Ilmiah Kesehatan, Volume 2, pp 108-117; doi:10.36590/jika.v2i3.71

Covid-19 is a disease caused by a new type of coronavirus that has never been identified as attacking humans before. Knowledge and attitudes are expected to have correlated with Covid-19 prevention behavior. The study aimed to determine the association between knowledge and attitude with Covid-19 prevention behavior among college students in Gorontalo. This study was a quantitative study with a correlation analytic design. A sample of 187 subjects was taken randomly through the google form application which was distributed via WhatsApp to students in Gorontalo Province. Measurement variables of knowledge, attitudes and behavior to prevent Covid-19 were used a questionnaire with a Likert and Guttman scale. Data were analyzed using the Spearman correlation analysis. The results were showed that the subjects more female (79.7%) than male (20.3%). Many of the scientific fields were in the health sector (77.0%), while the domicile was more from outside the district and city of Gorontalo (52.9%). The average knowledge score was 82.47 ± 14.10, attitude score 80.48 ± 7.82 and Covid-19 prevention behavior score 83.36 ± 17.89. Correlation analysis showed that there was an association between knowledge and Covid-19 prevention behavior (r = 0.178; p-value = 0.015) with the degree of weak relationship and there was no association between attitudes and Covid-19 prevention behavior in students (r = -0.012; p-value = 0.874). There was a relationship between knowledge and Covid-19 prevention behavior.
Nurfaizah Alza, Nurhidayat Nurhidayat
Jurnal Ilmiah Kesehatan, Volume 2, pp 93-98; doi:10.36590/jika.v2i2.61

Endorphin menciptakan perasaan nyaman dan enak sehingga mengurangi kecemasan yang ibu rasakan. Pijat punggung dilakukan untuk merangsang reflex oksitosin melalui stimulasi sensori somatik dari sistem aferen. Tujuan dalam penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui pengaruh endorphin massage terhadap produksi ASI pada ibu post partum di Puskesmas Somba Opu Kabupaten Gowa Tahun 2018. Jenis penelitian ini adalah pendekatan quasy eksperiment yang bersifat kuantitatif. Penelitian dilaksanakan pada bulan April-Mei tahun 2018 di Puskesmas Somba Opu Kabupaten Gowa tahun 2018. Populasi dalam penelitian ini adalah semua ibu post partum di Puskesmas Somba Opu pada bulan Maret sampai dengan April 2018 diperoleh sampel sebanyak 34 orang melalui teknik purposive sampling dengan menggunakan uji Mann Whitney. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa yang memiliki produksi ASI lancar setelah dilakukan endorphin massage sebanyak 20 subjek (58,8%) dan produksi ASI yang kurang lancar sebanyak 14 subjek (41,2%). Terdapat pengaruh endorphin massage dengan produksi ASI pada ibu post partum didapatkan nilai Z sebesar -3.178 dengan nilai p 0.001 <α 0.05. Ibu post partum memiliki produksi ASI lancar setelah dilakukan endorphin massage lebih banyak dibandingkan dengan yang tidak dilakukan endorphin massage serta terdapat pengaruh endorphine message terhadap produksi ASI.
Jurnal Ilmiah Kesehatan, Volume 2, pp 53-60; doi:10.36590/jika.v2i2.59

Masalah gizi balita berhubungan langsung dengan kuantitas dan kualitas makanan yang dikonsumsinya. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mendapatkan produk crackers yang memiliki kandungan zat gizi dengan substitusi tepung bee pollen (serbuk sari lebah) untuk balita. Jenis penelitian yang digunakan adalah quasi eksperimen dengan desain analisis labolatorium. Penelitian dilakukan 3 tahap, tahap pertama melakukan penelitian pendahuluan dengan uji laboratorium terhadap tepung dan uji organoleptik, Penelitian awal produk dilakukan analisis proksimat dan penelitian analisis kandungan asam amino dan zat besi sesuai dari SNI. Pada penelitian utama adalah proses pembuatan crackers dengan penambahan tepung bee pollen menggunakan formula bee pollen 25%,75%,100% dan dilakukan oleh 20 orang panelis.Hasil penelitian formula crackers C2 memberikan tingkat kesukaan yang baik. Untuk penelitian awal produk yakni analisis proksimat, formula terpilih 7,74% untuk protein dan 7,50% formula kontrol, lemak 22,81% formula terpilih dan 21,95% formula kontrol, Karbohidrat 63,61% formula terpilih dan 64,67% formula control, Kadar air 3,36% formula terpilih dan 3,12% formula kontrol, kadar abu 2,52% formula terpilih, 2,75% formula kontrol. Kadar Fe pada tepung bee pollen sebesar 145.7862 ppm setelah diolah menjadi crackers sebesar 88.4402 ppm. Adapun kesimpulan dalam penelitian ini yaitu kandungan zat besi mengalami penurunan setelah diolah menjadi crackers, hal ini disebabkan karena tingginya suhu yang digunakan ketika crackers tersebut dipanggang.
Agusrianto Agusrianto,
Jurnal Ilmiah Kesehatan, Volume 2, pp 61-66; doi:10.36590/jika.v2i2.48

Stroke adalah suatu kondisi yang terjadi ketika pasokan darah ke otak terganggu karena sumbatan atau pecahnya pembuluh darah otak dengan gejala seperti hemiparesis, bicara pelo, kesulitan berjalan, kehilangan keseimbangan dan kekuatan otot menurun. Tujuan penelitian ini untuk mengetahui penerapan latihan Range of Motion (ROM) pasif pada pasien non haemoragik stroke dengan kelumpuhan ekstremitas. Metode penelitian ini menggunakan metode deskriptif dengan pendekatan studi kasus yaitu 1 orang pasien non hemoragik stroke dan diberi latihan ROM pasif. Hasil penelitian didapatkan data penurunan kesadaran, TD 170/120 mm/Hg dan kekuatan otot ekstremitas menurun. Diagnosa keperawatan hambatan mobilitas fisik, intervensi keperawatan yang diberikan adalah latihan ROM pasif dua kali sehari bertujuan dapat meningkatkan kekuatan otot. Evaluasi setelah enam hari pemberian intervensi pasien dapat menggerakkan tangan dan kakinya. Pada ektremitas kanan atas/bawah dari semula skala 2 menjadi skala 3 dan ektremitas kiri atas/bawah dari semula skala 0 menjadi skala 1. Kesimpulan sesudah diberikan latihan ROM pasif pasien stroke mengalami peningkatan kekuatan otot pada kedua ekstremitas.
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