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Nansy Stephanie Mongi,
Jurnal Sistem Komputer dan Informatika (JSON), Volume 2, pp 269-276; https://doi.org/10.30865/json.v2i3.2920

The development of e-learning system ini companies is very important in the learning process and training of employees or agents to achieve company goals. Like at PT. Global Infotech solution where the learning process still uses manuals so that it hinders learning because to hold training is quite large ini incurring costs for agents who are outside the region. Therefore companies need an e-learning system to help the employee agent learning process to be more affective. E-learning system have been developed and implemented using the moodle platform, which is one of the learning management system. The development method used is the ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Implementation, Evaluation) model so that it is faster ini developing an e-learning system platform according to user needs in the company. The results of the e-learning system research were assessed through employee agent responses from the learning aspect of 84.75% with a good category, seen from the display aspect of 86.05% with the very good category, seen from the aspect of the e-learning system using the Moodle platform of 80, 32% with a good category, and the last one seen from the material aspect in the e-learning system with an interesting concept of 89.82% with the very good category. So the overall assessment of the quality of the e-learning system as a whole is 85.25 with a good category. With this e-learning system, the learning process will be more efficient in displaying learning information needed by company agents in a web-based form and can be accessed by users online as long as they are connected to the internet.
, Nelly Astuti Hasibuan
Jurnal Sistem Komputer dan Informatika (JSON), Volume 2, pp 212-220; https://doi.org/10.30865/json.v2i3.2465

Surveys are usually confused with the term observation in the everyday sense, surveys are also the main way to collect primary data if secondary data are deemed incomplete to answer a question, if the secondary data is complete enough and the hypothesis can be tested with secondary data then Direct primary data collection using the survey method is no longer necessary, a survey is looking for detailed factual information that is currently symptomatic and identifying problems or to justify conditions and ongoing activities to find out what people are doing which is the target of research in solving problems, as material for planning and making decisions in the future. SMART (Simple Multi - Attribute Rating Technique) is a multi-criteria decision-making method developed by Edward in 1977.This multi-criteria decision-making technique is based on the theory that each alternative consists of a number of criteria that have values and each criterion has a weight describes how important it is compared to other criteria. This weighting is used to assess each alternative in order to obtain the best alternative. SMART uses a linear additive model to predict the value of each alternative. SMART is a flexible decision making method.
, Muhammad Rizqi Darmawan
Jurnal Sistem Komputer dan Informatika (JSON), Volume 2, pp 311-320; https://doi.org/10.30865/json.v2i3.3028

Fuel oil is the main requirement when people want to drive, one of the vehicles is an automatic motorbike which is widely used by the community. There are many fuels at the gas station, namely premium, pertalite and pertamax. In choosing community fuels, there are still many things to consider, both in terms of quality, price, fuel efficiency, and others. From these various considerations, people must be confused about which one is suitable for their needs. For this reason, there is a DSS (Decision Support System) for selecting motorcycle fuel to assist in finding the appropriate fuel. This system was created using the MADM (Multiple Attribute Decision Making) method to find alternatives to various criteria, including the SAW (Simple Additive Weighting) method to find a rating for each weighted criterion. In the SAW method, the largest rating is the result of alternative choices. The calculation result of the method is if the selected alternative meets the predetermined criteria. In this study, the results of the calculation simulation obtained through the survey are pertalite fuel with the final rating of 0.718, while Pertamax is 0.716 and premium is 0.665
Jully Triansyah, Rusma Insan Nurachim, Susi Ermawati, , Vivi Maria
Jurnal Sistem Komputer dan Informatika (JSON), Volume 2, pp 304-310; https://doi.org/10.30865/json.v2i3.3006

In today's online-based era, the use of websites in carrying out patient registration procedures is very useful. Dental Clinic Dentika is one of the dental clinics located in the Tangerang area and has quite a number of patients. In the procedure for registering patients for examination, they still use a manual system, where patients come directly and wait in line for the examination. This is deemed ineffective because long lines can occur at a certain time. This web-based online patient registration is to make it easier for patients to register themselves when they are going to take medication or dental care without having to come to the clinic first. Another advantage is that it makes it easier for clinical administrative staff to serve patient registration, increases time efficiency in terms of patient care and facilitates patient data management. The User Centered Design (UCD) method is one of the right methods to solve the problem of patient registration at the Dentika Dental Clinic. This method looks at the needs of the user or users in designing an information system. The result of this study is a website that can be accessed by patients to register for the examination
, Fildzah Nadya Arieni, Agus Perdana Windarto
Jurnal Sistem Komputer dan Informatika (JSON), Volume 2, pp 289-296; https://doi.org/10.30865/json.v2i3.3011

Organic masks are masks made from natural ingredients that have good nutritional content for the face. Organic masks have many benefits which are certainly no less than treatments at a beauty doctor. Facial masks are beauty masks in the form of gels, pastes and powders which are applied to clean and tighten the skin, especially facial skin. Face masks also function as carriers for active ingredients that are useful for skin health, such as extra plants, essential oils, or seaweed that can be absorbed by the skin's surface to be carried into the blood circulation. The purpose of this study is to help consumers determine the best organic face mask. This research method uses the MOORA method. The criteria used are Variant (A), Size (B), Price (C), Aroma (D), Method of Use (E), Rules of Use (F), Results of Use (G). The alternatives used are Crushlicious (0.1147), Namo.Id (0.2758), NHM (0.2257), Lea Gloria (0.7218), Poupeepou (0.1692), and Natuna Oilvera (0.1157). Thus, the best value of the six alternatives is the Lea Gloria Organic Face Mask with a value of 0.7218.
, Irfan Sudahri Damanik, Harly Okprana
Jurnal Sistem Komputer dan Informatika (JSON), Volume 2, pp 243-254; https://doi.org/10.30865/json.v2i3.2853

Pematangsiantar Mayor Office is an institution that is used and functions to serve and protect the community. This paper proposes a decision support system research using the Promethee method. Promethee is one of several methods of determining the order or priority in multi-criteria analysis. This writing uses the Promethee method as a step in determining the provision of incentives for freelance daily staff at the Pematangsiantar Mayor's Office. In this study the authors took 10 alternatives with 5 assessment criteria including absenteeism, achievement, behavior, long history of work and teamwork. With the highest result obtained by alternative 9 on behalf of Triono with a value of 0.422 and the lowest result obtained by alternative 6 on behalf of Soraya with a value of -0.211.
, Fiqri Syah Redha
Jurnal Sistem Komputer dan Informatika (JSON), Volume 2, pp 348-355; https://doi.org/10.30865/json.v2i3.3039

Linux is a kernel whose development has been very active since it was first released to the public. With a large community, Linux development has penetrated into various fields in the world of computerization, including personal computers. Today, Linux can be used on a variety of devices from personal computers to embedded systems. The development is very active thanks to the large community and Linux adopting open source, many developers are making their own version of the Linux-based operating system. Versions and types of Linux-based operating systems are called distros or distributions. The number of versions and types of Linux-based operating systems, of course, confuses users who are trying Linux for the first time or who want to fully switch to Linux from another operating system. Decision support systems can provide alternative solutions for those users who are confused about choosing a Linux distribution. By using the Simple Additive Weighting (SAW) method, the existing criteria can be used as benchmarks in determining the Linux distribution of choice and therefore the accuracy of the system can exceed 90%
, Dodit Suprianto, Rini Agustina
Jurnal Sistem Komputer dan Informatika (JSON), Volume 2, pp 283-288; https://doi.org/10.30865/json.v2i3.2998

Disk encryption technology is something very useful in securing data. On the other hand, disk encryption can be used by criminals to hide the digital evidence. The information in the disk will be very useful for the investigation, but if the disk on the computer evidence encrypted then it will hamper the investigation process. The conditions will certainly be a challenge for investigator cybercrime to be able to find the disk encryption key, especially if the perpetrator did not cooperate in the investigation process. The analysis of the image memory to get the encryption key will be helpful in the investigation. In the overall memory activity on the computer evidence will be recorded, using a live image memory dump on the computer evidence, the decryption keys can be recovered. This paper will discuss about forensic analysis to getting the disk encryption key on the dm-crypt is used to encrypt the disk on Linux operating system and prove that through forensic image memory on a live memory dump, key dm-crypt disk encryption can be found with a success percentage of 80%. On this paper the research will be focused on the Linux operating system with dm-crypt function to full disk encryption.
, Eko Setia Budi, Raden Bagus Dimas Putra
Jurnal Sistem Komputer dan Informatika (JSON), Volume 2, pp 297-303; https://doi.org/10.30865/json.v2i3.3010

Information technology is currently a technology that is widely adopted by almost all organizations and is believed to be able to help increase the efficiency of ongoing processes, including in educational institutions. IT Governance offers various solutions, innovations, and changes to the company's business, however, the application of information technology must be in accordance with the company's business objectives. The key to entering the world of global business is a qualification that includes skills, knowledge and experience combined with international certification for global recognition. The application of information technology must be tailored to the needs of the institution in order to achieve institutional goals. This research was conducted to conduct an assessment and evaluation of the governance of the Human Resources Information System (HRIS) at the Nurul Fikri Integrated Islamic School, Depok. Knowing this condition will make it easier to take action to improve HRIS governance, use the Cobit method and focus on the PO and AI domains. The implementation of HRIS governance at the Nurul Fikri Integrated Islamic School has been carried out even though it is still not running optimally because it has reached the expected level of maturity. The maturity level of the HRIS governance at the Nurul Fikri Integrated Islamic School is at level 2 (Managed Process) for both the PO and AI domains.
, Bayu Saputra
Jurnal Sistem Komputer dan Informatika (JSON), Volume 2, pp 329-338; https://doi.org/10.30865/json.v2i3.3038

Current technology is often used by all groups, one of which is students in the Information Systems department at Tanjungpura University. One of the technologies used is a Smartphone which is a tool for students to communicate with each other even during the current pandemic, Smartphones are used for learning as well and each Smartphone has its own specifications that make it superior to other Smartphones, of course with the number of Smartphones circulating in the market. will be confused in making the selection, thus the decision support system to choose a Smartphone based on the specifications is made for the purpose of assisting in the selection of the Smartphone. The Simple Additive Weighting (SAW) method is used to complete the decision support system for Smartphone Selection During the Pandemic for the Tanjungpura University Student Information System which uses weighted summation for each performance rating for each alternative. In this study, the results of the calculations obtained from the survey are Samsung S21 5G with a value of 73.75, Iphone 11 64GB with a value of 48.75, Vivo Y17 with a value of 81.25, Asus ROG Phone 5 with a value of 80, Oppo A92 and with a value. 96.
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