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Journal of Dedicators Community; doi:10.34001/jdc

Journal of Dedicators Community adalah Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat dari Universitas Islam Nahdlatul Ulama' Jepara
Rita Meiriyanti, Universitas Semarang, C. Tri Widiastuti, Rahmatya Widyaswati
Journal of Dedicators Community, Volume 4, pp 132-140; doi:10.34001/jdc.v4i2.1090

Businessman of old snack in Thematic Village, Siwalan Village, their marketing is still very limited and traditionally managed. Business actors also didn’t have proper product packaging and labeling. The aim of the Community Service Program is businessman of old snack able to implement packaging and labeling strategies in developing their products and spreading their market. This dedication activity is carried out with marketing management counseling methods, assistance in making packaging and labeling. The results of this activity are the businessman mastery of the packaging and labeling strategy and can apply simply online based marketing. Businessman of old snack are very enthusiastic to participate in this community service
Achmad Buchori, Universitas Pgri Semarang, Sigit Ristanto, Yuris Setyoadi, Fafa Nurdyansyah
Journal of Dedicators Community, Volume 4, pp 79-85; doi:10.34001/jdc.v4i2.995

Karangpaing Village is a green bean farming center. However, post-harvest processing is still manual so that production is small. This activity of disseminating technology products to the community aims to improve the welfare of citizens by increasing the production capacity of green beans with a renewable roller system, as well as increasing the value of their sales and marketing. This service method includes interviews, observation, socialization, discussion, practice and question and answer. The outputs generated from this activity include Karangpaing green bean farmers who can operate pulping machines, diversify mung bean products, carry out good financial management and marketing. This activity has been handed over to 5 units of mung bean epidermis peeler and has been trained to process green beans into several processed variations such as green bean extract milk, bakpia, bakpao and others, so that the residents are very enthusiastic.
Agus Triyono, Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta, Suranto Suranto, Kuswaji Dwi Priyono
Journal of Dedicators Community, Volume 4, pp 107-118; doi:10.34001/jdc.v4i2.1062

Technological developments significantly makes da'wah evolve from offline to online using internet media. By the collaboration of da'wah and the internet, the values of Muhammadiyah Da'wah will be more easily dispersed and absorbed by the audience. The focus in this activity is to build a website system that becomes the means of digital da'wah, especially in the Distrcit Commitee of Surakarta. The method of implementation in this activity is FGD, website building, socialization, training and maintenance. In each activity, attended by representatives of Ortom, assembly, and Charity Enterprises Muhammadiyah (AUM). From the dedication activities that have been implemented can be concluded that the program has been running in accordance with the results of discussions between partners and executor. From the level of activity of each trainees in submitting the news is pretty good. This can be seen from the data contained in the website The significant increase in the number of articles containing information and articles uploaded at Data from May – December 2019 shows an increase in the number of articles or news posted in total there are 142 manuscripts in a variety of categories : News, Tajdid, business charity schools and others with the number of view pages About 1500
Arif Hidayat, Universitas Negeri Semarang, Pujiono Pujiono, Saru Arifin, Laga Sugiarto
Journal of Dedicators Community, Volume 4, pp 119-131; doi:10.34001/jdc.v4i2.1063

Jetis Village has SMEs that are engaged in modeste (sewing and embroidery) which are still implemented with conventional systems in terms of production, management and marketing. This makes SME Partners have some security when they have to face the big order season or when they have to compete with other similar SMEs that have developed modern management. UKM players who are mostly the attention in this service. This service method is 1) Observation; 2) Focus Group Discussions; 3) Dissemination; and 4) Evaluation. The results of this service are 1) activities focused on partner networking, managerial strengthening, and online marketing training through social media; 2) SME Partners understand the managerial processes that are recorded and monitored starting from financial managerial, human resources, and production raw materials; 3) SME Partners are facilitated by related agencies to have networks with raw material suppliers and potential market candidates; 4) SME Partners own and are able to assist Facebook Pages which are used for online marketing.
Nour Athiroh, Universitas Islam Malang, Nurul Jadid Mubarakati
Journal of Dedicators Community, Volume 4, pp 152-165; doi:10.34001/jdc.v4i2.1107

Ginger and galangal powder are less attractive to people in Mangliawan village. The cooperative's ginger powder sales business experienced a setback. The aim is to provide creativity and innovation assistance to this ginger powder as a raw material for ice cream. The phenomenon of this decade appears in various variants of ice cream, but there is no ginger-galangal based ice cream business yet. The service method consists of: 1) program socialization, 2) training in making ice cream, 3) formation of non-governmental organizations as program partners, 4) program monitoring, 5) focus group discussion, f) evaluation. Measurement of the impact of the activity was carried out using a questionnaire technique which aims to obtain a direct picture of the community in Mangliawan village. The results of the service program are 1) the public's knowledge of the potential of kencur ginger and its processing has increased; 2) Partners know how to make kencur ginger ice cream; 3) public knowledge of the benefits of ginger ice cream increases; 4) There is a desire of the respondent to open a ginger-kencur ice cream business plan and increase the economic level.
Sumarno Sumarno, Universitas Pgri Semarang, Achmad Buchori, Carsoni Carsoni
Journal of Dedicators Community, Volume 4, pp 86-93; doi:10.34001/jdc.v4i2.1005

Dissemination of technology products to the community aims to improve the welfare of sugar cane farmers in Karangbener Village, Bae District, Kudus Regency. The problem faced by farmers is the low price of sugar cane due to nonstandard yields and the low capacity of the sugar factory to receive sugar cane farmers in the harvest season. The strategy used is processing sugar cane by diversifying the processing of sugar cane through the dissemination of sugar cane presses. The strategy includes sugarcane cultivation socialization activities, diversification of sugar cane processing, training on the use of sugar cane presses, financial management training and training in selling and marketing sugarcane juice products to Sari Rejo and Bangun Harjo farmer groups with a total of 31 members. The results of the activity of making 3 units of sugarcane squeezer machines which have been handed over to farmer groups, the ability of farmer group members to diversify sugarcane juice preparations, the ability to operate and maintain sugarcane squeezer machines, and have an understanding of management and marketing of sugarcane processed diversified products
Ika Purwidyaningrum, Universitas Setia Budi, Iswandi Iswandi, Meta Kartika Untari
Journal of Dedicators Community, Volume 4, pp 94-106; doi:10.34001/jdc.v4i2.1056

The development of the Hydroponic Planting Technique for Medicinal Planting in the Central Java Josroyo Housing was carried out with the aim of improving the quality of health and the economy of the community. Pollution is a daily consumption for residents living in big cities and densely populated settlements. On free roads, motor vehicle fumes mixed with cigarette smoke are almost inevitable. Health research about cigarette smoke that causes lung cancer is not new and widely reported by researchers. Hydroponics is a method of planting that is positive for health. Consuming vegetables and medicinal plants hydroponics is better than conventional vegetables and free of pesticides so it is healthy. Vegetables and medicinal hydroponic drugs are fresher and tastier than similar products from the market or vegetable vendors. The durability of vegetables and hydroponic medicinal plants is recognized relatively longer than vegetables grown above ground. The advantages of hydroponic planting methods are saving land, saving water, without pesticides, free of weed disturbances, on-target nutrition as well as saving land and labor so as to answer the problem of planting in Josroyo housing
Zaenal Arifin, Universitas Semarang, Diah Sulistyani Ratna Sediati, Soegianto Soegianto
Journal of Dedicators Community, Volume 4, pp 141-151; doi:10.34001/jdc.v4i2.1097

The purpose of this community service is to improve the ability to hold tenders for goods/ service providers in the construction service sector. The Association of National Construction Entrepreneurs (Gapensi) Semarang City as a community service partner is 348 people divided into 7 classifications. Some of the reasons for goods and service providers who are members of Gapensi fail to win tenders are 1) a lack of understanding of the development of existing regulations related to the procurement of goods/ services that often change; 2) administrative errors in completing the auction for the procurement of goods and services; 3) Providers of goods/ services are usually left to one administrative person so that the owner of the business entity never knows the procedure or mechanism and completeness of the procurement of government goods/ services. The method used in this service is the socialization of the latest procurement of goods/ services and training in the governance of government procurement of goods/ services. The result of this service is that Gapensi members know the good governance of government procurement of goods and services and are able to practice in tenders.
Indri Arrafi Juliannisa
Journal of Dedicators Community, Volume 4, pp 68-78; doi:10.34001/jdc.v4i1.992

This community service activity is intended to provide more knowledge to the residents of Bojongcae- Lebak Regency, especially for parents, and children and teenagers who relied on manual and limited teaching material for education with increasing the ability of partner groups in the world of education. The partner groups in this study are housewives who are members of the PKK group, and teenagers who have the ability to speak English better than housewives and other teenagers.The material provided in this community service program is internet based using social media instragram with the account name "ayokita.belajar". The material chosen by the service team are learning of English language and learning of skills related to daily needs, the selection of material and social media was agreed by the partner group, with this activity the partner group is expected to be able to provide teaching materials more creative, innovative and easily understood. Moreover, addition of knowledge about study by e-learning is expected that the process of providing subject matter can be more modern and follow more sophisticated technological developments. The result of this community service activity is that partner groups can create a training or learning activity with English-language material and training videos to improve their daily skills. Measurement of learning with social media have done by way of children and adolescents given questions about material that has been uploaded on social media Instagram
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