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Indri Arrafi Juliannisa
Journal of Dedicators Community, Volume 4, pp 68-78; doi:10.34001/jdc.v4i1.992

This community service activity is intended to provide more knowledge to the residents of Bojongcae- Lebak Regency, especially for parents, and children and teenagers who relied on manual and limited teaching material for education with increasing the ability of partner groups in the world of education. The partner groups in this study are housewives who are members of the PKK group, and teenagers who have the ability to speak English better than housewives and other teenagers.The material provided in this community service program is internet based using social media instragram with the account name "ayokita.belajar". The material chosen by the service team are learning of English language and learning of skills related to daily needs, the selection of material and social media was agreed by the partner group, with this activity the partner group is expected to be able to provide teaching materials more creative, innovative and easily understood. Moreover, addition of knowledge about study by e-learning is expected that the process of providing subject matter can be more modern and follow more sophisticated technological developments. The result of this community service activity is that partner groups can create a training or learning activity with English-language material and training videos to improve their daily skills. Measurement of learning with social media have done by way of children and adolescents given questions about material that has been uploaded on social media Instagram
Reslely Harjanti, Siti Aisiyah, Vivin Nopiyanti, Titik Sunarni, Suhartinah Suhartinah
Journal of Dedicators Community, Volume 4, pp 41-46; doi:10.34001/jdc.v4i1.878

The community and especially children really like snacks such as ice cream. The use of dragon fruit as a component in ice cream is expected to be able to make people enjoy the sweetness and also get the intake of anthocyanins, especially those with antioxidant properties. The purpose of this activity is to provide skills training in the use of dragon fruit as the main component for ice cream making to PKK members in Kadipiro sub-district, Banjarsari District, Surakarta. The service activity begins with an explanation of the usefulness of dragon fruit and its phytochemical content. After that it was continued with training in making ice cream to PKK members. The training activities were divided into several stages starting from the tutorial then continued with mentoring from the team and ended with an evaluation of the implementation of the activities. The results from this activity are 1) participants have the understanding about nutrition of dragon fruit; 2) They understand procedure to make home made dragon fruit ice cream; 3) they able to make ice cream by themselves
Siti Alliyah
Journal of Dedicators Community, Volume 4, pp 47-56; doi:10.34001/jdc.v4i1.964

The PKMS program was carried out in Jolotundo Village, Lasem District, Rembang Regency with Kenanga Sewing Group partners. Jolotundo village is famous for its citizens, especially women who open home-made convection. By seeing the business potential which is still very broad and the convection business is one of the leading sectors of Jolotundo Village, then home-based convection should have priority so that it can develop as one of the sectors that will increase people's income. The purpose of this program is to increase the income of the Kenanga Convection Group. The methodology used is counseling, management and entrepreneurship training and e-commerce practices. The results of the PKMS program include: 1) the partner group is able to create an online shop (Tokopedia) and a blog 2) the partner group is able to make good and orderly financial accounting 3) the partner group starts to dare to make products without relying on orders, 4) the partner group products have used packaging with complete hangtags and brands on the product
Ning Setiati, Amin Retnoningsih, Nur Kusuma Dewi
Journal of Dedicators Community, Volume 4, pp 1-11; doi:10.34001/jdc.v4i1.972

The aim of community service carried out by KKN students in Kebondowo Village and Demakan Village, Banyubiru District, located around Rawapening, is 1) to provide easy use of water hyacinth; 2) provide practical skills in the use of social media for marketing; 3) reduce the skill level of the skill briefing. The methods used in completing the objectives are 1) training in material assistance, 2) practical assistance to finishing, 3) business analysis and marketing. The results of these mentoring activities are: 1) increased workforce capable of making handicrafts from water hyacinth in a number of forms; 2) product marketing at the Rawa Pening lake attraction, Bukit Cinta and provincial level bazaar and expo events; also 3) helps businesses make social media also join in and fill content with product images. Overall, the outputs from this service were obtained and strived to be owned, strived to be independent, production, and consultation with UNNES.
Rikah Rikah
Journal of Dedicators Community, Volume 4, pp 22-32; doi:10.34001/jdc.v4i1.967

Smoked fish processing business in Pasar Banggi Village, Rembang District, Rembang Regency with Karya Mina smoked fish processing partner. The fish fogging process is done by first drying the fish in an open area. Pasar Banggi Village is a village located around the tourist area and is a center for souvenirs from marine products, one of which is smoked fish. The purpose of the Community Partnership Program (PKM) is to increase community income through increased quality and quantity of smoked fish production. The method used in the Community Partnership Program (PKM) is through socialization / counseling, management training, simple financial accounting and online marketing and business assistance. The results of the Community Partnership Program (PKM) include 1) an increase in the role of smoked fish business group members and business networks, 2) the realization of environmentally friendly smoked fish processing equipment / machines whose goal is to minimize air pollution caused by traditional / conventional fumigation of fish and maintain the quality and hygiene of processed fish products in the form of smoked fish.
Rut Rismanta Silalahi, Puri Bestari Mardani, Maria Febiana Christanti
Journal of Dedicators Community, Volume 4, pp 57-67; doi:10.34001/jdc.v4i1.993

Internet allows people to access various types of information, including health information. The problem is not all of the health information that circulating through Internet come from reliable sources. This community service intended to enhance the digital literacy on health information for the housewives in Flamboyan integrated healthcare center, Bekasi. Digital health literacy known as e-health literacy is the ability to seek, find, understand, and appraise health information from electronic sources and apply the knowledge gained to addressing or solving a health problem. These abilities are important especially for housewives since scientific research shows that there is a significant correlation between the levels of mother’s literacy and the health of family. Through this community service, the housewives in Flamboyan integrated healthcare center were trained to detect hoax through a simple fact-checking process. We found out that none of the participants know how to verify the health information that they get through social media or messaging application. They were only suspicious about the information that they get if the information contains title, content, or image that does not make sense. This community service has successfully shared the effective and simple way for housewives to do fact-checking process of health information with their own smartphones.
Muhammad Tahwin
Journal of Dedicators Community, Volume 4, pp 12-21; doi:10.34001/jdc.v4i1.970

The program of stimulus community partnership aims to expand the market share and develop the human resources quality for the partner, it is the UKM of Keripik Tempe ‘86”, Tahunan Village, Sale District, Rembang Regency. The activities carried out including training, facilitating and accompanying. Training is carried out in two stages. The first training stage includes the material such as, business management, financial administration, business motivation, product packaging, product photograph techniques, and product innovation. The second training stage includes the material such as, e-commerce, making data base and sales transaction. Facilitation program is carried out by facilitating web creation. Activity for expanding market share is carried out by PKMS team with the purpose that the partner is able to manage web in order to expand the market share, also able to carry out financial administration well. The result of the activity shows that: (1) There is an enhancement of partnership managerial capability from business management or financial administration, (2) Partner is able to manage e-commerce media to input product data, and sales transaction, (3) Partner has capability to carry out online selling transaction.
Rasiman Rasiman, Umar Hafidz Asy'Ari Hasbullah, Dwi Prasetyo Hadi, Adhy Purnomo
Journal of Dedicators Community, Volume 4, pp 33-40; doi:10.34001/jdc.v4i1.969

Madrasah Diniyah (Madin) as one of the non-formal educational institutions that is needed by the community at this time to provide provisions as the successor to the nation. So that the learning process in Madin runs well, various facilities are needed, including the availability of a library. The library is a place to find information sharing knowledge for students (santri). The availability of libraries in Madin Salawiyah, Ngombak Village, Kedungjati Sub-district, can help students form the habit of reading and seeking knowledge for students. Observation results show that: (1) open services are services that give students the opportunity to choose free books to read and take home, (2) closed services namely services that allow participants to visit the library at certain hours, and (3) students Madin Salawiyah showed high enthusiasm to visit the library. The results of dedication to library services can improve the optimization of services to students, scholars, clerics by applying the simplicity of service, responsibility, and convenience. In addition, good library services can have a good impact on library users, such as being able to motivate friends to actively read books, increase knowledge, make it easier to complete the tasks of the clerics and religious teachers. Therefore, the library Madin Salawiyah continues to evaluate the performance and quality of the library in order to create a conducive atmosphere for students in reading.
Puji Wibowo, Ahmad Khizazi, Azaz Mabrur
Journal of Dedicators Community, Volume 3, pp 37-49; doi:10.34001/jdc.v3i3.1037

Alquran-based educational institutions are one of the most important supplier of the nation's generation of noble character, love of the motherland, and global outlook. The survival of these educational institutions is determined, among other things, by the organization's sound and transparent financial management. Financial reports are an instrument for educational institutions to evaluate performance and plan activities that are realistic and adaptive to change. Islamic Education Foundation Islamic Boarding School Alquraniyah (YPI-PPA) East Jurangmangu, Pondok Aren, South Tangerang has the responsibility to give birth to the nation's cadres who are polite, love the Koran, and ready to contribute to the wider community. Fostering financial management, especially in preparing financial statements, is crucial for stakeholders who need a guarantee of business continuity from the educational institution. The synergy between students and lecturers at the State Financial Polytechnic STAN has sought to raise awareness for YPI-PPA employees to begin cleaning up in preparing financial reports that are more comprehensive, accountable, and provide full information for decision makers.
M. Yasser Yasser, Andi Muhamad Iqbal Akbar Asfar, Marlia Rianti, Eko Budianto
Journal of Dedicators Community, Volume 3, pp 1-10; doi:10.34001/jdc.v3i3.1021

The community service program aims to solve the problem of sugar cane group in Latellang village, Patimpeng sub-district, South Sulawesi province, about increasing business through product differentiation with a combination of ginger extract and pandan leaf extract. The combination is done to reduce the typical aroma of sugar cane in processed sugar. The distinctive aroma of sugar cane is what causes the lack of consumption of brown sugar from sugar cane, so the selling price is very low compared to brown sugar from sugar palm. The implementation of service includes several stages of preparation, cooking, cooling, and packaging. Through training, partners have been able to process sugar cane sugar into a differentiation product with a combination of ginger extract and pandan leaf extract into liquid sugar and recengan sugar with flavor variants according to the extract added. The selling price is very profitable for partners because liquid sugar can be sold at a price of Rp. 15,000 per bottle (250 ml) and recengan sugar is sold at Rp. 8,000 per pouch (each pouch consists of 6 recengan sugar seeds). This sale is very profitable because brown sugar cane is sold at a price of Rp.10,000 per kg, while to make liquid sugar and recengan sugar, only 500 g of sugar cane is needed. Therefore, this service has succeeded in helping to overcome partner problems and increase partner profits through the differentiation of sugar cane into liquid sugar and recengan sugar with combination.
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