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Praveen Kumar Jha, Vinod Kumar Saxena, Suresh Kumar Yatirajula, Ayanagounder Kumar
International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering, Volume 10, pp 129-136;

Drilling fluid plays the same role in oil and gas well drilling as the blood in human body. A new type of oil-in-water (o/w) emulsion drilling fluid has been developed using diesel oil as dispersed phase, brine water as continuous phase, xanthan gum as viscosity modifier and clay as emulsion stabilizer and filtration controlling agent. Initially, standard recommended techniques were opted to detect the rheological properties of the emulsions. The fluids have also shown stable properties upto 70°C after aging for 24 h. As drilling fluids encounter a lot of variation in temperature and pressure as drilling depth increases, hence the stability of such fluids becomes an imperative parameter. Furthermore, emulsion itself is a heterogeneous fragile system so the stability was investigated using shear stress-shear rate rheology measurements. Emulsions have shown strong shear-thinning (pseudoplastic) behaviour which is considered an advantageous property for the drilling fluids. Experiments conducted to determine the dynamic rheology of the emulsions have shown the elastic behaviour towards emulsion breakdown processes. The fluids have also shown physical stability after 30 days at ambient conditions. Inter-facial variables such as zaeta potential, inter-racial tension (IFT) and contact angle measurements were conducted to examine their role in stability characterization.
Mustafeezul Haque, , , Marghoobul Haque
International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering, Volume 10, pp 51-58;

Geopolymer concrete can resist fire quite well when compared with conventional concrete. Recent studies to observe the behaviour of geopolymer composite column under the effect of fire are very few. In this paper results in terms of stress, strain and deformation of geopolymer composite column expressed to elevated temperature are presented. It was observed that geopolymer composite column performs better at elevated temperatures than the conventional composite column. This tests are performed with four composite column with geopolymer concrete and conventional concrete which is tested at four elevated temperatures i.e., 400 oC, 500 oC, 600 oC, 700 oC and 800 oC to evaluate the strength parameters. It results geopolymer concrete column can be used where fire disaster chances are high.
International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering, Volume 10, pp 75-79;

In most of the video analysis applications, object detection and tracking play vital role. Most of detection and tracking algorithms fail to predict multiple objects with varying orientation. In this paper, the goal is to identify and track multiple objects using different feature extraction methods like Locality Sensitive Histogram, Histogram of Oriented Gradients and Edges. These features are subjected to train classifier that can detect the object of different orientations. Experimental results and performance evaluation depicts the proposed method which uses LSH performs well with an increased accuracy of 98%. This method can precisely track the object and can be utilized to track under different scale and pose variations.
T.G.N.C. Vamsi Krishna, V. Amani, P.S. Sunil Kumar, Ch. Naveen Kumar, M. Srinivas
International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering, Volume 10, pp 84-91;

An earthquake is a sudden, rapid shaking of the earth caused by the breaking and shifting of rock beneath the earth’s surface. Earthquakes are among the most powerful events on earth, and their results can be terrifying. In0general for0design of tall0buildings both0wind as well0as earthquake0loads need0to be0considered. Governing0criteria for0carrying out0dynamic analyses0for earthquake0loads are different0from wind0loads. However many tall buildings are not so resistant in lateral loads due to earthquake. Reinforced concrete multi-storied buildings in India were for the first time subjected to a strong ground motion shaking in Bhuj earthquake. It has been concluded that the principal reasons of failure may be attributed to soft stories, floating columns, mass irregularities, poor quality of construction materials faulty construction methods, unstable earthquake response, soil and infrastructure, which were determined to cause damage to the attached structure. High-rise buildings are in high demand due to global urbanization and population growth, and high-rise buildings are likely to suffer the most damage from earthquakes. Since earthquake forces are irregular and unnatural in nature, engineering tools need to be sharpened to analyze the structure in the work of these forces. In this study, to understand the behaviour of structure located in seismic zones III for G+15 Multi-Purpose storey building model is considered for study. Performance of frame is studied through Response Spectrum analysis and comparison is made on shear force, storey drift, storey displacement and storey stiffness.
Rachana.R. Sanni, H. S. Guruprasad
International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering, Volume 10, pp 24-30;

This paper proposes a software tool to monitor the system configuration for Hospital Management System. The OAM tool monitors the system configurations after the user installs it into the system. The aim of this software is to monitor the system about its configurations and install the required softwares to the respective system. There are four tools in this application, Fintal, Piston, Naavi and Mapel. To install these, a technique of single file installation using batch scripting is used. Batch scripting is used to execute the installation files of softwares and the softwares are installed. These installation files of softwares will be embedded as execution commands in a single file called “windows batch file”, which should be saved with the extension as “.bat”. The installation that starts will be displayed in the command prompt to know whether the softwares are getting installed correctly. After each installation, the configuration and initialization of installed softwares will be displayed. The required softwares are to be installed. Each of these performs particular tasks that are required for the management of Hospitals. Fintal is used for overall management of Hospital. This is the most user-friendly part of OAM Tool. This handles overall administrative part of Hospitals. Piston is used for storing patient’s details. This stores the patients’ reports in detailed manner of each test the patient has undergone. Naavi is used for storing Laboratory details. The tests of each patient are stored here. And the last one, i.e., Mapel which is used for storing pharmaceuticals details (Medicines). It stores the details of medicines such as from which pharmaceuticals the medicines are purchased. The license of the hospital is also stored in this part of OAM Tool. All these together form an OAM Tool. This tool also manages other required softwares like, MySQL, ODBC drivers, etc. The management of Hospitals is very important as there is a need to maintain the patient details. This technique of installation is proposed in this paper to make the installation from hardware to remote installation such as, giving the access to the system in which the tool needs to be installed and to save the time of installation process.
Debashis Majumder, Anirban Chowdhury
International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering, Volume 10, pp 45-50;

An amphibious vehicle is the vehicle that allows occupants to travel on both land and water. Since an amphibious vehicle must inherently possess both land and water capabilities, design of the vehicle should not compromise the requirements for a good boat as well as a good land vehicle. Although, amphibious vehicles were used for different purposes, still there is no mention of application of amphibious vehicle in recreational purposes such as beach riding, surfing on water and travel within Science Parks. Further, with depletion of fossil fuel and for all the negative effect on marine life. Hence, an attempt is made to design an electric amphibious vehicle for recreational purpose and utilize for travel within Science & Technology Park. A conceptual design was worked out and it is matched with visual aspects of amphibian animal like duck. A CAD model was prepared with structural details. Structural strength was analyzed using ANSYS software. CFD analysis was conducted for calculating drag and surface shear stress and buoyancy was calculated. Thus it gives a practical approach to construction of an amphibious vehicle for recreational purpose. The results of the CAD analysis shows that the stress on the Frame was within acceptable limit and the buoyancy conditions are fulfilled. It also suggest for a maximum speed of 40kmph on water. As look and feel of the vehicle inspired from duck beak, it gives expression of amphibian characteristics along with sporty look. Thus, the conceptual vehicle is suitable for use on land and on water inside Science & Technology park.
Mi-Young An, Susie Yoon, Bogyeong Yun, 15 Donggwang-Ro 23-Gil Cheju Youngnak Nursery
International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering, Volume 10, pp 31-41;

This study was conducted with 157 mothers with children aged 3 to 5 who were living in attending a daycare center in J city to examine the correlation and influence between mothers' play beliefs and play participation on children's play performance and happiness. Specifically, we sought to answer the following: (1) Do mothers' play beliefs, children's playfulness, and infant happiness differ depending on the children's background variables? (2) What correlations and influences do mothers' play beliefs and the degree of play participation have on children's play performance? (3) What is the relationship between mothers' play beliefs, playfulness of children, and happiness of children? The data collection period was about two weeks from the fourth week of September to the first week of October 2018. For the collected data, t-test, Pearson's correlation analysis, multiple regression analysis, and one-way ANOVA were performed using the SPSS 22.0 program. The research results are as follows. First, according to the background variables of the children, the mother's play beliefs, the infant's playfulness, and the infant's happiness were different. The play support beliefs, there was no significant difference in the age of young children but mothers of 5-year-old children showed that they supported learning-centered beliefs more, and the level of play performance and happiness of 5-year-olds was the highest. According to the number of children, the two-child and multi-child parent groups supported the play support belief, and the one-child parents supported the learning support belief, and the children's playfulness and happiness were found to be highest in the order of multiple children, two children, and one child. Second, play support belief showed a significant correlation with play participation and children's play performance. The higher the mother's play support belief was, the higher the play participation rate and the higher the infant's playfulness were. Conversely, the more mothers held the learning-centered belief, the lower the play participation rate was. Third, the higher the mother's belief in play support, the higher the level of playfulness of children, and the level of playfulness were, the higher the happiness of children was. This study is meaningful in recognizing the importance of parents having the correct perception of children's play and in providing basic data for parent education to promote the development of playfulness and happiness in children.
Prasun Chakraborty, Anirban Chowdhury
International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering, Volume 10, pp 137-142;

Indian society changed after digitalization and economical reformation. Currently, the Facebook is the most popular social media in India. The political cartoonist took that platform as an opportunity to share their thoughts and raise socio-political issues through their cartoons. The aim of the paper is to study responses (likingness and affective) to political cartoons in respect to responsiveness towards cartoons, gender, and socio-economic status. The study was conducted among 875 Indians from different parts of India including males and females with various socio-economic backgrounds. The data captured in the form of sentiments (love, sadness, angry and happiness emotions) for each cartoon shared in the Facebook timeline. Then, relevant descriptive statistics were computed using IBM SPSS 20.0 software. Results showed that maximum Facebook users expressed their thoughts about political cartoons through emoticons in terms of like, sad, angry, and happiness. It is found that male user are more likely to be expressive to political cartoons than female user. Mostly user from low and middle socio-economic backgrounds relate themselves with the cartoon scenarios and shown interest than users from higher class of the society. Hence, political socio-political scenarios can be communicated effectively using political cartoons in Facebook as the people of India are relating themselves with various cartoons.
Shashwat Singh
International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering, Volume 10, pp 42-44;

While developing an app the author came across the fact that while calculating time durations, certain variables are often overlooked which can result in errors. This paper provides an algorithm that considers the absolute values of the time slots and after a discrete set of steps results in the accurate time durations. The scope of this research is not limited to hours and minutes but, can be applied to seconds and milliseconds as well.
, Mohammad Arif
International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering, Volume 10, pp 1-8;

"Biometrics" is got from the Greek word 'life' and 'measure' which implies living and evaluation take apart. It simply converts into "life estimation". Biometrics uses computerized acknowledgment of people, dependent on their social and natural attributes. Biometric character are data separated from biometric tests, which can use for examination with a biometric orientation. Biometrics involves techniques to unusually recognize people dependent on at least one inherent physical or behavior attribute. In software engineering, specifically, biometric is used as a form of character retrieve the Committee and retrieve command. Biometric identically utilized to recognize people in bunches that are in observation. Biometric has quickly risen like a auspicious innovation for validation and has effectively discovered a spot in most of the scientific safety regions. An effective bunching method suggest for dividing enormous biometrics data set through recognizable proof. This method depends on the changed B+ tree is decreasing the discs get to. It diminishes the information recovery time and also possible error rates. Hence, for bigger applications, the need to reduce the data set to a more adequate portion emerges to accomplish both higher paces and further developed precision. The main motivation behind ordering is to recover a small data set for looking through the inquiry
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