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, Kembaran Banyumas Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto, , F.E. Subekti, 35900 Tanjong Malim Perak Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
International Journal of Management and Humanities, Volume 5, pp 1-5;

The aim of this article is to describe students' cognitive abilities and responses to problem-based learning in the basic statistical concepts when web-based apps is used. Web-based apps were utilized via the Mentimeter application and Google Forms. The application is intended to familiarize students’ with the process of data collection, data presentation, and problems solving. The students’ worksheet and learning response questionnaires were used in data colllection. The data were then described quantitatively. The results revealed that by ultilizing Mentimeter and Google Forms in problem-based learning will enhance students’ understanding and skills in the basic statistical concepts. Additionally, students had a positive attitude toward learning statistics. Student’ tend to be more enthusiastic about their studies.
Jerwin E. Acilo,
International Journal of Management and Humanities, Volume 5, pp 8-19;

The study was conducted to assess the School Canteen Management in Public Secondary High Schools of Zone II, Division of Zambales for the SY 2018-2019.The research utilized descriptive research design and questionnaire as the main instrument in gathering data supplemented by unstructured interviews from one hundred forty two students and one hundred seventeen faculty, parents and canteen operators who were randomly selected. The researcher found out that most of the teachers, parents and canteen owners are adults; female and married. Their monthly family income is meager. Generally they finished high school but majority of them have their BS degree with masteral units and doctorate degree. They belong to Roman Catholics as to their religious affiliation. The canteen owners and teachers have a enough number of experience in the operation of canteen. The student-respondent is generally male, a teenager in Grade 11 and have small amount of money for school daily allowance. The canteen operators and students assessed that on permit and clearance, personnel and staff, price and commodities, food security and standards, quality and quantity of food served, kinds of service render to the customer, transparency and accountability, sharing and proceeds and reports and documentation are evident. There is significant difference on the perceptions of the teachers, parents and canteen operators towards school canteen management as to the evidence of permit and clearance, canteen personnel and staff, quality and quantity of food served, kinds of services rendered to the customers, transparency and accountability when they are group as to type of canteen they operate, age and years on the operation of the canteen and their highest education attainment; significant to age , length of years and type of canteen operation towards price and commodities; however there is a significant difference on their perceptions when they are grouped as to their highest educational attainment and type of canteen operation towards sharing and proceeds; and significant to highest educational attainment, length of years in the canteen operation and type of canteen operation towards report and documentation. There is significant difference on the perception of the teachers, parents, and canteen operators when grouped according to sex on the assessment towards dimension of canteen management as to permit and clearance, personnel and staff, price and commodities, food security and standards, quality and quantity of food served, kinds of service render to the customer, transparency and accountability. There is a significant difference in the perceptions of the teachers, parents and canteen operators towards the evidence in the permit and clearance and food security standard when grouped according to the type of canteen There is a significant difference in the perceptions of teachers, parents and canteen operators towards management evidences in canteen personnel and staff, price and commodities, quality and quantity of food served, kind of services rendered, transparency and accountability and sharing of proceeds when respondents were grouped according to length of years in operation and type of canteen operation with the inclusion of highest educational attainment towards the parameter of sharing proceeds. There is moderate relationship between the perceptions toward management evidences on price and commodities and the quality and quantity of food served as assessed by teacher, parent and canteen operator and student respondents. Based on salient findings and conclusions arrived, the researcher offers the following recommendations that the school heads should prepare a workable and viable long range master plan on canteen operations and personnel functions; the conduct a regular check-up or ocular visits on school canteens particularly on the kitchen area to assure sanitation and cleanliness in food handling is strongly encouraged; that the school officials should be ready to entertain and provide immediate action on complaints against mishandling of food and other concerns related to canteen operation; to provide discounts, combo meals at cheaper price; that the personnel incharge in cooking should look for organic alternatives of seasoning rather than the use so much amount of glutamate monosodium which affects health and safety condition of the students; that the canteen operators/school management should provide continuous training for crews and staff particularly those newly hired to assure safety on food handling and preparation and finally, future researchers may conduct a similar or parallel study with in-depth and wider in scope so as to validate the findings obtained in the study.
Omer Wagner
International Journal of Management and Humanities, Volume 5, pp 20-23;

Sea freight prices have risen sharply, due to the COVID-19 crisis, global shortages of ships, declining competition in the field, and containers of contagious demand. The increase in transportation costs leads to the increase in the value of goods for customs purposes, and to a further collection of customs duties. The Israeli law allows the state to facilitate importers and waive the extra customs duties, and similar and other facilitations have been made in the past. Therefore, all that is required is the flexibility and activation of goodwill on the part of the state, when interpreting the law.
Hanna Merin Varghese
International Journal of Management and Humanities, Volume 5, pp 1-7;

“Refugee” is a historically constructed term that privileged concerns that are substantially ideological and political rather than economic and ecological. But one cannot neglect the fact that environmental and economic concerns cannot be set apart from the political and hence rises the necessity to create a new inclusive category of “ essential needs” to consider their intrinsic interconnectivity as its one of the apriorism. Refugee literature essentially addresses not only the displacement but the gaps that are found in the sociological approach to “statelessness” and migration. On the other hand, literature stands for individual expressions and experience. Literature in the context of statelessness not only signifies the notion of being a “refugee” but being an “ asylum, seeker” as well. No Friend but the Mountains by Behrouz Boochani is such an autobigraphcial novel written in the backdrop of his experience as an asylum seeker and consequent incarceration in the Australian detention regime. The Australian detention centre is built and worked in such a way that it satisfies the idea of the panopticon. The Kyriarchal system works in the prison even in a way that affects the psyche of the imprisoned individuals and thus these stateless asylum seekers undergo extreme existential dilemmas and commit severe crimes, turning against one another and sometimes even suicides. On the basis of the experiences of Boochani, the carceral system of Australian detention centre is expounded here through a Foucaludean idea of punishment, Bentham’s notion of the panopticon as well Fiorenza’s idea of kyriarchy where all of them are essentially different shades and shapes of exerting power.
Gokulananda Patra
International Journal of Management and Humanities, Volume 5, pp 24-26;

Deshari, Bejuni, Shamanins are known as indigenous physicians or Vaidyas among the Kandhas of south Orissa. The Deshari is well acquainted with the medical effect of the roots and herbs required for curing of the diseases using charms and spells. Bejunis are experts for the treatment of mental patients. Through magical spells and charms (known as white Magic), she takes up the cases of mental illness. The services of Shamanins are requires for harming an enemy by mantras and tantras.They are expert in Black Magic. Kandhs are experts or specialists in treatment of drowned, night goblin, labour pain and pain in mother’s breast and pulta-bagha. This particular magical property enabled them to transform themselves into tigers and in this shape to attack human beings and their cattle1 . John Campbell* , a top ranking ICS officer witnessed such cases of Pulta-bagha in his own eyes. Their magical properties are amazing and tremendous. But they had no written books on this magical property. It goes from mind to mind, mouth to mouth and generation to generation. The charms, spells, magic-lores, magic cords, folk method of treatment and folk medicines are the traditional heritage of these people. If we will not collect, document or preserve in digital form, this valuable wealth of the centuries will disappear from the society very soon. An humble attempt has been made in this paper to present a vivid account of the role of Desharis, Bejuni, Shamanins and their magical property for the treatment of the diseases.
Regular issue, Volume 5, pp 28-31;

In this study, an expert system is used to detect symptoms of damage to computer hardware. With the application of certainty factor models, it is expected to be able to detect symptoms of damage to computer hardware starting with the symptoms of damage from the computer along with solutions for handling the damage. This study aims to produce a fault diagnosis application on web-based computer hardware. This application is expected to make it easier for users to find solutions regarding experienced hardware problems. This expert system application is made using the certainty factor method so that the resulting diagnosis will display symptoms that have more certainty factors. This application was designed using UML and the PHP programming language with black-box testing. The study was conducted by collecting data through literature study, browsing, and interviews. The research method used is the waterfall method. The time of the research is from September 2019 to February 2020. This research is in an application to diagnose damage to computer hardware. Computer Hardware Damage Detection Application can be a guide for computer users in overcoming the damage to hardware with certainty factor methods and can help users in caring for computer hardware so it is not easily damaged.
Tegus Widodo,
Regular issue, Volume 5, pp 17-21;

Reducing poverty is always to become the target of every country and regional leader in each campaign. The efforts are made in many ways, but the programs in the form of providing basic needs assistance, productive economic efforts, and so on. Unfortunately, interventions are to address visible symptoms but not to solve the root of the problems or causes. That is because the cause of poverty is not so excavated so that until now the percentage of the poor always fluctuates. This research tries to see in terms of the number of children (TFR) that may have contributed to the percentage of poor people in West Sumatra. The research method uses linear regression analysis using secondary data from Susenas 2019. To determine policy direction using Interpretative Structural Modeling (ISM) analysis. The ISM analysis involved 15 relevant stakeholders from interested institutions. The results showed that TFR contributed 34.4 percent to poverty in the research area. As a direction of population control policy to reduce poverty, that is the expansion of access to contraceptives and delay of marriage age.
Regular issue, Volume 5, pp 9-11;

Protection of women and children is a mandate contained in the laws of the Republic of Indonesia to the government to protect women and children from acts of violence or discrimination. The mandate is carried out by the government through several efforts to handle and prevent it through government programs that are made every year. However, until now the municipal government of Pekanbaru through the women's empowerment and child protection office does not yet have data on mapping the protection of women and children disaggregated by sex, age, type of case, and location of cases so that many child protection programs are not properly targeted according to the level of violence and types of violence in areas exposed to cases of violence. The application of the mapping application is a solution to this problem because, with computerized data on the protection of women and children, the government will make it easier to design management and prevention programs. This application displays complete indicators including data on violence mapped in the geographic form of the city of Pekanbaru which is divided into the scope of the sub-district and given a color as an indicator of high or low cases of violence in the area, violence data is displayed disaggregated according to gender, age, types of cases and locations of incidents and in addition, this application applies a case-control design to provide recommendations to the government regarding handling and prevention programs in areas exposed to cases of violence against women and children. This application will make it easier for the government to design programs to protect women and children and to reduce the number of violence against women and children which always increases every year.
Mohammad Golam Moula, Obaidullah
Regular issue, Volume 5, pp 43-48;

Service rules make it easier for an institution to pursue higher education. In order to ensure quality education, it is essential that educational institutions have service rules. The service rules of university employment are considered to be conducive to the higher education system. On this article discusses the importance of service rules. Each step of the service rules is shown with the help of diagrams and each of the steps is discussed separately. To certify higher education has played a noteworthy part in Bangladesh. The rules clearly specify the rights and duties of workers and employers where every institution must have its own service rules regulating any employment but cannot be contradictory to any establishment of the labor laws. Job satisfaction is considered as a vital determinant of job activities. Some of the universities are providing quality education but rests of them are not quality concerned, most of them are depending on Daily basis teachers, poor infrastructures, without service rules etc. The trial was taken on a random basis from four private universities in Bangladesh. The sample size is forty-five. The result of this study shows that about job satisfaction level of employees in the selected universities. In the end, based on results, researchers have offered some suggestions that can be taken into thought in strategy level.
Shishira Srinivasa, Vijayashree L.
Regular issue, Volume 5, pp 22-27;

In the global scenario, technological advances and the growth of the information industry provided new market opportunities. Since business processing at low levels, multinational companies have begun outsourcing value-added ways of outsourcing of business processes. This has created a new outsourcing pattern, Knowledge Process Outsourcing, KPO. This covers intellectual property, equity and finance research and research, analysis, business research and data processing etc. After performance in BPOs, India is now focusing on KPOs. It is estimated that this business would hire 250,000 people by 2010. This paper addresses questions concerning the outsourcing of knowledge processes in terms of the Hecksher Ohlin model. It examines new developments in India's KPO market. It provides an outlook on the benefits of India in KPO and its evolving economic prospects. It also underlines the problems facing the next KPO market. Implementation of policies on challenges is often debated.
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