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Seisuke Yanagawa
Electrical Science & Engineering, Volume 3; doi:10.30564/ese.v3i1.2527

In this paper, the logic is developed assuming that all parts of the brain are composed of a combination of modules that basically have the same structure. The feeding behavior of searching for food while avoiding the dangers of animals in the early stages of evolution is regarded as the basis of time series data processing. The module that performs the processing is presented by a neural network equipped with a learning function based on Hebb's rule, and is called a basic unit. The basic units are arranged in layers, and the information between the layers is bidirectional. This new neural network is an extension of the traditional neural network that has evolved from pattern recognition. The biggest feature is that in the processing of time series data, the activated part changes according to the context structure inherent in the data, and can be mathematically expressed the method of predicting events from the context of learned behavior and utilizing it in best action.
Fuhua Yang, Haitao Li
Electrical Science & Engineering, Volume 3; doi:10.30564/ese.v3i1.2914

为了提高自动仓库控制系统的效率,设计了带有s7-1500plc的立体仓库实验平台。该机械手由步进电机和伺服电机驱动,以实现X,Y和ž三轴空间运动。物料传输系统由通用G120变频器构建。HMI KTP700实现控制和状态监视。通过RFID传感器和其他传感器对物料进行识别和分类.TIAV15软件构建PROFINET通信和PROFIBUS通信网络。使用GRAPH语言编程可以提高应用的可视化程度,并解决仓库控制系统程序设计和调试的复杂问题。通过软硬件设计,形成了一套完整的控制系统设计方案,
Ramesh Chandra Nayak, Abinash Sahoo, Manmatha K. Roul, Saro Ku. Sarangi
Electrical Science & Engineering, Volume 2; doi:10.30564/ese.v2i2.1819

Heat transfer from electrical and electronics component is essential for better performance of that electrical system, The maximum heat transfer from that system results long period durability. In most of the system base provided for equipments are very small and placed in a very complicated position. so heat transfer by forced convection is not easy for that purpose. The heat transfer by natural convection is the familiar technique used in electronics cooling; there is huge group of apparatus that lends itself to natural convection .This category consist of stand-alone correspondence such as modems and small computers having an array of printed circuit boards (PCB) accumulate within an area.Natural convection heat transfer in heated horizontal duct drive away heat from the interior surface is offered. The duct is open-ended and round in cross section. The test section is heated by provision of heating coils, where constant wall heat flux mentioned. Heat transfer experiment is carried out for channel of 50 mm. internal diameter and 4 mm thickness with length 600 mm. Ratios of length to diameter of the channel are taken as L/D = 12. Wall heat fluxes maintained at q// = 300 W/m2 to 3150 W/m2. A methodical investigational record for the local steady state natural convection heat transfer activities is obtained. The wall heating condition on local steady-state heat transfer phenomena are studied. The present experimental data is compared with the existing theoretical and experimental results for the cases of vertical smooth tubes.
A. A. Mukaila, I. Olugbemi, E. E. Sule
Electrical Science & Engineering, Volume 2; doi:10.30564/ese.v2i2.2467

It is known that the power consumption and efficiency of an equipment owes directly to its power factor. The lower the power factor of the equipment the more the energy consumption of such equipment and vice-versa. Hence, the need to develop an equipment to measure accurately the operating power factor of domestic and industrial equipment and appliances [1]. The operating principle of this power factor meter design is based on Zero Crossing detection principle, the principle is utilized using Arduino Nano, instrument transformers, LM324 operational amplifier, generic resistor, generic XOR Gate 7488 and 2X16LCD. The input current and voltage signal is taken by the transformers and sent to the op- amp which carries out the zero crossing detection in order to get the time difference after which the microcontroller does the calculation to determine the power factor and the deficit reactive power which is then displayed on an interface [2].
Mohammad. Taghipour, Mohammad. Vaezi
Electrical Science & Engineering, Volume 2; doi:10.30564/ese.v2i2.2464

The main goal of the safe power outlet project is to make power outlets smart and integrate it to all old and new electrical wiring of homes and offices to eliminate the costs. Using the designed socket, home and office electrical appliances can be smarten and controlled remotely through wireless technology. The device designed in this project, is a smart power outlet that supports Wi-Fi connection and the user can connect directly to it and control it by the specific mobile application. There is no need for any other interfaces such as a modem or router, and the user can connect directly to the device. This is the innovative part of the project making it different from the conventional power outlets on the market. All home and office appliances running on AC power can be connected to a safe outlet directly and without an interface; they can be controlled via wireless network by mobiles. This device smartens all old and conventional outlets without making any changes in wiring. It also enables the control via Wi-Fi on the outlets.
Razzaqul Ahshan, A. M. Al-Hanshi, M. A. Al-Naabi, H. A. Al-Hashmi, A. H. Al-Badi
Electrical Science & Engineering, Volume 2; doi:10.30564/ese.v2i2.2188

This paper presents a techno-economic investigation of an integrated rooftop solar PV system for typical home applications in Oman that reduces the power consumption from the grid and export excess PV generated power back to the gird. Since renewable energy systems design technically depends on the site, this study selects a typical two-story villa in Al-Hamra, Oman as the site. Temperature is one of the critical parameters in this design as it varies widely over the day and has a considerable variation from one season to another in Oman. With the effect of temperature variation, the PV system has designed using system models for the required load of the home. The available rooftop space and the grid-connection availability are two main design constraints have realized in this study. This research also evaluates the economic feasibility of the design system considering the energy export tariff as per the Bulk Supply Tariff (BST) scheme in Oman. The design outcome reveals that the designed PV system can supply the load energy requirement in a year. In addition, the rooftop solar PV system can sell surplus energy back to the grid that generates additional revenue for the owner of the system. The economic performance indices such as payback period, internal rate of return, net present value, and profitability index ensure the financial feasibility of the designed rooftop solar PV system for the selected home.
Mohammed Daffalla Elradi Alsiddig, Altigani Abd Alraheem Altigani Badwi, Osman Idriss Abaker Idriss
Electrical Science & Engineering, Volume 2; doi:10.30564/ese.v2i2.2477

In the last few years, cyber security has been an essential prerequisite for almost every organization to handle the massive number of emerging cyber attacks worldwide. A critical factor in reducing the possibility of being exploited is cyber security awareness. Not only having the adequate knowledge but how to utilize this knowledge to prevent cyber attacks. In this paper we conducted a survey that focuses on three vital security parameters, which are trust, passwords and defensive attitude respectively. The survey mainly aimed at assessing cyber security knowledge of 200 students and 100 faculty members in a Sudanese college and how secure these participants think they are according to their current cyber behaviour. 56% of the participants are males and 44% are females. The results revealed that all participants were having fairly-low level of security awareness and their defensive attitude is considerably weak and doesn’t protect them either individually or at institutional-level. Nevertheless, faculty member showed better cyber security knowledge and skills by 8% higher than students. This study can be used to develop training approaches that bridge the security gaps depicted by the respondents of the survey questions manipulated in this study.
Run Xu, Zhiqiang Chen
Electrical Science & Engineering, Volume 2; doi:10.30564/ese.v2i1.1773

The rush lock is due to assembly tightly during assembling three gripper so that it curls after some time assembled in motor and bare motors. The motor happen to have current increasing and cause rotary too slowly is an important technique problem. At last the motor hasn’t worked due to disconnection. It give company to bring assembly issue for customers. So the motor stall is main issue in motor working. We shall pay more attention to it necessarily and shall be strict quality inspection and we shall monitor the flow line for the sake of decreasing it to happen. We shall solve the problem as soon as possible with and communicate with the customer engineers. Unloaded rotation is radical in the base inspection. The engineer need to negotiate with supplying engineers for the qualified material of rushes. Increasing inspection into more times is a method to decrease unqualified rushes. While delivering motors the crash between motors is a no neglect issue. Some experiment method is explained to analyze for customer engineers. Two kinds of motors ie. stepping and asynchronous motor use in future in car is explained to further knowledge to motor’s application,such as . Such as the experiment with torque,voice and electric pressure converter(ie. voltage converter) as reflectors. EMI(Electo magnetic interference) is used to inspect the motor to prevent from radiation of electro magnetic field. The cold solder results the slow rotary.
, Jie Li
Electrical Science & Engineering, Volume 2; doi:10.30564/ese.v2i1.1777

In the whole research process of electromagnetic wave, the research of terahertz wave belongs to a blank for a long time, which is the least known and least developed by far. But now, people are trying to make up the blank and develop terahertz better and better. The charm of terahertz wave originates from its multiple attributes, including electromagnetic field attribute, photon attribute and thermal attribute, which also attracts the attention of researchers in different fields and different countries, and also terahertz technology have been rated as one of the top ten technologies to change the future world by the United States. The multiple attributes of terahertz make it have broad application prospects in military and civil fields, such as medical imaging, astronomical observation, 6G communication, environmental monitoring and material analysis. It is no exaggeration to say that mastering terahertz technology means mastering the future. However, it is because of the multiple attributes of terahertz that the terahertz wave is difficult to be mastered. Although terahertz has been applied in some fields, controlling terahertz (such as generation and detection) is still an important issue. Nowadays, a variety of terahertz generation and detection technologies have been developed and continuously improved. In this paper, the main terahertz generation and detection technologies (including already practical and developing) are reviewed in terms of scientific and engineering principles, in order to provide a systematic and up-to-date reference for researchers in terahertz field.
Zhida Guo, Jingyuan Fu
Electrical Science & Engineering, Volume 2; doi:10.30564/ese.v2i1.1772

The study on scientific analysis and prediction of China’s future carbon emissions is conducive to balancing the relationship between economic development and carbon emissions in the new era, and actively responding to climate change policy. Through the analysis of the application of the generalized regression neural network (GRNN) in prediction, this paper improved the prediction method of GRNN. Genetic algorithm (GA) was adopted to search the optimal smooth factor as the only factor of GRNN, which was then used for prediction in GRNN. During the prediction of carbon dioxide emissions using the improved method, the increments of data were taken into account. The target values were obtained after the calculation of the predicted results. Finally, compared with the results of GRNN, the improved method realized higher prediction accuracy. It thus offers a new way of predicting total carbon dioxide emissions, and the prediction results can provide macroscopic guidance and decision-making reference for China’s environmental protection and trading of carbon emissions.
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