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Sokol Krasniqi, Leonora Rudhani Haliti, Ismail Mehmeti
Bussecon Review of Social Sciences (2687-2285), Volume 4, pp 11-22; https://doi.org/10.36096/brss.v4i1.328

This paper aims to address the effects of organizational change as one of the key issues in management ethics today. The paper is based on the deductive and inductive approaches. The comparability analysis of the data was done with the application software for statistical analysis SPSS as a tool for data entry, organizing the entry of received data through which the similarities and differences between the different variables in relation to the purpose of the research are applied. This paper highlights that organizational ethics comprises the guidelines on how an organization responds to the external environment. The main implications of the paper: (i) Cultural changes are the factor that is usually not taken seriously during the changes that occur in the Bank, therefore the organizational structure created in the institution has determined the need for that culture to change in accordance with new changes so that the staff of the organization is in line with those changes; (ii) better change management skills are not only desirable, but they are also necessary for achieving vital improvements in the Bank; (iii) Ensuring that all staff members are informed of what changes will be made by management is a kind of "selling" of the changes through good and regular communication to the audience within the Bank
Yasar Colak, Serdar Sinan Gulec
Bussecon Review of Social Sciences (2687-2285), Volume 4, pp 01-10; https://doi.org/10.36096/brss.v4i1.314

This paper examines the concept of symbiosis in Islamic history as developed by Schlomo Dov Goitein, the 20th-century Jewish German scholar in the area of Jewish and Arabic studies, and discusses its application to the identity sourcing of Prophet Muhammad in particular. The aim of the study is to review the historical outline briefly on the background and formation of “symbiosis” preceding and in the aftermath of Goitein’s conceptualization and context, following a qualitative research approach with an intertextual criticism to his references and discussing their possible philological aspects in his mindset. The study found that, while the Islamic historical sources presented the relations between Jews and Muslims in the Madina period of Islam as negative, in Goitein’s works, the Jewish perception of early Islamic history is positively grounded on a mid-eight century Jewish messianic-apocalyptical text, namely, The Secrets of Rabbi Simon ben Yohai as traditionally understood in Judaism for describing Ishmaelites as the savior of Jews from Christian oppression. This finding seems to be in explicit contradistinction to the concept of innovative “creative symbiosis” with subversion of historical experience.
Maharani Aliefya Rachim, Fatiha Khalifatul Rhodiah, Muchammad Hatta Zakaria, Yuliana Riana Prasetyawati
Bussecon Review of Social Sciences (2687-2285), Volume 3, pp 31-40; https://doi.org/10.36096/brss.v3i4.266

Amid the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, there are still many people who do not comply with health protocols, so this condition has prompted the Indonesian government through the Ministry of Health to create a #changeusirwabah campaign with a risk communication approach. This study aims to determine what and to what extent the factors in the campaign can change people's behavior to live a healthy life based on the Health Belief Model and TRA (Theory of Reasoned Action) theory. This study uses a quantitative research approach with regression analysis techniques carried out by taking 170 samples of people in DKI Jakarta who are aware of the Change Banish Outbreak campaign. The role of mediation in this study is an exciting research finding. The perceived risk variable used as a communication approach by the Ministry of Health has a vital role in encouraging the influence of campaign messages on behavioral intention. The results in this study can be used as guidelines for an institution to change public health behavior through health campaigns using a risk approach.
Yusuf Mohammed Alkali, Abdulsalam Masud, Almustapha A. Aliyu
Bussecon Review of Social Sciences (2687-2285), Volume 3, pp 11-22; https://doi.org/10.36096/brss.v3i4.276

This paper examined the mediating role of trust in government on the influence of public governance quality indicators (accountability, political stability, government effectiveness, regulatory quality, rule of law, and control of corruption) on tax compliance in Africa. Cross-country data obtained from 38 African countries for 2015 was used and analyzed using Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) regression analysis. The study found that accountability, political stability, control of corruption, and trust have a significant influence on tax compliance among the sampled African countries, but government effectiveness, regulatory quality, and the rule of law and have insignificant influence on tax compliance. The result of the mediating effects revealed that trust mediates the influence of accountability and political stability on tax compliance in Africa. However, it failed to mediate the influence of government effectiveness, regulatory quality, rule of law, and control of corruption on tax compliance among sample African countries. The study offers theoretical insights on the role of trust as a mediator on social exchange relationships from the context of public governance quality on tax compliance. It also implies to the policymakers that building trust is an important mechanism through which the impact of public governance on tax compliance would be more pronounced. The study further calls for replication of its findings in other continents such as the Americas, Asia, and Europe.
Mustapher Faque
Bussecon Review of Social Sciences (2687-2285), Volume 3, pp 23-30; https://doi.org/10.36096/brss.v3i4.295

Cash(liquidity) management is at the heart of a firm’s financial management. It is a silver lining between the bankruptcy and the success story of a company. Therefore, this study intends to contribute some insights into cash management practices and how firms can use them to achieve sound financial performance. This study provides a comprehensive literature review on existing theories and cash management practices that are useful in decision making. After the analysis of the available literature, the study highlights important theories including trade-off theory (TOT), transaction model, precautionary measures, financial hierarchy, and cash flow theory. Furthermore, management practices such as stochastic cash management model, speeding up cash collections, centralization & decentralization of management, asset portfolio diversification, and cash disbursement are discussed.  The study suggests that a sound financial performance can be achieved through a hybrid approach and through adaptation and embracing innovations in cash management systems.
Alex Sandria Jaya Wardhana, Muafi Muafi
Bussecon Review of Social Sciences (2687-2285), Volume 3, pp 01-10; https://doi.org/10.36096/brss.v3i4.270

This study discusses the trend about green human resource management (GHRM) conducted by researchers in international scope. This study aims to understand: (a) the distribution and research links about GHRM in the last 5 years; (b) the level of productivity of GHRM researchers; and (c) the distribution map and international publication of GHRM research according to the keywords. The data collection is done by conducting a data search through Scopus using the keywords of ‘strategic human resource management with the category, article title, abstracts, and keywords during the last five years (2016-2021). The data choice is only based on the articles that have been published and focused on the field of business, management, and accounting. The data is then exported into CSV (comma-separated values) format. The trend of the development of international publications in the GHRM field is analyzed using VosViewer software. The research results show that the development of the instrumentation field in 2016-2021 indexed by Scopus has the highest occurrence in 2020, which reached 78 publications (29.66%). The international publication of the GHRM field is mostly published by the Journal of Cleaner Production, while the most productive author in GHRM is Charbel Jose, Chiapetta Jabbour.
Nenubari Ikue John, Emeka Nkoro, Jeremiah Anietie
Bussecon Review of Social Sciences (2687-2285), Volume 3, pp 31-44; https://doi.org/10.36096/brss.v3i3.296

There is a pool of techniques and methods in addressing dynamics behaviors in higher frequency data, prominent among them is the ARCH/GARCH techniques. In this paper, the various types and assumptions of the ARCH/GARCH models were tried in examining the dynamism of exchange rate and international crude oil prices in Nigeria. And it was observed that the Nigerian foreign exchange rates behaviors did not conform with the assumptions of the ARCH/GARCH models, hence this paper adopted Lag Variables Autoregressive (LVAR) techniques originally developed by Agung and Heij multiplier to examine the dynamic response of the Nigerian foreign exchange rates to crude oil prices. The Heij coefficient was used to calculate the dynamic multipliers while the Engel & Granger two-step technique was used for cointegration analysis.  The results revealed an insignificant dynamic long-term response of the exchange rate to crude oil prices within the periods under review. The coefficient of dynamism was insignificantly in most cases of the sub-periods. The paper equally revealed that the significance of the dynamic multipliers depends greatly on external information about both market indicators which are two-way interactions. Thus, the paper recommends periodic intervention in the foreign exchange market by the monetary authorities to stabilize the market against any shocks in the international crude oil market, since crude oil is the main source of foreign exchange in Nigeria.
Gladish Pretirose, Muafi Muafi
Bussecon Review of Social Sciences (2687-2285), Volume 3, pp 15-25; https://doi.org/10.36096/brss.v3i3.264

This study discusses the influence of relationship conflict, turnover intention, and employee performance of Gladish Medical Center General Hospital on work burnout as a mediator. The purpose of this study is to examine and analyze the influence of relationship conflict on work burnout as a mediator on turnover intention and employee performance of Gladish Medical Center General Hospital Pesawaran. Researchers use census technique with 70 respondents who are employees of Gladish Medical Center General Hospital Pesawaran. The analytical test uses SmartPLS v.2.0 with SEM (Structural Equation Modelling) analysis method. The results reveal that relationship conflict has a positive and significant influence on turnover intention. Work burnout is proven to mediate the influence of relationship conflict on turnover intention. While relationship conflict has no significant influence on employee performance. Work burnout is proven to mediate the influence of relationship conflict on employee performance. Relationship conflict has a positive and significant influence on work burnout. Work burnout has a positive and significant influence on turnover intention. Work burnout has a negative and significant influence on employee performance.
Olajide Solomon Fadun, Diekolola Oye
Bussecon Review of Social Sciences (2687-2285), Volume 3, pp 1-14; https://doi.org/10.36096/brss.v3i3.293

Despite the institutionalization of operational risk management in banks and the strict supervision of bank regulators, operational risk events are still on the increase. It is becoming evident to banks that there is a need to identify the drivers of this risk and nib it at the root to reduce the probability of recurrence. Hence, this study examined the drivers of operational risks in Nigerian commercial banks and the extent to which each driver contributes to operational risk. To achieve the study’s objectives, primary data were collected from the Operational Risk Management Desks of six (6) sampled commercial banks and analyzed using SPSS and Microsoft Excel. The result showed that Internal processes, IT systems and Quality of Risk Officers are determinants of operational losses in banks. The internal process was however indicated as having the most impact. The study concluded that Internal Process is the major driver of operational risk in Nigerian Commercial banks. The researcher, therefore, recommends that bank management must have defined procedures for core activities and prioritize regular review of their critical processes to reduce operational risk events and the associated costs.
Doaa M. Salman Abdou
Bussecon Review of Social Sciences (2687-2285), Volume 3, pp 26-30; https://doi.org/10.36096/brss.v3i3.294

This article review provides an insight into the main signals that will be responsible for the coming recession that will start from developed countries and will reflect negatively on developing countries that witness a decreasing level of development. The paper starts with the main seven signals that will initiate the recession. The second section will provide an analysis of the applied procedures and the economic reform that the government adopted to attract investment to overcome the previous and the coming challenges. Finally, the paper provides future expectations and paths for developing countries to overcome the recession.
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