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Utkarsh Malik, Harpreet Kaur, Aditi Chaudhary
International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE), Volume 10, pp 34-38;

We can’t disregard the importance of Social Media in Today’s Technology Era. Internet is almost in every hand. People uses various Social Media platforms to express themselves and their thinking about various topics such as Politics, Entertainment, Sports, etc. In the Data Science industry, trend analysis can be used for several purposes like marketing or product analysis. Twitter data has been used to analyze political polarization and the spread of protest movements. Twitter is one of the most popular social media platform that allows the users to spread and share information. Twitter publishes the list of recent or latest topics named as “Trending Topics” which shows all the happenings in the world and what are the people’s opinions about those topics. This Trend Analyzer will work on a given set of tweets and generates a graph based on the tweets and showsthe comparative popularity of the used hashtags. This Analyzer will examine a set of tweets using Python and text-processing techniques
, Anurag Sharma
International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE), Volume 10, pp 194-198;

The E-commerce proportion in global retail expenditure has been steadily increasing over the years showing an obvious shift from brick and mortar to retail clicks. To analyze the exact problem of building an interactive models for the identification of auction fraud in the entry of data into ecommerce. This is why the most popular site's business develops with retailers and other auction customers. Where viral customers purchase products from online trading, customers may worry about fraudulent actions to get unlawful benefits from honest parties. Proactive modesty systems for detecting fraud are thus a necessary practice to prevent such illegal activities. The shopping product is built according to the customer's requirements and is safer online and resting, and the rules and regulations that are necessary to follow no longer seem to be the best of workable selection, coefficient limits that facilitate the shopping product and make it easier for the user model to compete on each platform so that it can experiment.
International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE), Volume 10, pp 44-50;

On 20th December, 2019, the Central Government introduced the Taxation Laws (Amendment) Ordinance, 2019, which created a favourable taxing environment for the Companies. Through this Ordinance, section 115BAB, which covers all sorts of domestic companies, that is, any company formed and registered in India, was introduced in the Income Tax Act which offered a very low tax rate of 15% (17.5% including surcharge and cess) to the new manufacturing companies. This Ordinance also reduced the Tax rate for domestic companies to 22% (25.17% including surcharge and cess). Additionally under the new corporate assessment strategy, new organizations that set up assembling offices in India beginning in October and initiate creation before the finish of March, 2023 will be charged at a viable pace of 17%. This move did cause a rise in the value of the stock in India, but through this paper, we plan to delve deeper into how this new introduction affected the economy of India – ranging from the stock market to the value of rupees against dollar, the idea behind introducing this Ordinance, while also touching upon what is Corporate Tax and the Corporate Tax system that was present before the introduction of section 115BAB.
, Jayant Singh
International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE), Volume 10, pp 86-96;

Organic farming is now recognized as the best known alternative to the conventional agriculture, where cultivation and raising of crops and best quality of food is grown without any harm to the soil health, environmental and to the human being and microorganism present in the soil. Efficient organic nutrient supply to plant in adequate quantities to sustain most plant growth and yield while minimizing the environmental affected by the use of large quantities of inorganic fertilizers and pesticides which reduces the soil characteristics and productivity. Vermicom post is the major alternatives for organic farming with higher plant nutrients. Therefore, a tractor drawn subsurface manure and seed applicator was designed and developed in Farm Machinery and Power Engineering Department, G.B.P.U.A& T Pantnagar, Uttara khand for placement of vermicom post (organic manure) at a depth of 50 to 200 mm below the soil surface. Firstly the frame for vermicom post and seed hopper was fabricated according to the desired capacity of vermicom post manure hopper. Six rectangular orifices were provided for delivery of manure at the middle of the bottom surface of the manure hopper. A counter shaft was fixed on the frame which was driven by the ground wheel and rotated the horizontal screw conveyor shaft of the manure hopper as well as seed hopper shaft by means of chain - sprocket arrangement. The velocity ratios between the ground wheel and the manure and fluted roller shaft were 2:1. The manure hopper shaft and fluted roller shaft were rotated at 14, 35 and 41 rpm when tractor forward speed 2, 4 and 6 km/h, respectively. Two depth control side wheels were provided below the frame to adjust the depth of cut of machine in field operation. A furrow opener was designed to penetrate into the soil at the desired depth and placed the vermicom post and seed below the soil surface.
K Venkateswara Rao, G Joga Rao
International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE), Volume 10, pp 170-174;

Cascaded structured multilevel inverters are gaining lot of importance due to their simple structure and easiness in implementation. In this paper, the optimum selective harmonic elimination method is employed for a nine level inverter to suppress the selected lower order harmonic, which reduces the total harmonic distortion of the inverter considerably. The Newton rapson algorithm is employed in finding the switching angles that minimizes certain lower order harmonics. The order of the harmonics that are eliminated are third, fifth, and seventh harmonics. All the simulation results included for a nine level inverter using SIMULINK. Index Terms: Nine level MLI, Control of inverter, Modular Inverter.
M.B. Bramarambika,
International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE), Volume 10, pp 10-13;

Brain tumor is a mass that grows unevenly in the brain and directly affects human life. The mass occurs spontaneously because of the tissues surrounding the brain or the skull. There are two types of Brain tumor such as Benign and Malignant. Malignant brain tumors contain cancer cells and grow quickly and spread through to other brain and spine regions as well. Accurate and prompt diagnosis of brain tumors is essential for implementing an effective treatment of this disease. Brain images produced by the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technique are a rich source of data for brain tumor diagnosis and treatment in the medical field. Due to the existence of a large number of features compared to the other imaging types. The performance of existing methods is inadequate considering the medical significance of the classification problem. Earlier methods relied on manually delineated tumor regions, prior to classification. This prevented them from being fully automated. The automatic algorithms developed using CNN and its variants could not achieve an influential improvement in performance. In order to overcome such an issue, the proposed one is automatic brain tumor detection system, which is “ Enhanced Convolution Neural Network (CNN) Algorithm for MRI Images” for the detection of brain tumor is useful to detect and classify the Glioma part into low Glioma and high Glioma.
International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE), Volume 10, pp 187-193;

Federated cloud computing is the advancement in the area of the general cloud computing paradigm. In a federated cloud environment, multiple cloud service providers share their computing assets, servers, and various facilities to fulfill customer demands. Federated cloud computing terminology consists of the aggregation of services considered by interoperability characteristics and creates the integration of several cloud service providers regardless of any geographical location. It improves the performance, utilization of facilities, minimizes response time and pricing model by partial subcontracting various computing resources and facilities from the nearby cost-efficient province. Customers also get profited from service level agreements signed between the cloud service providers through intermediator cloud brokers. This work aims to survey the federated cloud environment, its various architectural types, advantages associated with the federation, challenges associated with a federated cloud environment, and future research directions in the federated cloud computing research area.
International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE), Volume 10, pp 211-214;

In the Covid-19 pandemic where every working person is working from home to stay safe and to maintain social distancing. In mild of the corona virus crisis, the videoconferencing app has emerged as the usual for connecting with others face-to-face actually in each commercial enterprise and private settings. In Covid19 pandemic the main trouble got here out turned into a way to live related with every other. Connectivity turned into the main trouble for anyone like in schools, colleges, universities, private sector, Government sector, spiritual sector, not unusual place human beings and plenty of more. Every task that become occurring physically among human beings went on-line via video conferencing apps Because within side the pandemic of COVID-19 no individual favored to have an impact on their jobs or employment, studies, business, personal relationship, and lots of various relationships. In mild of the corona virus crisis, the videoconferencing app has emerged as the usual for connecting with others face-to-face actually in each commercial enterprise and private settings. There are many videos conferencing gear to be had like Google meet, skype, slack,, GoToMeeting, Cisco WebEx, etc. Even in case, you do not work from home, you have heard of Zoom. Zoom has emerged as incredibly famous amongst all on this COVID-19 pandemic. Let us have a few mild at the Zoom video conferencing app.
, Ralph Lery Guerrero, Carlito Pantalunan, Christine Renomeron, Salvador Loria Jr.
International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE), Volume 10, pp 1-4;

Construction projects undergo critical stages resulting to circumstances with high uncertainty and risk, which has been escalated by the pandemic. As the pandemic continues to overwhelm the world, its negative effects to construction industry are clearly manifested. Health and safety risks in previous studies and researchers are not risk factors that has great impact to construction industry. However, the COVID-19 pandemic significantly increases the risks that needs intensive risk management techniques to continue construction operations. This study seeks to identify emerging risks and explored risk management techniques applied by construction companies in the Philippines in light of covid-19 pandemic. Findings of the study were based from a questionnaire survey on pandemic risk management in construction projects. Questionnaires were administered based on purposive sampling. Respondents were civil engineers and architects who are directly involved in management and administration of construction projects. The data obtained were analyzed and presented through frequency table and charts. As concluded, health and safety risk are the main risks factors that has effects on cost, time and quality of construction projects. Furthermore, these risks must be managed with great effort and coordination with the government to minimize its effects. In addition, the study is essential to construction industry to mitigate and control new emerging risk to ensure successful project completion.
International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE), Volume 10, pp 5-9;

This research paper is based on a project which is a prototype on a smaller level of integrating vehicle-to-grid technology at the residential and commercial levels which can be expanded in future with the help of bi-directional AC-DC power converters and Control systems. Vehicle-to-Grid is a technology that allows energy to be supplied back to the power grid from the battery of an electric car for fulfilling the excess demand on the grid. It is depicted in the prototype with the help of TP charging module and embedded system i.e. Arduino to manage the ever-increasing energy demand from the grid. With the increasing environmental problems, modern automobile technology is innovating in the field of Electric Vehicles (EV) with lesser pollution and better efficiency. This has attracted a lot of attention, but the major hindrance faced is the availability of energy required to maintain the grid is resonance. We can overcome this by vehicle-to-grid technology in smart parking systems. When the EV is parked, energy may be drawn out or supplied to the EV through the grid depending upon the requirements of the grid and the vehicle’s battery. The implementation of this technology enables the stored energy in the electric vehicle to be transferred to the power grid and vice-versa.
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