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Lalu Puji Indra Kharisma, Yunita Happy Yana
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 3, pp 39-45; doi:10.35746/jtim.v3i1.128

Mathematics lessons at the elementary level in the opinion of most students are still considered difficult because of the large number of calculation formulas that must be learned and use logic in analyzing and completing calculations. The learning model currently applied is the lecture learning model by means of one-way communication where the educator is active while the students only function their senses of sight and hearing. The conventional learning model mentioned above is considered to be less exploring students' knowledge insights during the teaching and learning process. If the student's concentration is less than optimal, then the student will have difficulty accepting the material being taught at that time, especially mathematics lessons with material two-dimentional figure and geometry, considering that the material must be systematic and requires a lot of practice questions to deepen mathematical concepts and problems. Therefore, mathematics is not enough to just be studied in class. Students must learn independently outside the classroom. So that we need a media that can help students in learning outside the classroom. With the current development of information technology, especially in terms of internet use, it has an impact on changes in learning system patterns, This change in the pattern of the learning system makes the learning process more creative because learning resources are not only carried out from inside the classroom but can be done outside the classroom and discussed in the classroom together. This is the impact of the rapid development of internet technology. Therefore, the author aims to create a mathematics learning media with material two-dimentional figure and geometry web-based for elementary schools.
Ubaidillah Ubaidillah, Fatmawati Fatmawati
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 3, pp 1-7; doi:10.35746/jtim.v3i1.120

PT. Gomeds Network is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) company based in the city of Gorontalo. This company has problems or obstacles in the process of applying for leave for its employees where leave applications are still handled manually, even though personal computers are available as a support facility for work activities. All of this allows errors or inaccuracies in employee leave data at PT. Gomeds Network. The purpose of this research is to build a web-based employee leave application information system which makes it easier for employees to apply for leave and get complete and detailed information related to leave, also this leave application can be done online anywhere that can be done. connected to the internet so there is no need to meet with the staffing department. The research method used is the waterfall system development model or systems development life system (SDLC) with unified modeling language (UML) where the tools used to describe the system model are in the form of activity diagrams, use case diagrams, component diagrams and deployment diagrams and in making bases. data using entity relationship diagrams (ERD). With this employee leave application information system application can help employees in filing leave and make it easier for companies to process and manage employee leave data and incoming data can be stored safely in the database and can improve the performance and time efficiency in activities in the staffing department..
Fandi Ahmad, Eni Pudjiarti, Eka Puspita Sari
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 3, pp 21-31; doi:10.35746/jtim.v3i1.126

Technology continues to evolve all the time, in order to keep up with the development of technology, students must continue to update their knowledge in the field of technology if they do not want to miss, we must continue to develop learning methods so that learning is comfortable and at the same time not behind the times and technology, one of which is online-based learning. (e-learning) which is already familiar today, SD Muhammadiyah 09 Plus, located in Duren Sawit, East Jakarta, is one of the schools that implements e-learning as one of its learning support systems, in its application, a research is needed to determine the level readiness of SD Muhammadiyah 09 Plus in implementing e-learning using the Technology Readiness Index (TRI) method. This method uses an index to measure the level of readiness of users in using new technology to achieve goals in everyday life. There are variables used in this method to measure readiness, namely optimism, innovation, discomfort, and insecurity. The data were obtained from 105 respondents consisting of teachers and guardians of students who produced a TRI score of 2.48 which was categorized in the medium technology readiness index, thus SD Muhammadiyah 09 Plus was ready to implement e-learning by taking into account the discomfort and insecurity variables which still received low scores 0,30 and 0.61.
Muhammad Azmi, Zulkarnaen Zulkarnaen
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 3, pp 8-13; doi:10.35746/jtim.v3i1.124

The security and confidentiality of a message or document sent to other people must be guaranteed its confidentiality and security, so that the message or document is not misused by parties who do not have an interest in the message. Security and confidentiality of messages or documents can be kept confidential and secure by using cryptography. data security and confidentiality issues are very important from an information. Because of the importance of this information, the person concerned will question whether the authenticity of the information is still maintained or whether the information has been hijacked. So in the process of securing data and information with cryptography, of course it requires a qualified algorithm to maintain the confidentiality of the information, so that the purpose of this research is how to maintain the confidentiality of information by converting information into codes known only to the sender and receiver by using cryptographic techniques and steganography. Then the process of securing the data or information the researcher uses a combination of Caesar Chiper and Hill Chiper which is modified into Morse code then the resulting CipherText results will be saved into a JPEG file using the LSB (Least Significant Bit) Steganography method. The process of storing messages or ciphertext into image files will make it difficult for irresponsible people or cryptoanalysts to solve messages sent in the form of images.
Juhuria Momodahi, Yudi Klaus Patiro, Eliyah Acantha M Sampetoding, Esther Sanda Manapa
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 3, pp 14-20; doi:10.35746/jtim.v3i1.127

The role of computers in data processing to produce an information system is very influential in an organization or institution. The involvement of computer technology tools is very helpful in carrying out data processing activities, especially the making of financial reports at BTM at the Nu Salam Bantik Mosque. In recording the receipt and expenditure of shalawat money, problems often occur such as missing or scattered data, torn, and takes a long time. As a result, financial information becomes inaccurate because it is still done manually without involving computer technology. The research conducted discusses the Making and Development of the Financial Information System for the Ta'mirul Mosque of Nur Saalam Bantik. In designing an application, it is carried out by means of insight techniques, observation and literature study. This study is to create an application for the Development of Financial Information Systems for the Ta'mirul Mosque of Nur Salam Bantik using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 (VB). Microsoft Visual Basic apart from being referred to as a programming language (Program Language), Visual Basic is also often referred to as a tool (Tool) to produce windows application programs. In general, there are several benefits that can be obtained from using the Microsoft Visual Basic program itself. Computer at Mosque using OS Windows, So the applications created are programming tools that make it easy to use controls for database design.
Medhanita Dewi Renanti, Anggia Chrisanti Darmawan
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 3, pp 32-38; doi:10.35746/jtim.v3i1.132

Communication is the process of sending and receiving messages that involve at least two people so that the message can be understood. The existence of effective communication results in a good relationship between the sender and recipient of the message. Meanwhile, miscommunication can lead to relationship breakdown. The way a person communicates is largely influenced by his personality. Communication is more effective by looking at his personality. Personality directly affects interpersonal communication and this communication affects organizational commitment. One way to find out a person's personality typology is to fill in personality observations based on the fields that have been determined by the expert. The purpose of this study is to develop a personality typology application that can be used to identify a person's personality typology. The existence of this application is expected to help realizing effective communication because someone knows the typology of his personality that can be used to communicate with his interlocutors. The software development method used is eXtreme Programming. This method was chosen because the resources to make the system were available, application development time was short, and programming was done by a small team. The making of this personality typology application can be used by someone to identify personality typologies that can produce choleric, sanguine, melancholic, and phlegmatic classification outputs. This application is created using the PHP programming language and MySQL Database Management System by displaying a list of 24 questions that must be filled in by the user. The application using black box testing, accuracy value is 100%. The existence of this application is expected to create a comfortable working atmosphere and create smooth communication with all parties. This has an impact on the effectiveness of communication so that it can reduce communication misunderstandings.
Fanny Printi Ardi, Pyo Apriliana Munawarah, Mi’Rajus Subyan Rahmat, Lalu Aswandi Mahroni G
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 3, pp 46-52; doi:10.35746/jtim.v3i1.123

Mascot is a promotional media that is familiar in promotional media. Several companies to universities have mascots as icons that can represent higher education. UNDIKMA as a new joint-form campus has not used the media in the form of mascots for promotion. considering that NTB is a heterogeneous region with respect to ethnicity, religion, and race, so it requires a mascot as a brand ambassador for UNDIKMA. This is important because in the NTB region there is no tertiary institution that has a mascot. In the previous study, there was no study on mascot creation for universities. The purpose of this research is to design a mascot with a method approach that puts forward the target audience. While the method used is the Design Thinking Method developed by Tim Brown. Design thinking is a way to solve ambiguous and unfamiliar problems, rediscover problems in a human-centered way, brainstorm to generate multiple ideas, and take a hands-on approach. Very useful for prototyping and testing. Design thinking also includes continuous experimentation, such as sketching, prototyping, experimenting, and trying out different concepts and ideas. The target outcome of this research is to hopefully create a mascot design. In addition, it is also hoped that the output in the form of a mascot design guide line will also be successfully written. So that the application of the mascot can be correct and in accordance with the objectives expected by the designer.
Eka Puspita Sari, Eni Pudjiarti
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 2, pp 229-236; doi:10.35746/jtim.v2i4.112

CV. Prima Kreasi Framedia is a printing company located in East Jakarta. CV. Prima Kreasi Framedia started its operation in 2013. The main business of printing books, banners, brochures, and others is an affiliated company or not a group's subsidiary, but purely a company that operates independently. But the marketing system on the CV. Prima Kreasi Framedia is still not good enough. The way used in marketing the product is still using print media such as putting up banners and banners and even printing and distributing leaflets. For bookings and purchases, always can not be done online, requiring customers to come directly to the company to make booking and purchase transactions, the way is considered very inefficient. It takes an attractive website to market products and improves services and transactions more effectively and efficiently. The research method used consists of observation, interview, and literature study, while the system development model used is waterfall model, with PHP programming language and database used is MySQL. The result of this research is Website Based Printing Service Sales Information System. The website created can be used to source information about products and can also conduct transactions online efficiently.
Ervin Setyawan, Farid Sukmana
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 2, pp 214-222; doi:10.35746/jtim.v2i4.110

Cinema ticket application services make it easy to purchase movie tickets. Various applications, especially in the business sector, certainly require information security that has been guaranteed to be applied and international information security certificates in ISO 27001 quality standards. Therefore, the requirements for obtaining information security certificates in international quality ISO 27001 need to be analyzed first. It requires a lot of preparedness that must be requested in meeting ISO 27001 quality standards. The purpose of this study is to analyze the application of cinema tickets for ISO 27001 eligibility. Analytical research methods used include clauses, checklists, Likert scales, maturity levels, and fishbone diagrams. The authors' references were based on the writer's team's analysis that the authors made, including graphs, charts, clause scores, checklist scores, Likert scales, maturity levels, and fishbone diagrams. Based on the author's analysis results, the cinema ticket application system does not meet ISO 27001 standards, so much needs to be improved in the system. Likert scale scores are still 19%, while to meet ISO 27001 standards, Likert scale scores must reach at least 60%. The overall problem with assessing this analysis, which results in cinema tickets being inappropriate or not passing ISO 27001 quality standards, is the lack of Likert scale scores and fishbone diagrams. This analytical research hypothesis can be the basis for future research that the application can meet the feasibility test of ISO 27001 quality standards.
Nurulfah Riyanah, Fatmawati Fatmawati
JTIM : Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Multimedia, Volume 2, pp 206-213; doi:10.35746/jtim.v2i4.117

Rukun Warga 002 Kelurahan Meruya Selatan runs a government program, namely assistance for recipients of a certificate of being unable to meet the community's needs and aims to improve the community's welfare. Rukun Warga 002 has community services, namely death certificate services, making ID cards, disability certificates (SKTM), birth certificates, and many more. In carrying out assistance, most of the community complained that they did not get help, while some people were considered capable of getting this assistance. The researcher carried out data processing techniques with observation, literature study, and questionnaires based on this background. In contrast, the data processing used data mining to determine the incapable recipient's proper or inappropriate status, namely by using the Naïve Bayes algorithm while using the Rapidminer application, aiming to test the dataset's accuracy. In the dataset of incapacitated recipients used in this study, there are 35 records with eight attributes: name, occupation, age, status, income, vehicle, ownership, and roof of the building, while this research aims to predict and produce level values. Accuracy in providing assistance letters of incapacity to the people of 002 sub-district of Meruya Selatan using the naïve Bayes method. The trial results show that the system accuracy rate is 62.86%, a recall of 78.57%, and 52.38% precision.
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