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Rima Tamara Aldisa, Pandu Maulana
Jurnal JTIK (Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi), Volume 6, pp 556-560; https://doi.org/10.35870/jtik.v6i4.559

Agile have been widely used by companies. With using of Agile, the project will be more flexible when compared to the traditional method (Waterfall). However, the use of Agile has many challenges, including its agile nature and iterations. This makes us interested in conducting further investigations regarding risk management practices in Agile following an outsourcing company in Indonesia. The system created is in the form of a job marketplace in which there are job vacancies to support outsourced activities at the company. The purpose of this research is to identify what risks are faced related to development with Agile methods at the company. Related to this, identification will be carried out using risk management combined with Agile development methods. The results of this research indicate that there are four risks that are quite critical in the application of Agile methods, namely human factors, communication factors, changing requirements factors, and schedule factors.
Ali Ahmad, Windu Gata
Jurnal JTIK (Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi), Volume 6, pp 548-555; https://doi.org/10.35870/jtik.v6i4.569

Metaverse is part of the increasingly rapid development of technology in the world, bringing the virtual world into the real world is very possible. Starting from a novel, metaverse has now begun the process of being implemented, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic being one of the strong foundations for speeding up the implementation of this technology. Since the emergence of the metaverse echoed by Facebook, which has changed its name to meta, has made the world's public attention increasingly highlight this technology, some have welcomed it and some have concerns about the development of this technology. Research to explore the sentiments of the Indonesian people towards metaverse technology uses the CRISP-DM method with the Support Vector Machine algorithm and the test is carried out by comparing it with another algorithm, namely the tree algorithm, the programming language used is the R language with the Rstudio application. This study obtained the results of Indonesian public opinion on metaverse technology which showed 66% to be neutral, 17% negative and 16% positive, while the results of testing with the SVM algorithm showed SVM performance results of 87% with the kernel used was Linear, and these results are far better than using the tree algorithm which only has a performance of 71%.
Catur Nugroho, Ade Davy Wiranata, Rima Tamara Aldisa
Jurnal JTIK (Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi), Volume 6, pp 543-547; https://doi.org/10.35870/jtik.v6i4.553

Appendicitis is caused by inflammation of the intestines (appenditis). The patient will feel pain in the lower right abdomen. This study explores this with several references, by designing an expert system an application is produced that is used to detect appendicitis. This process can help detect early symptoms starting from the user answering questions in the form of symptoms suffered by the user. The research applies the Case Base Reasoning method in the expert system by detecting the early symptoms of appendicitis using this android-based device. The research aims to add experience to users in finding out the disease they feel by entering the initial symptoms and providing solutions or it can be without consulting the nearest hospital or clinic. The results of the research. This android-based appendicitis expert system aims to help diagnose Appendicitis Inflammatory Disease for children under five and adults based on Android Mobile, and the Appendicitis Disease Diagnosis Expert System that was built to provide information easily starting from understanding, dangers, causal factors, symptoms of the disease and solution only by consulting the system and objectives can help provide a good solution.
Muhamad Reza Pahlevi, Ratih Titi Komalasari
Jurnal JTIK (Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi), Volume 6, pp 535-542; https://doi.org/10.35870/jtik.v6i4.554

Indonesia is famous for its various kinds of culinary tourism and spread in various areas of the city of Jakarta. Various types and locations of culinary make it difficult for local and foreign tourists to find and choose culinary dishes and the routes to culinary locations in Jakarta are very numerous and varied, especially foreign tourists. Therefore, the author tries to make an android-based culinary tourism location search application in the hope that it can provide a lot of culinary location information with the fastest and closest tracks, and is equipped with a map of culinary tourism locations. The algorithm used to find the shortest track uses the Dijkstra algorithm. The Dijkstra algorithm is a search algorithm for the shortest track based on the smallest track (edge) from the implementation location to the destination culinary tourism location. Culinary tourism area data and road data obtained from Google Earth and Google maps. From the origins of the trial of instances which have been done, it could be visible that the application has succeeded in implementing the Dijkstra solving procedure in finding the shortest route to culinary locations. This study produces the following distance node values BCDEJIF, ABCDFGHINM, MNIFDCBAE, BAEJNMLKHG, ABCDFGHIJE ABCDFGHILM, ABCGHKLMNIJE.
Slamet Harry Ramadhani, Muhammad Iwan Wahyudin
Jurnal JTIK (Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi), Volume 6, pp 526-534; https://doi.org/10.35870/jtik.v6i4.530

The number of positive examples of Coronavirus continues to grow every day, especially in Indonesia. In an effort to reduce the surge in the higher case, the government carried out vaccination programs provided free for all Indonesian people. One vaccine given to Masyara-kat is the Astra Zeneca vaccine. In the provision of these vaccines bring benefits and losses in the community, some are supported and doubtful, some even refuse. On social media Twitter, Astra Zeneca is one of the most widely discussed in social media because of the many opinions or opinions that have sprung up from various circles. Some opinions from the community on Twitter will be used as data to examine the analysis of sentiment in the Astra Zeneca vaccine that utilizes the Naïve Bayes and K-NN methods. It is expected to produce an accurate level of accuracy. Based on the results of the study found different levels of accuracy, for the use of the Naïve Bayes method produced an accuracy rate of 90.71% +/- 4.66% (Micro Average: 90.77%) while the KNN method produced an accuracy rate of 74.78% +/- 3.74% (micro Average: 74.77%).
Afrido Soales Sitohang, Andrianningsih
Jurnal JTIK (Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi), Volume 6, pp 512-518; https://doi.org/10.35870/jtik.v6i4.528

Making a finger vaccination data detection system using the IOT-based FPM10A sensor and Nodemcu esp8266 in order to facilitate the community process during a pandemic. Sequential Search Algorithm is a linear search algorithm, this algorithm performs searches faster because the search process is already in an ordered state. In this pandemic period, in every activity or traveling to a place, now you often have to show proof of vaccination and the community's capacity to use the internet is still not evenly distributed to show vaccination certification, of course this will make it easier, this can also avoid fake vaccination certifications. In this study, in addition to using a fingerprint recognition device, the Nodemcu esp8266 microcontroller and fpm10a sensor are also used as transmission media to the application, making it easier for the public and users of this tool to save costs and time.
Lili Dwi Yulianto, Windu Gata, Frieyadie, Dedi Dwi Saputra
Jurnal JTIK (Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi), Volume 6, pp 497-504; https://doi.org/10.35870/jtik.v6i4.520

Non-Deterministic Finite Automata (NFA), a form of Finite State Automata (FSA), is one method for validating research proposal documents in R&D and community service activities at national universities. To carry out these activities, it is necessary to monitor the research proposal documents submitted by lecturers/researchers, one of which is to validate the research proposal document, ensuring that it follows the guidelines and avoids plagiarism, as well as the theme's suitability with the research proposal document's contents. Members of the research team can only participate in one type of study: stimulation or competitive research. Reviewers can provide research members with notes and plagiarism information, as well as refuse to submit research proposals. If the research proposal document is approved by the reviewer, the research member will receive a research certificate and will be able to continue their research with full support from the national government.
Alda Zevana Putri Widodo, Windu Gata, Sri Rahayu, Jordy Lasmana Putra, Laela Kurniawati
Jurnal JTIK (Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi), Volume 6, pp 519-525; https://doi.org/10.35870/jtik.v6i4.522

Teknologi yang semakin berkembang membantu berbagai kegiatan manusia. Penerapan teknologi yang memiliki pengaruh yang signifikan di bidang industri yaitu mesin otomatis. Mesin otomatis merupakan suatu untaian teknologi yang konsepnya membuat kegiatan yang sifatnya manual menjadi otomatis dengan tujuan untuk menjalankan produksi dan menjadikan keluaran lebih bermutu Dengan demikian, tujuan dari penelitian ini untuk mengimplementasikan konsep teori Automata pada mesin otomatis es krim. Penelitian ini menggunakan dua metode yaitu metode analisis dengan memperoleh informasi dari literatur yang terkait untuk menganalisis sebelumnya mengenai mesin otomatis es krim serta mengembangkan dari versi yang lama. Metode formal dengan menganalisis operasi kerja mesin otomatis mulai dari membaca masukan sampai penyelesaian akhir untuk memberikan hasil dari mesin otomatis serta merancang aplikasi mesin es krim dengan menggunakan aplikasi visual studio. Hasil penelitian ini telah melewati pengujian aplikasi JFLAP dan dapat menjadi pilihan untuk menganalisis mesin otomatis pembuat es krim dengan mengenali pola-pola masukan yang diberikan oleh pengguna.
Fatha Alsidqi Husaini, Agung Triayudi, Ben Rahman
Jurnal JTIK (Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi), Volume 6, pp 479-487; https://doi.org/10.35870/jtik.v6i4.518

IDS Education is an online course application. users or users can follow the various classes available in the application. These classes have a variety of class choices offered and the class learning is fully online making it easier to do learning anywhere and anytime. to maintain a positive image of the application, a usability evaluation of an application display and user comfort in using the application is made. The evaluation aims to measure the level of satisfaction for users of the IDS Education application. there are two methods used, namely End-User Computing Satisfaction and PIECES. Both methods are used to find the level of user satisfaction. the End User Computing Satisfaction got a score of 4,498 with a very satisfactory level of user satisfaction. and for the PIECES method to get a score of 4.38 with a very satisfying level of user satisfaction. besides that, it also uses the PageSpeed Insights tool to assess the performance of the homepage on the IDS Education application. The Performance value obtained on PageSpeed Insights is 78, this shows that the homepage has a pretty good Performance.
Muhammad Andi Ramadhan, Muhammad Iwan Wahyudin
Jurnal JTIK (Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi), Volume 6, pp 505-511; https://doi.org/10.35870/jtik.v6i4.560

The Indonesian men's badminton team won the 2020 Thomas Cup after defeating China in the final. The final match of the Thomas Cup 2020 between Indonesia and China took place at Ceres Arena, Aarhus, Denmark. As a result, Indonesia won 3-0 over China. On social media twitter, Indonesia's success in the Thomas Cup 2020 event has become one of the most discussed topics due to the large number of supports and opinions from various circles of society. Some opinions from the public on Twitter will be used as sentiment analysis public opinion to reSearch data regarding Indonesia's success in the 2020 Thomas Cup. This reSearch uses the Naïve Bayes and K-NN methods which are expected to have a good level of accuracy. According to several studies, the Naïve Bayes method has an accuracy rate of 95.161%, while the Decision Tree method has an accuracy rate of 84.677%.
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