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Nasikhin Nasikhin, Raharjo Raaharjo
Islamic Review: Jurnal Riset dan Kajian Keislaman, Volume 11, pp 19-34;

This study aims to determine the religious moderation teachings of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) and Muhammadiyah in the concepts of Nusantara Islam and Progressive Islam and their relation to the verses of the Qur'an. The type of research is literature study with a qualitative approach that describes and analyzes library data, in the form of books, journals, magazines, and news relevant to the research theme. The results showed that; first, the teachings of religious moderation in NU are illustrated through the jargon of Islam Nusantara, while Muhammadiyah is through Progressive Islam. Second, the alternation of religious moderation between NU and Muhammadiyah is related to the Koranic verse, namely they both uphold an attitude of peace (Al Baqarah: 143), help each other (Al-Maidah: 2), and obey the leader (Annisa 59). Third, the symbol of religious moderation of NU and Muhammadiyah is more directed to pluralistic values ​​that are in accordance with the context of Islam in Indonesia which is plural so that it does not conflict with the contents of the QS. Al-Hujurat Paragraph 13. This research can be used as a means of expanding views so that people think more intelligently and clearly, and avoid acts of violence that are very contrary to Wasathiyah values.
Ahmad Fauzan
Islamic Review: Jurnal Riset dan Kajian Keislaman, Volume 11, pp 35-58;

In this study, the author wants to reveal the secret of the meaning of the rituals of Hajj according to Ali Shariati with a philosophical approach. The results of the study explain that the essence of the Hajj ritual according to Ali Shariati is the existential evolution of humans towards God, which is a symbolic drama of the philosophy of the creation of Adam's children and grandchildren. The symbols in the Hajj ritual include the Miqat is a symbol of liberation from selfishness, Ihram is a symbol of purity and equality, the Kaaba is a symbol of God's decree and immortality, Black Stone is a symbol of the oath of allegiance, Maqam Ibrahim is a symbol of historical reality, Sa' i is a symbol of optimism in life, Arafah is a symbol of knowledge and wisdom, Masy'aril haram (Muzdalifah) is a symbol of awareness and intuition, Mina is a symbol of love and martyrdom, Throwing Jumrah is a symbol of jihad against the trinity of kabilism, Cutting hair (tahallul) is a symbol of human gratitude, and Kurban is a symbol of absolute surrender and the fusion of hayawaniyah nature.
Musonnif Alfi, Zahara Baqiyatus Sholekhah, Sunanul Baroroh
Islamic Review: Jurnal Riset dan Kajian Keislaman, Volume 11, pp 59-72;

Regulation of the Minister of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Number 30 of 2021 concerning the prevention of sexual violence in Higher Education arises because there are many cases of sexual harassment that occur in the Higher Education environment and there is no specific law to handle it. On the other hand, the majority of the population of Indonesia is Muslim, with the main teachings being the Koran and Hadith which also prohibit adultery and sexual violence. On this basis, this study aims to analyze Permendikbudristek Number 30 of 2021 in terms of the perspective of Islam. The method used in this study is a qualitative method with analytical techniques using content analysis. The primary source of research data refers to Permendikbudristek Number 30 of 2021 while secondary data is obtained through scientific journals, books, national news, and phenomena circulating in the community. The results of this study indicate that Permendikbudristek Number 30 of 2021 is not in accordance with Islamic teachings so that a review is needed so that Permendikbudristek is in line with and does not conflict with Islamic teachings contained in the Koran and Hadith.
Nani Feliyani, Muhammad Hery Ardiyanto
Islamic Review: Jurnal Riset dan Kajian Keislaman, Volume 11, pp 109-124;

Bitcoin is an online payment system of peer-to-peer electronic money that is sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution. Bitcoin has characteristics as a currency or medium of exchange because it is accepted as a means of payment by its community. However, there will be a lot of hope that can happen to bitcoin users, namely because bitcoin is al-jahalah (unclear) will cause an element of fraud in buying and selling with bitcoin. So the purpose in this study is to find out how fiqh review is muamalah on buying and selling transactions with bitcoin. This research is qualitative literature (library research). Data collection methods use documentation and data analysis using deductive analysis techniques. The results of this study show that the practice of buying and selling with bitcoin is either aimed at the needs of exchange tools or investment businesses, especially in online financial transactions including from syubhat, and something that syubhat should be abandoned, because it does not bring benefits at once that is the purpose of Islamic sharia, namely its own benefits will not be realized.
Miftakhul Munif, Jamal Ma'mur Asmani
Islamic Review: Jurnal Riset dan Kajian Keislaman, Volume 11, pp 95-108;

This study aims to determine the thoughts of KH. Bahaudin Nursalim (Gus Baha') on social Sufism. The object of research is Gus Baha's recitation which is disseminated through Youtube. This study is included in qualitative research with a character study approach. The data collection techniques are through printed and digital documentation, especially Gus Baha's recitation on Youtube as well as books or journals related to the research topic. The results of the study found seven ideas of Gus Baha' social mysticism, namely: all Muslims go to heaven, the recommendation to follow the ulama, surrender is the highest logic, the importance of knowledge, eliminating suspicion in worship, respecting the struggles of others, and not speaking against other religions.
M. Afiqul Adib
Islamic Review: Jurnal Riset dan Kajian Keislaman, Volume 11, pp 1-18;

This study aims to examine the surah al-Alaq verses 1-5 about the virtues of reading, writing, investigating, examining, and including all work for the sake of Allah. In addition, this research will also look for the values ​​of Islamic education contained therein and how to actualize them in learning. This type of research is library research with the data analysis technique used is content analysis. The collection of library materials and the object of discussion under study were made coherently and then re-examined with one another with a predetermined framework. In this study, it was found that Surah al-Alaq verses 1-5 contain three values ​​of Islamic education. These values ​​are Aqidah Education to strengthen belief and faith, Shari'a Education as a guide to facilitate carrying out Allah's commands, and Moral Education as the actualization of carrying out His commands. This first revelation can be used as a guide when the learning process is in accordance with the existing stages.
Muhammad Naufal Nuruddin Salim, Dadan Rusmana
Islamic Review: Jurnal Riset dan Kajian Keislaman, Volume 11, pp 73-94;

Diet is one of the determining factors in human health, but in fact the Muslim community in Indonesia still does not understand the concept of eating patterns in the Qur'an. Many people still eat excessively, it is proven that Indonesia is the 2nd largest producer of food waste in the world. There are also those who consume forbidden foods or drinks such as liquor and drugs and like to consume less nutritious foods. Al-Qur'an and Hadith as the main sources of Islamic teachings have taught a good diet for physical and spiritual health. This research is a qualitative research with library research method that examines how the concept of eating patterns in the Qur'an. The data collected were analyzed using an interpretive approach with the maudhui interpretation method. The results of the study indicate that a quality healthy life can be obtained, among others, by protecting a diet that is not excessive, eating nutritious food, according to what the body needs, and eating halal thoyyiban which has been prescribed by Islam.
Thoriq Aziz Jayana
Islamic Review: Jurnal Riset dan Kajian Keislaman, Volume 10, pp 205-218;

The Qur'an has brought the spirit of literacy since the beginning of Islam, from that spirit then made Muslims recorded in world history as people who have created a superior civilization that became the mecca of science. This paper seeks to describe more complexly the spirit of literacy in the Qur'an from various aspects ranging from theological, historical, and sociological reviews. The research method used is literature with content analysis through interpretation of meaning. This article is a discourse study to dig deeper into the literacy spirit that needs to be applied in Islamic society. As a result, there are many verses in the Qur'an that command literacy by mentioning literacy tools and inviting mankind to think deeply, seek knowledge, and make bookkeeping a tradition. The scope of literacy is very broad, starting from reading, observing, researching, understanding, analyzing, criticizing, and so on.
Mamay Siti Maryam
Islamic Review: Jurnal Riset dan Kajian Keislaman, Volume 10, pp 163-176;

The purpose of this article is to examine the activities of the Jamaah Majelis Taklim As-Syifa Walmahmudiyyah in Sayati Village in the study of symbolic interactionism. Using the paradigm of Interpretivism in the approach of symbolic interactionism theory refers to, George Herbet Mead. This research is within the discipline of qualitative research. The focus in this research is how to interpret mind-concept (Mind) self-concept and social interaction (Society) of Jamaah Majelis Taklim As-Syifa Walmahmudiyah. The results showed that the recitation activity was a proselytizing activity that was beneficial for the thoughts, self, and social life of the congregation. Activities that have become a tradition of the As-Syifa Walmahmudiyah recitation congregational taklim assembly are recitation activities that have a unique character. The recitation activities held were unusual, namely the time for the recitation from ba'da Isya at 20.00 until dawn. The implementation of the recitation has become a positive habit for the congregation and the surrounding community. The effectiveness of the recitation has a positive and negative impact on the performance of the As-Syifa Walmahmudiyyah majelis taklim congregation
Mokhamad Miptakhul Ulum
Islamic Review: Jurnal Riset dan Kajian Keislaman, Volume 10, pp 191-204;

Bullying has two different perceptions in pesantren. Firstly, bullying is something tense, stressful, containing an element that is very hard, extreme. Pesantren as educational institutions that educate students morals has immoral actions that to fatal. Secondly, bullying has goodwill, to practice independence, heart constancy of students in pesantren. Bullying words or actions that normally (mild bullying) don’t mean to be criminal but based on to strengthen the relationship of brotherhood so that mentally strengthen of students. This article is the result of the author’s thought who observes of the reality that bullying culture circulation at in pesantren. A systematic reflection is an approach for the author in making this research. The author analyzes that the circulation of sociological is the action or verbal bullying in pesantren is can has a positive impact that is growing the power mental of students. However, that psychologically bullying in pesantren has a negative impact that is something very fatal like depression, stress, and other ugliness.
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