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Khairil Anam
Jurnal Ilmiah Informatika, Volume 5, pp 122-132; doi:10.35316/jimi.v5i2.945

Control of electrical equipment using this mobile phone is a tool used by humans to make it easier to do work done over and over again, such as turning off / turning on the lights at a distance. This tool is made to make it easier for us to control the lights of the house, if left far away, the media used is a mobile phone by utilizing SMS facilities. This tool consists of one Arduino UNO for storing programming and as a system brain, SIM800L V2 for receiving and sending SMS to simcard numbers, Relay for turning off / on lights, 16x2 LCD to display predetermined words such as when sending SMS or when turning on the system, a piece of breadboard to connect some jumper cables to make it look neat, and the lights. This light control system will work according to a predetermined program, then this microcontroller will receive an SMS from the cellphone number used to control the system. In this study, the discussion is a house light control system with SMS gateway.
Wiwit Putriana Sari, Riri Okra
Jurnal Ilmiah Informatika, Volume 5, pp 157-167; doi:10.35316/jimi.v5i2.957

This research is motivated by the need for a verse deposit system by students to PA lecturers, students in depositing surah to PA lecturers do not need to carry a deposit card anymore, and do not need to buy into the photo copy building anymore, usually in paragraph deposits students always carry a deposit card every time. want to deposit verses to the PA lecturer, so that sometimes students forget to bring their deposit cards. The purpose of this study was to produce a database of verse deposit storage performed by students to PA lecturers. The type of research used in this research is Research and Development (R&D) research, which is a method used to produce a system, the R&D model used is the 4D version, namely, Define, design, develop, and disseminate, with the system development model using the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC), by applying the waterfall model consisting of, Communication, Planning, Modeling, Construction, and Deployment. Based on the results of the research conducted by the researchers, the researcher succeeded in making a product of the verse deposit system in Iain Bukittinngi. The results of the validity test conducted by computer experts show that this product is very valid with a value of 0.78. The results of the practicality test conducted by PA lecturers showed that this product was declared very practical with a value of 0.96 and the results of the effectiveness test conducted with students showed that this product was very effective with a value of 0.82.
Sucitra Sahara, Rizqi Agung Permana
Jurnal Ilmiah Informatika, Volume 5, pp 85-92; doi:10.35316/jimi.v5i2.948

Many companies have not implemented accounting software in financial management. Even though the current era of technology is increasingly updated and developing, more and more superior products are being issued by software development companies, especially in accounting software. There are not a few software products whose quality is still below standard or incomplete with features and facilities. So that researchers concentrate on companies or individual businesses that still use manual methods in processing their finances by helping and making it easier to choose the software product they will choose. Researchers first carry out the accounting software product selection stage based on an opinion or opinion of the public who have bought and used the software they choose and they pour this opinion into online media such as comments on a product selling site. Thousands of comments will be processed and grouped into data sets and this time the researcher processes the data classification using the k-Nearest Neighbor (K-NN) algorithm. By using the K-NN method, it is expected to be able to produce the expected accuracy value so that the data set processing is stronger and more valid. It turns out that after applying the data accuracy value obtained by 80.50%, it can be concluded that the K-NN method is very suitable for the concept of text mining this time and for selecting the data set in the form of text.
Lukman Fakih Lidimilah, Jarot Dwi Prasetyo, Ahmad Homaidi
Jurnal Ilmiah Informatika, Volume 5, pp 93-107; doi:10.35316/jimi.v5i2.936

The preparation of an annual supervisory work program (PKPT) requires a long process in order to get good and accurate results, because the process is done semi-computerized, which still involves a lot of staff in the Inspectorate. This makes the PKPT formulation process less effective and efficient. So that the supervisory work program that should have been able to be carried out quickly became constrained because of the long process in its preparation. Therefore, it is deemed necessary to design an application that can help facilitate the preparation of an annual monitoring work program with the waterfall method, making it easier for the inspectorate to determine audit objects and the implementation of supervision of predetermined objects. Based on the tests carried out, it was found that the application feasibility was 93%. From the results of these tests, this application can help make it easier for the inspectorate to provide an assessment of the level of risk, determine supervision plans and assignments to be more effective and efficient. So that efforts to become Good Governance and Clean Governance can be realized properly.
Asep Syaputra
Jurnal Ilmiah Informatika, Volume 5, pp 76-84; doi:10.35316/jimi.v5i2.949

The process of monitoring academic activity of SMA N 5 Pagar Alam City is still manual, because the data storage is still scattered in each field of teachers, sometimes the data entered in Microsoft Excel is not very accurate. From this problem, then a system of monitoring the processing of academic achievement data to determine the academic achievement of each student, where achievement data in the form of scores and activities of extracurricular activities will be easier to process, and the creation of reporting will be easier. This research uses waterfall methods and UML design, the devices used to build these systems using PHP and MySQL programming as databases. The system can be applied as a monitoring of students' academic performance so that academic data can be stored properly. The result of this study is the system of monitoring the academic achievement of high school students N 5 Pagar Alam City, with this system the school and parents are more effective in controlling and assessing activities related to the academic achievement of students.
Yoga Junaedi, Betha Nurina Sari, Agung Susilo Yuda Irawan
Jurnal Ilmiah Informatika, Volume 5, pp 168-178; doi:10.35316/jimi.v5i2.960

Technology is a tool or means used by humans to make ends meet. Technological development covers various aspects of life, such as health, education and in agriculture. One of the uses of current technological developments is the creation of expert systems. Expert systems in agriculture can help farmers in overcoming problems in their crops based on the symptoms that occur in these plants, so farmers can quickly find the right solution. One type of agricultural plants that are susceptible to various pests is water guava. In resolving pests and diseases that attack not a few of the farmers or owners make mistakes in overcoming the problems encountered. So by making an expert system to diagnose guava plant diseases it is expected to help farmers to overcome problems by providing good solutions. The process of making this expert system uses the Bayes theorem method. Bayes theorem method is one method to overcome the uncertainty of data. Where this method is based on the initial condition where the initial condition is a condition of existing symptoms then subject to predetermined rules then the greatest truth value is taken to determine the conclusions and solutions of the symptoms that have been mentioned previously.
Aimede Primackof Pouryono, Intan Purnamasari, Bagja Nugraha
Jurnal Ilmiah Informatika, Volume 5, pp 144-156; doi:10.35316/jimi.v5i2.888

Junior High School 3 Patokbeusi is one of the schools that implements Teacher Competency Assessment one by one for the school year. In the assessment, the problem that is often an obstacle is the assessment process which is very complicated if it has to be done manually and the possibility of errors in calculating the value and recapping the value is more vulnerable. This is what makes the Teacher Competency Assessment process ineffective and inefficient. Based on the problems that have been described, it is necessary to make a solution to overcome the problems of Teacher Competency Assessment by making a web-based system application using the Analitycal Hierarchy Process (AHP) method. The process of determining this ranking uses the weights of the 14 criteria tested and is used to determine the highest alternative assessment value or the highest teacher competency value based on 14 pre-determined criteria weights. In this decision support system, it produces a value that is used as a problem-solving tool in determining the best performing teacher which has been done manually by the school. The results of this thesis research produce a web-based teacher competency assessment decision support system. Then to test this program, the authors use blackbox testing, whitebox testing and questionnaires where this questionnaire is a form filling stage by teachers and friends to assess the feasibility level of this program where the results of filling out the questionnaire form produce an overall score above 75. and is included in the “Very Good” rating, so it can be concluded that the teacher competency assessment decision support system program is worthy of being used as a process to determine the best teacher.
Yekti Wirani, Naila Natalia Aufar, Muh Syaiful Romadhon
Jurnal Ilmiah Informatika, Volume 5, pp 179-187; doi:10.35316/jimi.v5i2.962

Geospatial Information System (GIS) is an information system that helps map events on earth to be analyzed with the help of computers. This GIS can make it easier to manage geographic information systems. Based on the results of an interview with the unit manager of the vice-chairman III of STT Terpadu Nurul Fikri, that currently, cannot map and see the visualization of the alumni's work field by the study program. Now, the vice-chairman III unit only can display information data with the help of Microsoft Excel. This study aims to build a Geospatial Information System with the ArcGIS application, making it easier to manage alumni and carry out tracer studies. If this data is available, it will be easier to maintain the relationship between alumni and the STT Terpadu Nurul Fikri. Good alumni data management will also open ample opportunities for collaboration, such as internships, jobs, graduate offers, and information on events and promotions. The results of the evaluation of the information presented were 81.25%, which meant that Deputy Assistant III had agreed with the presentation of data on the distribution of work locations for STT-NF alumni using ArcGIS 10.5. Based on determining the point of work location for STT-NF alumni, it was found that 89% of alumni work in the information technology sector and that their work locations are in the Greater Jakarta area.
Sam'ani Sam'ani, Muhammad Haris Qamaruzzaman, Sutami Sutami
Jurnal Ilmiah Informatika, Volume 5, pp 133-143; doi:10.35316/jimi.v5i2.892

This beloved Indonesian independence is thanks to the great services of the heroes who have valiantly and all their souls fought for the nation from before to after independence. So that the history of the struggle is not forgotten, it is necessary to develop a system that makes it easy for all Indonesian citizens to remember and remember the struggles of the heroes. As the rapid development of technology, especially Android-based smartphones that have been used by almost all walks of life, an application system about the biographical history of the struggle of national heroes can be used anywhere. The problem of this research is how to produce a national hero biography application system based on Android. The software is developed by modeling Waterfall, the system modeling uses UML (Unified Modeling Language). The purpose of this research is to produce a system that will present a biographical history of national heroes visually that can help remember, remember and add to the public's knowledge in getting to know the National Heroes.
Veri Julianto, Hendrik Setyo Utomo, Herpendi Herpendi
Jurnal Ilmiah Informatika, Volume 5, pp 108-121; doi:10.35316/jimi.v5i2.942

Field Work Practices are part of achieving the expected competencies in the educational process. The suitability of students to companies that serve as street vendors is something that is important to note. The weakness of the previous field work practices system was that there were still many students who were inaccurate in choosing a company or institution as a place for street vendors. This study aims to help determine industry partners in accordance with the competency achievements of each department. The method to be used in this research is Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process (FAHP) in the process of determining the weight priority of each criterion and the TOPSIS method in carrying out the ranking process. The criteria used are the suitability of the department with the company's core (C1), company credibility (C2), and company commitment (C3). corporate environment (C4), and the facilities provided (C5). Each of these criteria consists of several sub criteria. The weights of the criteria obtained through the FAHP are Furthermore, the process of ranking 37 companies using the TOPSIS method obtained the highest preference value, namely 0.8157.
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