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Ganefri Ganefri, Febri Prasetya, Fadhli Ranuharja, Bayu Ramadhani Fajri, Agariadne Dwinggo Samala
Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Pendidikan, Volume 13, pp 75-79; doi:10.24036/tip.v13i2.365

Educational problems in the 3T area (Disadvantaged, Frontier, and Outermost) areas, apart from teaching staff, such as shortage of teaching staff, low qualifications, low competence and mismatches between educational qualifications and fields being managed (mismatched) are also problems of inadequate telecommunications. network facilities, especially internet networks. Lentera (Source of Learning Materials for Remote Areas) is an innovative product in digital learning based on mobile learning applications that can be used without having to be connected to the internet (offline). The learning content is designed in the form of Whiteboard Animation-based learning multimedia or whiteboard animation. Learning content is uploaded to the mini server. The mini server called Lentera can be accessed by teachers and students using smartphones offline or does not require an internet network. The development of digital multimedia learning content with a mini server called Lentera aims to develop innovative digital learning media to support teachers and students who experience difficulties in internet networks to carry out digital learning in the 3T area. The method used in the construction of this mini server is the ADDIE model (Analyze, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation). The lantern as a blackboard animation learning medium is very feasible (valid) to be used in learning with an average validation value of 94.87%.
Sri Mahendra Satria Wirawan
Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Pendidikan, Volume 13, pp 41-49; doi:10.24036/tip.v13i2.345

The current process of proposing and calculating credit number for Widyaiswara is felt to require an exceedingly difficult effort. Many costs must be incurred, especially to hold office stationery such as printing equipment, paper, ink, binder clips, and others. The next issue is how to provide a relatively large number of proposal files and a place for verification and evaluation. After the research is finished, the problem arises again when it will destroy the documents that have been examined. This condition causes waste generation which is not environmentally friendly. An alternative solution for this is to use an online system of calculating credit numbers. However, the development and use of online system applications require considerable development, maintenance, and development costs. Based on research conducted using Microsoft Excel software combined with several software that provides unpaid facilities, a credit score calculation system application can be built for Widyaiswara that is simple, easy, and inexpensive. The results of trials conducted on the calculation of Widyaiswara BPSDM credit figures in DKI Jakarta Province gave very satisfying results, especially on increasing the speed of time and accuracy of proposals and assessments.
Nur Nafi'Iyah
Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Pendidikan, Volume 13, pp 50-54; doi:10.24036/tip.v13i2.341

Agriculture in Indonesia is highly dependent on reservoir irrigation water sources and rain. Because some agricultural land in Indonesia is rainfed. Plants in Indonesia rely on water from rain and irrigation. Weather conditions greatly affect the number of farmers' harvest. Farmers often experience crop failures due to changing weather. From data from the Central Statistics Agency, it is stated that the number of rice yields in 2019 decreased by 7.76% compared to 2018. In order to avoid rice imports and rice food shortages, a breakthrough is needed that can help the government in making policies. One of the breakthroughs is creating a rice yield prediction system. The research process consisted of collecting data via the web: https://www.pertanian.go.id/home/?show=page&act=view&id=61. The data shows the variables of province, year, land area, production. The total number of data is 170 rows, with a division of 130 lines for training, and 40 for testing. Furthermore, the data is processed and processed and normalized. The results of data processing are then trained and predicted with a linear SVM kernel. The results of SVM prediction with original data without normalization of MAPE 6635.53%, and RMSE 1094810.74. The results of SVM prediction with normalized data first, the MAPE value was 9427.714%, and RMSE 0.017.
Hidayati Armi, Ika Parma Dewi
Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Pendidikan, Volume 13, pp 81-88; doi:10.24036/tip.v13i2.363

This study aims to determine the analysis of the feasibility level of interactive learning media in Workshop Work and Engineering Drawing Subjects for Class X Audio Video Engineering at SMK Negeri 1 West Sumatra. The method used in this research is the descriptive method using quantitative and qualitative approaches. The types of data used in research are quantitative data and qualitative data. The research instrument in the form of a questionnaire was used to obtain data about the level of validity of learning media. This questionnaire was filled in by two material experts and two media experts. The aspects that are validated in this study are the aspects of content (material) and aspects of display (media). The data analysis technique used is quantitative descriptive analysis and qualitative descriptive analysis. The results showed that interactive learning media obtained an average score of 87% from both material experts and 84% from both media experts. Based on the results of these studies interactive learning media in Workshop Work and Technical Drawing Subjects are in the "Very Valid" category. Keywords: Feasibility Level Analysis, Interactive Learning Media, Workshop Work, and Technical Drawing
Ali Basrah Pulungan, Musfi Oktavianda, Hastuti Hastuti, Hamdani Hamdani
Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Pendidikan, Volume 13, pp 69-75; doi:10.24036/tip.v13i2.352

Salah satu perkembangan teknologi di bidang transportasi yang dapat kita jumpai saat ini adalah system pelayanan parkir. Saat ini area parkiran dalam suatu gedung sudah mulai menggunakan system otomatis dalam pengoperasiannya, namun penggunaan tempat parker masih terkendala atau kesulitan dalam mencari tempat parkir yang kosong dengan mengelilingi area parkir sehingga kurang efisien dan membutuhkan waktu yang lama untuk memarkirkan kendaraan. Penelitian ini dilakukan untuk merancang dan membuat system informasi parkir yang dapat diketahui oleh pengguna parkir yang ingin memarkirkan kendaraannya dan memantau area parker sebelum memasuki area parkir. Untuk melihat ketersediaan tempat parker sebelum memasuki area parker dapat dipantau melalui Smartphone dengan menggunakan aplikasi berbasis web.
Alfa Satya Putra, Jennifer Novia Nursalim, Arnold Aribowo, Hendra Tjahyadi
Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Pendidikan, Volume 13, pp 55-61; doi:10.24036/tip.v13i2.340

Fuel shortage is a common problem in Indonesia. This prompted many cases of vehicle fuel theft. As a solution to this problem, an Arduino-based vehicle fuel theft detector system is implemented. Arduino-based vehicle fuel theft detector system is a prototype that uses Arduino UNO as a microcontroller, IComSat v1.1 SIM900 GSM/GPRS Shield to communicate with mobile phone, fuel level sensor as a volume detector, and push button as a detector to check whether the fuel tank’s lid is open or closed. The working principle of this system is to detect the state of the fuel tank lid. When the lid is open, the system will make a phone call. Then, the system will keep track of fuel volume. If there is a drastic decrease in volume, the system will send information about the decreasing volume in the form of a short message to the owner of the vehicle. The success rate of the communication system between Arduino UNO and other electronic devices is 100%. Accuracy of fuel level sensor is 90%. Success rate of push button switch in detecting the state of fuel tank’s lid is 100%. Success rate of GSM Shield communication is 90%.
Nia Karniawati, G M Rani
Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Pendidikan, Volume 13, pp 37-40; doi:10.24036/tip.v13i2.335

This study aims to identify e-learning as a branding of kids educational online games. Descriptive method was used to present a complete overview regarding the situation related to variables examined. The results of this research are to recognize the development of branding and the benefit provided by e-learning in the application of educational games for kids. Discussing the product branding of e-learning games for kids was conducted in this research.
Mia Fitriawati, R H Lestari
Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Pendidikan, Volume 13, pp 33-36; doi:10.24036/tip.v13i2.336

Parents are working harder due to the increase needs of necessities of life. This causes mothers to work so that they meet these necessities. As a result, mothers leave their children aged 2 (two) to 4 (four) years in the play group. However, the children development is often out of hand because it is not properly recorded. Recording children development manually has several weaknesses, one of them is damaged children development recording book. Based on this problem, this research aims to develop information systems design for early childhood education services to monitor children development. The method used was SDLC. The result of the research is information system as children development monitor in early childhood education services and tool for teachers in managing the information regarding children growth and development effectively and efficiently.
Rafiqa Rizalita
Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Pendidikan, Volume 13, pp 25-32; doi:10.24036/tip.v13i2.337

This media designed to increase motivation and creativity of students so that students can understand the overall material provided in the subject operation system. This research used the development metode was 4D (Four D), while the 4D development procedure those were: define, design, develop, and Disseminate. Data type was primary data where the data provided by the media experts, lecturers and students. Data analysis technique used was descriptive data analysis technique those were describe the validity, practicality and effectiveness of using support learning media. Results obtained from this development research as follows; (1) The validity of support learning media expressed very valid on the media design with a value of validity was 0.828, while the materi of media was valid for a value was 0.703, (2) the practicalities of support learning media based the response of teachers after going through practical trials with a total value was 84.66%, while the practicalities of support learning media based on student response after going through the otherwise very practical trials with a total value of 87.96%.
Rizky Hendra, Margaretha Hanita
Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Pendidikan, Volume 13, pp 9-16; doi:10.24036/tip.v13i2.326

Maraknya serangan siber yang terjadi di Indonesia berpotensi menyebabkan terjadinya insiden pada institusi/perusahaan. Guna mengantisipasi terjadinya insiden, maka setiap institusi/perusahaan dapat mempersiapkan diri dengan melakukan penerapan manajemen insiden yang baik. Banyak framework manajemen insiden yang dapat digunakan sebagai panduan dalam penerapannnya. Namun disisi lain, terkadang pada institusi/perusahaan kesulitan dalam memilih framework mana tepat dan cocok untuk mereka gunakan. Metode penelitian yang digunakan adalah kualitatif deskriptif. Sedangkan teknik analisis data yang digunakan adalah analisis perbandingan terhadap data berasal dari studi pustaka dan dokumentasi yang terkait dengan framework SIM3 dan CREST. Berdasarkan penelitian yang dilakukan, didapatkan hasil bahwa terdapat perbedaan pada 2 (dua) framework manajemen insiden yang dibandingkan. Perbedaan tersebut dilihat dari sisi pendefinisian skema pelevelan aktifitas, pendefinisian tingkat kematangan penerapan manajemen insiden, dan jumlah aktifitas dalam framework yang dapat diimplementasikan. Diharapkan dengan adanya penelitian ini, setiap institusi/perusahaan mendapatkan gambaran terkait framework mana yang akan digunakan serta pendekatan tingkat level mana yang sesuai dengan kemampuan dan kebutuhan institusi/perusahaan dalam menerapkan manajemen insiden siber.
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