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Sisno Riyoko, Budi Lofian
Jembatan : Jurnal Ilmiah Manajemen, Volume 17, pp 135-148; doi:10.29259/jmbt.v17i2.12103

This study wants to produce a model of strengthening competitiveness is a form of model with attention to the determinants of competitiveness. The purpose of this study is to further enhance the competitiveness of SMEs in the form of training and strengthening of target SMEs. Other research objectives are 1) description of characteristics of SME Furniture cluster, 2) Establishment of a model of strengthening competitiveness that can be applied proaktis, 3) teraplikasikanya model empirically and 4) terujinya application model of competitiveness strengthening. To achieve tujan is done method of action reseach approach, that is research activity followed by implementation. Stages of activities to be undertaken are: 1) identification of SMEs with survey, desk analysis and focus group discution; 2) formulating a model of strengthening competitiveness by descriptive method; 30 formulating and applying competitiveness strengthening model and implementation guide; and 4) testing model implementation strengthening competitiveness and revising the final model. The results of research activities that have been conducted in the first year are identified characteristics of SMEs include business ownership, origin of capital, total assets, number of employees, employee education, length of standing business, marketing area and production system. While the analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of SMEs is as follows SMEs have a potential product for market acceptance, have a good relationship with customers, have a product innovation, easy to get human resources. in terms of weakness of SMEs still rely on their own capital, network pemasarn still low, human resource skills need to be improved. From the analysis, a strengthening model is created by providing training and business assistance. so that in the second year implementation model can be implemented so that the performance of SMEs can increase.
Muhammad Hatta, Bayu Hardiyono, Marlina Widiyanti
Jembatan : Jurnal Ilmiah Manajemen, Volume 17, pp 165-178; doi:10.29259/jmbt.v17i2.12264

This study aims to analyze the influence of Viral Marketing and Word of Mouth on the 2018 Asian Games Brand Image in Palembang City. This type of research is casual comparative research, which describes the causal effect between research variables. Primary data sources were collected by distributing questionnaires. The sample used in this study were 100 student respondents at Sriwijaya University, Palembang City. The sample in this study was taken using the simple random sampling method and then processed using the help of Statistics for Product and Service Solution (SPSS) version 26. The results obtained indicate that there is a significant influence between Viral Marketing and Word of Mouth on Brand Picture.
Lia Febria Lina, Berlintina Permatasari
Jembatan : Jurnal Ilmiah Manajemen, Volume 17, pp 227-238; doi:10.29259/jmbt.v17i2.12455

Social media is currently being used by both large companies and SMEs. For large companies the use of social media has been used successfully in reaching potential consumers. However, for SMEs, the marketing strategy of using social media is still being questioned. The purpose of this study is to fill the gaps in previous research by examining the driving factors for SMEs in using social media in promoting their products and testing how the performance of SMEs after adopting this technology is good both in financial and non-financial aspects that have not been done much research. The results of this study found that the compatible, cost-effective, interactive variables had a positive effect on the use of social media and subsequently had a positive effect on both financial and non-financial performance. However, the moderating role of social media capabilities cannot strengthen the relationship between use and the performance of SMEs. The results of this study are expected to be the basis for evaluating SMEs so that they can use digital media to support their business. The government must also pay attention to this to actively socialize the use of digital media for MSMEs so that the performance of SMEs can increase.
Josephine Surya, Isni Andriana, Rasyid Hs Umrie
Jembatan : Jurnal Ilmiah Manajemen, Volume 17, pp 73-98; doi:10.29259/jmbt.v17i2.11634

This study aims to determine and analyze the impact of bad news and good news on changes in stock returns of the four state-owned banks of Indonesia, period 2018. The population of this study is consists of four state-owned banks in Indonesia. Using a saturated sampling technique obtained four sample companies. Event study used to examine abnormal return around good news and bad news press release (announcement) date. The analysis technique used is Statistics Descriptive, One Sample Kolmogorov-Smirnov, Paired Sample T-Test, and Wilcoxon Sign Rank Test. There is no significant difference between before and after the press release of bad news. From ninety-six press releases of good news, five press releases showed there is a significant differences between before and after the press release of good news.
Muhammad Fajar Wiko, Bayu Hardiono, Zakaria Wahab
Jembatan : Jurnal Ilmiah Manajemen, Volume 17, pp 179-208; doi:10.29259/jmbt.v17i2.12265

The study, entitled Analysis of the Use of YouTube and Instagram Media on Members of the Sriwijaya FC Supporter Group in Consuming Information, aims to determine the relationship between the profile and behavior of members of the Sriwijaya FC supporter group in using YouTube and Instagram as social media to consume information about their team. The method used in this research is descriptive-quantitative with crosstab analysis and chi-square test on SPSS software. The data in this study were collected through a questionnaire (google form) to 100 representatives from three members of the Sriwijaya FC supporter group, namely Singa Mania, Sriwijaya Mania, and Ultras Palembang. The results of this study indicate that duration on YouTube and audience involvement on Instagram are related to the efforts of members of the supporter's group to consume information about Sriwijaya FC.
Yos Karimudin
Jembatan : Jurnal Ilmiah Manajemen, Volume 17, pp 239-264; doi:10.29259/jmbt.v17i2.12767

The purpose of this study is to first look at the pattern of rice marketing channels and to find out the factors that influence it in Tanjung Lago District, Banyuasin Regency. This research was conducted in Tanjung Lago district, Banyuasin Regency in September - November 2019. The selection of the location of this study was carried out deliberately with the consideration that the majority of residents in Tanjung Lago district Banyuasin Regency are rice farmers, there is a village market, and is an area of rice production centres. The method used in this study is a quantitative descriptive method with surveys and interviews in which the sampling is used a simple random sampling method by taking 100 respondents. The results of this study indicate that rice marketing institutions have formed a marketing pattern consisting of four marketing channels. Factors that have a significant effect on the pattern of rice marketing channels are farm-level selling prices, marketing margins, and marketing efficiency. Marketing channel 1 is the shortest marketing channel, which has produced the smallest marketing margin value of 23.65%. The selling price of farmers' grain/rice, marketing margins, and marketing efficiency partially or simultaneously significantly influences the average farmer share of 67.69%.
Husni Syahrudin, Munawar Thoharudin
Jembatan : Jurnal Ilmiah Manajemen, Volume 17, pp 99-116; doi:10.29259/jmbt.v17i2.11723

Not achieving the performance targets that have been set are caused by many factors, both individual, group, organization both internal and external. The purpose of this study is to reveal how the influence of group integrity factors on the performance of employees at the Kapuas Hulu district secretariat. The research method used is a survey method with a quantitative approach. The population in this study were all employees (civil servant status) who worked at the regional secretariat of Kapuas Hulu Regency, totaling 137 employees. The sampling technique is done by using the Simple Random Sampling technique by determining the sample of respondents randomly. Based on the results of calculations with the formula, the sample in this study amounted to 102 employees. Data collection tools used closed questionnaire with 5 (five) interval scale answer options. The instrument testing uses validity and reliability tests. Prerequisite testing with residual normality test and linearity regression test. Data analysis in this study was carried out using statistical descriptive and inferential statistical analysis techniques. Based on the results of the study concluded that group integrity had a significant positive effect on employee performance
Regy Citra Perdana, Ratna Sari, Dedi Hartawan
Jembatan : Jurnal Ilmiah Manajemen, Volume 17, pp 209-226; doi:10.29259/jmbt.v17i2.12269

Smartphones, with all of their features, are now becoming a lifestyle and needs for the users. The users tend to replace their smartphones for many reasons. This makes some users feel dissatisfied just by using smartphones of the same brand, both for technical or lifestyle aspects. Smartphone producers are supposed to maintain the users to use the same brands but they sometimes don't understand the real factors that push the consumers to keep using the same brand. This create a gap for research in analyzing consumers' repurchasing intention in replacing their smartphones. This research is conducted in Indonesia using online survey and questionnaire with taking sampling quota from Java and Sumatera with a total of 190 respondents. The research method is partial testing with simple regression and multiple regression then continued with path analysis to see corellation between variables. In this research it can be concluded that based on the construct of expectations confirmation theory model (ECM) that all variables such as confirmation of expectations, brand attachment, perceived benefits, and satisfaction have a positive and significant effect on repurchase intention. So that by testing this theory smartphone manufacturers are expected to pay more attention to the right marketing strategies to continue to maintain or get new consumers to continue to buy smartphones.
Ferdinan Ferdinan, Isnurhadi Isnurhadi, Marlina Widiyanti, Mohamad Adam
Jembatan : Jurnal Ilmiah Manajemen, Volume 17, pp 117-134; doi:10.29259/jmbt.v17i2.11844

The implementation of a performance budget that carries the spirit of state financial reform is not as expected. One of the indications is that budget absorption is not optimal and concentrated at the end of the fiscal year. This will result in delays in benefits to be received and enjoyed by the community. This study was conducted to examine the effect of budget planning and budget implementation on budget absorption with organizational commitment as a moderating variable in the Health Research and Development Agency. The data collection techniques used in this study are the Likert scale. Workable samples totalling 59 respondents consisted of KPA, PPK, PPSPM and the Treasurer of Expenditure within the work unit of the Health Research and Development Agency involved in budget implementation using the census method. The data were data processed using multiple linear regression analysis and residual test. The results of this study indicate that budget planning has a significant positive effect on budget absorption while budget execution does not affect budget absorption. Organizational commitment does not strengthen or weaken the relationship between budget planning and budget execution towards budget absorption at the Health Research and Development Agency.
Rivanny Astricia, Isni Andriana, Reza Ghasarma
Jembatan : Jurnal Ilmiah Manajemen, Volume 17, pp 13-24; doi:10.29259/jmbt.v17i1.10857

The number of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in Indonesia is growing because of government policy and also their usefulness as a corporate tool to pursue strategic growth and profit. This study aims to analyze the abnormal returns of banking industries pre and post-merger and acquisition in Indonesia. Using a sample of 7 M&A deals in Indonesia from 2018 to 2019, the event study methodology used in this study is Paired Sample T-Test to tell the difference between pre and post abnormal returns. The data that use for calculating is -30 until +30 of Merger and Acquisition. The result shows that from 7 mergers and acquisition there is only one bank that has a significant difference while the rest does not have a significant difference pre and post the event. This research hopefully can be used for further research, useful for investment practitioners.
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