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Samwel Alananga Sanga
Journal of Economic Science Research, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/jesr.v4i2.1359

The 2008 financial crisis aroused concerns over the performance of public sector organisations operating under different cost recovery regimes. These concerns were linked to potential failure in attaining cost recovery targets as a result of declining revenues during economic downturn. Using LME models on data from the World Bank website and from six Land Administration Organisations (LAOs), it is established that a global financial crisis that is associated with declining GDP and higher inflation rate can insignificantly reduce the level of cost recovery for LAOs while persistent decline in GDP growth rate significantly eliminate potentials for cost recovery. However prospects for recovery can be traced within the cost-revenue microstructures of LAOs themselves. With a significantly negative relationship between spending in information and technology as a ratio of GDP to the degree of cost recovery, LAOs need only to eliminate rigidities in their cost-revenue structure which tie them to macro-instabilities of the real estate market. Such flexibility can be attained through elastic cross-substitution in the LAO’s gross cost-revenues schedules for registration tasks in favour of information delivery tasks.
Yuxiang Zheng, Xiu Chen
Journal of Economic Science Research, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/jesr.v4i2.2956

The ocean has become a new theme of the world economic competition. The development of marine industry is an inevitable measure to stabilize the sustainable and healthy development of China's national economy. As a leading industry of marine economy, marine tourism has great potential for development.Marine tourism products are the foundation and power source of marine tourism development. The optimization of tourism products plays the most direct and key role in the upgrading of tourism industry.Shanghai, located in the center of Yangtze River Delta, is one of the most developed regions in China. However, with the increasing competition in the tourism market, the development of marine tourism is inevitable.This paper analyzes the general situation of marine tourism resources and the development status of tourism products in Shanghai, and probes into the specific countermeasures for the upgrading of its products, so as to promote the high-efficiency development of marine economy in Shanghai.
Aoulad Hosen
Journal of Economic Science Research, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/jesr.v4i2.2698

This paper applies panel unit root test, country Pedroni cointegration test (PCT), Phillips-Peron cross section test (PPCST), vector error correction test and Johansen normalized cointegrating test (JNCT) for estimates the coefficients in the short-run and in the long-run to examine the inter-temporal relationship between the government revenues income and GDP. The paper took into account fifteen asymmetric countries with three income groups over the period of 2001 to 2016. The study justified the long run relationship between the articulated variables by the country PCT and the test results unearthed that four statistics out of seven on different indexes exhibited one percent level of significance. In the upper middle income country category, other than Brazil and Sri Lanka, rest of three countries showed long run relationship, i.e. the study outcome reconnoitered the existence of long run relationship between the two articulated variables. Decisively, the outcome of JNCT suggests that in the long run if the government revenue upsurge one percentage point then GDP growth rate will rise 0.037 and 0.28 percentage point for the countries that belongs to high income and the upper middle income respectively. Meanwhile, the test find negative result that allied to lower middle income nations, GDP growth rate will plummet 0.039 percent point due to one percent rise in revenue income.
Danlin Ruan
Journal of Economic Science Research, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/jesr.v4i2.2927

This paper briefly summarizes the current situation of China’s Sharing Economy(SE) during the COVID-19 pandemic, then analyzes new challenges and opportunities that it currently faces in different fields, and expounds its role in China’s economic development in the future. Based on various data and findings, this paper finally points out the way forward for the Sharing Economy industry in China.
Yang Yue, Haomiao Niu, Zhaoyun Gu
Journal of Economic Science Research, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/jesr.v4i2.2775

To assess the economic impact of the different policies of the Trump and Biden candidates, we formulate metrics on five aspects: Covid-19 prevention and control measures, environmental protection policies, taxation, health care reform, foreign trade. Moreover, each metric is subdivided into several secondary metrics, making a three-tier hierarchical structure. Take environmental protection policy as an example: Without direct data under Biden’s policies, we collected data on U.S. CO2 emissions and U.S. oil consumption during Obama’s presidency as Biden’s legacy. First, use the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) to select indicators that can reflect the U.S. economy and determine the weight of each indicator. For the U.S. economy, Biden scored 2.6498, Trump 2.3502, suggesting that the election of Biden might make things better for the economy. For China’s economy, Biden scored 0.6810 and Trump 0.3245, meaning Biden could give the Chinese economy more room to grow. To reduce the influence of AHP subjectivity on the results, the Pearson correlation coefficient is introduced to establish the P-AHP model. Take the impact on China’s economy. Biden scored 0.5846 and Trump 0.4154.
Yuxiang Zheng, Yue Zhu
Journal of Economic Science Research, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/jesr.v4i1.2651

Taking 13 prefecture-level cities in Jiangsu Province as the research object, based on the theory of spatial dislocation, the gravity model and two-dimensional composite matrix method are used to analyze the spatial dislocation between tourism resources, permanent population and other factors in Jiangsu Province and tourism revenue. The results show that the population center, the center of tourism resources, the center of tourist numbers, the center of economic development, and the center of tourism revenue of Jiangsu Province are all biased toward the southern part of Jiangsu Province. From the analysis of four sets of two-dimensional composite matrixes, 13 prefecture-level cities have synchronized coordination and also have positive and negative dislocation types. Southern Jiangsu has the best synchronization and coordination, and northern Jiangsu has a strong negative dislocation trend; the combination of tourist numbers and tourism revenue is the strongest, but the dislocation is weak; population and tourism revenue have a strong positive dislocation trend; there is a strong negative dislocation trend between economic development and tourism revenue; the matrix combination of Nanjing, Wuxi and Suzhou has good synchronization; the city of Xuzhou in northern Jiangsu has a strong negative dislocation. In view of the results of spatial dislocation analysis, suggestions for improvement and optimization are put forward to promote the high-quality development of tourism in Jiangsu Province.
Wenxiu Wang, Yi Ding
Journal of Economic Science Research, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/jesr.v4i1.2696

A dynamic pricing model was established based on forecasting the demand for container handling of a specific shipping company to maximize terminal profits to solve terminal handling charges under the changing market environment. It assumes that container handling demand depends on the price and the unknown parameters in the demand model. The maximum quasi-likelihood estimation(MQLE) method is used to estimate the unknown parameters. Then an adaptive dynamic pricing policy algorithm is proposed. At the beginning of each period, through dynamic pricing, determining the optimal price relative to the estimation value of the current parameter and attach a constraint of differential price decision. Meanwhile, the accuracy of demand estimation and the optimality of price decisions are balanced. Finally, a case study is given based on the real data of Shanghai port. The results show that this pricing policy can make the handling price converge to the stable price and significantly increase this shipping company's handling profit compared with the original "contractual pricing" mechanism.
Leonard Mushunje
Journal of Economic Science Research, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/jesr.v4i1.2700

Stock price volatility is considered the main matter of concern within the investment grounds. However, the diffusivity of these prices should as well be considered. As such, proper modelling should be done for investors to stay healthy-informed. This paper suggest to model stock price diffusions using the heat equation from physics. We hypothetically state that, our model captures and model the diffusion bubbles of stock prices with a better precision of reality. We compared our model with the standard geometric Brownian motion model which is the wide commonly used stochastic differential equation in asset valuation. Interestingly, the models proved to agree as evidenced by a bijective relation between the volatility coefficients of the Brownian motion model and the diffusion coefficients of our heat diffusion model as well as the corresponding drift components. Consequently, a short proof for the martingale of our model is done which happen to hold.
Kingsley Appiah, Rhoda Appah, Oware Kofi Mintah, Benjamin Yeboah
Journal of Economic Science Research, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/jesr.v4i1.2716

The study scrutinized correlation between electricity production, trade, economic growth, industrialization and carbon dioxide emissions in Ghana. Our study disaggregated trade into export and import to spell out distinctive and individual variable contribution to emissions in Ghana. In an attempt to investigate, the study used time-series data set of World Development Indicators from 1971 to 2014. By means of Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) cointegrating technique, study established that variables are co-integrated and have long-run equilibrium relationship. Results of long-term effect of explanatory variables on carbon dioxide emissions indicated that 1% each increase of economic growth and industrialization, will cause an increase of emissions by 16.9% and 79% individually whiles each increase of 1% of electricity production, trade exports, trade imports, will cause a decrease in carbon dioxide emissions by 80.3%, 27.7% and 4.1% correspondingly. In the pursuit of carbon emissions' mitigation and achievement of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 13, Ghana need to increase electricity production and trade exports.
Zhengliang Zhang, Shijian Wu, Jia Liu, Shujian Zhang
Journal of Economic Science Research, Volume 4; doi:10.30564/jesr.v4i1.2626

Hong Kong has a long history with its high efficiency and clean and self-disciplined government. Within the past over 20 years, different social development trend has occurred in Hong Kong. The article observed the relationship between political trust from residence and public service efficiency of government in Hong Kong from 1992 to 2015 and found that the value of public service efficiency has a significant effect on political trust in Hong Kong government, the higher the efficiency of public services, the higher the political trust. The author tried to find the path for the Hong Kong government to improve its public service quality and efficiency after testifying the positive correlation between public service efficiency and residential political trust with empirical analysis.
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