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Musdalifah Ifah Rahman
MAJESTY JOURNAL, Volume 2, pp 37-47;

The research aimed to illustrate how distance learning programs can be organized or administered at "Primagama Course Place" in Makassar. This study combined qualitative development with the design of the case study. For this study, the writer has used several measures to collect data: interviews, observations, and documents. With the credibility, transferability, reliability, and confirming ability the validity of the information was checked. The final results of the study indicated that the students were planning the online classes, learning sources, information technology, and developing the curriculum. The most recent study findings showed that online preparation was developed, sources were studied, information technology and curriculums design were developed; students were able to understand the online programs and other books through their IT; distance learning framework was introduced by the day-to-day newspaper and parent control; programs evaluated.
Mustakim Mustakim, Umiyati Jabri
MAJESTY JOURNAL, Volume 2, pp 25-31;

This paper seeks to slightly explore the issue of cross-cultural understanding that might be beneficial for lecturers of the Muhammadiyah University of Enrekang who have won further study scholarships abroad as well as lecturers who are planning to continue their studies abroad. Understanding different cultures are extremely fundamental as a result of the absence of information culture assumes a job in the utilization of improper correspondence language. Elements of contrasts in an individual's way of life can likewise make individuals look prejudiced toward individuals with various societies. As a lecturer who will be assigned to study abroad, it is very important to "interpret" the behavior, attitudes, and communication styles of people from various cultures. Sometimes hinder a person to be able to complete studies abroad is not because of limited intelligence but because of limited ability to understand and accept the new culture contained in the destination country to learn. We hope that this paper can provide a little inspiration for prospective scholarship recipients of foreign scholarships to prepare themselves as well as possible including non-academic factors.
Sam Hermansyah, Hasan Hasan
MAJESTY JOURNAL, Volume 2, pp 32-36;

The objective of this research was to improve the listening comprehension of the students of SMPN 1 Maiwa by using English Movies. The research aimed to see if English movies can improve the listening skills of students and to find out how students are using English Movies to increase their listening skills. The pre-experimental method was used. Students from SMPN 1 Maiwa in 2018/2019, which comprises 20 students, were part of the research. Ten first-class students and 10 second-class students. In taking the sample, the author used a random sample. The researcher used data collection methods and questionnaires. The researcher has distributed listening tests by pre-testing and post-testing and sent questionnaires to gather information on their attitudes towards using English movies. Work suggests that the listening abilities of the students were poor in the preliminary examination. Their ability to listen is considerably increased after therapy. From their score, it can be seen that changed well. The findings evaluated with the t-test suggest that the t-test value is higher than the t-table (7.98>2.093). English Movies can be concluded to develop the listening skills of students.
Hasan Hasan, Muhammad Hanafi, Andi Sadapotto
MAJESTY JOURNAL, Volume 2, pp 48-56;

This article aims to describe whether there is a relationship between students 'self-confidence and students' speaking abilities. This study uses cluster sampling methods and oral tests. The population in this study were VII grade students of SMPN 9 Pinrang. The total population is 104 students. The sample used was class VIIL.1 totaling 28 students. The method used in speech evaluation is an oral test. The results of research using Pearson Product Moment obtained r count value of 0.700 and with the product value of r products when products with N = 28 found 0.478 at 1% significance level and found 0.374 at a significant level of 5%. To find out the level of product moment correlation the coefficient of 0.61-0.80 = substantial. This can be seen in the results of the analysis, namely: 0.700> 0.478 (5%) and 0.700 0.374 (1%) with db: 28. This means that Ho is rejected and Ha is accepted. The conclusion of this research is that there is a significant relationship between students 'self-confidence and the eight-year students' speaking ability in SMPN 9 Pinrang.
Umiyati Jabri, Nurmi Nadhira
MAJESTY JOURNAL, Volume 2, pp 18-24;

This research examines the effect of the DRTA strategy as an effort in enhancing the students' reading comprehension skills in class V SD 41 Enrekang. A research methodology is a quantitative method for classroom action research. This review focuses on student learning outcomes and processes. The study was conducted at Enrekang 41 Elementary School, Enrekang, with the subject of the fifth-grade students of Enrekang 41 Elementary School, Enrekang, consists of 21 students. The CAR is carried out in four stages: planning, implementing actions, observing, and reflecting. From the implementation obtained data collected by learning outcomes tests. Then the data is analyzed and processed quantitatively. The results of the study showed that Directed Reading Thinking Activity (DRTA) in the first cycle is in the less category (K), and after the second cycle action is carried out, there is an improvement in students’ scores and has reached the specified indicators. From the result, the researcher concludes that the students' reading comprehension skills in Indonesian subjects in class V SD 41 Enrekang, Enrekang Regency has an improvement after applying of the strategy of Directed Reading Thinking Activity (DRTA).
Musdalifah Ifah Rahman
MAJESTY JOURNAL, Volume 2, pp 8-17;

This study aimed to describe 1) the application of Blended Learning in extensive and intensive reading subjects, and (2) the students’ perception of the application of blended learning. The subject of this study was the students of the English education department at the Muhammadiyah University of Enrekang. The data in this study were the activities of students and the lecturer in the teaching and learning processes and the students’ perception of the learning process in the classroom. The results showed that (1) the students and the lecturer were actively engaged in live learning and online conversation, and (2) the students had a positive perception of learning.
Ita Sarmita Samad, Ismail Ismail
MAJESTY JOURNAL, Volume 2, pp 1-7;

This research aimed at verifying the effectiveness of using ELSA Speak Application in enhancing students’ pronunciation skills. It applied a quantitative method. Specifically, it used a pre-experimental research design. The population was the English study program students of STKIP Muhammadiyah Enrekang. The sample was the first semester students in the academic year 2018/ 2019. It was chosen through purposive sampling technique by considering that the sample took the pronunciation course at that time. The data were collected through pre-test and post-test which was conducted using the recording. The data attained were analyzed statistically. The result shows that the pre-test means the score is 1.96 while the post-test mean score is 5.79 by applying 0.05 level of significance with 29 degrees of freedom (29), the t-test 6.28 was higher than the t-table 1.699. It indicated that the use of ELSA Speak application is effective in enhancing the pronunciation skill of the first semester students of STKIP Muhammadiyah Enrekang.
Hasan Hasan,
MAJESTY JOURNAL, Volume 2, pp 40-46;

This research was intended to explain the students reading comprehension through material based stories at the eighth grade of SMP Negeri 1 Maiwa Kabupaten Enrekang in the 2017/2018 academic year. This research used a quasi-experimental method class. It had conducted into two groups namely the experimental group and control group. The Sample in this research were 44 students. The researcher took real data from class to know the students reading comprehension. The instrument of this research was pre-test-posttest with multiple choice, T/F and read test. From these findings, there was a significant effect on the students reading comprehension through material based stories. The data was analyzed by using a t-test and the result showed that the t-test value 4.629 was higher than the t-table value 2.021. It meant that there was a significant difference between students’ reading achievement before and after the treatment through the stories. It concluded that material based stories can be used in improving the reading comprehension of the students.
Musdalifah Ifah Rahman
MAJESTY JOURNAL, Volume 2, pp 1-9;

The main objective of this research that was to known about what were types and the functions of code-switching used by English teachers, and what were factors cause the English teachers to use code-switching in classroom interaction at SMKN 1Enrekang regency. This research employed a descriptive qualitative design and purposive sampling technique. The participant of this research that was an English teacher at SMKN 1 Enrekang regency. The participant consisted of 3 English teachers who belong to three grades. There were some instruments were used to collect the data in this research namely observation, interview, questionnaire, and triangulation. The main findings of this research that was the English teachers of SMKN 1 Enrekang regency known types and functions of code-switching in classroom interaction, and know some factors cause they must to use code-switching in classroom interaction.
Mustakim Mustakim, Sukree Doloh, Yunus Busa
MAJESTY JOURNAL, Volume 2, pp 31-39;

The research aimed to describe the implementation of the International Community Service Program which has been done at STKIP Muhammadiyah Enrekang. Specifically the research seeked to uncover: (1) The implementation of International Community Service Program which has been carried out so far; (2) The effectiveness of implementation International Community Service Program was seen from the responses of the stake holders and participants; and, (3) International Community Service Program model formulation for prospective teachers in STKIP Muhammadiyah Enrekang. For achieving these objectives, exploratory studies were carried out with an approach descriptive qualitative. The research involved STKIP Muhammadiyah Enrekang where stakeholders were the main respondents. Information in the field was explored using interview, analysis techniques documents, and questionnaire distribution. After the data was collected and processed. The research concludes as follows: (1) International Community Service Program is a program which important, therefore; even really needs to be done; and (2) International Community Service Program for prospective teachers in STKIP Muhammadiyah Enrekang based on the needs analysis in the field has unique characteristics of aspects: (a) duration of implementation: (b) destination country; (c) the amount of the fee needed; (d) the frequency of monitoring needed; (e) participants who involved; (f) parties involved, (f) activity management team, and (g) material required activities. Research recommends things following: (1) analyzing field requirements before the International Community Service Program implemented, (2) doing careful preparation, (c) doing reflection at each stage of implementation.
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