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JOSAR (Journal of Students Academic Research), Volume 4, pp 18-32; doi:10.35457/josar.v4i1.676

Product Arrangement is a way of arranging products to attract consumers. Product arrangement is also known as display. But in fact there are still many entrepreneurs who have not paid attention to the arrangement of their products. So that many consumers are not interested in buying products because the arrangement is less attractive which makes the company's income does not increase. Therefore researchers have a solution to solve the problems that exist in the shop. That is, with the application of data mining to determine the arrangement of products using a priori algorithm, the results can be used as a company guide to determine the display of goods and as a guide to promote goods that are less sold to participate or sell quickly. Based on the results of the trials that have been carried out, it is known that the a priori algorithm is used to help determine the product structuring solution from the sales data of Warung Sayur Segar products so that it can later be used as a consideration in determining an effective structuring and sales strategy.
Andiwi Meifilina, Sulistyo Anjarwati
JOSAR (Journal of Students Academic Research), Volume 4, pp 37-53; doi:10.35457/josar.v4i1.678

The problems faced when approaching the election are many, one of which is the problem related to how to lobby politics to the public to use their voting rights so that they do not abstain. This problem that is often encountered can be solved by implementing the right political campaign model strategy. The strategy in political campaigns is a careful plan for activities to achieve specific goals where the activities carried out are carried out by political organizations or competing candidates to compete for positions in parliament in order to get the support of the mass of voters (voters) in voting. In line with Law No. 10 of 2008 concerning elections for members of the DPR, DPD and DPRD loaded with 30 percent quota for women in article 53, coupled with article 8 paragraph 1 mentioned regarding statements of at least 30 percent quota of women's representation in central party political party management as one of the requirements political parties to be able to become participants in the election. The purpose of this study was to find out in depth about the strategy of the political campaign model of female candidates in Blitar Regency as a method used by legislative candidates to attract their voters. This way of lobbying politics to the community has the aim of introducing candidates to the public through political campaigns that bring up the positive image of legislative candidates by involving the community. One way in which legislative candidates take to attract attention and get votes from various communities is starting from giving promises when campaigning. The subject of this research is that all the people and female candidates in Blitar Regency and the object of their research are the political campaign model strategies in Blitar Regency. The type of research used is qualitative research using the phenomenology approach. The phenomenology approach aims to describe the meaning of life experiences experienced by some individuals about certain concepts or phenomena by exploring the structure of human consciousness. So here the researcher wants to know the meaning of the experience experienced by the community and female candidates related to the political campaign model strategy through this phenomenology study. This research method uses a qualitative approach with interviews, observation, and documentation studies. This research produced a strategy model for political campaigns related to the phenomenon of female candidates in Blitar District.
Mochmad Anis
JOSAR (Journal of Students Academic Research), Volume 4, pp 72-83; doi:10.35457/josar.v4i1.749

Cooperation is an action in the job which is done by two or more people to gain the same purpose. This researh aims to know about coconut sugar production in the Karangbendo Village Ponggok District Blitar Regency.The kind of research which is used is qualitative research with phenomenology approach. This approach focused on the interview that is done deeply about the phenomena which is experienced by the informan. Subject in the research is a coconut sugar production while the object is a cooperation between the owner of coconut sugar producer. The data analysis technique descriptve analysis. The result of this reserch is there are two kinds of cooperation between the owner and the producer; they are “tampan” and ‘ounce”. Each cooperation model has their own differences.
Hestiningrum Yunita Sari Putri, , Aini Miza Rahmatika
JOSAR (Journal of Students Academic Research), Volume 4, pp 107-120; doi:10.35457/josar.v4i1.783

This research was aimed at establishing, describing the implementation, and finding out the influence of the English Keren Rek (EKR) Web Base Game Application Model. This research applied Qualitative and Quantitative approches with Research and Development Design by using adapted Sugiyono’s Model. This research consisted of three phases, which were first: foundational research to identify potencies and problems; second: design and development research; and third: experimental research. The valid final model contained of opening, home display, games display, learning materials, and evaluation. The validation score of overall model components was 77.75% which meant very propper. The tests validity and reliability values were (0.999) by alpa Corn-batch and (0.999) by using split half technique. The one-group pre and post test experimental research showed that before using the model, the average students’ achievement was (51) and after using the model it reached (85.05) by which the students gained (34.05) which meant 60% increase of the mean score. Having the value of t-test with tcount -35.556 < ttabel 2.03011 by Significant value of 0.05, this showed that the model positively influenced the students’ grammar achievement. The implementation turned out to be interesting and motivating.
Anam Miftakhul Huda
JOSAR (Journal of Students Academic Research), Volume 4, pp 54-71; doi:10.35457/josar.v4i1.679

This study examines the importance of the existence of community radio in disaster-prone areas, specifically in the field of disaster information and disaster mitigation for the surrounding community, the existence of community radio is very important as a means of various information and the adhesive of brotherhood in society. Jangkar Kelud community radio is a mass media engaged in broadcasts in the Kelud Ring area, namely in Blitar Regency, Malang Regency and Kediri Regency. This Radio was formed by a group of people in the Kelud Circle. The benefits of community radio are not when a disaster occurs, but the benefits of radio as a disaster mitigation media are very important continuously to convey awareness to the community. This type of research is descriptive qualitative, by adopting observations, interviews and documentation. The research methodw used is a qualitative method, because the method used is the result of interviews with informants as the primary data obtained from observations on the location of research on the data from the informant. The results of this study are, the strategy of building intimacy between the residents and the Jangkar Kelud community through the gathering, sinau together, social gathering, groups on Social media. Where the distribution is not seen by people at different levels, all have the same position and optimize the community within the Kelud Ring.
Dimas Fanny Hebrasianto Permadi
JOSAR (Journal of Students Academic Research), Volume 4, pp 1-17; doi:10.35457/josar.v4i1.675

Administration is part of the institution authorized to handle documents and archiving. The archiving mail is required for management mail data. The problem is the mail archiving still using hardfile like the result of print out from Office Application such as Microsoft Word. The archiving mail is like writing the data on incoming and outgoing mail in the report’s book. Because of that, The management of letters using the print out is oftenerrors in storing mail data. Applications corresponding aims to change the way storage is hardfile letter into tangible softfile mail archives, making it easier to perform archiving these letters as a database.This application is built using waterfall method which the plot carried out gradually. The result of this application is the officer used this application more helpful for correspondences and improve the satisfaction level of its work is increasing by12.19 % from83.13% for manually to the digitally at 83.13.
JOSAR (Journal of Students Academic Research), Volume 4, pp 84-95; doi:10.35457/josar.v4i1.755

The research was Research and development which intended to develop a valid and effective model of Adobe Flash Professional as a Learning Media to Increase the First Grade Students’ Speaking Achievement at Junior High School especially on the topics Greeting and leave taking as well as apologizing.This reseacrh applied Research and Development (R&D) design, based on Sugiyono model.which include : Analyzing potential and problem, Data collection, Product design, Product validation, Product revision, Product testing/try-out, Product revision and Final product. The subject of this research were 29 students of VII C in MTs Ma’arif NU GandusariBlitar. The data of the research were quantitative data ( the result from Test and Questionnaire) and qualitative ( the result of interview)The result of the research showed that: (1) The developed product (adobe flash profesional) as a learning media was valid, it was proved by the result of content English material validation (77.4%) and media validation (70.4%); (2) Developed Adobe flash professional as a learning mediawas effective to increase the first grade students’ speaking achievement, it was proved by the increasement of the students’ speaking mean score of Greeting and Leave Taking from (43.40) to (80.50) and score of Apologizing from (45.00) to (91.70); (3) Students gave positive responses toward the developed adobe flash professional as a learning media in teaching speaking reflected from the result of questionnire given (80.80%). From the result above, it can be concluded that adobe flash professional as a learning media was valid to be applied in teaching learning and effective to increase the first grade students’ speaking achievement at MTs Ma’arif NU GandusariBlitar.
JOSAR (Journal of Students Academic Research), Volume 4, pp 96-106; doi:10.35457/josar.v4i1.771

The Blitar region has tourism potential that can attract visitors both from its natural attractions and historical attractions. Some tourism objects that are worthy of consideration in this area are spread evenly throughout the Blitar district. In this Kademangan area there are several interesting tourist attractions to visit such as Bukit Bunda, Bukit Bonsai, Kampung Coklat and others. In addition there are also interesting historical tours in this area, one of which is the Simping Temple Historical Site in Sumberjati Kademangan village, Blitar Regency. The purpose of this study was to determine and understand the history of the establishment of the Simping Temple, to find out the socio-cultural conditions of the community around the Simping Temple Historical Site and to understand the potential of the historical tourism object of the Simping Temple in the Kademangan area. The object of this study was in the village area Sumberjati, Kademangan District, Blitar Regency. The subject of this research is the source of the data requested for information in accordance with the research problem formulation. This research uses a descriptive method through a qualitative approach that directly looks at the conditions and phenomena around Simping Temple. Data collection methods used used observation, interviews and documentation studies. This study explains that Simping Temple has potential tourism objects to be developed with the values ​​of local wisdom.
Anisa Wahyu Lianing Fadhilah
JOSAR (Journal of Students Academic Research), Volume 3, pp 61-76; doi:10.35457/josar.v1i02.608

This study aims to determine how much influence savings and loans have on the performance of service income in the group of mothers. This study uses a quantitative descriptive method by conducting questionnaires on 56 respondents. The data analysis method used is a simple linear regression analysis that is assisted by SPSS version 24.0 for Windows.The results of the analysis show the effect of savings and loans on the performance of service income in the group of women, namely Y = 16.417 + 0.307X obtained by a constant of 16.4% with a regression coefficient of 30.7%. The results of the determination coefficient show 27.4%, which means that the savings and loans variable has a very low effect on the service income performance variable. Whereas through the test obtained tcount 2.093 greater than t table 2.003.
JOSAR (Journal of Students Academic Research), Volume 3, pp 154-163; doi:10.35457/josar.v1i02.628

This learning media application is designed to be able to help elementary school students in learning Aksara Jawa. This application is made web-based, so it can be used by all people. The purpose of making this application is to assist with the learning of Aksara Jawa with the subject matter of the aksara carakan with pasangan, aksara wilangan, aksara swara, tuladha page, and question page. It is expected that the presence of this learning media can help increase the students' interest in learning local content subjects, namely Regional Languages (Javanese). In addition to increasing interest, can contribute to the preservation of regional culture.
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