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Ina Insani, Tri Rina Budiwati
NOTION: Journal of Linguistics, Literature, and Culture, Volume 3, pp 53-64; doi:10.12928/notion.v3i1.3789

This research aims to identify and describe the discourse structures and analyze the representation of Satanism found in the lyrics of the selected songs of Alan Walker. The researcher used the Critical Discourse Analysis approach by Teun van Dijk to determine Satanism in these songs. Three elements are used in this analysis, namely the discourse structure, social cognition, and social context. This research found that there are elements of discourse structure, whether explaining the micro-structure, superstructure, or macro-structure, always address Satanism’s idea. The social cognition aspect found that the social condition influences Satanism's notion in the Alan Walker songs in Norway, where Alan Walker lives open to Satanism. It can be seen from the analysis of model and memory. The analysis of model in Alan Walker's song can be influenced by the social conditions around him. The analysis of memory shows how his personal experience affects the songs he produces. The last aspect in this research is the social context which analyse the power and access to know the idea of Satanism in the songs. The analysis of power found that Satanism has a strong dominance in Norway, as seen from several works such as books, films, and music with the theme of Satanism. Then, the analysis of access found that the satanic people managed to control several media in Norway.
Kustinah Kustinah, Sri Haryanti, Suhud Eko Yuwono, Umi Sholihah
NOTION: Journal of Linguistics, Literature, and Culture, Volume 3, pp 18-29; doi:10.12928/notion.v3i1.3547

It is said that Afro-American literature is the body of literature produced in the United states by writers of African descent. Today, Afro-American literature has become accepted as an integral part of American literature. In broad terms, Afro-American literature can be defined as writings by people of African descent living in the United States. This qualitative study analyzes a short story entitled Gorilla, My Lovewritten by a female Afro-American writer, Toni Cade Bambara. The analysis of the study aims at answering the three problem formulation: (1) states the literariness of the text (2) explains how the literariness of the text play as a means to symbolize a “broader” text (the universe) and (3) writes the proof of mental evidences taken from the text. In analyzing the short story, this study uses Sociology of Literature and Psychology of Literature. The two theories help readers understanding the theme of the short story by reading the explanation about how the narrator of the story set the plot. This study uses narrative as its approach since this is a literary study where a short story is analyzed through its narrative structure. The conclusion of the study provides the proof of its research benefits: giving information to readers about the following: (1) all about Afro-American literature plus its life-experience, family-values, etc. (2) how a literary work can connect its readers to their life and (3) an understanding that a reading-act strengthens the definition that a literary work is as a portrait of human experience.
Estrella T. Arroyo
NOTION: Journal of Linguistics, Literature, and Culture, Volume 3, pp 1-10; doi:10.12928/notion.v3i1.3870

This study explored the concept of “HEROINE” in the context of “Darna,” a Filipino graphic narrative written by Mars Ravelo that was first published on May 13, 1950 by Filipino Komiks. Extracted from the 27 episodes of “Darna” are realities of experience as well as innuendos related to the real character of Darna, the super heroine. Further, the study delved into a deeper meaning of heroine beyond its lexical meaning. As a result, the researcher formulated her own definition of “HEROINE” as “Humaneness and Equanimity in Reimagining Optimistic, Iconic, Novel, and Empowered” persona, which led to the findings that, indeed, Darna has reached her apotheosis as a superheroine. These insights were not fathomed had it not been for the researcher’s focus on close reading, application of Expressive Realism, and “Argustic” reading. Keen eyes are needed to enjoy reading a graphic narrative which is both visual and verbal. The study proved that in Philippine society, Darna is the most accepted, loved and idolized Filipino icon as savior of a devastated and crippled society after World War II. Lastly, it is aimed that this humble analysis will put itself into the realm of a body of Pop Literature and the Humanities.
Nurrahmawati Nurrahmawati, Ida Puspita
NOTION: Journal of Linguistics, Literature, and Culture, Volume 3, pp 11-17; doi:10.12928/notion.v3i1.3787

This study is aimed to analyze the comparison between women’s representation and resistance in Josephine Chia’s novel Frog under a Coconut Shell from Singapore and The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy from India. By using a comparative literature approach, the research focuses on the differences and similarities in women’s representation and resistance to get gender equality in Singaporean and Indian society. Chia’s novel tells the story of Soon Neo and her daughter, Josephine, who struggles to get their rights as women in the midst of patriarchal Peranakan culture in Singapore, and Roy’s novel tells the story of Ammu and her twins children, Rahel and Estha, who fight against the social rules in India that are discriminative against women and the Untouchable people (Paravan). The research employed a descriptive qualitative analysis method and the theory of liberal feminism. There are similarities in the representation of women who are considered as second class and become the objects both sexually and economically; and restrained by their patriarchal society and culture. The difference of both novels is in the caste system which regulates women's freedom only reflected in The God of Small Things. From the perspective of liberal feminism, the female characters in both novels show resistance in making decision, education, society, and economy. However, resisting inequality in economy is only reflected in Frog under a Coconut Shell while resisting inequality in society is only reflected in The God of Small Things. The direct resistance is demonstrated in verbal and non-verbal ways.
Haris Prasetya Effendie
NOTION: Journal of Linguistics, Literature, and Culture, Volume 3, pp 30-43; doi:10.12928/notion.v3i1.3689

War and Independence were made by all types of imperialism movement plot. A widely place which contained natural resources, and people as the tribe was victimised to create the movement. Postcolonialism tells the wealth as freed to the motherland. The motherland or kingdom of great nationalism was called and a major attend to the nationalism day to pay the national bitter history with prayer. Kingdom of human life is wealth because the years moment has been calling human to study about political relation, nationalism relation, nationalism knowledge. Case of war and how the wealth is always in upper domination are how the poetry as a literary work to reflect the soul of cultural hope and denotation in the poetry line. Wealthy is a most appropriate statue to know the social life. The nationalism knowledge is freed because the structure of greatness what human must to study is education to speak about wealth after wealthy. Descent aspect was ordered to the identity of nation, but no less to join the political descent to restart the freedom to some nation. The wisdom from any discipline to grow and refresh the freedom identity about nature and humanity. India has the nasionalism history as Indonesia when Rabindranath Tagore also talks about how the country speak about all the day long nationally wealth in his poetry to next their life. The research was a qualitative research to apply the Postcolonialism theory.
Hakeemi Harris Ayedoji
NOTION: Journal of Linguistics, Literature, and Culture, Volume 3, pp 44-52; doi:10.12928/notion.v3i1.3926

Semiotic comes from Greek word which is semeion (sign). Yet, generally, semiotics is a study which concern about the existence of sign in society. We could find sign everywhere, from the form of words, images, objects, etc. Thus, the object of semiotics could be anything. But, Charles Sanders Pierce explain sign in a different way. According to Pierce’s study, something could be categorized into sign if it could be taken part in the triadic relation. Semiotic study is used in analizing the research. The main data of this research is the #starterpack tweets in Twitter. The data used is focused in the #starterpack tweets with white and black people context from 2019-2020. While the supporting data for this research are from the journals, books, internet sources, and dictionaries. To collect the data, the research used the observation method and use note technique. While, the research used the triadic signs in by Charles Sanders Pierce to analyze the data. From the analizing, the researcher got 40 #starterpack tweets with mostly 4 images in it. Those tweets could be divided to 20 white people #starterpack and 20 black people #starterpack tweets. All the data are analyzed with the triadic signs which are signs, objects, and interpretations. The signs that had been analyzed show objects and interpretations which lead to the gap between white and black people. Those gaps then lead to stereotypes on white and black people. Moreover, the data lead to 6 factors of stereotypes. Those factors are nationatility, personal integrity, curiosity, adaptation, homogeneus neighborhood, and common shared information.
Dennis Ivan Jones
NOTION: Journal of Linguistics, Literature, and Culture, Volume 2; doi:10.12928/notion.v2i2.2861

This research is under a descriptive qualitative method. Therefore, library research was used to compile primary data. The primary data was taken from the documentary film, and the secondary data was taken from sources such as books, articles, and journals. Method of American studies or interdiciplinary approach was also apllied with theories to analyze the problem formulation in this research. They were American politics towards gun laws, sociological theory, and popular culture. The result shows that American policy towards gun legality is less tight and it give many bad impacts to American society. The rules that have been made by the American government still considered weak and make American justify any illegal way to get their own gun easily. Therefore, the American government is supposed to improve the laws of gun ownership legality to decrease the impacts of gun problems.
Bagas Suryo Prakoso, Resneri Daulay
NOTION: Journal of Linguistics, Literature, and Culture, Volume 2; doi:10.12928/notion.v2i2.2880

This research entitled “Behavior Changes in Paulo Coelho’s Veronika Decides to Die: A Psychological Approach”. The purpose of this study is to analyze the personality of the main character presented in the novel. In addition, the aim of this research is to reveal the main character’s environments contribute to the character’s motivation to life. This novel conducted the struggle from Veronika as the main character for finding her motivation to life.This study used qualitative research; descriptive qualitative methods are used to analyze data. This study used three main concepts of social cognitive theory by Albert Bandura (1986), there are reciprocal determinism, therapy, and dysfunction behavior/depression. This study also applied the theory of social cognitive theory in the book entitled The Theory of Personality by Jess Feist as a tool to analyze the personality of the main character also the main character’s environments contribute to the character’s motivation to life in the novel Veronika Decides to Die by Paulo Coelho.In this study, the researcher found two main results. First, this study indicated personality of Veronika as the main character in the novel Veronika Decides to Die based on the social cognitive theory concept that is dysfunction behavior. Based on concept of dysfunction behavior, it shows that Veronika is an introvert person, fainthearted, and suffering from depression. Second, this study discovered the main character’s environments contribute to the character’s motivation to life based on the social cognitive concepts, they are reciprocal determinism and therapy. Based on that theoretical concept, it shows that Veronika’s environment really helps her to find her motivation to life. They are Mari, Zedka, and Edward.Keyword: Motivation to life, Dysfunction Behavior, Reciprocal Determinism and Therapy
Teddy Fiktorius
NOTION: Journal of Linguistics, Literature, and Culture, Volume 2; doi:10.12928/notion.v2i2.2068

This paper is written through descriptive method or library research to discuss the use of phonetic transcription in the teaching of English as a foreign language (EFL) using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). The first part describes the theoretical framework of the transcription basics. Then, the next part discusses the advantages of the phonetic transcription. This is followed by an illustration of understanding basic speech sounds. Some ideas of preparing classroom materials using the IPA are addressed in the next section. Finally, some solutions as well as recommendations are proposed and justification of the researcher’s position toward the use of phonics as an EFL literacy instruction in ELT is presented.Keywordsphonetic transcriptionInternational Phonetic AlphabetEFL literacy instruction
Eva Eriva Tandi Payuk
NOTION: Journal of Linguistics, Literature, and Culture, Volume 2; doi:10.12928/notion.v2i2.2358

This article investigated about semiotic that found in instagram logo. This article used Instagram, because many people nowadays used Instagram to express theirselves. The aim of this study is to find out the connotative and denotative meaning through the instagram. The researcher used John theory to reveal this study. In this research, the researcher applies the qualitative descriptive method. The method of collecting data is observation. The steps are choosing the logo that would be analyzed. The result is there are twelve data that has meaning from different logo on Instagram. They all have different functions based on the logo. The conclusion is Instagram as a social media app that allows users to share photos and videos, add captions, edit filters, engage with others, and explore the world by using this application.
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