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Sulistyo Anjarwati, Rochmat Rochmat
Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media, Volume 9, pp 35-44; doi:10.35457/translitera.v9i2.1023

This article discusses how parents' perceptions of students when responding to the zoning system in the New Student Reception System (PPDB), especially in the City of Blitar. This research is based on qualitative data obtained from the field (field research), both from primary sources: interviews and observations, as well as other secondary sources: studies on the development of PPDB studies that occur in Indonesia, both from print or electronic media. The results showed that parents of students still felt that the zoning system in PPDB did not provide free space in accessing education as desired. The government has changed the old pattern of society into a new, more complex arrangement in terms of educational facilities. In addition to having effectiveness in changing people's perceptions of the differences between favorite and non-favorite schools, this system is conceptually good, but it is not yet effective enough to equalize the quality of education, so there is still a need for deep integrative studies, strategic efforts between educational institutions and relevant agencies. This step can be done through optimizing the socialization of the PPDB zoning system to the community that promotes openness and is in favor of the people's aspirations.
Zainal Abidin Achmad
Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media, Volume 9, pp 45-62; doi:10.35457/translitera.v9i2.989

Kemunculan teori strukturation oleh Anthony Giddens, merupakan tanggapan terhadap klaim post-strukturalis. Strukturasi menyatakan manusia memiliki kemampuan membuat struktur dan secara sukarela menentukan struktur untuk mereka sendiri, artinya manusia memiliki kebebasan penuh untuk membangun lingkungan hidup sendiri. Salah satu nomenklatur khas dalam teori strukturasi adalah hubungan manusia sebagai “agency” terhadap “struktur” atau institusi. Artikel ini memaparkan hubungan antara nomenklatur dan konsep-konsep dalam teori strukturasi dan memberikan contoh kontektual dan relevan. Gagasan tentang kontinum ruang-waktu memberikan kemudahan untuk memahami fenomena geografis. Perkotaan merupakan arena yang memiliki serangkaian hubungan yang rumit antara manusia dan lingkungannya, seperti: penataan tempat tinggal, mobilitas dalam lingkungan, persaingan ekonomi, pekerjaan dan sebagainya. Pemahaman terhadap kompleksitas teori strukturasi Giddens dapat dimanfaatkan untuk penerapan pembangunan modernitas di dalam masyarakat. Globalisasi, modernitas dan Jalan Ketiga merupakan diskusi yang menarik dan dalam dari pemikiran orisinal dan cerdas Anthony Giddens berikutnya. Jalan Ketiga menjelma sebagai ideologi politik tengah diantara dua kutub idelogi sosialisme kiri dan kapitalisme kanan.
Windy Talitha Iswari
Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media, Volume 9, pp 24-34; doi:10.35457/translitera.v9i2.978

Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui apakah terdapat pengaruh strategi marketing communication terhadap brand image PT Tokopedia. Marketing Communication dapat dinilai dari 5 karakter yaitu advertising, sales promotion, event, public relations dan personal selling. Penelitian ini dilakukan dengan menyebarkan kuosioner kepada 48 responden yang merupakan karyawan Tokopedia divisi Marketing. Metode penelitian yang digunakan adalah metode kuantitatif dengan teknik analisis regresi untuk mengetahui pengaruh antara kedua variabel yang diteliti. Hasil menunjukan bahwa terdapat pengaruh positif antara Marketing Communication terhadap brand image PT Tokopedia yaitu sebesar 61,7%. Indikator yang paling mempengaruhi adalah advertising.
Farkhan Evendi, Denny Arinanda Kurnia
Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media, Volume 9, pp 12-23; doi:10.35457/translitera.v9i2.965

This research aims to find out how the strategy of political campaign was conducted in the selection of village heads to lead public opinion. This research is a descriptive study using a qualitative approach. The primary Data of the study is interview with informants and observations conducted by researchers. Secondary data is in the form of reports and official documents. The results showed that candidates could implement a good political campaign strategy. The advantage of the political product approach focuses on its products such as notes of the events which done in the past, and personality characteristics before the Pilkades in 2019 was held. The campaign strategy is a direct political marketing strategy to prospective voters and campaign strategies through the group. The strategy of direct political campaigns to prospective voters is done by face to face, and also conducting social activities, one of them is a healthy walking activity. While political marketing is done by through community leaders who are members of the volunteer team from each neighbourhood (RT).
Lu’Lu Ul Maknunah, Rika Dwi Apriliyaningsih
Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media, Volume 9, pp 1-11; doi:10.35457/translitera.v9i2.945

UD. Kelapa Sari Blitar is an individual company founded by Mr. H. Imam Muhtadi engaged in production. The price level applied by the company affects the quantity sold. In addition, indirectly the price also affects costs, because the quantity sold affects the costs incurred in relation to production efficiency. A very important factor in purchasing decisions is the price setting goals. Prices have an impact on financial performance and have an important effect on the value of brand positioning in the minds of customers. The purpose of this study is to find out how the effect of prices on purchase decisions at UD. Kelapa Sari Rejowinangun Blitar. The population in this study were all buyers who had bought at UD. Sari Sari Rejowinangun Blitar. Samples in this study amounted to 84 respondents. The sampling collection technique used in this study was incidental sampling. The method of collecting data in this study was using questionnaires, literature, and documentation. From the results of research and discussion it can be concluded that the price (X) does not affect the purchase decision (Y) at UD. Kelapa Sari Blitar.
Didit Darmawan
Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media, Volume 8, pp 13-26; doi:10.35457/translitera.v8i01.595

Various advancements and dynamics in the business world led to rapid developments in various industries. Corporate image is the main provision to survive in industrial competition. With the existence of a good corporate image, it is expected to increase brand awareness and brand attitude of the products circulating in the market. This study will examine the effect of corporate image on brand awareness and brand attitude. This study involved 100 respondents using an analytical tool in the form of simple linear regression with proof through t test. The results of the study show that the corporate's image significantly influences brand awareness and brand attitude.
Wydha Mustika Maharani
Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media, Volume 8, pp 27-34; doi:10.35457/translitera.v8i01.596

The development of a modern market and shopping centers more quickly in Indonesia could no longer avoid. The development of this phenomenon indirectly can threaten the traditional markets. To anticipate, envy and social unrest then required regulation which control modern market and required an apparent attempt to maintain and develop traditional markets in the revitalization of traditional markets. This research aims to: (1) knowledge and describe regulations modern markets that already exist, but in its implementation regulations modern markets are not aligned with the existing especially in relation to the distance between modern markets and traditional markets. (2) knowledge and describe revitalization program traditional markets to protect traditional markets in order to compete with modern market. This research adopted qualitative descriptive approaches. The research results show that the dualistic economic between a modern market with traditional markets made difficult the collaboration between them.
Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media, Volume 8, pp 49-58; doi:10.35457/translitera.v8i01.598

Based on the background of the problems described above, the authors formulated the problem in this study is how community satisfaction with public services in Gununggede Wonotirto Kabupaten Blitar. The purpose of this study was to find out how community satisfaction with public services in Gununggede Wonotirto Blitar. Based on the discussion described, it can be concluded that community satisfaction with public services in Gununggede Wonotirto Blitar is very good, and the community also felt very satisfied with the service provided by the office . Although the service can be said to be very good, but the services in Gununggede Wonotirto Blitar will continue to improve the quality of services to the village community by adding facilities and infrastructure so that the community feels comfortable and at home in Gununggede Office Wonotirto Blitar
Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media, Volume 8, pp 35-48; doi:10.35457/translitera.v8i01.597

This research background is the phenomenon of the role and participation of guardians of students in the field of education is very important and strategic. The success of the work performance of the Education Management is inseparable from the professional ability of the individuals involved in the activity. The objectives of this study are: (1) To determine the design of the social capital development model through the role and participation of POT (Parents' Association) as to Improve the Quality of Education (Study in SDI Ma’arif Plosokerep Kota Blitar), (2) To find out constraints in developing social capital through the role and participation of POT (Parents' Association) to improve quality of Education (Study at Study in SDI Ma’arif Plosokerep Kota Blitar) . The results of this study that in designing Social Capital Development Models through Role and POT Participation ( Parents Association) to Improve Education Quality in SDI Ma'arif Plosokerep Kota Blitar consists of several elements of social capital in strengthening education, among others: (1) participation in a network, (2) reciprocity, (3) trust, ( 4) social norms, (5) Proactive action, the constraints in implementing the Design of the Social Capital Development Model Through the Role and Participation of POT to Improve the Quality of Education in SDI Ma'arif Plosokerep Kota Blitar are: (1) Lack of understanding of the guardian of the importance of POT (2) Parent has an impact on / quantity of active student guardians (3) Insensity of POT meeting which is POT period meeting / meeting, (4) Not all teachers and Wali kelas comprehensively understand POT, (5) No schema and SOP for POT formation, work system and mechanism
Masturina Khoirun Nisa , Ucik Ana Fardila, Agus Widodo
Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media, Volume 8, pp 1-12; doi:10.35457/translitera.v8i01.594

This research purposed to determine the preaching messages of aqeeda and sharia in the movie "Jilbab Traveler Love Spark in Korea". The methode of the research used qualitative approachment of Ferdinand de Saussure semiotic analysis to determine the meanings of every adegans, texts, sounds, dialogues, sounds, videos and symbols in the movie. The results of this research showed that there are preaching messages of tafakkur, istighfar, and dzikr in the movie. The preaching messages in sharia aspects are praying, dresses, fasting, sadaka, sincerity (ikhlas) attitude, obidient to alcohols and porks prohibition. The preaching messages in muamalat aspects are obidient to Islam’s law, discussing polygamy issues and to follow premarital process of Islam before marriage (khitba and taaruf).
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