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Novita Setyoningrum
Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media, Volume 10, pp 32-44;

The marketing mix is one of the aspects considered by the buyer to be able to decide on the purchase of a product, both goods and services. Services are also referred to as the provision of performance or invisible activities from one party to another. The Notary Office / PPAT Etik Pudji Lestari, SH., MKn has implemented 7P with activities in the form of product, price, place, promotion, people, process and physical awareness in its marketing mix so as to help encourage client interest to take care of returning the name of the certificate to the Notary / PPAT Ethics Pudji Lestari, SH., MKn. In planning the marketing mix, it is necessary to have sequential stages with an emphasis on the circumstances owned by the company. The success or failure of a marketing program carried out by a company depends on how the company is able to build a marketing program that has good effectiveness and efficiency for the implementation of product marketing.
Fandi Sudiasmo
Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media, Volume 10, pp 103-112;

Over time, the human age will continue to increase chronologically. With increasing age there is a decrease in several vital functions in the human body. For example, such as decreased hearing function, blurred vision, and weakened physical strength. This is a fact experienced by the elderly or commonly referred to as the elderly. At this time the elderly have been provided with elderly posyandu service facilities that help the elderly in dealing with their health problems. From these thoughts, this research will explore the influence of posyandu cadre service quality on elderly satisfaction and the obstacles and barriers to achieving that satisfaction. Based on the research obtained from the results of the SPSS simultaneous effect test (F-test), it shows that the T-test value is T-count (3,220)> T-table (2,007) and the significance is 0.002
Riska Nindia Sari
Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media, Volume 10, pp 93-102;

Trading business is able to win the competition if it can have products according to customer wants and needs and can convey the advantages of its products to consumers. There are several aspects that can influence consumer decision making to buy products, including quality products and company promotion activities. This exploration was directed at the "Mekar Sari" Fruit Chips Trading Business in Dd. Tlogo III, Kec. Kanigoro, Kab. Blitar. This examination means to decide the impact of item quality and promotion on purchasing decisions. The methodology utilized is a quantitative research method using a questionnaire. The population used is the consumer in Mekar Sari Fruit Chips Trading Business. Meanwhile, to analyze the data used the validity test using the product moment, and Croncbach's Alpha as a reliability test. To test the prerequisite analysis used normality testing and heteroscedasticity test. Then in testing the hypothesis the T partial test is used. The consequences of this examination were gotten dependent on the calculation of the T test with the coefficient of sig. From product quality to purchasing decisions, it produces a value of 0.000
Anwar Hakim Darajat
Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media, Volume 10, pp 8-14;

Effectiveness in general states the extent to which a goal has been achieved whose initial process is determined by the target. Measuring the level of effectiveness is done by comparing the determined plan with the tangible results that are realized. Various efforts have been made by the Government of Indonesia to overcome various problems of poverty, one of which is through the Program Keluarga Harapan (PKH). Keluarga Penerima Manfaat (KPM) as one of the recipients of the conditional social assistance program who are designated as beneficiaries of the Program Keluarga Harapan (PKH). The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of the implementation of the Program Keluarga Harapan (PKH) in poverty reduction efforts and to find out the constraints of the Program Keluarga Harapan (PKH) in poverty reduction efforts. The research method used a qualitative descriptive. The results show that the effectiveness of the implementation of the Program Keluarga Harapan (PKH) can be said to be effective in poverty reduction efforts seen from several indicators of effectiveness, but there are still some obstacles including losing ATMs, understanding of socialization that is still not accepted, the difference in understanding between stakeholders and the difficult terrain. Suggestions provide re-socialization of the Program Keluarga Harapan (PKH) to stakeholders so that the Program Keluarga Harapan (PKH) can be right on target to the community and repair difficult terrain so that difficult areas can be reached.
Haris Muhammad
Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media, Volume 10, pp 129-139;

Studi ini membahas tentang penggunaan media sosial facebook bagi remaja laki-laki dalam menjalin hubungan pacaran. Teori utama yang digunakan yaitu Teori Pengurangan Ketidakpastian terkait konsep interaksi awal ketika awal pertemuan antar individu. Dalam teori pengurangan ketidakpastian, terdapat tiga alasan bahwa seseorang akan meningkatkan perhatian yang diberikan pada tindakan orang lain: insentif, penyimpangan, dan interaksi di masa depan. Yang pertama adalah ketika seseorang mengharapkan bahwa orang lain akan memberikan informasi yang berguna atau bentuk penghargaan lainnya. Yang kedua terjadi ketika seseorang bertindak dengan cara yang menyimpang. Terakhir, kemungkinan interaksi di masa depan dengan orang lain juga meningkatkan seberapa dekat kita memantau perilaku mereka untuk mengurangi ketidakpastian. Teori Pengurangan Ketidakpastian dipilih karena merupakan teori yang dapat diimplementasikan ketika telah terjadi interaksi awal dengan orang lain yang dipandu oleh komunikasi antar individu. Pendekatan kualitatif bersifat eksploratif yang dipakai dalam studi ini dan metodologi yang digunakan melalui wawancara mendalam. Hasil dari Penelitian ini menyimpulkan bahwa bahwa teori pengurangan ketidakpastian merupakan kerangka teoritis yang tepat untuk memahami peran Facebook dalam hubungan asmara remaja. Hasil menunjukkan bahwa pengurangan ketidakpastian aktif dikaitkan dengan strategi pengurangan ketidakpastian pasif dalam hubungan romantis seperti pemantauan online, ini sepenuhnya sesuai dengan rumusan teori pengurangan ketidakpastian
Eko Adi Susilo
Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media, Volume 10, pp 63-75;

Tourism is one of the major assets that can generate a fairly high source of foreign exchange for the country. Therefore, every area that has certain tourism objects requires regular and sustainable tourism development so that people can take advantage of the existence of tourist destinations in the area. As with the tourism object of the Land of Fairy tales in the area of Kawedusan Ponggok Village, Blitar Regency. The design of this tour is entitled the miniature garden of the wonders of the world which is interesting to visit as a vehicle for education for children. The community can use this as a learning medium and it will have a broad impact on the people around this location to revive the economic sector. This research aims to; (1) Identifying the actual conditions of the current development aspects of the Land of Fairy Tales Tourism. (2) Identifying the influence of the tourism object of the Land of Tales as a vehicle for recreation on tourist visitors and the community around Kawedusan Ponggok Village. (3) Formulating a strategy to develop tourism objects in the Land of Tales as recreational vehicles based on the Tempoe Doeloe tourism park. The research method used by the author in this study is qualitative research and uses a descriptive analysis approach. The results of this study using SWOT analysis techniques can be concluded that the fairy tale tourism development strategy shows that the process of identifying relevant indicators is expected to be able to provide benefits in formulating a tourism development strategy for the Land of Tales in Blitar Regency. Through the formulation of a tourism strategy in a fairy tale country, it is hoped that it will be able to provide benefits to strengthening the competitive bidding position of the concepts offered. It is hoped that this will also be able to provide benefits to strengthening the economic and social aspects of the community at large.
Fandu Dyangga
Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media, Volume 10, pp 54-62;

History learning is one of the lessons that are required to be able to provide wisdom value and character education to students as a form of response to the challenges of the current development of globalization. In this study, the researchers tried to carry out a learning innovation by applying the development of a historical learning model based on the tourism object of the Fairy Tale Miniature Park in Ponggok Village, Blitar Regency. The purpose of this research; (1) Describe the condition of the History Learning in SMA Negeri Ponggok. (2) Developing a model of learning history based on the Fairy Tale Miniature Park with the Outdoor Study approach. (3) To test the effectiveness of the historical learning model based on the Fairy Tale Miniature Park with the Outdoor Study approach. This research is based on the criteria for research and development (R&D) with the ADDIE Model learning design. This research is divided into 3 stages of implementation, namely; the preliminary stage, the model development stage and the final stage of the effectiveness test. This research resulted in the textbook Monograph and HKI as an additional output and mandatory output to be published in a National Accredited Journal, namely Translitera. The results of this study can be seen that there are differences in learning outcomes between the Control class (XI IPS 1) and the Experiment class XI IPS 3) which can be seen from the results of the trials at each stage. Based on the results of the SPSS count statistical test, it can be concluded that the history learning model based on fairy tale tourism can be used to achieve student learning effectiveness.
Yefi Dyan Nofa Harumike
Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media, Volume 10, pp 113-128;

Radio is one of the communication media that used to be a primadonna in society. However as media technology grew rapidly, radio became less attractive. Radio had to fight to maintain its existence in the media community. Various efforts are made by radio to reclaim the hearts of its listeners through improving the quality of broadcasting until the renewal, improvement and development of the program. Radio Persada faces the same problem. Radio Persada is a Local Public Broadcasting Institution (LPPL) in Blitar Regency that is independent, neutral, and non-commercial. It produces broadcast programs not solely to meet the demands of capitalism, liberalism, market tastes, or government mouthpiece, but primarily to carry out its function as a mass media serving the interests of the public. Persada is the flagship program of Radio Persada that seeks to realize the function of the service. Programs whose content prioritizes local information or news and live reportage is broadcast since 2018 and still exists today. This research aims to understand the management of Suara Persada program in an effort to maintain its existence in the era of digitization. Research is conducted using qualitative methods with data collection techniques through interviews, observations and documentation studies. This research found several faktors that influence the existence of Suara Persada program, namely; 1) excellence in serious but relaxing packaged local content, 2) community engagement through citizen journalism in Suara Persada program, 3) implementation of program management that follows developments in all stages of planning, organizing, influencing and controling activities, 4) the use of streaming channels and the utilization of social media (Facebook and Instagram), 5) consistency in maintaining a two-way communication system using various communication media including social media.
Mutiah Mutiah
Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media, Volume 10, pp 76-92;

This research looks at the phenomenon of the Covid 19 pandemic conditions which require learning activities at school to change to studying at home. This home school learning relies on online media, which of course has its own challenges in the implementation process. The challenge for inclusive schools is how this learning communication can be sent to students with special needs online. The purpose of this study was to see the online-based learning communication process for students with special needs, thus this study used a qualitative approach with descriptive data presentation. From this research, it was found that online media was not able to bridge the learning communication carried out by schools for students with special needs. Therefore all learning materials and learning messages are modified by shadow teachers (teachers accompanying children with special needs). Researchers discuss this modification with the analysis of the communication model from Berlo, namely the aspects of source, messages, channel and receiver. The conclusion of this study is that online-based learning processes for children with special needs cannot be done because children with special needs actually need face-to-face communication, face-to-face communication is one of the therapeutic tools for advancing the abilities of children with special needs. Key words: learning Communications, Children with Special needs, inclusive school
M. Halim Fawazi
Translitera : Jurnal Kajian Komunikasi dan Studi Media, Volume 10, pp 15-31;

Omaku Center for Traditional Snacks is one of the home industries where the main product is traditional snacks such as wet snacks in general. Starting from two peddlers, Mrs. Rusli Prijanto, started trying to open a wet snack business. Initially it was still located on Jl. Blitar 100 orchids. One of the differences of these products is the recipe for traditional wet snacks made which is distinctive and guaranteed and stable. The purpose of this study is to analyze and determine marketing strategies that can be applied to the Omaku Traditional Snack Center. The analysis used was the SWOT approach and descriptive analysis used a qualitative research approach to respondents who were given a questionnaire in which the respondents were selected by purposive sampling technique. For this reason, it is necessary to recognize the company's condition and internal and external factors that have an influence on the marketing strategy. For data collection, it was done by interview, questionnaire and direct observation. In addition, data is collected through supporting data obtained from books, previous research and related sources. The data obtained is based on the data that has been collected, then an analysis is carried out using a SWOT approach in order to find out which marketing strategies can be used based on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the company. The results showed that the company's grand strategy matrix is ​​included in quadrant I, where the implementation of aggressive or growth strategies is a very favorable condition for the company. The company has the power to be able to where, the company has the power so that it can use the existing opportunities.
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